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  • 02:52

    Paul Mooney Standup Comedy Master and Why Standup Sucks

    in Comedy

    FUNNY TO THE MOON Live unscripted  Call in 818 739 8913 or click the link for the live stream. 

  • 01:18

    The Voice Of Your Choice

    in Comedy

    Damien and Ali get in the conversation without Vlad this week, and discuss Ali's "hellacious" weekend, an open letter penned by a guidance counselor telling Steph Curry not to come speak at a school, the world's introduction to Caitlyn Jenner, Cavs/Warriors NBA Finals predictions, and how to measure success while adding goals along the way. All that and more, so check it out.

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    XLIV: I'm Right, You're Wrong

    in Comedy

    Luis J. Gomez gets into a blow out argument with a comedian/show producer after Luis had a physical altercation at his show. Featuring: Zac Amico and Robbie Bernstein

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    Don't Touch Your Sister's Titties

    in Comedy

    Yamaneika and Chloe are joined by comics Monroe Martin and Alzo Slade to talk about a variety of topics including the recent Duggar Family molestation controversy, the role of religion in sexual repression, the Sofia Vergara embryo debacle, and more. Plus, Yamaneika may or may not fall asleep during this episode. Listen to find out!

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  • 01:21

    TFM Founders: State Of The Union

    in Comedy

    This week, on a special edition of the TFM Podcast, Jared is joined by the founders of Total Frat Move, Madison Wickham and Ryan Young, to talk about how they started the company, give some advice and even read some of your emails. You don't want to miss this epsiode, so check it out!

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    Paul Mooney Is the Living Standard of Standup

    in Comedy

    Talking about the great Paul Mooney ~ Plus Lots of Open Topics ~  818 739 8913


  • 01:19

    Live long enough to see yourself understand

    in Comedy

    Bam! Nathan is FINALLY starting to understand where his mother was coming from. Thought she was nuts for years! Turns out she was a struggling single mother of two. Getting older, Daniel Tosh protests, and Jazz Rant on dogs in this episode. Check it!

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    This week on Tuesdays with Stories! Joe meets his girlfriends parents, Mark meets a hot blonde (who turns out has a boyfriend), and so much more.
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    Ep. 47: Liza Treyger- LIVE TWITTER WAR DRAMA

    in Comedy

    In a never before executed style, Liza and Sabrina bravely power through an episode in the midst of an EFFING TWITTER WAR. Holy shit. After tweeting about white men's reaction to white man disses Liza and Sabrina both get entangled in white man dramz like never before. While awaiting replies from some loser that's now kicked off Twitter, the girls get real, real and a lil drunk. Sabrina's mom doesn't pick up the phone and looking back that's prob for the better. THIS EPISODE IS A GEM AND POTENTIALLY A DIAMOND SO PLS INSPECT FOR YOURSELF.

  • 00:57

    FUCK YOU TONY DANZA w/ Ari Shaffir and Godfrey

    in Comedy

    Ari Shaffir and Dr. Bill Cosby (Godfrey) are in the studio this week to talk about all of the current rape allegations. Kurt and Sherrod talk to Ari about getting in trouble with another comic after making fun of her in a joke.
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  • 01:23

    XLIII. RIP Facebook

    in Comedy

    Luis J Gomez, Zac Amico and Chris Scopo sit down with Kareem Green to discuss problems with Facebook, Isis, and the awesomeness of Gavin McInnes.
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