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  • 02:03

    Conjunction Junction ... What's Ya Dysfunction?!?

    in Culture

    Tonight, Tigga and ArmageDon explore and discuss the myths, Truths, advantages, perils and results of dysfunction, independence and co-dependence and its cancerous effects in both relationships as well as the dual Community-at-large. These things will be placed on the table in the only way we know how: straight, NO chaser and ALWAYS funky! An extremely interesting and, ultimately, Empowering segment in which ALL are welcome to join the discussion.

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    in Radio

         Crack the crates open, clean out your funkin' ears, let the E Mac drench your surround sound with some soulful spins - you're gonna love it!

                      Get ready for some funk ya’ll!  Get ready to nod your head and stomp your feet.  There is so much music out there and it’s very possible that you have not heard some of these jams in a while, or often enough.  347-205-9366. Spinning your head in melody, rhythms and funk castles to move your nerves to a groove level.  Happiness you feel, when your soul is touched from the magic of the wheels of steel (mp3/wave style now via computer) of ERIC STANKFUNK MCALISTER!  347-205-9366.


  • 02:05

    TONY "B" FROM THE "D" (Tony Brown from Detroit)

    in Radio

            Get READY for some Detroit STANK, some Detroit FUNK, some pure Detroit - Tony Brown, getting it done!!! Here on the JKN.

        He started off on Fridays, after KINGS IN THE MORNING, Tony Brown from Detroit, with the mad tunes and spins and entertainment, the way you want it.  347-205-9366 or just simmer back on medium, and get a heavy bite of these rhythm and blues and hip hop serves, nicely.  Every Tuesday on the pm, enjoy Tony Brown any way you want to.

  • 01:31

    Raven Symone interview/Citie Bangg

    in Music

     Citie Bangg

    Born in Hawaii and raised in San Bernardino Ca, the Inland Empire artist/ entrepreneur started his career in entertainment at age 13. Musically talented since a small child, He's been involved in several community activities, productions, and , performances. Citie Bangg's rap career was created under the tutelage of the Indland Empire's Underground artists and celebrities such as; Dity Birdy, The Playa Props, Sly Boogey, PBG, Dr. Stank, and Homeless Nation to name a few. While developing his craft throughout the years he has gained his experience through Song Features, Radio Drops, Ghost Writing, performance, and acquiring his Bachelor's equivalent audio engineering degree. He is currently focusing all of his creative efforts and experience working with Nexstar entertainment owner Chase Nexstar longtime friend and fellow entrepreneur. Their current single and musical movement is #GTD... GET THAT DOE!!!! Available Now!!

  • 02:01

    Yo Support Group Stank !!!!!

    in Music

    Have you Ever Been Going Thru Something And You Tell One of Your "Supposed" to be Friends, And They Tell You to Do Something Thats Gone Have You In Worse Shape? WOW,YO SUPPORT GROUP STANK!!!

  • 02:03

    At Your Service!!!

    in Culture

    The old Afrikan proverb, "It takes a village to raise a child," is just as relevant and critical today, perhaps moreso now, as it was when it was first declared. Service. Community. Duty. Collective. The Village. In this Season 3 opener, Tigga and ArmageDon discusses the importance of, the fulfillment in and some of the frustrations associated with and entailed in Community Service. We will also acknowledge and Honor those who are Keepers in our Communities. Our Guest Call-In digitz are (914) 205-5386. An interactive segment where all comments, experiences, thoughts and suggestions are not only encouraged, but embraced. ALL are welcome to join the conversation.

  • 01:00


    in Lifestyle

    WEDNESDAY, March 27th, 2013- It's the last HUMP of the month. TONIGHT is guaranteed to be jokes and straight comedy! Everyone has encountered a rank odor creep up and burn your nose hairs, right? If you have been lucky encough not to, keep living! Our SPECIAL GUEST: COMEDIAN MAMA MIA will have you in stitches sharing her many encounters. So, join the fun. Call us and share your own personal encounter. Dial 917.889.3926 to join the discussion. We want to hear from you. Real talk. Real People. Real Times. We are TM Hyman Radio!

  • 00:29

    Perfume Is Not the Cure for Stink...Clean Is

    in Religion

    It is not uncommon for people, often when in a hurry, to put on a sweet perfume when attempting to conceal an unpleasant odor.  Depending upon the amount used, it does work, but only for awhile and only if people do not get too close.

    That is because the perfume, which is detached from its good smelling source, cannot perpetually overcome the stink which is still generating from its source.

    What is true of personal hygiene is also true of spiritual maintenance: what is put on as a cover can only mask the truth so well, and only for so long.  A "stank" attitude can be masked by charitable words and good deeds, but those words and deeds will not correct a corrupt spirit, anymore than perfume will correct body odor.

    For both personal hygiene and spiritual maintenance, clean is the cure for unpleasant smells.  For the clean body, perfume is an adornment, not a concealer; for the clean spirit charitable words and good deeds are a window into a purged soul, and not a prism that provides a distorted view.

    Maybe it is time to come clean....

  • 00:30

    New Attitude Vs, Stank Attitudes

    in Self Help

    The power of our attitude determines our success in life. We think some people are lucky in life but we fail to look at their  attitude and how they wield it. Can you change your attitude if it is stank or negative?? Yes with a lot of work and time you can. People with positive attitudes are more agreeable, happier and successful. This will pay off in multitudes in your life.

  • 02:04

    Mr. Most MagNIFICENT Motherfucker!

    in Culture

    Do you know that one (or couple) somebodies who behaviors are so outrageous that dreams of premeiring on the ID Channel dance in your head and inspires you to pen an award-winning song to accompany the episode? We have notebook lines full!!! Tonight, Tigga & ArmageDon will discuss, explore & expose titles, status, and the knuckleheads who let such irrelevance go to their heads, resulting in counterproductivity and other detriments that can potentially harm the Collective. All are welcome to join the discussion

  • 01:02

    Memory Lane.

    in Culture

    Tonight, Tigga will kick off the end of Season Two with a Year In Review of some of the most memorable segments aired, the messages conveyed and surely points not previously stated. All are most welcome to join the discussion.

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