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    The Toxic Staple

    in Lifestyle

    You must learn why diet is critical!

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    A Musical Tribute to Kevin Staple

    in Family

    Join the Invisible Dragon tonight as he plays a musical tribute to his former teammate and friend Eastern Illinois University’ All-American running back Kevin Staple (1961-2012). Join us tonight with Clarence Holman to this wonderful person tonight 9pm cst.   

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    Major League Fantasy Sports Radio Show

    in Baseball

    Join Ej Garr and Corey D Roberts on Sunday April 19th from 7-9pm EST for this week's episode of Major League Fantasy Sports Radio sponsored by the Sports Palooza Radio Network. We will take live call ins at 646.915.8596. We will be discussing current events in Fantasy Baseball. 


    Our guests this week are Marc Foster, Ryan Bishop, and Ron McCleese. Marc is a former writer with us (Foster your Roster), a seven year veteran, and 3 time champion in MLFS leagues. Ron is a key member of MLFS, a football writer, commissioner, and multi league owner. Ryan is a staple owner in our leagues with 8 years of experience. Ryan is one of the original MLFB owners from 2008.


     If you can’t make it to the live airing you can always download the podcast at I-Tunes or Google Play stores. Search for “Sports Palooza Radio Show”. Android owners download “Podcast Republic” and then search on podcast republic for “Sports Palooza Radio Show.”

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    April 17, 2015 10pm (PDT) The Bell Witch History & Mystery with Pat Fitzhugh

    in Paranormal

    Hailing from the land of catfish, moonshine, and grits, Pat Fitzhugh is best known for his books about the history, legends, and lore of the American South. From the eerie swamps of Louisiana to the ghostly homes and misty mountains of Virginia, Fitzhugh's writing embodies the passions, fears, and tragedies of a region shrouded in mystery and rich in folklore. His reverence for the past and scholarly interest in the supernatural are strikingly evident in his style of writing, which not only tingles the spine, but exudes a profound sense of history and place. “I take yarns of history, legends, and tragedy, and I weave them into stories that not only entertain, but also shed light on the region's people and past. Tales of ghosts, haints, and spooks are often scary, but adding layers of history and culture creates a sense of realism that makes them even scarier.” Fitzhugh is currently working on the thirteenth anniversary edition of his popular title, The Bell Witch: The Full Account (Armand Press), which has become a staple of modern, history-based ghost research.  When not writing books or telling stories, Pat Fitzhugh enjoys photography, eating Southern cuisine, playing loud guitars, and fishing at Turkey Creek. 


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    Detroit Unplugged

    in Music

    Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls and everyone else that i failed to mention,Tonite is gonna be an epic episode of Detroit Unplugged,Tonite your host Aroc is bringing you a legend in his own right none other than BIG HERK,Arocs gonna get into his brain and get you all informed about this Detroit staple,also Aroc welcomes Detroit Music Award winner PROFIT so if you miss it tonite youre gonna wanna search the Michigan United Broadcast archives and check this show and all the others out.Detroit Unplugged with your host Aroc ONLY on Michigan United Broadcast

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    If At First You Don't Succeed...

    in Film

    Remakes. Love em' or hate em' - they're a common staple in the genre. Tonight we'll be discussing some of the more infamous remakes made within the last 10 years. The good, the bad and the ugly. Don't be caught dead missing this!

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    HARLive: Hillary Attacking CEO's, She's Charging Colleges $350,000 For 30min!

    in Politics Conservative

    Please Join Jason Wade Taylor/Randy Hahn LIVE tonight at 10pm EST For HAHN AMERICA RADIO right here on hahnamerica.com Radio for the hardest hitting, over the top Conservative Radio on the web.

    by WARNER TODD HUSTON14 Apr 2015

    Newly-minted Democratic candidate for president and multi-millionaire Hillary Clinton is testing a theme for her new campaign: A populist attack on the tax rates paid by fund managers and CEOs.

    Clinton comes to the issue because various voices to her left, like Senator Elizabeth Warren, have made income inequality a staple of the Democrat Party political discussion. In an obvious effort to keep up with the Warrenses, Hillary is now going after CEOs.

    “There is something wrong when hedge fund managers pay lower tax rates than nurses or the truckers that I saw on I-80 as I was driving here over the last two days,” Clinton said at an Iowa event on Tuesday.

    Clinton’s address came on the same day that President Obama spoke out on “gender inequality” in pay, the so-called gap in pay between men and women. But a review of her records as Secretary of State shows that Clinton paid women in her office 72 cents for each dollar paid to men.

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    Sarah Peterson on Autism Education and Support

    in Self Help

    Since the beginning of time as humans we would shy away from the UNKNOWN.  However, once educated we EMBRACE and CELEBRATE.  As a tribute to National Autism Month the Talks With Sheba Radio Show brings to you Sarah Peterson, the Executive Director of Autism Society of Northern Virginia.  Autism Society of Northern Virginia is a community staple that provide education, advocacy and support.  If you know and love someone with Autism this a talk you have to TUNE IN to and PARTICIPATE!


    Knowledge Always Empower

    Wednesday, April 15, 2015 @ 10PM EST

    CALL IN LIVE (347) 838-8992





    Email: Info@asnv.org
    Website:  http://www.asnv.org
    Phone: 703-495-8444
    Fax: 703-563-6099
    Executive Director:  Sarah Peterson     

    Email: director@asnv.org   

    Phone: (703) 855-2165

    Office Hours: Tuesday through Thursday  10am-2pm


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    Interviewing Staple

    in Blogs

    Just gonna be about ThugChain Interviewing me abotu My Real life & IMVU Life. So Just STAY TUNED (:

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    Collective Fashion Radio

    in Sports

    Collective Fashion Radio

    Join Nick K, Sarah and guests at 7pm ET/4pm PT as they discuss:

    * Spring/Summer must have pieces

    * Style Tips

    * Beauty Hacks

    * How to fix wardrobe malfunctions

    * Top self tanners

    * Staple shoes

    To listen to the show, go over to www.SportzAddix.com and click on the live radio player or to listen or be part of the show, simply dial 646-378-1303

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    Live interview with CMG own Wave Chapelle @BLMNWAVE

    in Music

    2MuchRadio has finally caught up with the busy CMG own Wave Chapelle. 

    Everything authentic. That is the tag line hip hop artist Wave Chappelle chooses to live by. Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.. Wave is determined to be a staple in the hip hop world.

    Rap music has always been an integral part of his culture. Wave was introduced to hip hop music at a very young age, while still in elementary school. He comes from a family of music. A father who is a music staple in the city of Milwaukee known as “F1 Diamond” as well as a cousin who is musically inclined as well. He wrote his first rap when he was in the 5th grade. He played it for his older cousin who was totally impressed by it that he played it for his friends. He states “That rap was very elementary written to the sound of “H to the Izzo.” The response he received fueled his fire. Wave states “My dad is a legend where I’m from and he has been doing hip hop since he was 8, and he told me to take it seriously, and he wasn’t giving me a pass.” Wave stated his mom wasn’t as an enthusiastic about his career choice but she supported him. “She just wanted me to finish school” said Wave. From that moment on music was always in his head. He was always writing, so much so that he notepads full and the kitchen drawers in his mom’s kitchen. So you want to know more about Wave? Listen and call in April 2nd to talk to Wave 7pm central time.