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    Stella Togo

    in Business

    Stella Togo, the Book Writing and Marketing Acceleration Coach is the author of her new book, The Million Dollar Seed, How to Write Your Book and Build an Empire as well as, In Honor of Women, A Revolutionary Approach to Preventing Breast Cancer (Ballantine Books, NY, NY. 1998) Stella teaches business professionals and entrepreneurs how to grow their book concept into a successful and profitable business. As a speaker, trainer and progressive mentor, Stella takes first time book writers of many genres, from just writing a book to being successful thought leaders, coaches and authorpreneurs.   Stella’s writing career began with a four hundred page handwritten journal as a result of her breast cancer recovery. Today, Stella is a twenty year plus survivor and one who believes that no dream is too small. After three rewrites and a study where she interviewed over two hundred breast cancer survivors, she decided this work simply had to be published in one way or another. During her study, Stella discovered ten emotional and psychological commonalities linked to breast cancer, which catapulted her desire for publication. After receiving fifty letters of rejection from publishers and lots of conversations with editors, she decided to self-publish her book.   Three months later, she received a call from Random House. Ballantine Books, a division of Random House purchased the rights and published her second edition, In Honor of Women, A Revolutionary Approach to Preventing Breast Cancer and Other Diseases (1998 Ballantine Books, NY, NY.).   Stella’s greatest mission is to bring expanded business awareness to today’s industry specific professionals, entrepreneurs, writers and authors by helping them reach their highest potential with their natural talents, skills and an abundance of products.

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    Get Out The Vote ~ With Activist Stella Antley

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    Get Out The Vote with Activist Stella Antley!


    This show is dedicated to the memory of

    Octavius Catto ~In 1871, during the the first election in which blacks could vote,  Octavius Catto was murdered by a Democratic party operative while canvassing for Republican candidates.

    On his way back from the polls, Catto, who had spearheaded a get-out-the-vote drive for black voters, was shot in the back by a political opponent.

    Catto’s funeral was the city’s largest to date. His assassination rallied his supporters in the Republican Party, which would dominate Philadelphia politics for the next 80 years, thanks in part to black support. Succeeding generations of African Americans named buildings and professional organizations after him. But by the middle of the 20th century, as the civil rights movement turned its attention to desegregating the South and ensuring housing equality in the North, Catto had become, as his graveside monument proclaims, a “Forgotten Hero.” As perhaps the only historical figure who has been compared to both George Steinbrenner and Rosa Parks, he’s worth remembering.

    The first full-length biography of Catto, Tasting Freedom: Octavius Catto and the Battle for Equality in Civil War America, was published in 2010. It is available for purchase at the National Constitutional Center’s gift shop.

     His death was a harbinger of a new era in race relations in which the achievement of full civil rights for African Americans would be a dream long deferred.


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    CEO in 10 with Stella Peterson

    in Lifestyle

    Public relations executive Stella Peterson shares her leadership lessons on CEO in 10.

    This show is sponsored by Gracefully Yours greeting cards and journals. Visit www.shop.gracefully-yours.com for discounts on America's favorite fine art inspirational cards and journals.

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    Guest: Stella Paul, Environmental Journalist in India

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    Stella Paul is an award winning multimedia journalist for report/blog/ videoblog and made documentaries on development and environment issues. She earlier worked as a news reporter for ETV, MSN, was a media campaigner for Greenpeace and the Communications Director of Video Volunteers - world's largest community media organization.

    As a journalist, she tells to the global audience, the unheard stories of marginalized communities. And when she is not working on a news story, you will find her talking about issues that affect our youth, especially women. She is a part of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung - a global policy think tank that works to make heard the voice of the youth.

    On the personal front, she is yet another Indian female child who survived by default. At 2 years of age she had a bad case of Diphtheria and her family decided that it would be stupid to get her treated because she was a girl child but her mother fought hard, and she lived, to share this story with you. Along with her lives a butterfly shaped scar on her throat - the telltale sign of a crude surgery, plus, the struggle of female children in India.

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    Interview on Stella Adler with Author, Sheana Ochoa!

    in Entertainment

    Trena Bolden Fields talks with Sheana Ochoa about her book Stella! The Mother of Modern Acting.

