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    Ep 100 - Total Lunar Eclipse, Atik Infinity, StarlightXpress Ultrastar and more!

    in Science

    We cover some new entries into the world of Electronically Assisted Astronomy and discuss the upcoming Total Lunar Eclipse

    Atik Infinity http://attheeyepiece.blogspot.com/2015/08/atik-cameras-releases-entry-into-eaa.html

    Starlight Xpress Ultrastar - http://attheeyepiece.blogspot.com/2015/09/starlight-xpress-introduces-ultrastar.html

    Solar Ruler - http://thesolarexplorer.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=37&Itemid=42


    Opticsmart - www.opticsmart.com

    Explore Scientific NEW Dobsonians! - http://explorescientificusa.com/collections/dobsonians

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    Summer Reading Parade with Isabella Heart

    in Books

    Join us this afternoon with Isabella Heart as she shares another great book, fun to read and has out door activities for you and family and friends!

    Summertime Fun! Camping!

    The Kids Campfire Book 

    Authors Jane Drake and Ann Love 


    Campfire Games: Telephone, Rain Maker

    Stories to Tell Around A Campfire

    Wacky Activities: 20 Questions

    Campfire Songs

    Family Stories

    Campfire Cooking and Recipies

    Summer Stargazing

    Moon Phases

    How To Build A Safe Fire and What You Need

    A Complete Campfire Guide for Kids and Parents

    Amazon Information:

    Age Range: 6 and up 
    Paperback: 128 pages
    Publisher: Kids Can Press (June 30, 1996)
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 1550745395
    ISBN-13: 978-1550745399
    Product Dimensions: 0.5 x 8.8 x 9.5 inches


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    Serah D'Laine-Aligning Your Supreme Excellence, Is Being a Divine Conduit

    in Spirituality

     Our Guest Serah D’Laine aka Seraphim,Since an early age Serah has always had natural intuitive abilities, able to ‘feel’ others’ emotions. She would collect gems and crystals and was always fascinated with their innate energies. The experience of “Night Tremors” in her preteen years gave her insights into the duality of consciousness and instilled a strong curiosity in paranormal phenomena and the supernatural It was in her middle school years that she first developed a fascination with Egyptian history. There was an instant connection with the field of Egyptology and Serah eagerly embraced every documentary she could find, secretly watching them amidst her regular homework. When she learned that Orion’s Belt was a perfect mirror for the Giza Pyramids it opened up a new adventure in stargazing and inspired an endless series of questions regarding the secrets of the universe. Serah has always had a mindset for business and began setting her sights higher, expanding into the fields of producing, writing, directing and even wardrobe. Her transition into the production and crew side came fluidly, quickly racking up such credits as Associate Producer, Production Coordinator. She simultaneously gained wardrobe experience working as an assistant stylist on numerous music videos before obtaining a double credit on a feature as Costume Designer along with a supporting acting role. Serah then decided it was time to expand her learning into the esoteric and physiological fields, working with energy healers, taking courses like Landmark Education and Matrix Energetics, attending the Vesica Institute and gaining certifications in the area of dowsing from the American Society of Dowsers. Different opportunities began to open up, one which called Serah back to a cherished place she first visited some twelve years prior: Sedona, AZ. www.sovereign-alliance.com/


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    Ep 98 - Great stuff at NEAF 2015, Jupiter for May, Galaxies on the Edge and More

    in Science

    NEAF 2015 Links

    SkyWatcher USA - http://www.skywatcherusa.com/maksutov.html

    Meade LX70s http://www.meade.com/products/telescopes/lx70-series.html

    Denkmeier L O A 21 - http://www.deepskybinoviewer.com/

    Televue Delites - http://www.televue.com/engine/TV3b_page.asp?id=238#.VT6n12TF_FY

    iOptron CEM 120 - https://www.astronomics.com/ioptron-cem120-goto-computerized-wifi-mount-head_p20289.aspx

    NEAF 2015 YouTube Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcVuXLKQJwBcy2SpcE9PmHGtGMCdjdY-t

    Galaxies on the Edge

    NGC 3115, NGC 3190, NGC 4565, NGC 4754, NGC 4302

    Lunar X Date - May 25    10:55 EST    07:55 PST


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    Ep 97 - Orion stuff, GAM 2015, AstroDay 2015, Jupiter pt2, Messier Marathon

    in Science


    NEAF 2015 April 18-19 !   http://www.rocklandastronomy.com/neaf.html

    Astronomy Day April 25th with the Astronomical League  https://www.astroleague.org/al/astroday/astrodayform.html

    Global Astronomy Month Events by Astronomers Without Borders!    http://astronomerswithoutborders.org/

    NEW astro-stuff from Orion! http://www.telescope.com/catalog/search.cmd?form_state=searchForm&siteCode=US&keyword=new

    Best messier marathon planning site!  http://www.richardbell.net/marathon.html

    Jupiter Events part 2 (Times for Central Daylight Savings Time)

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    9:30 rant, How do you feel about Stargazing?

    in Current Events

    Why do we Stargaze?  What's up there?  Who knew?

