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    THE BRYCKKHOUSE "Food Stamps Or Food Rations?"

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    Food stamps help needy families all over the United States by supplying subsidies to buy food, helping them make ends meet. However, a recent controversial measure is being considered to supply food rations in lieu of cash subsidies due to the "excess abuse of food stamps". Meaning, families are using food stamps to buy items that are not considered "wholesome goods" such as soda, junk food, expensive seafood, etc.) is this a credible claim or another government tactic to further tighten the constraints already sanctioned by federal assistance?

    Join Bryckk Wilkes and LaKrush Hearts as we chop it up over "Food Stamps or Food Rations?" and talk about how this would effect our society. Tune in on Sun. Feb 1st @ 7:00 pm EST by calling in to 805-830-8320 or log into our chat room at www.phonefantasyradio.com Click on the 'TUNE IN LIVE' tab and listen through your laptop, PC or tablet. See you there!!!

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    Welfare and or Food Stamps

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    Welfare and or Food Stamps where do we go from here. Are things getting better or worst? What should we do to assist the poor or those we believe in need.

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    Food Stamps

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    Food Stamps Government help.and working.Do you believer God has open a door for people to get Food Stamps or should people work to eat. 1039 1964 then 1970's to 2013

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    Stephane Speaks will discuss food stamps or EBT as it is called now and the stigma associated with them. I will discuss how people react when standing in line behind someone using this type of payment, how the person is treated when applying for this benefit, and the cruel comments that are made about people who receive them. Hopefully we can dispell some myths and change our thinking towards this because guess what those who are on them have to eat too so what are they are suppose to do? Food pantries are limited in my area and their are few options if you can't afford to feed your family!

  • Walls In Our Minds

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    Red Beckman talks about his new book "Lost Sheep Found" and his classic "Why The Militia".

    America used to be a country with a government...now we're a government with a country.  Martin "Red" Beckman spent more than 40 years as a church-going Christian, listening to and believing everything his preacher said.  Then he realized that all the nation's churches--not just his--had fallen under a mysterious force teaching many government edicts that simply were not Biblical.

                "The Core problems with America today are spiritual ones that cannot be solved politically," says Red. "Any time politicians lie and cheat and ignore the Ten Commandments they come between Man and his Creator -- and we must obey God rather than men (Acts 5:29).

                It's not welfare, food stamps nor war that will make America great again, and its most certainly isn't Republican or Democrats, as Red points out in his book.  Only repentance and a return to God and Biblical guidance can save America, and this means that America's pastors must stop obeying government edicts that interfere with the teachings of God.

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    Rhythm & Rhymes/Pam and Qu Shows

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    Hour 1 - The Rhythm & Rhymes Show with Milton Bryan Mac

    Hour 2 - Keeping It Real with the Pam and Qu Talk Show 

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    Rating Obama as CIC & Are Our Troops Being Left Behind, & Gov Sununu Talks ME

    in Politics

    Colonel Patrick Murray-Is Obama the least liked Commander In Chief by the military in History?  And have the troops been left behind?

    Governor John Sununu-The former governor of New Hampshire discusses the Plight of Mid East Christians and the response of The US Government.

    Samantha Mills-"The Good News Girl" is back with the latest viral videos from the internet.

    Nigel Dessau-Nationally award-winning marketing professional with over 25 years of experience leading corporate marketing and communications for several multi-million and billion dollar companies
    talks about adapting to “the Millennial effect” in the work place.

    Josh Archambault-Senior fellow at the Foundation for Government Accountability reports on 
    3 things you need to know about our $80 billion food stamp crisis.

    David Payne-Manager of Extreme Weather Testing at Ford Motor Company gives us Behind-The-Scenes Access to the largest climatic test facility in the world where Ford conducts extreme weather testing In the vehicles you drive every day.

    Amelia Hamilton-Contributing Associate Editor of The Stream, says the latest videos clearly dispel three lies Planned Parenthood has been trying to sell to the public.  She explains.

    Paul Williams & Tracey Jackson-The Oscar-, Grammy-, and Golden Globe-winning Hall of Fame songwriter talks about his latest book, Gratitude & Trust-Six Affirmations That Will Change Your Life

  • Spirituality-What have you done today for someone?&Psychic Questions Answere

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    This episode is on spirituality and it's a question that you must ask yourself what you have done nice today to help someone?  It can be a simple gesture of a smile or a friendly hello.  I am trying to help people who have been densensitized by the mainstream media.  We are not encouraged to help the homeless and infact many homeless people have been removed by Fema saying they are taking them to shelters but if you read further they have been dropped off in the woods.  They say homeless people look bad for business. Well, anyone of us can be homeless including someone well off if a family member gets cancer and they meet a donut hoole in their insurance. 

    People who need help because their car is broken down or if someone is yelling for help please call the police.  Have compassion for everyone and don't judge someone by what they wear, what they look like or what they drive. Even people who use food stamps (Snap) probably need them and again we assume that these people are too lazy to work and that's not the case. Disabled people need help too and I've seen such uncompassionate people on airplanes because someone is in a wheelchair and it takes maybe 5-10 seconds for a man to fold the wheelchair. 

    Maybe, someone seems angry or annoyed but we don't know why.  We need to be compassionate as I know if I am having uncontrolled pain I can be annoyed sitting next to a couple who is too cheap buying a seat for their toddler on a 4 hour flight who will scream and fuss which is normal for the child. I blame the parents. Who stands up for the toddler which made the news who was fondled inappropriately by the TSA?  No one did. Passengers just kept on walking through the security checkpoint. 

    We need to stop being so selfish and pretending we don't see or hear what is occurring. 

    I will answer psychic questions. - MIA



  • Spiritually Standing Up for Humanity&Psychic Readings

    in Spirituality

    I see the world has changed so dramatically and many people have become desensitized.  When they see a problem it's ignored. We need to spiritually stand up for humanity. We can't ignore the homeless.  We can't ignore someone who is being mistreated in a public place including a hospital or a doctor office setting. 

    We need to spiritually wake up!  We can't judge someone who is getting food stamps and look down on the disabled.  Look around and see what is happening We need to stop people from being bullied and if someone is sad it's okay to give them a hug.  I did this yesterday at my doctor's office as it was apparent that his assistant was being yelled out and felt degraded by my doctor. I like him but it's not right and it's probably due to family issues and stress. 

    Maybe, someone wasn't right and they made a mistake but there's a way of approaching it.  We all need to be respected despite what we're worth financially or how we dress or look.  Let's start today!!!

    I will take psychic readings as well. 

    Love and Light, 


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    Scandal in the NBA; Should people be forced to take a drug test for food stamps

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    With the controversy surrounding the comments made by L.A. Clippers owner David Sterling, what do you think the consequences should be? Also we will be discussing the food stamps situation!