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    Legal Fashion with Stephanie McLean

    in Entrepreneur

    Between The Lines speaks to law grad turned fashion designer & entrepreneur, Stephanie McLean. She is an ethical fashion advocate with a passion for great design. Join us on Momday March 30 2015 at 10 am EST (Jamaican time)

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    Al Diaz, Stephanie B. Bucklin Learning & Healing Opportunities

    in Lifestyle

    Al Diaz and co-host Stephanie B. Bucklin share their insights on Learning & Healing Opportunities that will be offered at the Spring Holistic Wellness Healing Fair.

    Friday, April 24th  10am PST

    Stephanie Bucklin is a mover and a shaker of the Ventura County community. She is an inspirational catalyst for change and knows exactly how to create a positive impact on others. She has built businesses that developed from her passion – teaching others to love themselves and each other better is her true purpose in life. Stephanie has developed a keen sense of Human Wellness Enhancement through multiple resources such as her current degree work in Holistic Health Studies, Philosophy and Natural Science at Ventura College, and long-term research for a book in progress. 

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    Energy Works with Stephanie Kathan - The Power of Words

    in Self Help

    Does the spoken word have power in your life? The ancient Egyptians believed that words spoken came to be, and every Good Book, and Spiritual Teacher through time has told the story of what is possible with Belief.  Do your words create your beliefs?  Join me for this powerful discussion on the Power of Words.  Call In, Join the conversation, and let's take thought beyond where it's been.

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    Stephanie Messenger ~ Remembrance, Measles & Mandates ~ Host Sallie O. Elkordy

    in News

    Guest Stephanie Messenger, Author of Melanie's Marvelous Measles (www.stephaniemessenger.com )

    Host Sallie O. Elkordy for Mayor, Vaccine Free NYC and Legislation for Congress http://tinyurl.com/VaccineFree2015

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    in Spirituality

    ON THIS EPISODE:  Metaphysician, Intuitive Empowerment Coach and Angelic Light Alchemist Rev. Stephanie Lodge takes your CALLS LIVE and shares Angelic Light Healing and Angelic Mysteries based in Ancient Angelology. With a non-denominational approach based in universal consciousness and love, Stephanie engages in a form of group coaching that empowers, assists and expands one's understanding of Angels as the invisible intelligence that surrounds us on every level.

    PLEASE NOTE: This is not a PSYCHIC READING show. Calls are considered Group Coaching from the "Angel Angle." Thanks! :)


    Stephanie Lodge's intuitive empowerment program “Diamond Light Mastery” (DLM) is about recognizing our authority over our lives and how to claim our power, know our worth, and in turn we recognize the truth of who and what we are on every level. So that we can remove any blocks or fears and “unveil our brilliance" by shining the light of who we really are. It is the key to connecting to our spiritual guidance and healing system - aka  the Angelic Light Stream.

    "There are no victims, there is no one to blame for any circumstance. The fact of the matter is every thought and emotion you empower within your Diamond Light Field creates a magnet of equivalent vibration." ~ Stephanie Lodge

    Visit: StephanieLodge.com to download a FREE MP3 of Stephanie's Diamond Light Meditation.

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    Passing Shots with Pete and Stephanie

    in Sports

    Stephanie Neppl and Pete Ziebron recap all of last weekend's exciting action from the Fed Cup Semifinals as the Czech and Russians advanced to the Final and several surprising results took place in the World Group Playoffs.  This week, WTA fans are treated to yet another solid draw in Stuttgart.  Steph and Pete discuss all of the action from Germany and preview Saturday's Semifinals tonight on Passing Shots on the ProTenn Radio Network.

    We want to thank all of our listeners for your continued support.


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    Energy Works with Stephanie Kathan - Your Vibrational Tone

    in Lifestyle

    Most people don't give any thought to the Vibrational Tone they set for themselves, allowing the default setting of whatever emotion they are feeling to decide their destiny.  What you may not know is that YOU can set your vibrational tone.
    Your body is a vibrating transmitter, broadcasting whatever frequency you've got going based on how you feel, and setting the tone for you to receive more of it.
    You have within you the power to set your own vibrational tone, since you are the only one who gets to decide how you feel.  In Today's show, we'll be discussing ways that YOU can set your own vibrational tone, so you can get back to enjoying life instead of surviving it!
    Call in at showtime and join the conversation and be sure to visit http://www.stephaniekathan.com to learn more about how "Energy Works" can work for You.

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    in Basketball



        Stephanie “THE LAKER GURL” Beard has become one of the hottest hosts on the JKN.  She is spicy and spirited, a devoted PRINCE lover and extreme Laker fan.  Her EVERYTHING LAKERS show is one of the most listened to shows on the network, the reason you find it featured quite often.  Anyone that comes in contact with Stephanie will become attracted to her with her magnetic personality.

                    But don’t let her girlish/feminine style buffalo you.  She will stand up to any situation and let you have it, so you better come prepared.  If you were to look up FAN (fanatic) in the dictionary, you will see her face next to it, but only for the LAKERS.  Wouldn’t she be called a different TEAM GIRL, if it were so?  But don’t say anything negative about her L.A. Lakers and KOBE.  She will stand you down and read you the riot act.  This is a show to behold!  347-205-9366.

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    Energy Works with Stephanie Kathan - Emotional Energy

    in Lifestyle

    Join me for this powerful show where I will be talking about The power of Emotional Energy.  Have you ever wondered why your life is the way it is? You may think your emotions have nothing to do with your circumstances, without realizing it has EVERYTHING to do with your circumstances.
    Despair is a fear based emotion, Well being is a love based emotion. Find out in todays episode how to master your emotions and leverage the power of the Universe in your favor.
    You are the only one powerful enough to choose how you feel. Call in, join the conversation and let's shift your emotional energy into the feeling place of Well Being.
    Tuning in never felt so good!

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    Energy Works with Stephanie Kathan - Vibrational Indicators

    in Lifestyle

    Negative energy creates resistance which shows up in many different ways, such as pain in the body, health issues, and financial strain. Today's show is focused on Vibrational Indicators - What they are and how to identify them, appreciate them and reset your inner GPS.  Join me as I share how you can release the resistance in your life, by aligning with your own energy stream of well-being.  It is possible for you to feel good.  It's possible for you to experience relief, and it's possible for you to experience it Now. Join me for this powerful show, and let go of what's been holding you back today.  To Learn more about Energy Works and now to make it work for you, visit  http://www.stephaniekathan.com/ReleaseResistance.aspx