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  • 02:52

    Paul Mooney Standup Comedy Master and Why Standup Sucks

    in Comedy

    FUNNY TO THE MOON Live unscripted  Call in 818 739 8913 or click the link for the live stream. 

  • 01:19

    Live long enough to see yourself understand

    in Comedy

    Bam! Nathan is FINALLY starting to understand where his mother was coming from. Thought she was nuts for years! Turns out she was a struggling single mother of two. Getting older, Daniel Tosh protests, and Jazz Rant on dogs in this episode. Check it!

  • 02:28

    Paul Mooney Is the Living Standard of Standup

    in Comedy

    Talking about the great Paul Mooney ~ Plus Lots of Open Topics ~  818 739 8913


  • 00:57

    FUCK YOU TONY DANZA w/ Ari Shaffir and Godfrey

    in Comedy

    Ari Shaffir and Dr. Bill Cosby (Godfrey) are in the studio this week to talk about all of the current rape allegations. Kurt and Sherrod talk to Ari about getting in trouble with another comic after making fun of her in a joke.
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  • 01:23

    XLIII. RIP Facebook

    in Comedy

    Luis J Gomez, Zac Amico and Chris Scopo sit down with Kareem Green to discuss problems with Facebook, Isis, and the awesomeness of Gavin McInnes.
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    This week, Yamaneika and Chloe are joined by comic Alzo Slade to talk about the double standard of fitness model poses versus lingerie shots on Instagram, Yamaneika’s white love interest who she met over Memorial Day Weekend on Fire Island, the pressure to have a booty, and more. Check it out!

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    Dont Go Down That Rabbit Hole!

    in Comedy

    The Earth is flat? #FML

  • 01:14

    Better Call Sal

    in Comedy

    Sal Vulcano of TV's Impractical Jokers is in the studio this week with Mark and Joe!
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  • 01:25

    Conch Is Up There With Lobster

    in Comedy

    On a brand new episode of the In The Conversation podcast, Damien Lemon, Ali Muhammad and Vladimir Caamano sit down to discuss D's trip to Costa Rica, Ali's trip to Miami to film the annual Circle Of Mothers meeting, what drugs they'd do if they only had 24 hours left to live, why Hawkeye from The Avengers can't be taken seriously, the ins and outs of "pop ups", and the difference between being on a "god forbid" budget and having "i'm coppin'" paper. Great episode, check it out.

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  • 01:47

    You’ll Be Caught Wacking Off If You Don’t Plan Appropriately

    in Comedy

    On this episode of the Total Frat Move Podcast, Jared is joined by comic Rich Aronovitch to read your emails and answer questions about the right way to deal with getting caught jerking off, making up for a lackluster first semester at college, hooking up with an ex after you've slept with her best friend, and how to say you want a relationship without scaring a guy away. All this, plus the news from TotalFratMove.com. Fun episode. Check it out!

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    Walk It Off Sansa... The Bitch Whisperer

    in Comedy

    Dante Nero of The Beige Phillips Show is in the studio to talk about relationships and that rape scene from Game of Thrones.