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    Energy Works with Stephanie Kathan - The Power of Words

    in Self Help

    Does the spoken word have power in your life? The ancient Egyptians believed that words spoken came to be, and every Good Book, and Spiritual Teacher through time has told the story of what is possible with Belief.  Do your words create your beliefs?  Join me for this powerful discussion on the Power of Words.  Call In, Join the conversation, and let's take thought beyond where it's been.

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    Energy Works with Stephanie Kathan - Your Vibrational Tone

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    Most people don't give any thought to the Vibrational Tone they set for themselves, allowing the default setting of whatever emotion they are feeling to decide their destiny.  What you may not know is that YOU can set your vibrational tone.
    Your body is a vibrating transmitter, broadcasting whatever frequency you've got going based on how you feel, and setting the tone for you to receive more of it.
    You have within you the power to set your own vibrational tone, since you are the only one who gets to decide how you feel.  In Today's show, we'll be discussing ways that YOU can set your own vibrational tone, so you can get back to enjoying life instead of surviving it!
    Call in at showtime and join the conversation and be sure to visit http://www.stephaniekathan.com to learn more about how "Energy Works" can work for You.

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    Energy Works with Stephanie Kathan - Emotional Energy

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    Join me for this powerful show where I will be talking about The power of Emotional Energy.  Have you ever wondered why your life is the way it is? You may think your emotions have nothing to do with your circumstances, without realizing it has EVERYTHING to do with your circumstances.
    Despair is a fear based emotion, Well being is a love based emotion. Find out in todays episode how to master your emotions and leverage the power of the Universe in your favor.
    You are the only one powerful enough to choose how you feel. Call in, join the conversation and let's shift your emotional energy into the feeling place of Well Being.
    Tuning in never felt so good!

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    Energy Works with Stephanie Kathan - Vibrational Indicators

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    Negative energy creates resistance which shows up in many different ways, such as pain in the body, health issues, and financial strain. Today's show is focused on Vibrational Indicators - What they are and how to identify them, appreciate them and reset your inner GPS.  Join me as I share how you can release the resistance in your life, by aligning with your own energy stream of well-being.  It is possible for you to feel good.  It's possible for you to experience relief, and it's possible for you to experience it Now. Join me for this powerful show, and let go of what's been holding you back today.  To Learn more about Energy Works and now to make it work for you, visit  http://www.stephaniekathan.com/ReleaseResistance.aspx

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    Energy Works with Stephanie Kathan - Your Inner GPS

    in Self Help

    Do you have an inner guidance system to guide you?
    YES! Most people don't realize they have a powerful inner guidance system that notifies them immediately when they are out of alignment with the Source Energy of Well Being that flows within them.
    In today's show I am going to share with you how to identifiy your Vibrational Indicators and how you can Re-Set your Inner Guidance System to one of Well-Being.
    When you understand how your INNER GPS operates, you will discover that you have complete control over your life, your circumstances, and the way that you feel.
    Call In! Join the Conversation!
    Tuning in Never Felt So Good!
    To learn more about my energy work or how you can experience it for yourself.

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    Stephanie Meghan - Tarot Hypnotherapist!

    in Spirituality

    Kosmic Koffee with Kooch! - Stephanie Meghan - Tarot Hypnotherapist! - Dax is Guest Hosting, and will be joined by Tarot Hypnotherapist Stephanie Meghan! ...be sure to "tune in" for this fascinating discussion!

    Join us in the Chat Room, towards the bottom of this page, during the Show!

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    Our Host Joyce Cade-Hitchye has a conversation with Author Stephanie Shannon!  

    I speak from a place of strength and my strength to not commit suicide has been through the supernatural power of God. I lived 20 years undiagnosed with PTSD. I believed in this scripture Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD,"

    plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." I was able to defeat and battle the storm that was within me through endurance thus eventually overcoming  many of life's challenges and difficulties.  


