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    Faith/Media What Do They Have in Common with the fight on HIV/AIDS?

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    Joining “CAN WE TALK FOR REAL”, cohosts Teresa Jackson and Michelle E. Brown on Wednesday, February 3, 2016 to address the Asian/Pacific HIV/AIDS awareness strategy and [Prep] will be Jens Tamang from the Minnesota Aids Project who before joining MAP he provided care coordination for individuals living with HIV in adult foster care and served as a Projects Administrator for several LGBTQ youth programs funded by the Minnesota Regional Arts Council. Joining him will be also be Kayden Hoang Bui he will discuss his vision on how to expand the MAP’s work into hard-to-reach populations to promote HIV/STI education, awareness, and testing through increased outreach and media presence.In recognition of Feb.7th National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, joining CWT4R, will be Pastor Anthony Sullivan Jr. a Pastor-Leader, Preacher, Challenger, Trainer, Teacher, Resource, Initiator, Counselor, Guide and a justice advocate committed to the liberation of persons and groups who suffer from all forms of oppression. He is a graduate of the Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union University having earned the Master of Divinity degree. He is especially concerned about those impacted and affected by the pandemic of HIV/AIDS.  He will talk about, “What does faith has to do with the mobilization initiative aimed at Blacks to help reduce the HIV/AIDS spread and to bring more awareness”.

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    A recent article in the New York Times asked the question "Why are So Many Black Women Dying of AIDS?"  The information in this article is limited to an analysis and comparison to the high number of black men incarcerated  from 1970 to 2000.  With this kind of information being reported it's important to get a true understanding of what AIDS really is and how it can be prevented and treated.  This podcast will look into the teachings of Dr. Leonard Horowitz and the deep rabbit hole on the origin of the AIDS virus. We're asking the important questions like where did AIDS come from and what lifestyles can prevent it.


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    We will discuss Hiv/Aids from its known inception until now.

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    Gumbo for the Soul: Faces of HIV|AIDS - With Dr. Lindiwe Mhlongo Helm

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    Gumbo for the Soul: Faces of HIV|AIDS - With Dr. Lindiwe Mhlongo Helm, hosted by Beverly Black Johnson via Voices of Wisdom on TRIBE Family Channel, will be our first broadcast of 2016. We wanted to share our continued hope for a cure, along with information and data that Dr. Lindiwe Mhlongo Helm will be sharing, having penned her dissertation on ...curbing the HIV/AIDS panademic......

    This special broadcast is sponsored by Linda Denise Brown, co-compiler of the anthology under development, Gumbo for the Soul: Faces of HIV|AIDS. Dr. Lindiwe Mhlongo Helm will write the foreword, and Beverly Black Johnson will publish the completed compilation via Gumbo for the Soul International®. This anthology is a community awareness effort benefiting "I Am My Siztahs Keeper," an agency dedicated to Advocacy for Women with HIV founded by Linda Denise Brown.

    The anthology will assist as a catalyst for the further development of Mrs. Brown's initiative. 

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    Pozitively Dee HIV/ AIDS a discussion about HIV/AIDS

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    For December I want to have those infected or affected by HIV on the show and give them a chance to share their stories. There are so many stories to share. Today Saturday Pozitively Dee HIV/ AIDS Discussion at 4:30 pm will have Kecia TheEmpire Johnson on as a guest. Call in 347-855-8118 and join the conversation or listen on line at www.blogtalkusa.com at 4:30 pm Mountain Time.

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    Tampa Bay Aids Walk

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    Bryn Warner joins us to talk about the upcoming Tampa Bay Aids Walk.





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    Organizing Against AIDS in Our Community

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    Every day from 1981 people have lived and died from AIDS. But for the same number of years communities have gone without the proper education to understand the disease and prevent the spread of it. Over the course of the past 30 years, facts have emerged that have put the AIDS myths to bed. Treatments have been developed to allow people to live full lives. It is important to know who can catch it, how it is passed on and what you can do to help stop the spread of AIDS. GET TESTED!!! PROTECT YOURSELF!!!

    Joining CWT4R co –host Michelle and Terry Boi will be Maximillian Mathis Boykin, Community Organizer for the Chicago Ads Foundation. Maxx a Veteran of the US Navy during his young life has been on the political scene as a volunteer to educate and help people better understand laws and issues that affect them from voting to the importance of testing for HIV/AIDS. Per the Aids Foundation of Chicago’s Facebook page part of their new mission is to mobilize communities to create equity and justice for people living with and vulnerable to HIV and related chronic diseases. This is where Maxx comes in to organize communities in way to help them learn to help themselves with this fight on HIV/AIDS.

    Listen into the show because the ending will lead you back to join us for next week’s show.

    Show starts at 8:30est/7:30cst, call into 347-215-8985, and press 1 to speak.

    CAN WE TALK FOR REAL – your award winning blog radiocast. Celebrating three years of bringing you issues, education and entertainment.

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    A Frank Discussion About HIV & AIDS

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    HIV and AIDS have been in the news a great deal lately. According to the CDC, about 1.2 million people in the U.S. are believed to be living with HIV. It is estimated that over 26,000 of those individuals have AIDS. Join your national award-winning family radio talk show Let's Talk America with Host Shana Thornton for a very frank discussion about this health concern. We offer real talk for real people.


    Please visit www.letstalkamericawithshanathornton.com. Thank you.   #LTARadio 

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    Homeless Youth Living with Aids Mental Health HELPLESS IN AMERICA

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    Homeless Youth Living with Aids Mental Health HELPLESS IN AMERICA

    Guest  Hillary Liang, Marble tree Foundation

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    Are You Charlie: A Pre World AIDS Day Conversation.

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    I don't think anyone really cares that Charlie Sheen has HIV. His behavior while infected is what has people in an uproar. However, -sad to say- Charlie Sheen is no different than the countless other HIV positive individuals who fail to disclose prior to sex. Being that HIV still has a polarizing stigma associated with it can we blame people for not disclosing?

    Would YOU disclose if you had it?

    Do YOU know your status?

    Do YOU know the status of your partners?

    Have YOU ever had unsafe sex? 

    This episode is going to discuss why HIV is still a raging epidemic amidst all the methods of prevention. We will also exchange about what needs to be done to get communities (of color) more involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS.