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    Stephanie Barko

    in Writing

    Besides her award winning clients, Stephanie, is a Finalist, More Magazine's 2010 Reinvention Story Contest
    (top 10 out of 475 entries nationally)
    and her essay "True North" will be published in Story Circle's 2010 Anthology

    Texas Monthly's Blog is promoting her platform class to be held at
    the Writers' League of Texas later this month.

    AND SHE IS A GREAT LITERARY PUBLICIST!! You know you wanna hear this one!

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    in Romance

           I don't want to press the issue but shouldn't we be getting along now, with each other?  Women are from VENUS, Men are from MARS, but isn't the difference of us, the attraction factor?  Even in gay relationships, even though in both straight and gay connections, you see a little something of yourself in the other person - MAYBE but the slogan is OPPOSITES attract - and then I hear in the background - BIRDS OF A FEATHER stick together.  But in the way it was all created our birds of a feather is we're all HUMAN - put a wing on that a feather it - and the opposite thing could be, one unit is quiet and the other unit is not - and they bond.  It seems the issues though still impair the greater connections of the good of us - but in comes STEFF, Stephanie Beard to sort it all out for you - Hush, honey!  347-205-9366 - 347-205-9366 - GIVE HER A CALL.

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    Code Connection - A Soulful Awakening With Stephanie Banks

    in Spirituality

    Jesse interviews Stephanie Banks - an award-winning author who is quickly making her mark as an accomplished author. She was born into a family of intuitives who encouraged fostering faith in accepting guidance from within. Prior to Stephanie’s near-death experience she led a life directed by modern day terms that lacked depth and clarity. Immediately following her encounter with death her life transformed to that of an awakened soul. She has now dedicated her life to mastering ancient wisdom and writing candidly about all that she learns through this process. Her unfailing connection to the non-physical realm offers guidance and transformation to all those that seek profound insight into our existence. She lives with her family in British Colombia Canada.  You can learn more about her work at:  http://stephaniebanks.org/


    Website:  www.jesseannnicholsgeorge1.com

    Facebook:  www.facebook.com/jesseann.nicholsgeorge

    Clare Hedin:  www.clarehedin.com

    Shimshai:  www.shimshai.com

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    Stephanie Barko - Literary Publicist

    in Books

    Stephanie Barko’s award-winning clients include traditional publishers and their authors, small presses, and independently published writers.
    She promotes nonfiction & historical fiction exclusively, including history, business, career, memoir, biography,
    how-to, and spirituality.

    Ms. Barko was invited into the publishing industry after many years in high tech  marketing. She has presented on book marketing & publicity at national conferences including the Writers’ League of Texas, Oklahoma Writers Federation, and Women Writing the West to name a few.
    Her articles and book reviews have been published in
    Western American Literature, Roundup Magazine, Brian Jud’s Book Marketing Matters,

    San Francisco Book Review, and the Texas Book Marketing Directory. Stephanie was a 2010 Finalist in More Magazine’s Reinvention Story Competition, nominated by her peers as 2010 Book Publicist of the Year, and was voted Preditors & Editors Best Book Promotion Service in their 2011 Readers Poll.

    Stephanie has degrees in Business & Sociology and is based in Austin. Since 2005, she has moderated a nonfiction book group that has hosted such nationally known authors as Paul Woodruff (as seen on Moyers) and Gilbert Tuhabonye (HarperCollins - Tutsi genocide memoir by world-class runner).

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    in Basketball

                    Stephanie “THE LAKER GURL” Beard has become one of the hottest hosts on the JKN.  She is spicy and spirited, a devoted PRINCE lover and extreme Laker fan.  Her EVERYTHING LAKERS show is one of the most listened to shows on the network, the reason you find it featured quite often.  Anyone that comes in contact with Stephanie will become attracted to her with her magnetic personality.

                    But don’t let her girlish/feminine style buffalo you.  She will stand up to any situation and let you have it, so you better come prepared.  If you were to look up FAN (fanatic) in the dictionary, you will see her face next to it, but only for the LAKERS.  Wouldn’t she be called a different TEAM GIRL, if it were so?  But don’t say anything negative about her L.A. Lakers and KOBE.  She will stand you down and read you the riot act.  This is a show to behold!  347-205-9366.

