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    Comic's Steam punk and goth

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    Today we talk about Comic and also goth and steam punk

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    hot soup motha Phukas. When the shit goes down you better be ready!  We are a couple punk-toberfests deep so bring it!!!!!

    Lets talk about our Night Out With THE VOLT @ the Vanilla Ice Concert! 

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    Steam punk paranormal an odd things

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    Steam punk paranormal an odd things

  • Cold Forty Three ... Pop-Punk, Los Angeles based

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    Tonight Pop Art Painter Jamie Roxx (www.JamieRoxx.us) welcomes the L.A. Pop-Punk band, Cold Forty Three to the Show!


    COLD FORTY THREE, Los Angeles Native Pop-Punk trio, arrived on the scene in 2010 in a way that was seldom seen by even the most seasoned touring professionals. 
    Joshua Cruz, Moses Cruz, and Ricky James Acosta believed that hard-work, determination and all out guerrilla marketing was the only way to achieve thier success. In 2008 Cold Forty Three began touring the United States with over 200+ live ...performances while gaining additional exposure being Featured on: MTV's Production, Fuse TV "Rock Bottom Bands".

    For Media Inquires:
    Contact Jamie and he'll put you in touch with their Managament:

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    Chris Stein New Book"Negative – Me, Blondie and the Advent of Punk "

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    Though Harry is the breathtaking face and indelible voice of Blondie, she will be the first to acknowledge Stein’s central role in the development of the band as songwriter, guitarist, and visionary thinker. As Harry has said, “The singer is always a recognizable factor but oddly I don’t think Chris gets noticed as a guitarist. His musicality and the way he plays guitar is really an underlying strong part of Blondie.“We were living very much in the moment,” says Chris Stein of his early days in Blondie as he discusses the trove of photographs he’s taken since the start of the seventies. Though best known as an innovative guitarist and groundbreaking songwriter, this Roll Hall of Fame inductee has been equally passionate about, and devoted to, photography. The proof of his acuity as a visual artist is in ample evidence throughout his beautifully rendered coffee-table book, Negative – Me, Blondie and the Advent of Punk, which documents his life back stage, off stage, on the road and at home. Looking at the images, many of them printed in evocative black and white, he says, “There is time travel-esque quality to it, of freezing a moment in time. There really isn’t another art form that does that.”The cross- currents of Stein’s multi-cultural pursuits are all on display in Negative, along with images of seminal figures from the seventies and eighties whom he had befriended: artist Jean Michel Basquiat, designer Stephen Sprouse, hip hop personality Fab Five Freddy Braithwaite,  saxophonist  James Chance and his muse Anya Phillips, and, of course, Andy Warhol. Above all, Negative –as with so much of the music of Blondie – is a paean to the most enduring creative relationship in pop music: the collaboration between Harry and Stein.  It was Stein was gave the world its first photographic glimpses of that ravishing, now iconic face. 

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    Matt Dawley wants a fight with CM Punk

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    The story behind Matt Dawley is a great one, once an unknown competitor to the mixed martial arts world, he has quickly amassed a fan following in his bid to fight CM Punk. Who is this man, and why does he want to welcome CM Punk to the UFC? 

    In addition MMA legend and UFC veteran, Emmanuel "Tiny" Yarbourough joins us to help co-host!

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    BDSIR NETWORK & Smack Talk Centre Presents:

    STC FROM THE UK: CM Punk Vs Undertaker - REMASTERED!

    Your Host: Infamous Informer

    Smack Talk Centre turns 5 years old, and Shadfather is lovesick as WWE released NXT announcer Devin Taylor, so we go into the archives and bring you a classic, gong back to 2013, a few weeks before WrestleMania 29, it was all about CM Punk Vs Undertaker. The Infamous Informer & STC's Bossman Y2JAY have a good old chat about the streak at that time and why CM Punk should have or should have not been the man to break the streak!



