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    LGBT and STD! Is there a chance you have a particular STD and don’t know?

    in Lifestyle

    There is an epidemic in the community and it is just not in the gay community but in the African American community. The sad TRUTH is that you have it and you don't even know it. When was the last time you were tested? A more important question is: Are you practicing SAFE sex daily? How well do you know the person you are kissing and loving? Do you know their status? Do you know YOURS? Herpes is a disease that has affected one out of six people in the United States between the ages of 14-49.  The CDC has estimated that at least 25% of Americans are infected with Herpes (HSV-2).  At least 90% of the population has herpes -1, which are cold sores. It does not matter if you have never been with a man your partner may have and unbeknownst to her or him and you, you both may have now been exposed and or be a carrier. Herpes is an Infection that is more easily transmitted from men to women than from women to men.  In the United States, an estimated 81.1% of 14–49 year olds infected with HSV-2 have never received a clinical diagnosis. When it comes to the LGBT community where the actual statistical breakdown of STD?  Where is the written information that is geared toward lesbians when it comes to safe sex? 

    Question to family, why do male identified women not go to the gynecologist or get tested on a regular?

    A myth that two woman loving each other will not catch anything - false.

    Myth that a stud strap on and cannot catch a STD-Guess what FALSE!

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    STD Awareness Month

    in Youth

    April is STD/STI Awareness month, and teen hosts Rachel, Kaitlyn, and Robert are talking about the myths they've heard about STD transmission and protection. Guest Wendy Ramsay from Reach CNY is here to give us the facts and provide information on how to keep yourself and your partner safer.

    For more information on STDs, visit the CDC website.

    For more information on Reach CNY, their programs, and ways to obtain free contraception, visit ReachCNY.org.

    Teen Talk is supported in part by Audible. Visit audibletrial.com/teentalkcny to start your 30-day trial and benefit Teen Talk.

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    Exclusive w/ STD (Warhed & PD Flex)

    in Wrestling

    Matthew Grant sits down with 2 members of Sigma Tau Delta, Warhed & PD Flex to discuss many things including Deathproof's 5th Anniversary show back in September and how it turned into 'Rib'-Fest, returning in January with the acquisitions of Steve Corino & Masada, other members of STD, a little bit about the careers of both PD & Warhed including favourite matches, bad injuries, working the deathmatch style & so much more including some hilarious stories from the both of them!

    @WeeklyWPodcast @DeathproofFight @capt_mcawesome

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    Why People Scared To Tell People They Have A Disease or STD?

    in Education

    We talking about an epidemic in our society concerning people giving other people diseases and std's without telling them they have it...

    Is fear of rejection a component in why they don't tell?

    What happens to the person that finds out?

    Is it still considered victimization, deciets and lies?

    Is there laws against knowing you have an std's or disease...what can happen?

    How does it feel to be betrayed?

    What happens to your trust level for other people that may be new potential mates for the future?

    Come join me and my co-hosts on this adventure to uncover truths about life and how to avoid death!

    Call in and bring back alley degrees to the table...

    What can we do to help others curb the possibilities of catching diseases and std's?

    Be more than aware; take care!  Love your selves; better than any one else!

    Call in and participate with your back alley degrees and expertise... Hypotheses are welcomed too!



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    Do People take STD Precaution Seriously?

    in Music

    Back for the new season. Join us as we discuss if teenagers and adults  take STD precaution serously or take part in wreckless behaviour.  Thursday January 31st at 6:30pm only on SIRA Media Radio.

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    Dating With A STD

    in Romance

    Many of you are plagued with sexually transmitted diseases but may still be in the dating pool...so how do you date when you have a STD? When do you disclose your personal health information...Listen in for the answer...
    Visit: EnlightenedLove.wordpress.com

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    "State Of The Black Family-Pt. 3-Restoring Love To The Broken Black Youth"

    in Lifestyle

    SPONSORED BY RESUMES 4 CHRIST-resumes4christ@gmail.com

    Tonight we conclude our State of the Black Family series by focusing on the most delicate part of the family--the children. Weve covered the roles in the mistrust of love from both men's and women's points of view, and it's time to address the manifestations of that problem that has developed in our children today. With the absence of the village and a division in the Black couple, our children are left to their own vices to tackle not only the regular universal issues of growing up--but growing up Black in America. The results have erupted in viral developments of too-young relationships, teen pregnancy, effeminazation of our boys, masculinization of our girls, teen domestic violence, STD's, and other preventable issues. What role does our damaged mindsets play in our children's behavior toward relationships, platonic and intimate alike? Join in tonight at 10:30 PM EST by calling 347-327-9967.

