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    Make A Touchdown

    in Comedy

    Mark & Joe are back with stories from the road including Joe's trip to Seattle for a gig and a Seahawks game and Mark's trip to Aruba that included a rough time getting through customs

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    15 Deals Worth Killing For On Black Friday

    in Comedy

    Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Black Friday! Nathan breaks down the top 15 deals picked by USA Today and whether you should kill for them. Get ready to stomp a person! Also talks the distance between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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    2015 WEEK 12 - The Kids in the Hall Part 2

    in Comedy

    The Night Before Thanksgiving and all through the house everyone was stirring. My family joins me on the podcast this week. And it's a jam packed episode complete with trivia for the movie "Back to School", "Back to the Future" and "Backdraft". I'm just kidding about "Backdraft", was trying to make the trilogy of movies with the word "Back". But the third one is "Grease" and then football picks of course and some classic SCTV. What more can anyone ask before Thanksgiving.

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    in Comedy

    Yamaneika and Chloe are joined by comic Pat Brown on this week’s episode of Rantin’ And Ravin’ as they sit down to discuss a variety of topics including the difference between being amusing and being funny, how black artists never separate their lives from their art, the Ronda Rousey/Holly Holm fight, and Chloe surprises Yamaneika with a gift she really appreciates. Plus, The ManSamp Report with Chris. Check it out!

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    Title Wave

    in Comedy

    On this week’s episode of Tuesdays With Stories, Mark and Joe sit down to talk about a variety of topics including Mark’s adventures in Florida doing a gig with Amy Schumer, Joe dealing with two girls talking loudly in the front row at one of his shows, and how the guys don’t know what forty percent of the words they use mean. Check it out!

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    The Keno Trice Show featuring Kiana Dancie

    in Comedy

    If it's happening, it's relevent, or if no body cares let's talk about it. Creative insight on what's going on with me, you, and everyone else. Come listen to the voice of an Atlanta comic trying to make sense of this crazy journey that we call life. Interesting guest stopping through for the ride. Just take a listen and get hooked! I'm here for the long haul. 

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    Making A Plan Is The Hottest Thing A Guy Can Do

    in Comedy

    On this week’s super-sized episode of The TFM Podcast, Jared is joined by comic Liza Treyger to read your emails and answer questions about telling your soon-to-be-married friend that his fiancé cheated on him, what to do when you realize you hate your friends, if dancing can get you laid, how long to hang on to a hook up if new plans can’t be made, how to handle a girl who drunkenly ruined your night and never acknowledged it afterwards, hooking up with your friends ex, hating your major, and what to do as a terrible texter. Plus, Hypotheticals, a bonus email, and news from http://totalfratmove.com with ManSamp! Check it out and have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

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    Word Of The Year And Shooting Terrorists With LSD

    in Comedy

    The word of the year is a picture! Nathan is joined by Keven Soldo to talk that, people's profile pictures with the Paris flag, couple ideas of what could be done with terrorists, and women in late night. Check it out!

    @KevSoldo instagram

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    2015 WEEK 11 - On Les Emmerde

    in Comedy

    Well, if I got everything right, I'm pretty sure the title reads "Fuck Them". It's the cover of the bad ass Charlie Hebdo french comic this week and a message to Isis who all smell. This week also brings us more fun conversation in the fact that I probably have aids since I've hung and sat on Charlie Sheen's couch. Uh oh. Then I go into other celebs that have HIV, and then I let Robert Reed have it. But not for that reason. Of course we go into this week's football games and People's Sexiest Man Alive and of course, television. It's a jam packed show full of comedy, drama and placing wagers. Please join.

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    Dave Hijacks The Show: Flat Earth

    in Comedy

    On this weeks Deep Inside The Rabbit Hole, Tim talks about how he believes humans have been on Mars and the guys discuss if aliens really exist. Flat Earth theory is discussed again as well as Dave's frequent chemtrail sightings

  • 00:39

    Hey Perfect

    in Comedy

    Chris Distefano joins Mark & Joe on this weeks pod and talks about seeing Doc Gooden's no-hitter behind home plate, becoming a father and his new show 'Benders' on IFC

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