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    Today on The Boochcast, Booch explains what happened with The Christian Saslo Interview,  recaps NXT, Ryback Injured, Unable To Defend Intercontinental Championship At WWE Battleground, and recaps TNA Impact Wrestling. 

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    Sports Palooza Radio: Former NFLer Mike Haynes, The Brooklyn Cowboy and more!

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    Welcome to another edition of Sports Palooza Radio, a weekly sports entertainment show with Ej "The Rainmaker" Garr and Lisa Iannucci. 

    Former NFLer Mike Haynes stops by to talk to us about something serious -- prostate cancer. Mike is a survivor and he shares his story with our listeners. Of course we also talk to him about his career too! 

    Speaking of the NFL, NFL teams are investing and installing clean indoor air quality systems to keep their multi-million dollar athletes healthy and on the playing field. Just last season, several players on the Tampa Bay Bucs were diagnosed with a methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection causing concern and attention throughout the NFL. The New England Patriots are the latest NFL team to invest in clean indoor air quality (IAQ) systems as a way to keep their players healthy and help avoid the potential for staph infections and other serious illnesses. Other sports teams and venues are also using clean indoor air too. We'll talk to Steve Levine, CEO of AtmosAir Solutions about these indoor air quality systems into pro and college locker and training rooms.

    And last, but not least, It's time for the Belmont Stakes and we'll find out from The Brooklyn Cowboy, Kevin Cox, if he thinks that American Pharoah can pull it off. We'll also talk to him about other horses and other races too!


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    Today on The Boochcast, Booch explains why Dave Stone isn't on the show today, Getting his PS2 hooked back up, maturing with video games,  Derek Shapiro calls in to ask Booch what he did for his birthday, Cesaro's Twitter Account Hacked, Brock Lesnar Offers To Help CM Punk Train For His UFC Debut, Kid Kash Announces Plans To Retire This Year, WWE Responds To Wrongful Death Lawsuit, Grado Launches Social Media Campaign To Try And Use A Madonna Song For His Entrance, Jeff Jarrett To Make GFW Announcements This Month?, Details On Possible PPV Plans, DDP Says He's Suffering From A Bad Staph Infection After Throat Surgery, Frank Mir Talks Brock Lesnar, CM Punk & A Potential Pro Wrestling Career, Potential Problem For Wyatt/Undertaker Match, WWE Touts APP/Youtube Stats, Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao Official For May 2nd, Darren Young Speaks Out Aganist WWE Again, Steven calls in to talk about Brock Lesnar's future after WWE, and Desmond calls in to elaborate on Steven's thoughts. 






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    Clippers' Road Trip from Hell; Griffin; Plus-Sized Models; Random Q's (02-11-15)

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    The Los Angeles Clippers face hard times as their best forward, Blake Griffin incurs a staph infection in his elbow and is out for 3+ weeks.    Meanwhile, the Clips faced hard times as they were blown away by both the Cavaliers, Raptors, and Thunder, only to rebound greatly with DeAndre Jordan's career best 27 rebound performance in Dallas.   Where do the Clips stand now after a horrendous road trip?  PLUS Kevin on the Cape returns to chat with Dave about NBA All Star Weekend, and just as importantly, the forthcoming Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.  Are the new changes to the annual issue a big splash or overhyped nonsense?   This year SI will feature Robyn Lawley, a so-called "plus sized woman," UFC's Ronda Rousey, and others who don't fit the usual twig-like model mold.   Is the term "plus-sized" model over the top and are magazine's physical attributes too outrageously small?  AND Jon Stewart announces his departure from the "Daily Show", Brian Williams loses his gig at NBC Nightly News for six months, College Basketball icons Dean Smith and Jerry Tarkanian die this week, and much more here in the City.

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    Scalar Energy Healing with Tom Paladino

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    Tom Paladino is an engineer and researcher who has been studying Scalar Energy for over 25 years. He has invented an instrument to harness powerful Scalar Energy that is capable of disassembling pathogens in your body such as herpes, staph infection Hepatitis C, Candida, fungus’s, viruses and common germs. 

    He only needs a photograph of you and he works on you remotely with this powerful energy. Working as an engineer, Tom has always resonated with the great scientist, Tesla, and is passionate and committed to harnessing this light energy for better human (and animal) health and to help fuel the Planet with much needed clean energy.

    Tom Paladino's research and work with the scalar energy, began during his undergraduate years. He pursued a course of independent study in order to better understand and subsequently harness scalar energy.Scalar energy is also known as prana, chi, radiant energy, zero point energy, qi,orgone, eloptic.

    After years of experimentation and modification, Tom Paladino has developed a technique using scalar energy that will transmute pathogens quickly and painlessly. This technique facilitates the use of photographs of people who desire to have pathogens transmuted in their bodies. Tom Paladino developed a treatment process whereby he is able to administer the scalar energy reverse-phase angle harmonic of a pathogen, thereby causing that agent of infection to disassemble or fall apart.



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    Illegal Immigrant with Native American Otilia

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    Bleeding hearts talk about plans to reach out and come to the aid of the poor little illegal aliens crossing our borders by the thousands.

