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    Sunday's Message: God's Judgements

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    Join us on the broadcast for Sunday's message entitled: God's judegments. God's judements are true, holy, honorable, and definite. Tune in as we discuss the qualities and the conditions of God's judgements.

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    Indie Books Show #62 (Goran Ghafour)

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    Tune in and join me as I welcome this week's guest. 

    Author Goran Ghafour joins me this week to talk about his book: The Statues, a socio-political work of fiction.

    This is the story of a man named Pola – a man whose symbolic name is “statue of movement.” In 2022, years following the Arab Spring, which rocked the roots of dictators of the Middle East and North Africa, Pola makes plans for a revolution that will challenge the politically and ethically bankrupt systems. During his journey, Pola will be threatened, challenged, and captured. Despite these obstacles, he still strives toward his dream of making his home a better place as he struggles to lead his followers toward a revolution that will change the face of the known world. A story of politics and corruption, faith and vice, love and loss, Statues provides a look into the unseen, unheard, and untouched stories of the everyday reality of the Middle East and North Africa. Through Pola, readers will share in the experience of the intense emotional and psychological challenges, along with the hope, that is held among the Middle Eastern and North African people.

    Tune in Friday at11AM EST or listen to the archive.

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    HOPI/GIZA CONNECTION with "Book of Truth" author Thomas O. Mills

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    In his new book the Hopi Indians of Northern Arizona myth of creation is explored, leading the reader on a trip across the seas to Egypt and the pyramids, with surprising results

    Could this be the explanation of man's beginning? He explains the reason for the pyramid complex, the meaning behind the murals, the design of the temples and message that they tell.

    His book is based on the following Truths:

    There are Pyramids. They have been here since the beginning. Over 230 in Eqypt, Mexico, and China all along the 30-degree latitude. There is a reason.

    We do not know how the Pyramids were constructed but the Hopi Myth tells us why they were constructed and who built them and the reason for the arrangement that they are in.

    The statues and murals of the Gaza complex depict all four races, black, yellow, red, and white. Their message is for all of mankind, not just certain groups. This was the place of Man's beginning. We were all created equal and at the same time. The Black man was given Africa, the Yellow man was given China, the Red man was given the America's, and the White man was given Europe. If we came from monkeys how do you explain this fact? If we arose out of the sea, how do you explain this fact? The murals and statues tell the story.

    The oldest site in the America's was located in Chile on the western side of the continent 12,500 years ago after the great flood. There was an ice age and a great flood.

    The first record of the zodiac was located in the ceiling of Dendera. It does not have anything to do with horoscopes as the progression of the stars moves the constellations one degree every 72 years. The constellations have a very different meaning. The ceiling of Dendera also show the Earth's wobble as we travel through space. The Earth is in a delicate balance, that is the message.

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    Define Kidnapping, Confining, Abduction will lawful Authority.

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    Can you believe in America there is such a thing call SYSEMATIC ABUSE, where Court Officials and Attorney are aware of the following statues, BUT THEY TURN THEIR FACES AND IGNORE THEIR JUDICIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND OATHS.


    THE Fla. Stat. § 787.01 defines kidnapping as forcibly, secretly, or by threat confining, abducting, or imprisoning another person against her or his will and without lawful authority, with intent to:

                   Hold for ransom or reward or as a shield or hostage.
                   Commit or facilitate commission of any felony.
                   Inflict bodily harm upon or to terrorize the victim or another person.
     Interfere with the performance of any governmental or political function.

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    Partnering for Children’s Success: Why Parent Engagement Matters

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    Tomas Mejia and Jennifer Garcia Rosendo (2nd Year Buell Fellow) are members of the ECE Committee for the State Advisory Committee for Parent Involvement in Education (SACPIE).  Tomas and Jennifer will be joined by guest Alberto Torres and a few parents to share insights into some of the work that SACPIE has striven to implement statewide.  Learn why the group is passionate about supporting parent involvement from Pre-K through Higher Education.  Please join these guests to hear more about the impact of parent engagement on children’s success in school and how the legislature has enacted statues to improve student achievement statewide.  The show is hosted by Sofia Esteve-Sychla, 1st Year Buell Fellow and passionate advocate for parent involvement in education.   

