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    HPV: Should I be Afraid? The Truth Behind the "STD" w/ Dr. Diane Harper, Ep. 66

    in Women

    T&A, both diagnosed with HPV at varying points in their lives, get to the bottom of why there's so much conflicting information around HPV out there.  Expert, Dr. Diane Harper, who has been heard on NPR, Katie Couric, CNN, and other sites, fills us in on the 101 of HPV to the research and why it's important to have regular checkups for healthcare and prevention.  How does HPV work? Why is it so common? How can I prevent it? Do the vaccines work? Why don't they test men?! All of your questions are answered in a clear, concise way, thanks to Dr. Harper!  We know you'll feel as relieved as we do after listening to this episode.  

    Show Notes

    HPV is a tiny virus that has been with us forever-literally since the time of dinosaurs! (4:15)

    It literally bounces around on skin.  It does not live in blood or other bodily fluids (5:53)

    What are the avenues of transmission for HPV?  Hint: it’s not only our sexual organs (06:04)

    It’s definitely a survivor.  The way  it infects the skin cells allows it to hide from the immune system (06:54)

    Find relevant links & FULL Show Notes HERE

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    Let's Talk Love, Sex and Nutrition: STD (Spiritually Transmitted Diseases

    in Self Help

    STD: Spiritually Transmitted Diseases/Dis-ease and How To Heal Them  Spiritually Transmitted Diseases/Dis-ease STD, is contracting and growing the negative/demonic consciousness of another through sexual intercourse and ongoing sexual interactions.

    Do I have an STD?

    Do you have fake sex?  Do you fake orgasms

    Participate in risky sexual behaviors?

    Did you or were you Raped/Molested?

    Do you use sex as a weapon?

    Can only have sex while using alcohol or drugs?

    Do you have sex when you don't want to?

    Do you have a Sex Addiction?

    Rev. Goddess will educate and empower us all through healing your STD and learning how sacred sex can change and expand your life!

    About Our Guest

    Reverend Goddess Charmaine was ordained by the New Seminary, a school of Interfaith Theology in New York City. She is a trained Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotherapist, Trained Aromatherapist, and Tantric Energy Specialist. She primarily focuses her energy work through Shamanism, trained by Kenneth Ray Stubbs through the Path of the Sexual Shaman all levels.

    She has led workshops in the Tri-State area since 1992, and is continually increasing her work as a facilitator of personal empowerment through her workshops such as Chakra Intensives, Goddess Rituals, Second Sunday and Clothing Optional (Naked Church) Services and various others that continue to support empowerment and erotic enlightenment for all.

    Join Voni your Sexual Wellness Coach and Zee your Sex and Love Enthusiast, for this powerful and enlightening show.  

    Call in at 7:30 EST, 6:30 CST 646-929-0630 or listen live at www.blogtalkradio.com/familyhealingcircle

    Have your questions ready to ask Rev. Goddess.

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    LGBT and STD! Is there a chance you have a particular STD and don’t know?

    in Lifestyle

    There is an epidemic in the community and it is just not in the gay community but in the African American community. The sad TRUTH is that you have it and you don't even know it. When was the last time you were tested? A more important question is: Are you practicing SAFE sex daily? How well do you know the person you are kissing and loving? Do you know their status? Do you know YOURS? Herpes is a disease that has affected one out of six people in the United States between the ages of 14-49.  The CDC has estimated that at least 25% of Americans are infected with Herpes (HSV-2).  At least 90% of the population has herpes -1, which are cold sores. It does not matter if you have never been with a man your partner may have and unbeknownst to her or him and you, you both may have now been exposed and or be a carrier. Herpes is an Infection that is more easily transmitted from men to women than from women to men.  In the United States, an estimated 81.1% of 14–49 year olds infected with HSV-2 have never received a clinical diagnosis. When it comes to the LGBT community where the actual statistical breakdown of STD?  Where is the written information that is geared toward lesbians when it comes to safe sex? 

    Question to family, why do male identified women not go to the gynecologist or get tested on a regular?

    A myth that two woman loving each other will not catch anything - false.

    Myth that a stud strap on and cannot catch a STD-Guess what FALSE!

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    STD Awareness Month

    in Youth

    April is STD/STI Awareness month, and teen hosts Rachel, Kaitlyn, and Robert are talking about the myths they've heard about STD transmission and protection. Guest Wendy Ramsay from Reach CNY is here to give us the facts and provide information on how to keep yourself and your partner safer.

    For more information on STDs, visit the CDC website.

    For more information on Reach CNY, their programs, and ways to obtain free contraception, visit ReachCNY.org.

    Teen Talk is supported in part by Audible. Visit audibletrial.com/teentalkcny to start your 30-day trial and benefit Teen Talk.

