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    Steam City Pirates

    in Books

    nterview Jim Musgrave

    Topics of conversation:

    Why enhanced eBooks will be the future paradigm of digital reading.

    Why I made Steam City Pirates into an enhanced eBook.

    I am hosting a new BlogTalk radio show about Steampunk.  It’s called “Letting Off Steam with Jim Musgrave, Godfather of Steampunk.”  It’s under the umbrella of Pam Stack’s “Authors on the Air” series of popular shows.

    Why do male readers, for the most part, get bored easily with novels that have no constant action?

    What’s the main advantage Indie authors can have over mainstream “Big Five Publishers” authors?

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    Ron Hicks, Owner of Chicago Steam Basketball on CBBN Business Journals.

    in Basketball

    Chicago’s Black Business Radio Network

    (All Black! All News! All You!)

    This segment is CBBN Business Journals where we interview business owners and other innovators from around the world.

    Ron Hicks describes himself as the holder of a Ph.D. with a concentration in the School of Hard Knocks from the University of Life and the Owner of the Chicago Steam Basketball Organization. 

    Founded in 2007, the Chicago Steam Basketball Organization is a premier American Basketball Association (ABA) team. They’ve been featured in the Chicago Tribune's RedEye, Time Out Chicago and SLAM Magazine online.

    Ron is also the coach of Lady Steam and is “On A Mission” to put together the greatest team in ABA history.

    He says, “We're a fun and affordable option for quality professional basketball entertainment in Chicago and we've put together a great team that you'll be excited to watch for years to come!”

    Listen to today, as we all can take a few lesson from the Master from the School of Hard Knocks.

    To find out more about the team or attend a game visit them at http://www.chicagosteambasketball.com

    Come on out! Bring the WHOLE neighborhood. Kids 12 free.


    Ms. Sonja Cassandra Perdue, Executive Producer

    Chicago's Black Business Radio Network

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    Full Steam Ahead

    in Entertainment

    This week, join us for a discussion on all things Days of Our Lives. The show wasn't joking when it hinted that the new writing team would take this show in an entirely different direction. Fans can't help but notice a change in story pace, character motives, sets, directing, music and more. We have seen the arrival of new and familiar faces, powerful performances and shocking exits these past few weeks. We want to commit the full show to all things Days of our Lives and will be taking calls and checking the chat regulary. Please join us on THURSDAY (not our usual Wednesday night ) for a candid talk about the good, the bad, the shocking and the controversial.

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    Colorado Cites: This broadband train has left the station, full steam ahead!

    in Internet


    If there ever was a sign that the floodgates on community broadband have fully opened, it's this Election Day as 46 Colorado communities vote on taking back their right to build public networks. Get election results here on Gigabit Nation's special in 90-minute broadcast. Is this going to be a clean sweep?

    Ken Fellman, general counsel with the Colorado Communications and Utility Alliance, joins us with summary analysis of how the communities voted and what do these results mean for broadband in the state. Fellman and host Craig Settles also will call on some of the towns and counties to get first-hand observations, and thoughts on how the communities will proceed.

    Another topic of discussion is the impact that the election results will have on the competitive landscape of the state. The day after last year's election, Comcast announced a statewide increase of their broadband speed. What might incumbents do this year in the face of what is expected to be an unanimous consensus for public broadband by the electorate? Will the winds of change blow over into other states with restrictions on municipal broadband?

    My latest book on broadband strategy goes into depth about how to deal with states that have restrictions on public broadband.


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    Novelist L.V. Lewis turns up the steam on interracial romance

    in Books

    What does it take to write "laugh out loud funny and heart-poundingly sexy" multicultural romance? Join us as novelist L.V. Lewis talks about love, sex, alphas, and Jungle Fever Press.

