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    Better Living Home And Garden Expo On Flavor Living

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    Flavor Living Radio visit Better Living Home And Garden Show Tune-In to hear us speak with Jim Cantrell of Lifetime Stainless Steel Cookware, Pamela Jenkins of Vitamix,David Cook of Click It Hot, Oscar Farley for Diamond International Resort and David Stewart Cutco...New innovations, home comforts travel. How can you go wrong with so much to feel your everyday life...On the Flavor


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    oils in our food, how much is too much? which the best? which are killing us?

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    Daily oil intake recommendations vary based on your gender, age and activity level. For example, according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), women age 19 to 30 years who exercise for less than 30 minutes each day should consume about 6 teaspoons of oils each day, and women above age 30 years need 5 teaspoons. These recommendations might be a bit higher for women who exercise more on a daily basis

    oil is an essential food for proper nutritution, yet the oils over the last 50 years have been engineered to be toxic. So that they will not spoil, increasing shelf life of oils for sale means the natural alarms for spoilage has been removed and benefical nutitients have been removed. lets speak about how to get good oils and how to recognise the bad varieties in the market place.Coconut oil is a versatile, stable oil that can be kept for up to a year and heated at relatively high temperatures without altering its composition. .

    Coconut oil falls into the category of tropical oils, the main vegetable source of saturated fats, similar to those found in butter, lard, dairy and fatty meats. Many people shy away from saturated fats because they were long associated with an increase in the risk of cardiovascular disease, but coconut oil is safe to eat.

    The best oils are cold pressed. The oil is obtained through pressing and grinding fruit or seeds with the use of heavy granite millstones or modern stainless steel presses, which are found in large commercial operations. Although pressing and grinding produces heat through friction, the temperature must not rise above 120°F (49°C) for any oil to be considered cold pressed. Cold pressed oils are produced at even lower temperatures. Cold pressed oils retain all of their flavor, aroma, and nutritional value. Olive, peanut and sunflower are among the oils that are obtained through cold pressing.


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    Metalsmith Benchtalk Past Favorites with Kevin Potter

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    This Thursday, September 17th at 3 p.m. PDT, we'll be going back into the MetalSmith BenchTalk archives. We'll be re-airing one of our favoite chats from 2013 with Kevin Potter of Potter USA, a manufacturer of artistic metalworking tools including hydraulic presses, metalsmithing stakes, and dies.
    Bio: Kevin Potter began as fine jeweler in Tucson, Arizona. He specialized in carving custom waxes and casting but also drew the designs and set stones, essentially designing pieces from start to finish. He eventually worked into having his own line of jewelry that was sold in stores throughout the US. Kevin gained experience using machine tools while attending the University of Arizona, where he received a BFA in drawing/painting.
    He worked in the machine shops on campus and eventually started his own machine shop where he used his tools for the production of stainless steel jewelry. He quickly decided to make silversmithing stakes. He always enjoyed using them in college, but could never afford to purchase them. After he made his first few sets, he advertised them on Craig's list in several cities known as artist communities: Seattle, San Francisco, Austin, etc.
    Kevin always liked Otto Frei jewelry supply and contacted them about his stakes. They liked them and decided to carry his line of stakes. Gradually he began to make other tools and started the Potter USA website with the help of a friend who was a retired computer programer.
    For more about Kevin and Potter USA, visit http://www.potterusa.com.

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    Speak Live Nation w Cedric Nettles- Hip Hop Artist Dyana Prinze aka Wonda Woman

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    Dyana Prinze aka Wonda Woman joins me on Speak Live Nation to discuss her start in hip hop from a woman's perspective, what was it like to be under the watch of hip hop legend RZA, Ghostface Killah, and Wu-Tang Clan. She had very interesting advice for women going for their dreams in the notion of male dominated industries and how to deal with chauvinistic attitudes they may encounter.