     They can spend their  money any way they  wants…. but once those kids take up entitlement residency here because bleeding hearts we were so nice to provide them with everything they could ever want and need, it`s MY MONEY that has to pay for their care.

     Now it becomes my business and I don’t believe in rewarding ANY KIND OF ILLEGAL ACTIVITY, THE AGE OF THE OFFENDERS IS NOT RELEVANT.

     As a Christian, I understand the responsibility to help those less fortunate, HOWEVER, there are millions of “less fortunate” children who are American born citizens that need help… There are millions of Veterans who have returned to our country with missing body parts, and their families who need our help.

     Why choose criminals as beneficiaries of our charity when there are law abiding Americans born citizens suffering?


    We’re having an outbreak of scabies that’s been going on for a month or so now…We’re starting to see chickenpox, we’re starting to see [MRSA] staph infections, we’re starting to see different viruses…”

    “They’re all contagious,” Cabrera continued. “So now we’re transporting people into different parts of the state, different parts of the country and some of these viruses are asymptomatic at this point — they’re not showing the symptoms.”



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    Premature Baby Conquers Handicaps

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    Sarah H. of Knoxville was born 12 weeks premature.  Before she left the hospital she had serious challenges to overcome.  But this tiny baby was also born with a strong spirit and a can-do attitude that have helped her through those and many additional challenges in the first 23 years of her life.

    Sarah is a member of Club Vibes (http://www.club-vibes.org/) an organization created by John and Sue Buckley to assist blind and visually impaired young people in the Knoxville area to live independent and productive lives by identifying their unique capacities and developing their individual strengths. They recruit "pilots" who steer tandem bicycles while a visually impaired young person "stokes" in the rear.

    Sarah and Sue join Mike and Joyce to talk about Sarah's medical journey and her outstanding academic journey which she hopes will lead her to a career in medicine.

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    "Life" Radio Show

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    A deadly superbug is reaping havoc on our nation as it takes toll
    of many as 190,000 lives a year. In an instant things
    can change from just cooking a great dinner in the kitchen to
    fighting for your life from a staph infection that came from cutting
    your finger. Many have never heard of the superbug, but
    when it happens story after story pop up and you realize that this
    is a serious issue that need to be addressed.
    This deadly bug attacks your animals as well and not much can
    be done if you do not know what to do. MRSA can spread
    jumping from humans to pets and then possibly reinfecting the
    pet owners. Is this dangerous? Very dangerous!
    How can you protect yourself from this? It has been told that it is
    as simple as washing your hands. So how do we keep safe?

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    MRSA - Real life drama using ozone as a cure

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    Internet professional groups can be extreamly helpful, and a particular dental group was on task to help hygienist Stacie Carlson help her son fight a MRSA infection on his neck that threatened his life. This fast moving, painful infection is extreamly difficult to cure or even treat. In her son's case none of the traditional methods for treatment were working and she was desperate. Calling on her dentist friends about how they use ozone in their dental practice helped her son recover quickly.

    Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Infections MRSA is methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, a type of staph bacteria that is resistant to many antibiotics. In a healthcare setting, such as a hospital or nursing home, MRSA can cause severe problems such as bloodstream infections, pneumonia and surgical site infections. Invasive MRSA infections that began in hospitals declined 54% between 2005 and 2011, with 30,800 fewer severe MRS infections. In addition, the study showed 9,000 fewer deaths in hospital patients in 2005 versus 2011.

    Shirley Gutkowski finds out how ozone oils work and how to use them along with ozone gas in the treatment of this radial man-made super bug.

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    Kedric Golston: 'I Tried to Do Life My Way, but Everything Changed When I Gave My Life to Christ' (G

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    He is a defensive end for the Washington Redskins. He was drafted in the sixth round in the 2006 NFL Draft as a defensive tackle. He played college football at the University of Georgia.

    During his senior year in high school, he got into a bad car accident where he flipped his truck 5 times and got thrown out of the truck which resulted in a broken leg and a staph infection in his lungs. For him, his chances at playing football in college or the NFL were over. For an All-American, this accident was devastating. However, he immediately went into rehab and by God’s grace he was still offered a scholarship to play college football.

    During college, football trumped his faith. He said, "I tell people all the time, I got to college and just lost my mind. I thought I was a Christian because I said the prayer. I said I was a Christian. I knew Jesus but wasn’t serving Him whole heartedly. I felt as long as I went to church on Sunday, and said my prayers, I’d be just fine. I knew mamma was at home praying for me. So I thought that was all that mattered."

    In 2002, he helped the Georgia Bulldogs win their first SEC Championship in 20 years. Everything seemed to be going well. But over the next three seasons, he faced multiple injuries, and his football career again hung in the balance. He was not only brought to a halt physically, but spiritually as well. He said, "I just really got tired of playing the one step forward and five steps back game. And (I was) kind of using God as a good luck charm and not really allowing Him to be the head of my life, as my Lord and Savior."

    His name is Kedric Golston.

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    Staph Infections (mrsa)

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    With guest, Kimberly. A former sufferer of MRSA. Discuss what MRSA Staph Infection is and how it spreads, and what you can do to protect/prevent yourself from getting it.