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    The Strong Stance with Eli Strong

    in LGBT

    America has always been called the "melting pot" but the past few years, that melting pot has reached a boil and if you have been on social media, you've seen all of the hashtags.

    Even the Huffington Post recently decided to release an article on the topic of race and dating (http://huff.to/1AcI9ty). There has been a lot of dialogue about the issue of race and its impact in all facets of life.  On this episode of The Strong Stance, we will open the dialogue on gender, race and interracial dating because the reality is that we aren't as progressive as we like to think we are.  The reality is that race and gender do play critical roles in our relationships and how outsiders view those connections--more than we admit in public, polite society. 

    Tune into this show as we talk about the reality and the misconceptions of interracial dating. In what ways do race and gender identity play a role in who we have romantic relationships with? Is the personal really political? And for all the prejudice and expectations that are heaped on couples that come from different backgrounds, is that hardship lessened in the LGBTQ community, or is it just more of the same?

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    Andrew Cuomo Gives State of the State Address

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    New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo Gives His State of the State Address;

    New York City May Soon Have Its Own Minimum Wage;

    Andrew Cuomo Says 16 Year Old Offenders Should Have Their Own Separate Facilities;

    New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo plans on increasing the minimum wage for New York State and a new separate minimum wage for New York City. People who work in New York City will get paid more money, and employers may have to lay off workers if they cannot afford it.

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    The Pinko the Bear Show - Erica Garner Vigil tonight - Staten Island

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    I'm running late tonight as I just got home from the march and vigil with Erica Garner, daughter of Eric Garner of Staten Island. I'll give a report back on the action and other thoughts on the MLK holiday action here in NYC. It is a good night for calls so please feel free... especially if you took part in any of the Monday actions around the country. 

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    TONIGHT 9P- Back in October 2014, a Facebook post of SOCIAL RANT ruffled a few feathers surrounding a notion that most men desire weak women. To date, the post have received over 10,000 likes and reflect a multitude of interesting comments. Is it possible for a woman to be too strong? Or is it that the man is simply weak? We want to hear from you. Dial 917-889-3926 to comment LIVE. Plus, TOYA will bring us FINANCE TIPS up the coast from Delaware. REAL TALK. REAL PEOPLE. REAL TIMES. We are #TheSocialLab #TMHymanRadio Network.

    Follow us on Twitter: @TMHymanRadio @MrTMHyman @MadameBoston @VeryHotChoc @SabeJames

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    John Carver Show - Strong but Wise by Bishop Dale Bronner

    in Self Help

    I can't tell you how much I love the sermons by Bishop Dale Bronner.  His style, cadence and personality pull me into what he is saying.  On this show I will be sharing a part of his sermon called "Strong but Wise."  Feel free to LIKE his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bishop-Dale-C-Bronner/256101496449

    Please visit his website at http://www.woffamily.org/




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    Will The Strong Survive!... Can A Strong Woman Find Happiness?

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    A Single Sistah’s Bedtime Prayer 

    Now I lay me down to sleep, 
    I pray for a man who will not creep. 

    One who’s handsome, smart and strong, 
    And able to admit when he is wrong. 
    One who thinks before he speaks
    And doesn’t disappear for weeks. 

    I pray that he’s gainfully employed, 
    And won’t clam up when he’s annoyed. 
    Please send me a man who’ll open my door, 
    Pull out my chair and want to do more. 

    Send me a man who’ll make love to my mind, 
    But who knows what to do when he hits it from behind. 

    One who’ll make love till my body’s twitching, 
    And bring ME a sandwich too, when he comes 
    back from the kitchen! 

    I pray that this man will love me to no end, 
    And will not try to sleep with my best girlfriend. 

    I pray this prayer in Jesus’ name, 
    Oh, and by the way Lord, deliver me from weak 

    Thank You in advance and now I’ll just wait, 
    For I know You’ll send him before it’s too 

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    Together Strong Revolution

    in Business

    Join the #TogetherStrong Revolution Team, in honor of Dr Martin Luther King Jr, to discuss #termsofagreement - The power of collaboration is found through #termsofagreement - focusing on what we agree on versus our differences in opinion. From Cultural, Generational, Spiritual, Professional and Geographical stances...we find #togetherness by digital means on BOCI Radio.