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    Stephanie Keyes celebrates new release "The Last Protector" on Reverie Radio

    in Books

    Host Lori Hays is very excited to welcome Stephanie Keyes on Reverie Radio to celebrate the her newest release on one of Lori's favorite seires. 

    Stephanie Keyes grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and spent years traveling and working as a Corporate Trainer before she made the decision to pen her first novel. As a teen, her family always accused her of having an “overactive imagination.” Now, she’s encouraged to keep her head in the clouds and share her world with readers. Keyes is the author of the YA Fantasy series, The Star Child, which currently includes The Star Child, After Faerie, The Fallen Stars, and The Star Catcher, all from by Inkspell Publishing. The Fallen Stars was a 2013 semi-finalist in the Kindle Book Awards. The Star Child has topped the Amazon best-seller list several times since its 2012 release. Steph writes YA novels because she’s a hopeless romantic who lives to believe that Magick truly does exist. She is hard at work on a new YA novel.


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    Awaken Angels with Intuitive Empowerment Coach Stephanie Lodge (S2E20)

    in Spirituality

    ON THIS EPISODE:  Intuitive Empowerment Coach and Angelic Light Healer Stephanie Lodge takes your CALLS LIVE and shares Angelic Light Healing on the air.


    Stephanie Lodge's intuitive empowerment program “Diamond Light Mastery” (DLM) is about recognizing our authority over our lives and how to claim our power, know our worth, and in turn we recognize the truth of who and what we are on every level. So that we can remove any blocks or fears and “unveil our brilliance" by shining the light of who we really are. It is the key to connecting to our spiritual guidance and healing system - aka  the Angelic Light Stream.

    "There are no victims, there is no one to blame for any circumstance. The fact of the matter is every thought and emotion you empower within your Diamond Light Field creates a magnet of equivalent vibration." ~ Stephanie Lodge

    Visit: StephanieLodge.com to download a FREE MP3 of Stephanie's Diamond Light Meditation.

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    Stephanie Beck - Chiropractor Marketing

    in Entrepreneur

    Stephanie Beck, Best Selling Author and Owner of SRB Solutions, talks with Jack about how she helps Chiropractors create an achievable Social Media strategy that can quickly build their practices by turning clients into fans without spending hours on the computer.

    You'll see why Stephanie has been crowned the Social Media Queen for Chiropractors . As a highly respected and sought after speaker at conferences across the country Stephanie is a true Educator and Advocate for the online marketing success of chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists and spa owners.

    Stephanie has served as a published columnist since 2003 with several magazines including: Dynamic Chiropractic Practice Insights, Massage Today, Massage Magazine and Marketing Matters. She also is a contributor for the Women In Bodywork Business blog and the author of the Best Selling book - Social MisAlignments: The Chiropractor's Guide to Marketing Online

    To Learn More:

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    in Basketball

    his Sunday on EVERYTHING LAKERS ..."What will the Lakers’ identity be once Bryant is gone?

    Join Me Your LakerGurl and my 2 Co-Host ...Larry Hines from the EastCoast New Jersey and Clff E Franks from H-Town (Houston)

    as we discuss all the latest Lakers News and Rumors!!! GO LAKERS!!!!

    If you want a true identification of the word FAN, it's here.  She probably knows more about the LAKERS than the LAKERS do themselves.  Stephanie Beard - THE LAKER GURL.  Steph has the run down on the team, the team's dreams and the latest scoop on rumors, trades, I can't believe she's a woman, however - women are taking the driver's seat on every opportunity they can get, and that is obvious here with THE LAKER GURL.  347-205-9366 is the way to reach her every Sunday.  Ain't NO DOUBT ABOUT IT - this is one of the favorite shows on the JKN.  I asked her why she wasn't a CLIPPER GURL and she looked at me as if to say, that position is open, do I want it?  Of course not.  Okay, LAKER GURL - you got it! #WWLG4L

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