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    Kickstarting Steam: Indie Gaming

    in Video Games

    It seems everyone we know has heard of -- or, perhaps, even used -- Kickstarter, Steam, PSN, XBox Live Arcade, iTunes, or some avenue to obtain independently created content. But what's been happening lately?

    This week, the GCR crew will kick open the steam vents and clear away and smokey haze of mystery as we at a look at what's new and upcoming with indie games. But that's not all! We'll also turn on the green light and look at resources that indie game developers have at their disposal to create, market, and publish their games to the world. Lastly, since we talk about every facet of gaming, we'll look at similar developments for our card and board gaming counterparts. 

    And definitely don't miss another riveting edition of the Impromptu Game Review with Scott!

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    Unsung STEAM Ambassadors/Thought Leaders with Lewis G. Walker from bftaa.org

    in Technology

    Here from pioneers and heros who have blazed the trail for minorities in STEM. Make sure you are following us and on our contact list so you don't miss our new series.

    About The Black Family Technology Awareness Association (BFTAA)

    As the Black Community grows in size and influence, it is vital for this group and the nation that the gap in technological empowerment between Blacks and the U.S. mainstream be closed.

    These "gaps" cause the Black Community to literally become left behind in many situations of life, including advancements at place of employment, benefits in health care, funding for education, home-ownership or automobiles

    For More Information Visit bftaa.org 

    President of Black Family Technology Awareness Association on 2015 plans https://youtu.be/KpBw_6Vcc0I via @YouTube


    ALSO YOU MAY BE INTERESTED in the Black Tech Week in Florida Feb 15- 20!

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    Steam City Pirates

    in Books

    nterview Jim Musgrave

    Topics of conversation:

    Why enhanced eBooks will be the future paradigm of digital reading.

    Why I made Steam City Pirates into an enhanced eBook.

    I am hosting a new BlogTalk radio show about Steampunk.  It’s called “Letting Off Steam with Jim Musgrave, Godfather of Steampunk.”  It’s under the umbrella of Pam Stack’s “Authors on the Air” series of popular shows.

    Why do male readers, for the most part, get bored easily with novels that have no constant action?

    What’s the main advantage Indie authors can have over mainstream “Big Five Publishers” authors?

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    The Smoke Break Live Steam: Burns, Oregon

    in Entertainment

    I just want to hear the other side

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    Ron Hicks, Owner of Chicago Steam Basketball on CBBN Business Journals.

    in Basketball

    Chicago’s Black Business Radio Network

    (All Black! All News! All You!)

    This segment is CBBN Business Journals where we interview business owners and other innovators from around the world.

    Ron Hicks describes himself as the holder of a Ph.D. with a concentration in the School of Hard Knocks from the University of Life and the Owner of the Chicago Steam Basketball Organization. 

    Founded in 2007, the Chicago Steam Basketball Organization is a premier American Basketball Association (ABA) team. They’ve been featured in the Chicago Tribune's RedEye, Time Out Chicago and SLAM Magazine online.

    Ron is also the coach of Lady Steam and is “On A Mission” to put together the greatest team in ABA history.

    He says, “We're a fun and affordable option for quality professional basketball entertainment in Chicago and we've put together a great team that you'll be excited to watch for years to come!”

    Listen to today, as we all can take a few lesson from the Master from the School of Hard Knocks.

    To find out more about the team or attend a game visit them at http://www.chicagosteambasketball.com

    Come on out! Bring the WHOLE neighborhood. Kids 12 free.


    Ms. Sonja Cassandra Perdue, Executive Producer

    Chicago's Black Business Radio Network

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    Full Steam Ahead

    in Entertainment

    This week, join us for a discussion on all things Days of Our Lives. The show wasn't joking when it hinted that the new writing team would take this show in an entirely different direction. Fans can't help but notice a change in story pace, character motives, sets, directing, music and more. We have seen the arrival of new and familiar faces, powerful performances and shocking exits these past few weeks. We want to commit the full show to all things Days of our Lives and will be taking calls and checking the chat regulary. Please join us on THURSDAY (not our usual Wednesday night ) for a candid talk about the good, the bad, the shocking and the controversial.