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    The statues of ancient Buddahs of the East depected him as having wolly hair is always shown in corn rows, or in a pepper corn style with small tight curls. Original statues of Buddha clearly show him to be Africoid, with the wide nose, thick lips and frizzy, nappy, hair which are distinctive Negro characteristics. In most ancient temples throughout Asia where he is still worshipped, he is shown as jet Black. In fact, in most of the ancient temples of Asia and India, statues of the gods and goddesses have Africoid features with woolly hair in the pepper corn style, while some even have dreadlocks. These pictures of Buddha portray him in no uncertain terms as a Negro with kinky, coiled hair, a flat nose and full lips.

    There are absolutely no historical records that portray Buddha as Aryan or White. 
    The first people who conceptualized and worshipped the divine image of the Negroid mould of humanity were the Negroes, and they actually started the practice of Buddhism, the world's first missionary religion. Buddha was an Enlightened Master from the Sakya clan of the Naga Race, and was the first man on earth to preach the great principles of equality, liberty and fraternity. He caused the Nagas to become conscious of their own mind power as opposed to the mantra power. 
    Buddhism, whose doctrines include the Golden Rule, was established 500 years before Christianity in the area now called the Middle East (Africa). Buddha is not a name but a title meaning Enlightened One, Blessed One, or to Become awake. Over the centuries, there have been several recorded Buddhas like Gautama, Sakayanumi, and Siddhartha. Black Buddhist missionaries introduced Buddhism to China, Japan and other countries.


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    The Satanic agenda behind the NWO

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    Join Douglas J. Hagmann and Joe Hagmann as the "black mass" in Oklahoma is dissected. Could the beheading in Oklahoma have anything to do with the spirit behind events such as the satanic mass? Has something unworldly been unleashed in the U.S., as judgment for throughing God from our schools, erecting statues to pagan and Illuminati gods, and the deliberate shedding of the blood of millions of innocents through abortion?

    We'll be talking about the satanic agenda behind the plans for a one world order. Remember G.H. W. Bush talking about his "1,000 Points of Light?" How about all preidents facing the obelisk now when being sworn in?

    We will take a look back in history to the creation of the Federal Reseerve, and how the "Fed" fits into this intricate puzzle of deception.

    We'll connect many dots during this broadcast, from the past (history) to current events to illustrate their real context in what we see taking place today.

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    Deepertruth Saturday. A conversation with Jeff Lincoln

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    1. The question of authority. Jesus did in fact exist and he did in fact established a Church giving it His authority. People like to use a scatter gun technique that is employed by Protestant apologists that is designed to overload the Catholic apologist. Rarely does a debate on Facebook stay on any one topic. Mary, the Saints, the Papacy, the bible, statues, history, Purgatory, did Jesus have brothers, call no man father, they all end up in any one debate. But all that is really sidebars because authority is the main issue. All these other topics are used to challenge the Catholic for the purpose to topple that authority. If they think they can effectively prove that the Catholic Church is teaching something that is contrary to scripture, then they believe they have proved their case.

    Matthew 16:17-19 and Matthew 18:15-19 are important biblical texts for authority. Luke 10:16 and John 21:15-17 are also important. There are many scriptures that support the authority Christ gives the Church.

    This authority given the church covers every aspect of what the Catholic Church is as the Body of Christ. Jeff Lincoln will try to set a foundation for Sola Scriptura (Bible alone). So, I will use primarily the bible to show that the Catholic Faith is truly the Church of the gospel, it is the Church of the New Testament.