    Featuring Sherri Henley, Ricky Tucker, James Warren Richardson, Tina Tatum, Marvell Boyce and Kayla Padgett.

    Purchase latest edition of The Power of Collaboration in Business and Digital Citizen 101 here.

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    "The Definition of a Strong Christian Man"

    in Radio


    With an increasing trend of homosexuality, incarceration, deadbeat fathers and many other disturbing issues...We've seen a serious shortage of Christian men in the black community. Please join me on "The Dedan Tolbert Show" tonight at 9:00pm EST as my panel of professional, God fearing men from around the country discuss "The Definition of a Strong Christian Man" and what it means to stand firm in your beliefs, even in the face of adversity". Listen to "The Dedan Tolbert Show" 7 nights a week by calling 646 200 0366 or online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com..."Real Radio that Matters for over 10 Years".

  • Start Strong and Finish Strong! - Making 2015 your Best Year Ever #1

    in Self Help

    Motivation + Vision = MotiVision  QS/Motivision and Leveraeme2's Joytalk on Blogtalk Radio So I spent 45 minutes writing a description of today's brief broadcast.  I learned from experience that "You should save your type as you work" so I copied it. I got a Facebook message and responded by copying a pasting another piece of information. I neglected to past my description. So what has the year taught me?  It taught me that there is no need to waste time and precious life energy fretting about it. Just keep it moving because "Something better is in store!"  Tune in tonight at 8:30 pm if you are in the neighborhood or catch the recording later. During this spirit centered broadcast, we will discuss 3 special ingredients that can catapult you into your highest destiny.

    Meanwhile until Midnight December 31st, 2014, receive 70% off of "If You Can't Calm The Waters Learn to Ride the Waves: How to Succeed in Turbulent Times,"through my website www.tinyurl.com/calmwaters using discount code 7P6XGVRY (GUARANTEED THROUGH JANUARY 1, 2015) and get the ebook for Kindle AND FREE SOFTWARE if needed on amazon at www.tinyurl.com/ridewaveskindle.  IF you are checking this out after that time my gift to you is Discount code HDCU3FD for 35% off for the paper copy!

    [] Do you have the motivation you need to succeed?

    [] As a popular song of my day goes, Have you "been down so long that bottom looks like up?"

    [] Are you ready for the "Special ingredients" and resources needed to catapult you  into your "highest destiny?"

    [] Are you ready or WANT to be ready to "go for it" in 2015?

    TUNE in to this broadcast to help you make the 2015 New Year, the prelude to your best year ever!


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    in Christianity

    Ferguson!!! Staten Island!!!! Video Tape! Coroner's Reports!!!!! The Grand Jury! No Indictment! What does this mean for YOU? For ME? Where is God in all of this? Is HE, as Abraham said, still  “The JUDGE of all the Earth?” Will HE do right?? Stay tuned as Dr. Mike grapples with this question!!!!!

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    Strong Heart Warrior Society

    in Politics Progressive

    Hosted by Canupa Gluha Mani, of the Strong Heart Warrior Society and Lakota Nation. ALL First Nations Peoples and others are invited; your questions and comments during broadcasts are appreciated. Shows are scheduled for 9pm Mountain Time. Arrange to be a guest by contacting Mani at (605)517-1547, or email StrongHeartWarriorSociety@gmail.com 

    This is an introduction of the Strong Heart Warrior Society. Identity is of the original Dog Solider Society of the Lakota Nation - the oldest of its kind. Many societies claim to be for their people, but few proved themselves and remain worthy of their people's trust. The Strong Heart Warrior Society will remain. We are past, present, and forever. This brief mission statement gives credence to our traditional concepts. This society is alcohol-free and drug-free. As a society with its own values, we are here. We are forever.

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