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    Building A Coaching Business From Scratch

    in Marketing

    Do you like to monetize your knowledge and expertise while helping others to change their lives and business?

    In this episode Iman, teaches you exactly how to build a thriving coaching business absolutely from scratch.

    Iman built his international coaching practice in only two years from scratch. Starting from not being known in the market and not even having any material or corriculum to follow to having over 12 advanced Courses and 3 high end mentorhsip programs.

    Tune in live and ask your questions everyday at Noon (PST) to 1pm (PST)

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    Clever Ways to Seek Funding for Your Small Business Start up

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    Clever Ways to Seek Funding for Your Small Business Start up is our topic on The Core Business Show with Tim Jacquet. You might think it is impossible in finding funding for your start-up, but it really not, only take patience, time, and planning. Investors are always looking for find great returns on their money and interest rates is not turning to 20% in this lifetime or after. Through emails exchanges with business owners and a few not for profit dounders, I found some very clever ways in showing you the path where you can find more funding. This show is sponsored by Apple Capital Group . #applecapital #applecapitalgroup #thecorebusinessshow #timjacquet

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    Building a Business From the Ground UP!

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    Ellen Percival is the Co-Founder and Publisher of the multi-award winning parenting publication, Calgary’s Child Magazine. Since it first hit the newsstands in 1994, Calgary’s Child Magazine has been supporting, connecting and informing parents in innovative ways. In April 2013, Calgary’s Child Magazine was awarded a prestigious Calgary Award for Community Achievement in Commerce by Mayor Nenshi and Calgary City Council.

    But it took time and dedication to build this business.  Ellen along with her business partner Sherry worked hard to get Calgary's Child Magazine where it is today.

    Join us as we talk to Ellen Percival.  We'll walk through the trials and tribulations of building a business.  There's going to be mistakes along the way.  But the important thing to remember is to learn from them.  

    You can read Calgary's Child Magazine HERE.  

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    Find a 9 to 5, Start a Business, Train for a New Career, Start a Non-Profit

    in Politics Progressive

    Faith and work wins everytime. Stock markets are soaring. Working class was oppressed and lost their way. Working class Americans need jobs and want jobs. Detoriating cities destroys people. Under Bush/Cheney Americans lost their finanancial way and lost all security. Under Obama/Biden America's economy is back and working class must take their place in prosperity for the 1st time ever. Outsourcing of US jobs is sustaining workers in other countries. H1B visas are bringing in citizens from other lands to reap the opportunities of America, the land of opportunity. America's jobless rate is at 5.6. We can seriously argue the true numbers is we choose or we can come together and plan ways to get all Working class Americans back to work. And not just back to work, but working with higher wages, more opportunities for promotions, more benefits that lead to better living day by day, and the icing on the cake is a retirement in the lap of luxury. Follow my steps to financial security for 2015.

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    Cat Scratch Radio: Seahawks Edition

    in Sports

    Join us for all the latest news & notes regarding the Carolina Panthers. 

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    The Basic Of A Business Start Up

    in Finance

    Good Morning Family. Today we are talking about the basics of a business start up. I just want you to think about it. Why not start a business on the side for 2015? You might suprise yourself not just by making extra money but by taking the business to a level you never reamed of. Think about it. and Today I am going to talk about it right here onthe show. This will be the last show for 2014, Have a Safe & Joyous Holiday I will see you next year!



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    SEO for Start-ups: What is it, and What Can it Do for My Business?

    in Marketing

    Welcome to TECH Talk, Texas Style – “Because Technology Doesn’t Commercialize Itself”! We’re broadcasting from the offices of TECH Fort Worth. TECH Talk is online to bring to you the best and the brightest: news and information, people and their experiences, expert advice and regional resources. 


    Website: http://www.techfortworth.org

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/techfortworth

    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/techfortworth

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/127929


    Eric McGehearty is CEO of Globerunner and received his Masters degree from the University of North Texas, where he honed both his creative vision and his dedication to hard work, both of which are reflected in the culture at Globe Runner. A true Renaissance Man, Eric is not only the CEO of Globe Runner, but the founder of the family travel website BabySafeTravel.com, a consultant to national non-profits, an advocate for people with learning disabilities, and an award-winning sculptor whose work has been exhibited across the United States.


    Eric McGehearty, CEO

    16415 ADDISON RD., STE 550 Addison, TX 75001

    Phone: (972) 538-0260

    WEB: https://globerunner.com/

  • Cat Scratch Radio: Panthers @ Seahawks

    in Sports

    Join us to discuss al the latest Carolina Panther news & notes.

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    How do you successfully start a new business?

    in Business

    So, how DO you successfully start a new business?  The answer is actually quite simple.  You must have a plan.  Most businesses that fail, experience the failure very early and primarily as a direct result of not having a plan.  They have an idea for a business and in some cases a really good idea.  The missing element is the plan.

    To ensure you have success with your business, there are four steps in creating a strategic plan.  Business leader, author, professional speaker, philanthropist and adventurer Todd Millar will walk us through those 4 steps.  

    After 25 plus years in various senior executive roles Todd Millar participated in the most notable success with the Bain Capital transaction whereby he was instrumentally involved with the acquisition of Canadian yellow pages for 1.9 billion and in less than seven months selling the company for 2.6 billion.  Having participated in the 700 million dollar profit for Bain, Millar ventured off to Base Camp Mount Everest (19k feet) with his son for a life awakening experience.  He now spends all his time providing guidance to others through coaching, consulting and professional speaking.

    Read his article "The Trouble With Startups" in the Brighter Business Empower Magazine HERE.  Learn more about Todd Millar HERE.

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    Start-Up Strategy: How to Quickly Know If Your New Business Idea is Pointless

    in Entrepreneur

    How do you decide whether or not your latest billion dollar business idea will live up to your gut? What analysis do you use to analyze before you pound everything you've got into your new and revolutionary product or service idea or strategy? How can you know that your new business idea will be able to generate a return on your investment? The BIG news is that it is plausible to make a far more educated guess on your idea’s likelihood of success or failure by taking the time to validate your business start-up idea before going all in. There are a few all-essential questions you should ask before taking the plunge. That is our focus on this edition of, “The Strategist Radio LIVE."

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    Boom, The Business Explosion

    in Business

    The 6th Annual Business Explosion is Thursday, January 29, 2015. This is one of the first business events in North San Diego county. From 2pm to 6pm you can mix and mingle with other business owners in North County. There are also various speakers, exhibitors and plenty of networking.

    There are also exhibitors that may have the resources you and your business need to really explode this year. So, let's dig in for a short show on what BOOM! The Business Explosion is all about.

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