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    The Kreepy Kastle - Stella Desire returns

    in Entertainment

    The Maneater of Manayunk revisits the Kastle to discuss new material not previously released. That's right, never before seen footage of Stella Desire and the Goth Mothers of Transylvania on Kreepy Kastle TV later tonight!

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    Author2Author with Stella Cameron

    in Writing

    Bill welcomes romance writer extraordinaire Stella Cameron to the show. Join Bill and Stella as they discuss her recent move into the indie punblishing world. Don't miss it!

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    Vacations advice for your Mind, Body and Soul with expert Stella Photi

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    “I am my customer.” Not a mysterious mantra with some hidden meaning. Just a simple fact that inspired Stella Photi to launch Wellbeing Escapes in 2005. Being a working mother with a demanding career, the challenge to keep all the balls in the air in life’s big juggling act meant keeping mind and body as fresh as possible In this day and age when everyone is jumping on the “health” bandwagon, Stella saw the need to find and qualify the experts in the industry. This is where her quest started to make healthy breaks accessible and to start a company offering down to earth, objective advice and guidance on a wide range of health and wellbeing experiences. Prior to starting Wellbeing Escapes, alongside with her business partner, Stella formed a consulting firm in the UK focused on tourism marketing, which since has grown to be a successful business.
    Based in the U.K., Geeta Sidhu-Robb is an award-winning entrepreneur, inspirational mentor and founder of Nosh Detox a highly successful well-being company that delivers delicious, nutritionally balanced menus straight to customers’ doors.

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    An Apology to the descendant of a Survivor of Slavery, Stella Antley!

    in Education

    Join The Gist of Freedom with host Roy Paul as we welcome genealogist and activist,  STELLA ANTLEY. www.blackHistoryBlog.com on iTunes WWW.BlackHistoryuniversity.com
    Stella, the Great, Great Granddaughter of a survivor of slavery recently, recently received an Official Apology her ancestor's  Slaver.
    The enslaved woman's name was Charlotte McClee and she lived to the sage age of 111, AMAZING longevity for a survivor of slavery, and more amazing…. "I have a photo of her holding me as an infant, in a rare Black History 5 Generation "Freed," Post, ante-bellum former enslaved African's Family, all alive, and in tact at the same time."
    "In this heirloom picture of the 5 Generations, shown and seated, are: My Mother, My Mother's Mother, My Mother's, Mother's Mother, And My Mother's, Mother's, Mother's, Mother, the "survivor of slavery" and me, I'm the 5th Generation, the Survivor's Great, Great"
     This show is dedicated to …Four Survivors of Slavery,  miraculously these Queens, are centenarians! They all lived to be 100+ years old!  In 1916 the matriarchal heroines  gathered at the 50th anniversary celebration of the Emancipation Proclamation in Washington, DC. Tell their stories and say their names to your children… Annie Parram, 104; Anna Angales, 105; Elizabeth Berkeley, 125; and Sadie Thompson 110!

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    Art Beat Artist Stella Singleton-Jones

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    In episode 32 we chat with Artist Stella Singleton-Jones.

    All my life I have been an art enthusiast. In 2007, after recovering from a debilitating disease, I returned to my first love of stone sculpting. The inspiration for my sculptures comes from the strength shown by passionate individuals and God’s earthly creation.

    My gift has earned me several coveted exhibition opportunities.  Most recently my sculptures were exhibited at the Oscars, MTV, and ESPY Award pre-shows. Additionally, one of the high points of my career occurred in 2009 when my sculpture, Unity, was selected to be displayed in the White House.

    My stone sculptures represent strength, harmony, calmness, and peacefulness to enhance the beauty in life as an inspiration to others to never give up on one’s dream.

    My art training includes attending Otis Art Institution, Santa Monica Jr. College and UCLA. My art career has kept me well rounded and balance with life’s challenges. I hope my art journey will continue to inspire.

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    The Kreepy Kastle - Women in Horror/Stella Desire

    in Entertainment

    It's Ladies Night! Halloween Jacqueline and Angel take over hosting duties with our special guest, Stella Desire.

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