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    A Kind Voice on Movies

    in Movies

    This week, we're taking it back to 1950's science fiction! Join us as our guest will be writer and director Gerrit Thompson as we discuss his new film Wasp-Men from Mars!

    Wasp-Men From Mars! is a sci-fi short film inspired by the monster invasion flicks of the 1950’s but with the more modern sensibility of today’s sci-fi and horror.

    It starts in 1959 with three teenagers on a stargazing trip that turns into an evening of heartbreak, jealousy, and sexual confusion — and then giant wasps from outer space invade Earth and make things even worse. The teens need to put their feelings aside if they're going to survive the night.

    Check out his film's Kickstarter campaign by clicking here.


    Hosted by William Battle

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    Ep 96 - Jupiter Events for March Part 1

    in Science

    Jupiter reached opposition February 6th, so that means its prime time for viewing and imaging this fascinating gas-giant. Tonight I cover all the interesting events visible on Jupiter for the first half of March 2015. These will include Great Red Spot Transits as well as Galilean Moon Transits. All times are in central time zone, which is easier for beginners to understand and adjust for their own locality than giving these times in Universal Time in my opinion, and for seasoned observers, well you can figure that out as well.

    So get out and observe Jupiter my fellow backyard stargazers!

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    Ep 95 - The Importance of Image Scale in Astrophotography

    in Science

    This one has been in the works for awhile, but we are finally ready to air it live!  This topic comes to us from a vote via the Facebook group Telescope Addicts. This Facebook group is HUGE, with over 15,000 members, and we certainly want to thank Ahmed Jaber and all the wonderful people on Telescope Addicts for voting on a topic for this specific episode. 

    We are going to be joined by Craig and Tammy Temple, a dynamic duo in the world of astrophotography, having been published numerous times in Astronomy Magazine, Amateur Astronomy Magazine and others.  In addition to being avid astrophotographers, they have also been doing a number of equipment reviews lately as well, having been published in Astronomy Magazine and Astronomy Technology Today. 

    Both Craig and Tammy will be on the air with us to discuss the importance of accurate image scale in astrophotography, and how you can ensure you get the best results with your camera and equipment combinations. Prepared to learn a lot folks from these expert astrophotographers!

    To learn more about Craig and Tammy Temple, and to view some of their work, head to http://cntastro.smugmug.com/Astrophotography

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    Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project 2 hr Fundraiser Finale

    in Science

    The Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project (CBSAP) is the worlds LARGEST astronomy outreach 501(c)3 nonprofit that is dedicated to promoting science literacy by sharing the fascinating science of our Sun. This organization brings observatory quality, narrowband solar telescopes and imaging equipment to over 150 schools and events per year. In 2012 they personally reached over 150,000 students and adults in 5 countries. They share, completely free of charge, live views of Sunspots, Solar Flares, Prominences, Filaments and other fiery magnetic phenomena near the surface of our nearest star, safely, and in three different wavelengths of light. Everyone are usually blown away by the incredible views of the Sun through these state of the art telescopes and cameras. Participants receive solar viewing glasses absolutely free at the event too, and in some cases can even bring home their own images of the Sun taken with these instruments!

    This organizing is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, so in order to keep these public events completely free of charge, they need your help financially. Stephen Ramsden, the director and creator of CBSAP, will be live on air to answer your questions about science, solar astronomy, our Sun, his equipment etc. He is PASSIONATE about solar astronomy folks, and you will be captivated by hearing more about what he does, and his organization does each and every year to promote science, and in particular Solar astronomy to anyone and everyone. 

    In addition to Stephen, we will be joined by some of his busiest Solar Ambassadors from around the WORLD that will call in and share their own personal stories about sharing our Sun with others. 

    Their official site is http://www.solarastronomy.org/ check them out!

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    Ep 94 - We're BACK! - New stuff, Leonid Meteor Shower, 2 SuperNova and More!

    in Science


    Mallincam XTerminator  - www.mallincam.net

    APM-Telescopes - APM Image Master Mini Guiding Scope  - Deluxe Finder Scope 50mm and 60mm  


    ASAE New Equipment releases

    GalaxyLog4565 - M-77 - Cetus, Ngc 750/751 - Triangulum, Ngc 931 - Triangulum https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TX0NvA_bdCE

    Observer Log - Deerlick Group NGC 7331, Stephens Quintet

    Next Special Episode for CBSAP Annual Fundraiser