    Dyana Prinze aka Wonda Woman is a lyricist/singer/songwriter from Brooklyn who  got her start after singing for Ghostface Killah. She later became a songwriter and background  singer for RZA. She eventually developed her own rhyme style and began her journey as one of the dopest female MCs to emerge from the Wu-Tang camp. Her single "Hit the Floor" (produced by Dj Scratch) gained her the "Unsigned Champ" title for three weeks on Future Flavas on Power 105.1fm with The Legendary Dj Marley Marl of "Juice Crew" Fame. Her single "ASKIN U2 STAY" (produced by Bronze Nazareth) was  featured on The Wu-Tang Stainless Steel Series Mixtape,Females of the Rap Game vol.3, "Wu-Ladies Compilation",and several other mixes. Her upcoming EP "UNDERESTIMATED" is set to be released Fall 2015. She has opened for Black Thought and QuestLove (The Roots), Jeru The Damaja, and has also shared the stage with M.O.P, Wu-Tang, Mos Def,Cappadonna,Dres (Black Sheep) and many others.  She is a true artist with infinite lyrics and savvy delivery.  She's also featured on three tracks on Cappadonna's release "HOOK OFF", the first Hip-Hop release with no hooks ! Wonda Woman has currently released her self-titled single  "Wonda Woman" produced by DJ Flipcyide! She is a powerful emcee whose natural talent and love for hip hop is expressed in every rhyme. She is paving her own way in this male -dominated industry and continues building her brand as a hip hop veteran.

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    Artist and Foundress Insun Kim on Art and The Life of Metal

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    What does it take to be a woman with her own foundry and an artist? Join us as artist and foundress Insun Kim talks about art, metal, pouring bronze, and sculpting with stainless steel nails.

    Insun Kim was born in South Korea. She studied painting at the Arts Students League in New York City. It was later, however, when she was working at the Tallix Art Foundry in Peekskill NY that she was first introduced to sculpture, working with great artists such as Reubin Kankian, Isamu Nogachi, John Chamberlain, Nancy Graves, and Frederick Douglas. These interactions proved to be some of the best and most valueable lessons she could have. She is a self-taught sculptor, highly skilled welder, and fabricator. Over the years, she has worked with many other materials such as wax and clay, but metal has always been the most appealing to her. 

    Insun Kim's work is based on her own experiences. Her work relates to themes of life and being alive. She says, "As a woman it is expected that you marry, have children and raise a family. There are many ups and downs in life whether they be the little everyday annoyances or the absolutely dreadful. My art has been there for me throughout such times and has provided me with a positive route to express myself. I love nature and being outdoors, and I also truly respect and cherish what god has made for us. From time to time I will find natural objects that seem to radiate beauty in their own way. It is my hope and my aim to merge this natural beauty with my personal experiences to produce an art, my art, which can channel and display both influences together."

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    Alzerina Gomes On How To Style With Jewelry and Fashion Accessories

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    April showers brings May 13th's episode of Alzerina Gomes on Y-CLAD CHAT. Alzerina will chat-it-up with the girls KC, Cailin and Lisa on how to floss jewels and accessories like a lady.  Alzerina designs jewels that are complemented by the sparkle and luster of Swarovski elements. Her designs of glamorous and colorful jewelry have garnered a huge following. Each piece unique and fashioned by hand are worn by Hollywood starlets. Curious to know who's wearing Alzerina? Well, tune in. 

    Also on our show is an amazing "How To" - How to achieve style no matter what type of girl you are! And, how to achieve ultimate glamour for nights out, chic style for first dates, dazzle on an interview and how to create YOUR ultimate look. We'll chat up events and fashion news and give you the latest on the ENK/Accessorie Shows, as well as, up coming events in your area.

    And of course our weekly designer feature:

    Designer Feature1: The La Mer Sage Washed Jasper Stones Wrap Watch. Part of Y-Clad's La Mer Collection is this signature watch that has an extra long sage washed leather watch strap topped with gold plated rivets, a square IP gold watch case, multiple antique brass finished stainless steel chains, pearl Swarovski crystal chains, Jasper stones and copper beads.