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    What Types Of Secrets Should Be Told: True Confessions Part 2

    in Radio

    Can your past affect your future? What types of Secrets can be told from your past?

    Have been to prison?

    Do you have any STD's or diseases?  Clarify how you got this...

    Are you Gay or on the Downlow?

    Are you transgender?

    Are you A sexual?

    Are you a sex offender? Etc...

    When should you be truthful and what should you be truthful about?

    When is your past is not counted or is it? Is it lessons to be learned for yourself; or help others to make an educated decisions.  
    Set yourself free...Own your Secrets, you are no longer ashamed. Don't be chained by your past.


    Join me and Akeelah Ali and Ms. "D," on another discovery on hidden SECRETS REVEALED from the past.

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    Hot Sugar: Celebrity news,Porn,Twitter rants,Instagram Shade

    in Entertainment

    The hot sugar crew is back  and it's poppin off  in the sugar dish tonight

    Heaven Hollywood,India Morel,Arie Goode and Mz-Od  take you around  the industry whether it's hollywood  or hollyhood   they will give you all the exclusives 

    Meek Mill   Pulls out of the battle  says " we need to stick together"

    Nicki calls Meek  her baby daddy and social media go nuts

    Superhead  says  Drake ghostwrites for  wayne

    Safaree's new girl put on blast?

    Khloe says lamar ambushed her   lamar says  it was a set up

    kylie Jenner  turns 18

    Ray-j back with Princess Love

    caitlyn  to be  cancel

    drake apoligizes to the victims


    Making fun of celebrities

    easy e daughter  mad at the way  they potrayed eazy e

    chris brown  ranting to someone about  they are in fear of him for his success  let him be him

    terrance howard's wife threatens to expose std's if he doesnt come up off that empire money

    fight breaks out at pink print tour





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    RAMPANT Sex organ diseases in Barbados and more on NDRS (12:00 p.m. 8/12/2015)

    in Radio

    Today we will talk about women who get pregnant because they are HIV positive (to get free treatment); rampant STD levels and cancers of sexual organs in Barbados; Barbadians are natural foopers and cheaters; Everton R. Gittens (ex-dirty cop) and his journey to permanent incarceration.  

    Also, Rawle Maycock our political correspondent will speak of political matters and Alex Mitchell will touch on the massive Land Fraud in Barbados.

    Finally, if you are paying TAXES, it means you don't own 'the thing' you are paying taxes on.  Join us for an exciting episode!   Naked Departure Radio Show ("NDRS")

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    "Sexual Healing" - What really is a STD ? part 3

    in Education

    Welcome to this Mothership of the Seed Dropper Nation where the Mother is first and last, Mother of Civilization. We will focus on the Upliftment of Mothers and Children.

    This lesson will be a mature lesson and some language may be challenging for children.

    We will examine this matter from a Spiritual, Mental and Physical level. The STD has a powerful effect on the energy of the people. It seems that the Mothers are key to this perpetual circle of lack of knowledge, lack of information, lack of resources and lack of support. The STD(stealing the divinity) from the Mother has giving birth to many of the STD(sexual transmitted disease). Let's talk about the womb aka the black hole because we want to give birth to STD(scientific thought dynamics). Let's go deep in the MotherShip

    We would like to open up a honest dialogue about our "Sexual Healing". We have some beliefs that are built in what some other beings has said is correct.  Please bring all those old time self righteous behavorial information to our talk so the can be put on the square. 

    Tonight is the Night. "Lets Get It On".

    Come on aboard this Mothership and get Renewed with Right Knowledge.