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    Proverbs 13:24-"He that SPARES THE ROD....SPOILS THE CHILD with Anetrise Jones

    in Education

    MOST people have heard of the phrase "Spare The Rod...Spoil The Child" which INCIDENTLY is a 'short phrase' that derives from Proverbs 13:24 which states "He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes"

    THIS is MORE than just DISCIPLINING our children when they are misbehaving.  We are SPOILING the child when we DON"T equip them for life!  When we DON"T make sure they get the QUALITY EDUCATION that they are going to NEED to make it in this world....The Ability to ANALYZE...PROBLEM-SOLVE....CALCULATE things WITHOUT the use of a computer..etc

    CEO and FOUNDER of "The Growing Scholars Educational Center" and the Head of Elite Scholars STEAM academy has BEGUN to do the work!  

    Prayerfully OTHER educational systems will GET THIS...GET where we are coming from!  PREPARE our youth for the REAL WORLD!!!

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    St. Croix Christmas Carnival in Full Steam Ahead after 60 Years Plus

    in Culture

    St. Croix’s Carnival became an annual event in 1952 with the revival of old holiday traditions transformed into modern Festival. Dating back at least to the early-1800s enslaved Africans on St. Croix were allowed to celebrate Christmas & New Year’s Days. The celebrations on plantations included drumming, singing, & dancing.This month-long celebration incorporates modern-day celebrations with long-standing traditions for over 60 years.

    It involved parading through the streets of town singing, dancing, & playing drums; often stopping door to door for rum & wine. Masquerading was popular during Christmas & other holidays including Easter & Whit Monday. These traditions continued into the early 1900s but saw some decline.

    Social events kept music traditions & dances like the quadrille, lancers & bomboula alive. The Carnival festival collected traditions into one big event with a focus on the former holiday celebrations. The event has become more organized each year, incorporating additional events.

    While most of the action happens in Frederiksted, events & venues span across St. Croix, with celebrations including nightly displays of talented bands & musicians, pageants for Carnival royalty & fairs that showcase local crafts, foods, & drinks.

    The best is saved for last. J’ouvert, the Children’s Parade, & the famous Adult’s Parade are the last of the official festival events. The Parades are a beautiful display of Crucian culture with troupes dancing through the streets all-day long wearing beautifully hand crafted, vibrant, feathery costumes.

    Visit www.facebook.com/stxcarnival/

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    #STEAMfuZion Series - The Collaboration of Technology and Music STEM+Art

    in Education

    Music technology is any technology, such as a computer, an effects unit or a piece of software, that is used by a musician to help make music, especially the use of electronic devices and computer software to facilitate playback, recording, composition, storage, mixing, analysis, editing, and performance.

    This weeks guest - Keith Williams and Art Rozier (co-creator of JFSRC)

    Check out Josie's Fit STEAM Relay Competition 

     Highlights of Josie's Fit STEAM Relay & Rap Competition #jfsrc2015


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    I'M HILLARY THE 8TH, I AM! --- NOV. 8TH!!

    in Politics Progressive

    I'm Hillary the eighth, I am
    Hillary the eighth, I am, I am
    I got harassed by the Bernie next door
    He's been steam-rolling me seven times before


    And every time it was Bernie
    He wouldn't pick on Fiorina or Sarah Palin
    He's comin' @ me for the 8th time, that Bernie
    I'm Bernie's eighth, that I am


    Second verse, same as the first


    I'm Hillary the eighth, I am
    Hillary the eighth, I am, I am
    I got harassed by the Bernie next door
    He's been steam-rolling me seven times before


    And every time it was Bernie
    He wouldn't pick on Fiorina or Sarah Palin
    He's comin' @ me for the 8th time, that Bernie
    I'm Bernie's eighth, that I am


    Third Verse Is Even More PERVERSE!


    I'm Hillary the eighth, I am
    Hillary the eight, I am, I am
    I got smacked by the Bernie next door
    He's been sleaze-balling me seven times before


    And every time it was Bernie
    He wouldn't come on to Pelosi or Barbara Boxer
    He's loadin' up on me for the 8th time, that Evil Ernie
    I'm Ernie's the eighth, that I am


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    Meet The Pack: AJ Rowe; Jan. 30, 2016

    in Books

    Recorded live, January 30th, 2016 at the Birmingham Baldwin Library.

    AJ Rowe reads from and discusses his steam punk novel, The Exodus Project.

    Order online now at http://www.greywolfeshop.com/store/p15/The_Exodus_Project_by_A.J._Rowe.html and use order code "OnAir" to save 25% off the list price on your entire order!

    If you're going to be in the Birmingham, MI area and would like to attend a recording of Meet The Pack, you're in luck: the event is open to the public! Walk right in to meet the authors, ask your own questions, and hear yourself on the next episode! Events held at the end of every month. Check out www.greywolfepublishing.com/Events.html for more information, and an up-to-date calendar of all upcoming events.