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    Steam City Pirates

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    nterview Jim Musgrave

    Topics of conversation:

    Why enhanced eBooks will be the future paradigm of digital reading.

    Why I made Steam City Pirates into an enhanced eBook.

    I am hosting a new BlogTalk radio show about Steampunk.  It’s called “Letting Off Steam with Jim Musgrave, Godfather of Steampunk.”  It’s under the umbrella of Pam Stack’s “Authors on the Air” series of popular shows.

    Why do male readers, for the most part, get bored easily with novels that have no constant action?

    What’s the main advantage Indie authors can have over mainstream “Big Five Publishers” authors?

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    Keep It Steamy 2

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    Talking about steam and stuff

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    Where Art Thou: Moving From STEM To STEAM

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    Where Art Thou?: Moving from STEM to STEAM

    STEM is all the rage and rightly so. The skills our children need to learn regardless of their profession incorporate the skills that are taught in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics classes. With the emphasis on these studies one has to wonder what has become of a well-rounded liberal arts education. Schools in many cases have squeezed out fine and performing arts in order to make time for all STEM requirements. In the last five years however, many have come to understand, that arts incorporate complimentary processes to those addressed in STEM curricula. Things have started to heat up in moving from STEM to add the arts and move to STEAM.

    In this show, we will explore how the arts are integrated into a STEM centered curriculum and provide a vision of how arts can be better integrated to provide learning opportunities for all students.

    Join Host Michael Jay and ETT Guests ponder the following:

    What are some examples of the process of moving from STEM to STEAM?
    What benefits and trade offs are made in the process of incorporating arts into a STEM curriculum?
    How prepared are educators to engage learners in learning activities that incorporate the arts?
    What can publishers and curriculum developers do to incorporate more STEM into their arts curricula and/or more arts into their STEM curricula?

    To keep up to date, subscribe to the show at  edtabletalk.org

    Ideas for future show topics? Tweet us @edtabletalk.  

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    Comic's Steam punk and goth

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    Today we talk about Comic and also goth and steam punk

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    Comic's Steam punk and blogs

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    Today we be blog on steam punk and more. 

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    Josie's FIT STEAM Relay Challenge

    in Fitness

    The founder of this innovative idea, Josie, joins us to tell us about her vision of this Unique Event combines brain power and fitness for what promises to be an entertaining afternoon. This relay challenge is designed with the intention of engaging middle and high school students in STEAM education in an environment that promotes physical fitness.   The students participating in the relay race will have many supporters cheering them on as they compete in front of their family, friends and peers. Here is the link to the actual Evite. 


    Science - Technology - Engineering - ART - Mathmetics  

    Technology Expresso Delivers STEAMing hot Tech Topics! The Future Starts Today....


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    Steam punk paranormal an odd things

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    Steam punk paranormal an odd things

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    Spend Your Spring and Summer with Streamliners, Alcos and Steam Engines on LTT

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    Between May and June, there are three large railway events occuring in the southeast and midwest.  Elizabeth Alkire will be discussing Streamliners at Spencer in North Carolina, the 2014 National Railway Historical Society convention in Springdale, Arkansas and Train Expo 2014 in Owosso, Michigan.  She will also talk about the 21st Century Steam excursions with Nickel Plate Road 765 and other upcoming fantrips.

    Please join me at 10:00 AM Pacific / 1:00 PM Eastern by calling (646) 716-7106, going to http://www.letstalktrains.com to listen live or http://www.letstalktrains.com/chat to participate in the chat room.

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    Keep It Steamy 1

    in Video Games

    Just a quick random discussion of what has been happening the past week

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    Steam Feed Radio Episode 3

    in Social Networking

    The SteamFeed locomotive is off the tracks and heading into the the stars with this new venture. The SteamFeed Radio shuttle will be commanded by longtime internet radio host Gettysburg Gerry, from Studmuffin Media  has hosted a number of shows including most recently The Social Studmuffin. He will be joined each week by first officer  Paul Cooley , a verteran podcaster from Rule Your Realm.

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    Steam Powered Giraffe

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    Steam Powered Giraffe joins the Candi and Randy show. This unique group of individuals who met while taking Theatre Arts  at Grossmont College. The group has meshed Steampunk and futurism along with the art of the mime, and music to create a highly imaginative act.
    Each member of the group plays a "robot". The Robots are like nothing you have ever seen.  Steam Powered Giraffe is more than just a band they are an experience. Hatchwork: Sam Luke
    The Spine: David Michael Bennett
    Rabbitt: Christoper "Bunny" Bennett

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