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    William Veall: Portraits of the Gods

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    One of the Worlds' greatest archaeological mysteries, one which has excited man's imagination for countless  centuries, is whether  ancient Sea Peoples from the Old World were actually able, and did, cross the Oceans to make contact and trade with the indigenous populations of the New World. 
    Ample evidence in the way of seeds, fruits, pollen, flaura and fauna - even the occasional human skeleton - and inscriptions suggest some form of contact but there has never been absolute, substantiated proof of a  diffusion between Nations of the Old and New World.

    The Author's tenacious and relentless belief that a Culture other than the Nasca constructed the 'Nasca Lines' archaeological monument  had an unexpected twist - his discovery of a massive Phoenician inscription actually enscribed within the 'Nasca Lines' itself.

    Then discovery of a colossal rock sculpture in the form of a 'Sacred Lamb' surrounded by Phoenician inscriptions rapidly moved the research area into the High Altiplano of the Southern Andes Mountains: there the author discovered an ancient astronomical observatory,  a vast  Landscape Planetarium,  a Scriptorium - the largest area of ground based Phoenician inscriptions ever found in Peru, a Plaza of rock carved Human Heads and finally the coup d'grace - a 300 kilometer "Great Highway" embellished with human head statues, gorgons,carvings of flaura and fauna and an abundance of Phoenician inscriptive material.

    William James Veall was educated at The Queen Mary Grammar School, Basingstoke, England. He studied engineering at Basingstoke and Southampton Colleges of Technology, and read Environmental Science, Archaeology and Spanish at the University of Southampton, UK.


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    Edward Malkowski: Ancient Egypt 39,000 BCE

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    Traditional Egyptologists have long resisted the notion that the architectural achievements of the Ancient Egyptians required the existence of a much more sophisticated technology than would have existed at that time. Yet, no records exist explaining how, why, or who built Egypt’s megalithic monuments and statues. The ancient Egyptians did, however, record that their civilization resided in the shadow of a kingdom of “gods” whose reign ended many thousands of years before their first dynasty. What was this Civilization X that antiquity’s most accomplished people revered as gods? 

    The recent discovery of a large stone at one of Egypt’s oldest ruins presents physical evidence that clearly and distinctly shows the markings of a machining process far beyond the capabilities of the Ancient Egyptians. Likewise, experimental modeling of the Great Pyramid’s subterranean chambers and passageways gives scientific evidence to further support the theory that the civilization responsible for such magnificent monuments is much older than presently believed. Ancient Egypt 39,000 BCE examines this evidence from historical and technical points of view, explaining who these prehistoric people were, what happened to them, why they built their civilization out of granite, and why they built a series of pyramids along the west bank of the Nile River.

    EDWARD F. MALKOWSKI is the author of Before the Pharaohs, The Spiritual Technology of Ancient Egypt, and Sons of God--Daughters of Men. He is a historical researcher and lives in Lincoln, Illinois.

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    Sports Q&A September 4th Edition

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    Tune in as we discuss all the hottest topics in sports:

    National News:

    We honor you as a former player... what are your thoughts on former players like RGIII and Ray Lewis having statues erected in their honor while alive?

    Week one of college football

    Who impressed you? (conference or team or player)

    Who disappointed you? (conference or team or player)

    New segment: More questions or Answers


    MSU vs. Jacksonville St


    U-M vs. Ap State


    USF vs WCU


    SMU/N. Texas



    Michael sam signed to the cowboys practice squad.

    Molly popping Welker.

    FANTASY BREAK: (quick opportunity to talk about your draft how your team looks etc,) has the running back by committee forced you to change how you draft?

    Back to Season talk

    Quarterbacks in the NFL: 

    Definition of elite? 

    Division breakdown: winners and whether each team will have less, the same, more wins than last year

    AFC West:

    AFC South:

    AFC East:

    AFC North:

    NFC West:

    NFC South:

    NFC East:

    NFC North:






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