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    Top Shelf Standards: Determining if Your Standards are Too High or Too Low

    in Relationships

    Do you have a list of standards, what about things that urke your nerves that encourage you to evaluate that list.  Do you aim high but look low in order to compromise?  When is too much, just too much!!  Are the challenges you are facing, pet peeves or character traits? 

    Join Tray and E as they close out 2014 in a two part series:

    Top Shelf Standards "The Ladies Edition"

    Segment: Mateing

    Show will also Sugar Lips Confessionals (Viewership Edition)

    Part 1.

    1. Choosing to live the TOP SHELF Life

    2. Dangers of Settling

    3. The Different between Pet Peeves & Character Traits and where Physical Attraction comes into play.

    Next week stay tuned for the conclusion of this series with Tray and E, in discussion with a special male guest!!


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    Single and Setting Standards

    in Women

    There is a winner in you!!! Set your standards high & never settle for less!!! You are victorious!!!
    Host: Yulonda Madden

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    Double Standards.........

    in Romance

    In 2014, women still can't do things men can without being ridiculed and the same goes for men. Imagine two men dancing on each other at a nightclub....awkward, right? Well if it's not a gay club, but women do it all the time. A man can have sex with 50 women in one week, but imagine a woman revealing such a high count? She'd be labeled a whore. Imagine if we lived in a world where people could really live their lives the way they wanted without being labeled? A liberated woman who enjoys sex just as much as men if not more must have a sex addiction and unable to keep her vagina to herself; just like a very attractive male who does not like sleeping around and prefers being in monogamous relationships must be gay.....Yeah, unfortunately this is how society has prgrammed us to think. Men are supposed to be masculine, free spirited creatures who spread love through their genitals and women should be more refined, conservative submissive creatures giving themselves freely only to their husbands. Cute! Well join us this Wednesday at 10p EST as we discuss Gender Roles that caused these crazy Double Standards!

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    in Entertainment

    When it comes men and women with dating, there are so many double standards. From traditional roles in the household to ecpectations from each other, It seems as if BOTH men and women have unrealistic and unfair expectations. All week, we have been doing surveys asking both men and women questions on relationships and majority of our responses have left us know that both men and women expect and desire more then they are willing to give. 

    We have lots of questions and concerns and we want to make a discussion out of it. Tune in tonight as we explore the double standards of dating and marriage. The show starts at 10:00 pom EST Call in time is 619-393-2813

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    Consumer Electronics Standards

    in Technology

    Compliance standards established by IEC, ISO and other regulatory organizations provide guidelines for manufacturers to follow when designing, producing and testing consumer electronics designs. There are also global standards to keep in mind. Learn more about the various standards that designers should be aware of in order to be compliant. This session also includes time for questions and answers on consumer electronics circuit protection, applications and standards topics.

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    Singles Edition: Men/Women Of Standards

    in Motivation

    Join ourshow live this Thursday @ 8pm Central as me and my co-host Reverend Russell Goodwin discuss “Singles Edition: Men/Women of Standards”
    Call in to join the conversation (347) 215-8770

    As you are living life being single it is so important that you set standards for what you need and want in a relationship. The issue manifests if your standards are too low or too high. If you don’t recognize and appreciate yourself first then who will? If you think so highly of yourself to the point that your standards are too high for anyone to achieve then you will find yourself alone.

    How do you know for sure that your standards are on point.
    1) Discover Self Worth.
    2) Pray and ask God what you want but look for Him to give you what you need.
    3) Make sure your standards are not just focused on outward appearance, money, career, degrees only.
    4) Never have a standard that you don’t meet yourself. Set a standard, be a standard.

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    Double Standards

    in Entertainment

    Tonight Hunniee and LainaJay will discuss some of the different double standards we sometimes over look in a our daily lives. Also they will discuss the nonsense thats going on in the soical media and reality tv.

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    D4T • Standards By Which We Judge

    in Health

    Criteria by which we make our decisions to judge the deeds and accomplishments of others are often so ingrained that they elude our conscious reality.  How and why do you judge those who touch your world?

    Join us to explore your boundaries of acceptance.

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    Interview with Donna Garner and Henry Burke on Common Core Standards Initiative

    in News

    Hear two experts give us incredible insight into Common Core and how it affects our children, our teachers and our nation. 

    Donna Garner was an educator for 33 years and was appointed by President Reagan and re-appointed by President George H. Bush to serve on the National Commission on Migrant Education.

    Garner had helped Texas develop new English / Language Arts / Reading standards and was a writer/researcher for Scott & White Hospital’s Worth the Wait abstinence education program. She was also the writer/consultant for MyStudyHall.com, an online tutorial to help students (ages 10 through 100) to learn English skills.

    Garner is a researcher/author and is involved in political, social, and education issues.

    Henry Burke is a Civil Engineer with a B.S.C.E. and M.S.C.E. He has been a Registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) for 37 years and has worked as a Civil Engineer in construction for over 40 years. Burke was a Sanitary Engineer in the National Air Pollution Control Administration for two years. Mr. Burke had a successful 27-year career with a large construction contractor, where he was a Project Engineer, Engineer-Estimator, Superintendent, Senior Engineer, and Training Manager.

    He serves as a full-time volunteer to oversee various construction projects for his church and a local Christian university. That university recognized his contributions when it awarded him an honorary doctorate degree.

    Henry Burke has written articles on education, engineering, construction, and our economy.


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    What standards have you set for dating?

    in Romance

    Tonight we talk about the question...What standards have you set for dating?  At the end of our show on Tuesday Qlean Qlassy suggested Men in America have dropped their standards. He said they will sleep with sloppy woman or anyone who presents as available for sex.

    Is it true? is there a general lowering of standards in order to accommodate sexual greed and desperation. What about Women do they have standards for dating and have they lowered the bar?

    When a man approaches a woman,Steve Harvey, Author says, he already knows what we wants from her, but he doesn't know what it will cost. "How much time do you want from me? What are your standards? What are your requirements? Because we'll rise to the occasion no matter how high you set the bar if we want to," he says. "The problem is, women have stopped setting the bar high."

    Let's talk about it......


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    Single and Setting Standards

    in Women

    SASS is an inspirational show for single women.
    Email: SASSMADD@yahoo.com

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