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    9:30 rant, How do you feel about Stargazing?

    in Current Events

    Why do we Stargaze?  What's up there?  Who knew?

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    Ep 95 - The Importance of Image Scale in Astrophotography

    in Science

    This one has been in the works for awhile, but we are finally ready to air it live!  This topic comes to us from a vote via the Facebook group Telescope Addicts. This Facebook group is HUGE, with over 15,000 members, and we certainly want to thank Ahmed Jaber and all the wonderful people on Telescope Addicts for voting on a topic for this specific episode. 

    We are going to be joined by Craig and Tammy Temple, a dynamic duo in the world of astrophotography, having been published numerous times in Astronomy Magazine, Amateur Astronomy Magazine and others.  In addition to being avid astrophotographers, they have also been doing a number of equipment reviews lately as well, having been published in Astronomy Magazine and Astronomy Technology Today. 

    Both Craig and Tammy will be on the air with us to discuss the importance of accurate image scale in astrophotography, and how you can ensure you get the best results with your camera and equipment combinations. Prepared to learn a lot folks from these expert astrophotographers!

    To learn more about Craig and Tammy Temple, and to view some of their work, head to http://cntastro.smugmug.com/Astrophotography

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    Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project 2 hr Fundraiser Finale

    in Science

    The Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project (CBSAP) is the worlds LARGEST astronomy outreach 501(c)3 nonprofit that is dedicated to promoting science literacy by sharing the fascinating science of our Sun. This organization brings observatory quality, narrowband solar telescopes and imaging equipment to over 150 schools and events per year. In 2012 they personally reached over 150,000 students and adults in 5 countries. They share, completely free of charge, live views of Sunspots, Solar Flares, Prominences, Filaments and other fiery magnetic phenomena near the surface of our nearest star, safely, and in three different wavelengths of light. Everyone are usually blown away by the incredible views of the Sun through these state of the art telescopes and cameras. Participants receive solar viewing glasses absolutely free at the event too, and in some cases can even bring home their own images of the Sun taken with these instruments!

    This organizing is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, so in order to keep these public events completely free of charge, they need your help financially. Stephen Ramsden, the director and creator of CBSAP, will be live on air to answer your questions about science, solar astronomy, our Sun, his equipment etc. He is PASSIONATE about solar astronomy folks, and you will be captivated by hearing more about what he does, and his organization does each and every year to promote science, and in particular Solar astronomy to anyone and everyone. 

    In addition to Stephen, we will be joined by some of his busiest Solar Ambassadors from around the WORLD that will call in and share their own personal stories about sharing our Sun with others. 

    Their official site is http://www.solarastronomy.org/ check them out!

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    in History

    Y'Tasha Womack will discuss her book Afrofuturism. Ms. Womack looks at current science fiction writers who write stories from an AfroCentric perspective, music from innovators like Sun Ra and Earth Wind and Fire and the history of African stargazers.

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    Medicine, Miracles & Manifestations with Neurosurgeon John Turner, MD

    in Health

    Join Supernatural Girlz Patricia Baker & Helene Olsen as they speak with neurosugeon & author, John Turner, MD about his book Medicine, Miracles, and Manifestations: A Doctor's Journey Through the Worlds of Divine Intervention, Near-Death Experiences and Universal Energy.

    Dr. Turner served as the sole neurosurgeon on the island of Hawaii for eighteen years, initially performing lifesaving procedures with a marginally trained staff and substandard equipment.  He arrived with the desire to investigate the spiritual world and understand the meaning of life, death, and life-after-death. His metaphysical experiences began the first night he was on call and continue up to the present. Dr. Turner balances his time between stargazing from an observatory dome at his rain forest home and serving as a consulting physician for the Hilo Pain Center in Hilo, Hawaii.

    He has come to believe that metaphysical events such as remote viewing, telepathy, consciousness, and life-after-death are verifiable manifestations of the manner in which the human brain interfaces with the universal consciousness that author Lynne McTaggart refers to as The Field.

    Tune in to hear how Dr. Turner feels that paranormal is truly NORMAL!


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    Ep 92 - New Celestron, DayStar and Lunt Stuff, Backyard Observatories

    in Science

    Ep 92

    NEW Celestron WiFi Scopes

    NEW Lunt LS50 PT

    Main Topic

    Backyard Observatories








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    Stargazing with Robin and Claudia!

    in Spirituality

    Find out what's in the stars when Claudia aka Starcats of www.starcats.com joins Robin. She'll let us know if our weekend will be hot or not!  Mini readings, insights and tips for better living will be offered.  Grab a glass of lemonade and join us every Friday at 2pm eastern, 11am pacific time. 
    Robin can be found at http://www.yourpsychicgirlfriend.com

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    Ep 90 - Planning Your 2014 Messier Marathon

    in Science

    In this episode of At The Eyepeice, I offer help in planning your Messier Marathon for 2014, plus some online resources for Virtual Messier Marathons if your nights are clouded out.

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    Episode 36 – 04/16/2014 – A random topics show with favorite things!

    in Education

    Call us and join in the discussion! (718) 508-9419 + option #1

    Episode 36 – 04/16/2014 – A random topics show with favorite things!

    Discussion  topics:

    What are your favorite things to drink? Call us with your favorite beverages!
    Does your family enjoy some favorite Easter and/or Passover traditions?
    Did you look at the Blood Moon? What are your favorite stargazing experiences?
    Favorite taboos and humor – why is sex positioned the way it is in our country?
    Have any favorite Internet goofs? How about the absurd airline tweets?
    Passing personages: Terry reports on the recently departed.

    About our program:

    Hell No! the radio show is a socially conscious water cooler talk show about what’s going on in the world as we feature guests and callers who express their thoughts. Hell No! is friendly, funny, real and focused on empowering the truth. We give a voice to people left in the dust. This program is not democratic, fascist, politically correct or a place for sacred cows. We do advocate peace, critical thought, education, reading and social awareness.

    Email us at HellNoTheRadioShow@gmail.com

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    Ep 89 - New Mallincam products, CloudyNights facelift, AstroLIVE, Jupiter GRS

    in Science

    New Mallincam products, and some significant changes to their existing lineup.

    AstroLive turns your CCD into a real-time observing tool

    CloudyNights.com gets a facelift

    New heavy-duty mount from Orion

    My initial impressions of the SBIG STi Autoguider

    Jupiter GRS and Shadow Transtit times for the second half of March


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    Our View From the Park - Stargazing with Parke Kunkle

    in Education

    Join Minneapolis Community and Technical College Library staff in a conversation about issues important on campus, in libraries, in our communities, and whatever other things that are on our mind. This week, join librarian, Amanda Mills and MCTC Astronomy, Physics & Mathematics Faculty member, Parke Kunkle. We will discuss stargazing and progress that is being made in bringing a planetarium back to Minneapolis.