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    Celebrating Anniversary Month With STEPHANIE CARTER, Lightworker, & Healer

    in Self Help

    MADAM COACH celebrates 1st Anniversary on Soul Sister, Go Sister show. As she has invited soul friends to join her show to share their experiences throughout the year. Friday, guest will be STEPHANIE CARTER, "Lightworker" with the Angeles, Herbalist, certified Reiki I & II Practioner. Madam Coach, plans to have fun as she speaks with her friend about the show's successful accomplishments, and the impact on communities-at-large in to inspire health, wellness, and of course LOVE. 

    In addition, join them as they talk about their personal work in 2015, world events, and other changes neccessary to support humanity to work through obstacles to help them learn how to heal, become whole, and evolve on a soul level.

    Don't miss this show. Everyone welcome to connect with Madam Coach @:http://www.facebook.com/madamlifecoach.

    Or visit her website for more info @:htttp://madamlifestylrcoaching.org


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    SMARTASSES RADIO: Gail Kim & Stephanie Osborn

    in Comedy

    Nov 9, 2015 - Guests: Rocket scientist Stephanie Osborn plus TNA Knockouts Champ Gail Kim.

    Smartasses Radio - “Dry Humor, Geek Culture & Amazing Women.” With your host, the creator of Smartasses Magazine, voice actor Johnny Video of Johnny Video Celebrity Voice Impersonations!

    Smartasses Radio airs every Monday night at 7 PM ET – 4PM PT, featuring cutting edge humor and an eclectic mix of guests. To interact with the hosts, follow @SmartassesNet on Twitter and use the hashtag #HailJackie.

    Smartasses Radio Archives


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    Plum Luv Foods Season 3 Episode 4 Stephanie Abrams from The Weather Channel

    in Food

    ON this episode we chat with the super cool host of The Weather Channel's morning show the one and only Stephanie Abrams. Steph and I have a lot of the same feelings when it comes to food, organic, natural and real. Stephanie has a lot of food knowledge and loves to share it. Food was and is a big part of her life and her stories about it are great! We also talk about how you can make your holiday party a winner when it comes to caterers! This is a great show thanks for checking it out! please rate review and subscribe!!

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    Interview with Stephanie Rose

    in Country Music

    Saskatchewan Country artist Stephanie Rose is here to talk about her new EP called Go Where The Wind Takes You available at iTunes now.

    She recently returned from Country Music Week and the CCMAS which took place in September in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

    The first single from Stephanie's album is called Bed Of Roses and is at country radio now.

    The project was produced by the husband-and-wife musical team of RyLee Madison & Clay Krasner.

    Tune in to hear stories and songs from this talented Canadian Country artist.


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    The Knowledge Show Live Featuring Stephanie Osborn

    in Radio

    Topic 1: Current Events Review and Show announcements

    Topic 2: Stephanie Osborn is here tonight to promote her book, Sherlock Holmes and The Mummy Curse, and share some stories of her time in the Space Program as a Rocket Scientist. Join the Conversation at 645p

    Topic 3: Journey through the Bible with Malik Shakur. We are continuing our journey with Genesis Chapters 28-30.

    Topic 4: Ask Malik

    Topic 5: Final Thoughts

    Host: Malik Shakur

    Co-Hosts: Wynter Phoenix, Justice, Victor Matthews, Tear, and CiCi.

    Join in the conversation tonight!

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    in Basketball

         People cared about the LAKERS when the basketball season hadn't officially started, well let me say LAKER FANS cared about the Lakers, but now that the season is underway, since this past Tuesday, people are really eager.  They want to know the KOBE status, and let's be clear, long before KOBE, there were the Kareem days, the MAGIC days, the sky hook, ROBERT HORRE I think I spelled his name correctly - Derek Fisher now a coach somewhere, hey I'm not a LAKERS fan, so don't start raggin' on me.  Take your issues and complaints, your comments and your LAKERS praise to the LAKER GURL - Stephanie Beard  347-205-9366.