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    Join us this week as we have another great show planned for you family. We have been off the last month and a lot has happened that we will discuss this week. We will be talking about "EBOLA & VACCINATIONS IS THERE A LINK?". We will have a jammed pack show for you this week. Our very special guest Sista Dr. Ameena Ali will be joining us. She is no stranger to our show and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to this subject matter. We will also have Minister Enqi Sangreal join us as well. This Brotha breaks down the whole Ebola thing to a science. So don't miss this show family. We go on live at 6pm est our call in number is 619-393-2813. And be sure to tell a friend and relative.

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    Beyond The Veil - Vaccinations

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    This week on Beyond the Veil, we will be have a very breif recap on last weeks episode on Weather Modification.  We will conclude this topic, focusing on how Weather has been suggested for use as an Exotic Weapon.  We will then use this topic to move into information regarding vaccinations.  We will be covering wistleblowers who have worked with the development of vaccines as well as other information that you need to know.  Join us on our new night:  Wednesday at 7pm Central time!

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    LGBT and STD! Is there a chance you have a particular STD and don’t know?

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    There is an epidemic in the community and it is just not in the gay community but in the African American community. The sad TRUTH is that you have it and you don't even know it. When was the last time you were tested? A more important question is: Are you practicing SAFE sex daily? How well do you know the person you are kissing and loving? Do you know their status? Do you know YOURS? Herpes is a disease that has affected one out of six people in the United States between the ages of 14-49.  The CDC has estimated that at least 25% of Americans are infected with Herpes (HSV-2).  At least 90% of the population has herpes -1, which are cold sores. It does not matter if you have never been with a man your partner may have and unbeknownst to her or him and you, you both may have now been exposed and or be a carrier. Herpes is an Infection that is more easily transmitted from men to women than from women to men.  In the United States, an estimated 81.1% of 14–49 year olds infected with HSV-2 have never received a clinical diagnosis. When it comes to the LGBT community where the actual statistical breakdown of STD?  Where is the written information that is geared toward lesbians when it comes to safe sex? 

    Question to family, why do male identified women not go to the gynecologist or get tested on a regular?

    A myth that two woman loving each other will not catch anything - false.

    Myth that a stud strap on and cannot catch a STD-Guess what FALSE!

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    Exclusive w/ STD (Warhed & PD Flex)

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    Matthew Grant sits down with 2 members of Sigma Tau Delta, Warhed & PD Flex to discuss many things including Deathproof's 5th Anniversary show back in September and how it turned into 'Rib'-Fest, returning in January with the acquisitions of Steve Corino & Masada, other members of STD, a little bit about the careers of both PD & Warhed including favourite matches, bad injuries, working the deathmatch style & so much more including some hilarious stories from the both of them!

    @WeeklyWPodcast @DeathproofFight @capt_mcawesome

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    Should You Vaccinate With Barbara Loe Fisher

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    Barbara Loe Fisher Of The National Vaccine Information Center Visits Perfectly Healthy And Toned Radio.

    Barbara Loe Fisher is president of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), a non-profit charity she co-founded with parents of DPT vaccine injured children in 1982. For the past three decades, she has led a national, grassroots movement and public information campaign to institute vaccine safety reforms and informed consent protections in the public health system. She has researched, analyzed and publicly articulated the major issues involving the science, policy, law, ethics and politics of vaccination to become one of the world’s leading non-medical, consumer advocacy experts on the subject.
    She is co-author of the seminal book DPT: A Shot in the Dark (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich 1985); author of The Consumer's Guide to Childhood Vaccines (1997); Vaccines, Autism & Chronic Inflammation: The New Epidemic (2008) and Reforming Vaccine Policy & Law: A Guide (2014). She is a video commentator for the NVIC Newsletter and Mercola Newsletter and a blogger at www.VaccineAwakening.blogspot.com. Her long public record of vaccine safety and informed consent advocacy was featured in the 2011 award winning film documentary THE GREATER GOOD.

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    How to Avoid the Flu Without Flu Shots - Beverly Nadler

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    Beverly Nadler, our Health Guru, warns about dangerous flu shots.   Staying healthy during the Flu Season does not require vaccinations, which are not always proven to be effective and often have dangerous side effects.  Instead optimize your own immune system.   Beverly will share practical information that can easily and enjoyably be included in anyone’s life-style.  Find out how to build your natural immunity and protect yourself from the flu, improve your general health and increase your energy and well-being all year long. http://www.healingnaturally.me  

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    Super Dave Show - Who Get's To Make The Decisions For Our Kids?

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    Got into an interesting discussion the other day about autism and vaccines.  It seems that other people think they have a right to make decisions with your children and whether they should be vaccinated or not.  Is it Liberty when you decide how to raise your children and the choices you are making?

    Changing lives every day of the week!

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    First Ground Battle in the 21st Century for Black People: What Should It Be?

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    Afrikan people have made it into the 21st Century.  We may not be in the best shape; but at least we are here.  However, being here is not enough.  We need to collectively decide which ground battle would be best to launch us into our 21st Century war for survival. 

    Is it the Black War Against:

    Economic Dependency


    Pedophilia (child molestation in the Black community)

    The Mobutus (Uncle Tom Race Traitors)

    The Integrationists

    The Mulattoes

    The Police ("plynching" aka police lynching)

    The Food War, Agriculture, and Black Farming

    Independent Black Schooling



    Call in and give your opinion.  These (10) options will be very difficult to pick from.  But on Monday night, we are going to pick the #1 choice.


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    The Solar Storm: Chemtrails, Vaccines, and Mind Control

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    Kyle discusses the spraying of our skies, mandatory and unavoidable vaccinations, and the involved mind control.

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    When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: Kevin McCall & Anthony Mackie

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    Tune in to the Ice Cream Convos Morning Show as we discuss Kevin McCall's Instagram meltdown where he lashed out at Wale and accused him of having an STD....then apologized. 

    We'll also discuss Anthony Mackie's remarks regarding dreadlocks and perception led to him getting dragged on social media. 



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    The G-Spot with Meka Rae: STD's, Sex, and Protection

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    Hi Bedroom Playmates

    So there was an article that discussed a woman meeting a man in a bar and she ended up going home with him. She slept with him for three days, unprotected. Later she discovered he has HIV. She is now the victim and he is now in jail. Who should take responsibility for contracting an STD? The person who knowingly gave it, the person who contracted it, or both parties? Protection and STD testing is a must and we need to talk about this. Do you test your partners before having sex? If not, what methods (if any) do you use to protect yourself sexually? Do you find it hard to ask your potential partner for an STD test? Should you have regular STD tests with your monogomous partner?  Who is more responsible for your body…the person you are sleeping with or you?  How do you tell someone you have an STD and why is it important? Difference between contraceptives and protection. Let’s talk about STD’s, sexual protection, and sexual history.

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