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    Reinvention: Why You Should Let Go Of The Status Quo

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    Julie Simmons and Andria Corso are masters of reinvention. In their book, Letting Go of the Status Quo: The Liberating, Exhilarating Journey of Two Women Who Reinvented Themselves (and Your Guide to Do the Same), they share the powerful tools and critical steps that will help you create the life you were meant to live – an authentic journey of fulfillment. 
    In this episode, Julie and Andria share why you should let go of the status quo!

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    Changing the Status Quo-The Great Awakening

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    With the number of global movements on the rise such as protests in the Ferguson, Eric Garner cases, and Hong Kong's political demonstration, it's apparent to see that humanity is awakening to compassion and changing the status quo when injustice is perceived. Could it be that humanity is awakening to higher levels of consciousness? To operating from the heart instead of the mind? And to the concept of unity and that we are all one? On today's podcast we will be talking about the concept of awakening, current and past successful peaceful movements, and about the resources and tools aiding humanity in it's advantageous evolution.

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    Are you embracing the competitive nature of your business in ways that make you challenge the status quo? Discover how Roger’s entrepreneurial instinct thrives in challenging the status-quo.  Continue reading

    The post ROGER DUARTE: STATUS-QUO CHALLENGER appeared first on Entrepreneur Radio.

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    Early Church faith was of eastern MONOtheist orientation and expectation.   Yet scheming to preserve traditions void foundation FAITH in  YAH, WESTern intruders irreverently mocked the HOLY NAME, baptizing many in continuing worldly denial of exceeding TRUTH!  Yet in HIS merciful GRACE, YAH begets souls by more than MISadministered words.  Many SIN for not understanding the scriptures nor the principles of YAH thus perverting scriptural meaning unto self-destruction. (Mat.22:23 .. 2Pet.3:14-18)  Men call 30K denominations "THE FAITH".  Yet SAVING FAITH is NOT by institutionS/ works of MEN; but hearing to COMPREHEND RIGHT the THOUGHTS of YAH!  When comes the JUDGE, all with know NO COUNTERFIET confirms any man before YAH unto the SEAL of LIFE!   Till ALL are ONE in EVERY aspect of the LAW and PROPHETS, we are NOT ONE, NOT SAVED!   30K denominations is NOT a HOLY COVENANT agreement, but filthy BLASPHEMIES!  BLESSED are they who beyond CONFUSION discern, "They who WAIT for the LORD shall RENEW their STRENGTH!"   WHO shall believe HIM?   Not knowing for WHOM you should be WAITING, WHAT or WHO are you waiting for?   Knowing not what exceeds STATUS QUO, is STATUS QUO!
    Isa 40:31  But they that WAIT for the LORD shall RENEW their STRENGTH; .. they shall run, and not be weary. They shall walk, and not faint.  41:1  Keep SILENCE before ME, O islands!  Let the people RENEW their STRENGTH: let them come near; let them speak plainly: let us come together to JUDGMENT.

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    We Three Merry Men/Guest Tim Brown

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    We will have a guest speaker, Tim Brown, and  new host Joe Lemieux. 

    Tim is an editor/writer on the FreedomOutpost.com and SonsofLibertyMedia.com and also contributes to FreedomForce.com and Barbwire.com.

    Topics tonight will include:

    Ebola Examined further

    Illinois to ban recording cops?

    Corrupt cops are now credibility tzars???

    Grand Juries favor the badge and much, much more... 

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    What is Temporary Protected Status (TPS)?- General Information

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              Temporary protected status (TPS) is a U.S. government designation given to foreign countries by the U.S. These countries receive TPS status when it is dangerous or unsafe for those nationals inside the U.S. from returning to their countries of origin. This episode will give a general background on eligibility requirements for TPS, the benefits of TPS status, along with country specific TPS information on Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and El Salvador.

    For further information, I can be reached at (323) 924-8560 or you can send me an e-mail at: oscar@acunalawoffice.com. Please Note: This is just general information and is not intended to serve as legal advice for your particular legal issue.

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    Come Listen to what we are all about. On this Show we will be examining every question thats needs to be asked.

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    Good day! Today's topic is going to be what's the nature of status we welcome all to participate for the overall change we will have distinguished guests to join in on the panel dial in to 215 383 5049. brought to you by: Treaty and Nation Association.

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    Triple Lutz Report--Never Accept The Status Quo--Episode 357

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    We had a great interview with noted economist and author Richard Duncan yesterday. While he advocates a pragmatic view and acceptance of the status quo and abandonment of our ideals and capitalism, I can't accept that. Expecting the government to make successful bets on future technologies is a long shot that is destined to fail. Rather we need to find a way back to our roots and sound money and to mitigate the inevitable damage, because either way, pain is going to occur. 

    Speaking of failure of the existing paradigm there's Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. That's the actual name of the Ocean State. And they had a referendum in 2010 because some people believed it was racist. Plantation in English meant colony. But they have far greater problems, the state is a Stalinist Theme Park. It's an epic fail. Liberalism and Progressivism have had their way since 1935 and the place is falling apart. And the people are too arrogant or stupid or both to see it. 

    Then there's that other epic fail, Detroit. What to try next? Perhaps urban homesteading. Knocking down all 40,000 abandoned homes will only cost $850 million or $22k each. Sounds like a steal! Why not have an Uber wrecking App and have a Dutch Auction? These homes are truly worth more dead than alive. 

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    This is the second episode of #EMPIRERETURNSRADIO tonight at 8:00PM.

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    This is a series of radio shows dedicated to the #EMPIRERETURNS event going down Nov. 30 @ Fubar 3108 Locust Ave. St. Louis, MO.

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