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    Startup Resources for the Entrepreneur

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    This program will be featuring my white paper titled Startup Resources for the Entrepreneur. We will be highlighting the latest and greatest resources covering entrepreneurial startup resources including search engines, subject directories, articles, guides and tracers - literally everything needed for STARTUP RESOURCES !!! We will also discussing my latest freely available Awareness Watch Newsletter V13N4 April 2015 featuring Knowledge Discovery Resources 2015 and my freely available April 2015 Zillman Column highlighting Healthcare Online Resources 2015.   You may call in to ask your questions at (718)508-9839. The show is live and thirty minutes in length starting at 2:00pm EST on Saturday, April 18, 2015 and then archived for easy review and access. Listen, Call and Enjoy!!

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    Chris Campbell of Startup Weekend

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    Chris Campbell of Startup Weekend will join Charles Mudd to discuss the startup culture in Chicago, Illinois.
    Chris Campbell is a volunteer Global Facilitator for Startup Weekend and has been one of the local organizers for Chicago since 2009. Startup Weekend is a global network of passionate leaders and entrepreneurs on a mission to inspire, educate, and empower individuals, teams and communities.
    From Startup Weekend's website:
    "Startup Weekends are weekend-long, hands-on experiences where entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs can find out if startup ideas are viable.  On average, half of Startup Weekend’s attendees have technical backgrounds, the other half have business backgrounds.
    Beginning with open mic pitches on Friday, attendees bring their best ideas and inspire others to join their team. Over Saturday and Sunday teams focus on customer development, validating their ideas, practicing LEAN Startup Methodologies and building a minimal viable product. On Sunday evening teams demo their prototypes and receive valuable feedback from a panel of experts."
    Join Charles Mudd with Chris Campbell to discuss the Startup Weekend phenomenon; the Startup Weekend process in more detail; success stories; and more.
    For more information on Startup Weekend, visit startupweekend.com.

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    Startup Junkies: Is this an addiction?

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    Startup Junkies: Is this an addiction? Is our topic on The Core Business Show with Tim Jacquet.  Thinking about the term “startup junkie” and I can’t quite figure it out. “Junkie,” indicates some kind of addiction but, unlike heroin or meth, “startups” aren’t a clearly defined drug that you buy on the corner. In fact, if you really think about it, startups aren’t really a definable thing at all but more like a messy, unpredictable process. Are these people really addicted to uncertain processes and outcomes, or is it something else? I’m willing to bet that the vast majority of people who call themselves startup junkies are actually addicted to something other than the difficult task of starting and growing a profitable business. This show is sponsored by Apple Capital Group, Inc. 

  • Dynasty Slant (08.16.15) - Startup Mock

    in Sports

    Michael Moore and Russell Clay look at the pre-season debuts of Melvin Gordon, Ameer Abdullah, Karlos Williams and Matt Jones then run through two rounds of a 12-team, dynasty startup mock draft including where players like Aaron Rodgers, Jamaal Charles, and Odell Beckham should be drafted.

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    Latest Startup Topics in the News and Law

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    Co-host Charles Mudd discussed non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).  In particular, he discussed NDAs in the context of a recent Slashdot headline that suggested some programmers will not sign NDAs.  Attorneys will always recommend needing an NDA before revealing trade secret or confidential information.  However, some individuals will never begin a conversation with you if you hand them an NDA in the initial handshake.  How do you balance protecting your idea and developing relationships with individuals or entities who will not sign an NDA?
    How are Mutual NDAs different?
    Charles Mudd discusses these questions and more on Startup Radio.

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    Tomorrow Will Be Televised Narcos/Startup U. Episode

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    The program all about TV, now in its ninth year on the air. Our guests: Chris Brancato, co-creator and executive producer of Narcos, Netflix's new drama series launching today, and Tim Duffy, executive producer of ABC Family's Startup U., featuring famed venture capitalist Tim Draper.

  • Dynasty Slant (08.25.15) - Startup Mock, Pt. 2

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    Michael Moore and Russell Clay cover the dynasty implications of the injuries to Kelvin Benjamin and Jordy Nelson and dive into the third and fourth rounds of their dynasty startup mock draft with players like Adrian Peterson, Brandin Cooks and Travis Kelce.

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    Patrick Hibbard: Social Enterprise, Lean Startup and More!

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    Host Dr. Victoria Boyd welcomes Patrick Hibbard, Sr. National Consultant, Social Enterprise Ventures, LLC and owner of Patrick Hibbard Consulting. Hibbard has a MBA in Policy & Planning and International Management, and has worked with nonprofits on strategy, organizational structure, and social enterprise issues; as well as with small businesses on how to incorporate issues of social and environmental impact in their strategy and how to use this as a competitive advantage. Summer of 2014 he travelled to Guatemala to work with the Social Entrepreneur Corps and consulted with local organizations on achieving social impact through the entrepreneurial model. He helped set up entrepreneurs in communities that sold products with high social impact; such as water filters, reading glasses, fuel-efficient stoves, etc.

    Today we will continue our discussion on Social Enterprise and also the beeiftis and limitations in applying the Lean Startup Methodology to SE. 

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    Testing Startup Audio

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    Testing Startup Audio

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    Startup Essentials Bootcamp es la experiencia emprendedora más real y demandante que puedes vivir en tres días. En Startup Essentials lo principal es: hacer que los emprendedores logren ventas reales de clientes reales en menos de tres días. Los participantes en el Startup Essentials crearán una startup, emitirán y venderán acciones de su empresa, encontrarán inversionistas, conseguirán ventas con clientes reales e intentarán llevar su compañía al mercado de valores (IPO). 

    Ury Sarabia es cofundador de Startup Essentials y de LeanLatAm, así como de diversos proyectos que mueven a la industria creativa.

    Este lunes estará en Nevermind hablando de su trayectoria y de este gran proyecto.

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    Startup Incubators

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    Successful completion of a business incubation program increases the likelihood that a startup company will stay in business for the long term: older studies found 87% of incubator graduates stayed in business, in contrast to 44% of all firms. Some incubator success stories include Airbnb, Dropbox, and Heroku. 

    On this episode we are privileged to be joined by Taylor Hazelhurst, director of a new type of incubator, Creative Factory (www.nothingistoobig.com), located in West Palm Beach, FL. Taylor will tell us about their extremecubator concept which uses a factory model to produce successful startups. We’ll talk about the processes used in the Creative Factory including:

    Tooling - how the right tooling gets the job done quicker and cheaper
    Planning - blueprints for success
    Assembly - managing the project
    Fulfillment - scaling and marketing beyond the startup phase