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    The Power of Allowing

    in Self Help

    In this episode, Pat Council will share about the power of allowing your phenomenal factor to come through and using it to attract the quality lifestyle you have always desired.  Learn why allowing is an important component in your success and how you can make achievment more simple.

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    Understanding and Allowing Your Magnificence

    in Self Help

    If life to get something you must allow it to come to you.  In today's episode learn about the importance of being magnificent and what that really means.  Start sharing the best of who you are.  Find what make you important to everything that is going on today.  Understand your divinity and be inspire to add more passion (A.M.P.) to your life. Get charged up, then fire up to do life with power!  Speaker and Coach Pat Council will inspire and enlighten you on this Magnificent Monday!


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    WMMA Jam Live - Invicta FC 12 Preview Show

    in MMA

    Join Vanessa and Sabrina Borquez for another episode of WMMA Jam Live, produced by Fresh Start MMA. Tonight the girls will be breaking down this weekends Invicta Fc 12, as well as the female fights taking place at UFC 186.

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    Jump Start Monday!

    in Christianity

    Dont you dare miss an exciting hour of Jump Start Monday with Prophet Charles Briggs! We are talking Character and Integrity!

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    in Spirituality

    The Fresh Start Broadcast will exalting the Savior, Equipping the Saints, Evangelizing the Brokenhearted & the lost and Existing on the Word of God.

    Our mandate is to prepare a people unto the Lord.

    Our message is teaching, living, guiding and providing comfort to live by faith and not by facts, yet stating your facts and waiting in faith productively by speaking prophetically on thus said the Lord.

    Knowing that the Source (The Father, Son and Holy Spirit), the Substance (You, as the Saints) has NO Value!

    Email: thefreshstart@live.com

    Prayer line: 210-530-1027
    Website: www.thefreshstart.org

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    How to start a #networkmarketing business? Part1

    in Lifestyle

     THIS IS PART1 if you would like to start your business you can always contact me at jaimesjournal@gmail.com 

    Today we are going to talk about this #networkmarketing is not for everybody 

    Who is for network marketing? 

    How do I know it's fir me? 

    What are something I can learn about #network-marketing

    People today have to learn the codes of life and one is an open mind set 

    Everybody who joins isn't going to make money ASAP! 

    You are going to make mistakes 

    You are going to get fed up 

    You are going to want to quit 

    So how can I help you get a double income? 

    Listen you can contact me directly at jaimesjournal@gmail.com or on FB

    Www.facebook.com/howtoradio on this topic on #networkmarketing 

    Thank you for joining me I hope to chat with you soon?,


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    Journey to a Fresh Start

    in Spirituality

    Janice G. Pettigrew, affectionately known as “Joyous Janice” has worked with victims of domestic violence, abuse and sexual assault since 2004 through her nonprofit Fresh Start for Women to help them find a voice for their pain, thus allowing them to release the junk of their lives in order to receive and accept the jewels waiting for them.


    Through her coaching services and a 6-week ‘Guided” online course ‘From Adversity to Passion: A Journey to Your Divine Destiny and Joy” Janice continues to give hope to others.


    Motto: “Your Experiences Don’t Define Who You Are, or Who You Will Become, Even When They Include Domestic Violence, Abuse and Sexual Assault”


    Advice: “Take the lessons from the events of your past to map out your own personal journey to rediscovering your true self and purpose.”


    Janice is the Amazon best Selling Author of “Journey to a Fresh Start, Releasing the Junk…Revealing the Jewels,” it is her personal story of overcoming domestic violence, but she offers sage wisdom and advice that can be used by anyone in everyday life.   Her newest book, “Walk the Talk…Live a Joyous Life, Lessons From My ‘Ah Ha’ Moments” is proving to be just as powerful.



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    Start off the week right, with energy healing from Tim Janakos.

    in Religion

    It's time for a new week and what better way to start it off than with some free healing from Tim Janakos, your trickster and host, from time without beginning.  

    Tim Janakos is a certified practition of of the Emotion Code and student of many other healing modalites, such as the Body Code, Quantum Touch 2.0, 3 Demensional Therapy, Access Consciouness, Healing Frequenices and many other yet unnamaed healing modalities.  

    Todays Show was opened by a song called Afloat, by Nahuel Franco https://soundcloud.com/nahuelisco

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    The Pieces To The Puzzle To Start A Business

    in Christianity

    What is needed to start a business? The question comes to mind when the thought of having a business comes up. Part one what qualifications are needed for the business of cyour hoice. Part two a plan to get the business off the ground up and running. Part three a name for the business. It does not stop here the number of parts to a business continues therefore, research continues.

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    How To Start A Basic Website (No Experience)

    in Business



    Today we will be discussing the basics of starting a website with no experience required. Our special guest for today's show will be Max Rouzier. Max is a blogger and business owner. We will be going over the basics of purchasing a domain and selecting a web hosting service to start your website.

    Max website http://www.thatmanmax.com/


    Tune in to save money starting your own website.

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