    Designer Feature 2: Crystal Skyline Necklace by Alzerina. This magnificent necklace is made of satin and encrusted with Swarovski Crystals and finished with a leather and hand-stitched edge.

    Listen live right here on Blog Talk Radio/Y-CLADCHAT on Wednesday May 13th at 7p EST.

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    Da TruVision TakeOva Pt.2

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    Coming Back to Da Lodd Manafess Show once again is Da TruVision TakeOva Pt.2 with the #PrettyEyez #MsTruVision & #RaaddrrVan..  We will have our special co-host #OfficialFeenix along with #RhymeScheme in the house to bring you the exclusive interviews with some of TruVision Management's #BuildingAnEmpire Team...

    "Hellagreeno" reigning out of Ohio will be talking about his new single "Welcome 2 the Streets"....

    "M-16" bringing it to you from South Carolina will give you the 411 on his upcoming release of "We Ready"....

    The man out of Mississippi they call #Stainless "Mr. Aintastainonme" will talk about his release of "Fucked Up"..

    TruVision Management is making major moves in the Independant Music World and letting the World know what it is to be apart of an Empire in the making....


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    Entreprenuers (Solutions pt2)

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    Call to Action!

    Creative Solutions

    Creating Jobs



    Call in to Advertise!


    The world’s finest instruments are made of wood. These are no exception. Our headphones combine sustainably-grown walnut for unmatched sound 
    with stainless steel and soft leather because 
    the last time we checked, Stradivarius never built a plastic violin.

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    DaY 6 - Chapter SIX! - LIVE Reading of "Dear Prudence" - The Audio Book...

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    "'There was no longer a vacuum-like void of sound.  She stomped around the stainless room, relishing the tinny-thump of her feet resonating on the floor.  'Where am I?  OZ?  Wonderland?  Hell?  Is this Heaven...' she laughed maniacally, singing 'Heaven... I'm in heaven.'  - Gabriel - Chapter SIX - By Listener Request, may I humbly Introduce To YOU 'Dear Prudence' by ME... Amanda G. - A LIVE READING, chapter by chapter... from the horse's mouth! Please Tune In and ENJOY!  'Dear Prudence' Radio - Life Advice to Help YOU Cope!"

    Please join Amanda Grieme, Author of “Dear Prudence,” Motherhood Made ME Get Over MYSELF: A Metamorphosis, and former English/Creative Writing Educator. Amanda LIVES with Bipolar Disorder choosing writing as her catharsis and creative medium to help others. Her life experience with mental illness, self-medication will lend listeners invaluable, often quirky life advice. Tune in to share in life’s struggles, folly, laughter, tears… idiosyncratic oddities… cradled by eclectic music selections.

    “Dear Prudence” Radio – Life Advice to Help YOU Cope will provide you with entertaining and informative fodder about life stuff, backed by research, justified by public opinion… and humbled by ill-experience. Check Out the NEW video trailer:





    Dear Prudence Column: 


    About The Host:


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    Let's put a spit shine on that stainless steel.

    in Self Help

    Woodstock talks about spring cleaning while Lamont talks tax credits for consumer energy efficiency.


    Fed up dad moves messy bedroom to the driveway

    Teen spends 31K that was accidently deposited into account-finders keepers?

    Clear Channel CEO spends millions on offices and mist tunnel... meanwhile thousands of employees are laid off.

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    Decorate Your Castle-Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens

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    Summer is coming. Are you looking to enhance your fun outdoors? Have you ever given thought to an outdoor kitchen and not sure what to look for and what you need. Mitch Slater, President of Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens, a sheet metal fabricator since 1966 and innovator of stainless steel products for the kitchen and bath industry since 1999 will be here to discuss his product line.Danver is widely recognized in the cabinet industry for its unique stainless door styles utilizing multiple piece construction, consistent quality of its hand welded and ground doors, and, more recently, powder coated doors in designer colors and realistic wood finishes for outdoor cabinetry.

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