  • You Had An Affair And Brought Home An STD Now What?

    in Spirituality

    This episode of A Sound Heart will enter into the clandestine world of affairs in the lives of believing ones.  Affairs are never secret.  That is the lie that those involved in affairs tell themselves as they sin against their spouses.  The excitement of the lie will lose its seducing luster when the sin brings death for both parties.  I do mean to be alarming and frank.  I have never seen an affair not do terrible damage and bring ruin to many lives.  Yes, sin has it pleasures, but the consequences of sin may havoc lives on an intergenerational scale. 

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    Exclusive w/ STD (Warhed & PD Flex)

    in Wrestling

    Matthew Grant sits down with 2 members of Sigma Tau Delta, Warhed & PD Flex to discuss many things including Deathproof's 5th Anniversary show back in September and how it turned into 'Rib'-Fest, returning in January with the acquisitions of Steve Corino & Masada, other members of STD, a little bit about the careers of both PD & Warhed including favourite matches, bad injuries, working the deathmatch style & so much more including some hilarious stories from the both of them!

    @WeeklyWPodcast @DeathproofFight @capt_mcawesome

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    A Frank Discussion About HIV & AIDS

    in Health

    HIV and AIDS have been in the news a great deal lately. According to the CDC, about 1.2 million people in the U.S. are believed to be living with HIV. It is estimated that over 26,000 of those individuals have AIDS. Join your national award-winning family radio talk show Let's Talk America with Host Shana Thornton for a very frank discussion about this health concern. We offer real talk for real people.


    Please visit www.letstalkamericawithshanathornton.com. Thank you.   #LTARadio 

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    Faith Walk with Joyce White

    in Self Help

    Join me on Faith Walk with Joyce White Tuesday Nov. 24th from 7:30 - 8:30 pm EST.  This week's topic is Start Planting. First I will have the honor and pleasure to be speaking with Detrick Haddon, Clareta Haddon-Jackson, Charles Clark and Apostle Veryl Howard who will be going to Selma, Alabama to pray and march against teen pregnancy, poverty, teen criminal acts, gangs, homicides, teen drug rings, teen STD's and more. This will be the first ever youth prayer march in the state of Alabama on Dec. 6th at 2:30 pm.   Next Miss Phyllis Wallace will be giving us 3 Tips for How to Live Out God's Kingdom at work.  Ending the show will be actress and model Jenise Albritton to share some inspiration. You won't really get excited about the Word of God until you realize that it's more than just a collection of divinely inspired promises.  It's a living force that literally carries within it the power to make those promises become a reality in your life.  Log onto www.faiHYPERLINK "http://www.faithwalkwithjoyce.com/"tHYPERLINK "http://www.faithwalkwithjoyce.com/"hwalkwithjoyce.com or call 347-237-4648.

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    R.E.A.L.-Radio Established to Address Life:Over there,Mexican Flight,Jared, Etc.

    in Current Events

    Weekly, we hope that you join us for a spirtied conversation about the week's hot topics. We'll engage in a round table debate, in addition to bringing in guests to help us better understand the matters at hand.  Join the conversation by calling 8186917348 or clicking on the link.

    Today, we'll discuss the hot topics of the week:  Shooting and bombings in Paris, attack in Mali, the spike in STD rates, the Federal Reserve's decision to raise interest rates, Jared goes to jail for 15 years, sports, and more!!!

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    3 Reasons We Are Convinced That We're Unlovable—And Why You Must Reject Them

    in Relationships

    This edition of Grown Zone Radio focuses on the reasons you are convinced that you don't deserve love. Once you adopt these beliefs (even if, and most likely, unconciously), you sabotage your ability to prepare for, recognize, attract and engage in healthy relationships of honor, esteem and respect. We are taught that we don't deserve love because:

    I am divorced. I am unloveable because I am divorced. 

    I can't bear/don't want children. I am unlovable because I am barren/broken.

    I have an STD. I am unloveable because I am ruined/sick.

    We accept suffering and mistreatment (or joy and kindness) for the same reason: We are convinced that we deserve them. The truth: There is nothing you can do or be that can disqualify you from healthy love. But until and unless you truly and unconditionally believe that, healthy relationships will elude you, no matter how desperately you seek and pursue them. 

    You really need to tune in to this edition of Grown Zone Radio. Join us to learn why our book Loving In The Grown Zone is not your typical relationship book about finding the love of your life (or just getting a steady sex partner), but about making healthy choices empower you to claim the love you were created for.

    GIFT: Get this FREE ebook NOW --> 9 keys To Finding Healthy Love Even If You Have No Idea Where To Look!

    Buy Book: LovingInTheGrownZone.com

    Official Site: GrownZone.com