    Growing up, L.V. Lewis wanted to be an internationally known rock star, but unfortunately, lived in the wrong part of the country to pursue that career (and neither American Idol nor The Voice were available then). An early love for the written word gave her the plan B she sought. Her career as a contract manager was not creative writing by a long shot, but it didn’t require her to spend the hundreds of thousands of dollars required for a law degree. It does pay the bills while she dabbles in the publishing world as an author on the evenings and weekends.

    LV lives in Florida with her husband. They are the parents of four children, three of whom don’t think they need their parents anymore, so they share their home with a sweet female German Shepherd and an alpha male Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix who thinks he rules the world.

    Her love for writing is only eclipsed by her love for her family. Some of her books are Fifty Shades of Jungle Fever and The Ghetto Girl Quadrilogy.

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    Dr. Brian Schriner Can a STEAM Education Model Help Reduce Many Societal Issues?

    in Education

    Dr. Brian Schriner has over 25 years of higher education teaching and administrative experience. In 2011 he was appointed Dean of the FIU College of Architecture + The Arts (CARTA). Under Brian’s leadership and the faculty members’ expertise, the College’s academic programs have ascended to national prominence with a united mission to deploy the power of architecture + the arts to engage the global community to create, innovate, and inspire solutions to social, economic, and environmental problems.   

    In support of that engaged mission, Brian expanded the College to Miami Beach and launched CARTA | Miami Beach Urban Studios in the iconic 420 Building on Lincoln Road, where more than 100 graduate students in design, visual arts, and the performing arts work collaboratively with members of the community to solve real-world problems.

    Brian has strategically grown the College of Architecture + The Arts from 1,200 students to more than 2,500 students and from 70 full-time faculty members to close to 100 full-time faculty members. He has also raised over $7.5M in philanthropy and auxiliary revenues to support the College’s mission, and in less than 4 years the College has doubled its total annual revenues to $30M.

    In addition to his administrative work, Brian is an accomplished author having published five books and numerous scholarly articles. www.fiu.edu

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    Keep It Steamy 2

    in Video Games

    Talking about steam and stuff

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    OGT's UnNerfed Winter Game Catalog and Review ......... #INEEDTHAT

    in Entertainment

    Man I can remember when the holidays came I would look in the J.C. Penny's catalog with my friends and make my "List" of the game and toys I  wanted that year and this one is no diffrent   ....... Today We will do that very same thing and more as we talk NEED's Like  Fallout 4 (all sys) and how "FUCKING TIGHT " it is also (return Star Wars Battlefront (all sys) and how "FUCKING NOT TIGHT" it is I mean NO Singel player anything??? It's F'ing Star WarsPic a story you lazy ass EA / DICE chumps (smh).!.!  Last but not least we talk some COD III BO2 (what did I just say there ... smh ) the Wii U's Xenoblade Chronicles X and  Sword Art Online. 

    We will also dive into the current ,new and coming game systems( the Steam Machine's, Nvieda Shield ) as well as the "Up and Comming" Moble gaming market and how Nintendo will be the "BAR" and what a high one it is. Can you say Pokemon Go , Mario Kart Moble ???? How about Co-Op Metroid W/ Mission maker??? Co-Op Zelda ... no no no ZELDA MMO !!!! And how SONY(Oh Boy) "Snuck" in PS2 Backwards Compatibility in the PS4 .... WOW ....... sooooooo Join us here today here were THE UnNerfed Happens !!!!!!!!!!!  SHAZZAM!!!!!!!!!

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    Comic's Steam punk and blogs

    in Blogs

    Today we be blog on steam punk and more. 

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    Comic's Steam punk and goth

    in Radio

    Today we talk about Comic and also goth and steam punk

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    Man Talk Thursdays ( Chopping It Up With The Akhi's)

    in Culture

    Sometimes you need that zone where a man can be a man, and hang out with the Brothers and talk. At times you just need to talk without having to be all "politcally correct". Sometimes you just want to be heard and let off some steam. You may need your Brothers to hear you out and give you some feedback. You may just want to talk about issues you may be having with the oppsite sex and get some direction. Its all positive at the end of the day. We want to hear from you .