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    Full Steam Ahead

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    This week, join us for a discussion on all things Days of Our Lives. The show wasn't joking when it hinted that the new writing team would take this show in an entirely different direction. Fans can't help but notice a change in story pace, character motives, sets, directing, music and more. We have seen the arrival of new and familiar faces, powerful performances and shocking exits these past few weeks. We want to commit the full show to all things Days of our Lives and will be taking calls and checking the chat regulary. Please join us on THURSDAY (not our usual Wednesday night ) for a candid talk about the good, the bad, the shocking and the controversial.

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    Colorado Cites: This broadband train has left the station, full steam ahead!

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    If there ever was a sign that the floodgates on community broadband have fully opened, it's this Election Day as 46 Colorado communities vote on taking back their right to build public networks. Get election results here on Gigabit Nation's special in 90-minute broadcast. Is this going to be a clean sweep?

    Ken Fellman, general counsel with the Colorado Communications and Utility Alliance, joins us with summary analysis of how the communities voted and what do these results mean for broadband in the state. Fellman and host Craig Settles also will call on some of the towns and counties to get first-hand observations, and thoughts on how the communities will proceed.

    Another topic of discussion is the impact that the election results will have on the competitive landscape of the state. The day after last year's election, Comcast announced a statewide increase of their broadband speed. What might incumbents do this year in the face of what is expected to be an unanimous consensus for public broadband by the electorate? Will the winds of change blow over into other states with restrictions on municipal broadband?

    My latest book on broadband strategy goes into depth about how to deal with states that have restrictions on public broadband.


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    OGT's UnNerfed Winter Game Catalog and Review ......... #INEEDTHAT

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    Man I can remember when the holidays came I would look in the J.C. Penny's catalog with my friends and make my "List" of the game and toys I  wanted that year and this one is no diffrent   ....... Today We will do that very same thing and more as we talk NEED's Like  Fallout 4 (all sys) and how "FUCKING TIGHT " it is also (return Star Wars Battlefront (all sys) and how "FUCKING NOT TIGHT" it is I mean NO Singel player anything??? It's F'ing Star WarsPic a story you lazy ass EA / DICE chumps (smh).!.!  Last but not least we talk some COD III BO2 (what did I just say there ... smh ) the Wii U's Xenoblade Chronicles X and  Sword Art Online. 

    We will also dive into the current ,new and coming game systems( the Steam Machine's, Nvieda Shield ) as well as the "Up and Comming" Moble gaming market and how Nintendo will be the "BAR" and what a high one it is. Can you say Pokemon Go , Mario Kart Moble ???? How about Co-Op Metroid W/ Mission maker??? Co-Op Zelda ... no no no ZELDA MMO !!!! And how SONY(Oh Boy) "Snuck" in PS2 Backwards Compatibility in the PS4 .... WOW ....... sooooooo Join us here today here were THE UnNerfed Happens !!!!!!!!!!!  SHAZZAM!!!!!!!!!

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    IndieReview Behind The Scenes w/ Author(s) Jeffrey Cook and Katherine Perkins!

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    ~~Hello Everyone! My name is Michelle Cornwell Jordan, I am your host! 

    ~~The definition of Maverick is an unorthodox or independent-minded person.

    I have the pleasure of chatting with two of these "Thinking Outside The Box Artists" Science Fiction and Fantasy Author(s) Jeffrey Cook and Katherine Perkins!

    Jeffrey Cook has a full house, living with his wife of 15 years, one housemate who frequently asks him how the latest book is coming, and 3 large dogs. All three dogs are rescues from PAWS – an organization he has backed for some time, and is currently heading up an anthology series (Shakespeare Goes Punk) to help support.

    The Dawn of Steam books were his first novels. His next planned novels are all Young Adult books, but he plans to return to the Dawn of Steam world and the early 19th century eventually.

    Contact: http://www.authorjeffreycook.com/

    Katherine Perkins lives in Mobile, Alabama with her husband and one very skittish cat. She was born in Lafayette, Louisiana and will defend its cuisine on any field of honor. When not reading, researching, writing, or editing, she tries to remember what she was supposed to be doing."