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    GITM Radio Part 1: Eric Rogers, Alt Entertainment & Business Svs, St Louis, MO

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    Eric Rogers, Alt Route Entertainment and Business Services, St Louis, MO

    Eric Rogers is a Kingdom-Made man whose business takes him around the nation doing DJ Services, Music and Voice-Overs.


    The entire series will be recorded and archived. When you get an opportunity, you may listen to this series as well as all of our anointed archives by clicking the link:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/GODINTHEMIDST

    God In the Midst otherwise known as G.I.T.M or GITM Radio is an apostolic ministry whose charge is to help encourage, edify and equip the people of God who are called to Home Churches, Small Churches and Para Church ministries. Home or house Churches usually have 20 people or less, Small Churches are up to 100 adults and Para Church ministries could be Bible Studies, Prayer groups, men or women’s ministries that are not Churches in and of themselves but walk alongside the Church. We are featuring one Home, Small or Para Church ministry each month by interviewing them.  We hope that as you hear them tell their personal testimonies, share their  history and current activities,  the Lord will confirm what He has placed on your heart or it may encourage you to step out boldly …it may even catapult you to that next dimension in the Lord & ministry.  Our Host is Apostle Barbara Kizzie

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    Tonight's show is dedicated to the upcoming St. Louis "The Film Black Friday" Movie Premiere on Friday January15th 7:00pm at the Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis (Vaughn Cultural Center 3701 Grandel Square  St. Louis, MO 63108). This documentary film about financial literacy and the spending habits of African-Americans which is worth $1.1 Trillion (if we were a country, we would be the 16th largest in the nation). Following the movie premiere will be a Q&A Panel Discussion with Writer/Producer/Director Ric Mathis and cast members. For more information, follow us on Facebook: The Black Wall Street Group

    Cast Members:

    Hill Harper

    Judge Glenda Hatchett

    David Banner

    Cynthia Bailey

    Dr. Claud Anderson

    A.J. Johnson

    Johnny Gill

    Eric Thomas

    Dr. Umar Johnson

    Dr. Jim Clingman

    George Fraser

    Mike Roberts

    Jacob York

    Ona Brown

    Chike Akua

    Lynda Harris

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    New Year, New Iron Jaw Podcast

    in Sports

    Michael Davis returns to host the Iron Jaw Podcast on January 2, 2016, his first show of the new year, and his first show in over SIX MONTHS! How he'll ring it in is let the viewers know what's in store for the New Year, talk about the Bowl Games, including Clemson's and Alabama's rout to the National Championship Game, as well as Chip Kelly's firing, and who may be next in the NFL.

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    Rams no longer calling St. Louis home and teams fill head coaching vacancies

    in Sports

    As eight teams prepare for the next step in winning the Lombardi Trophy, the NFL had other headlines this week. The NFL owners approved the relocation application for the St. Louis Rams and granted the San Diego Chargers an option to relocate. Stan Kroenke, the owner of the Rams, has a plan for a new state of the art stadium for the Los Angeles Rams. The Chargers could work out a deal to stay in San Diego, or accpet the option to move to Los Angeles. Should the Chargers decline, this could open the door for the Oakland Raiders to move.

    Three teams, the New York Giants, Cleveland Browns, and Miami Dolphins have filled their head coaching vacancies. Ben McAdoo, the Giants offensive coordinator, was officially hired as the head coach. The Giants offense finished eigth in total yards under McAdoo. Hue Jackson, the Bengals offensive coordinator, will stay in the division and head the Cleveland Browns. Jackson coached the Oakland Raiders in 2011, guiding them to an 8-8 record. However, after starting 7-4 they missed the playoffs. When new GM Reggie Mackenzie was hired, Jackson was fired and went to Cincinnati. Adam Gase will finally get a chance to be a head coach. The Miami Dolphins named Gase head coach, after spending the past year as the offensive coordinator of the Chicago Bears. After Gase was passed up to be the Denver Broncos coach, he followed his boss; John Fox, to Chicago. Gase had been on the Broncos coaching staff from 2009-2014, spending 2013-2014 as offensive coordinator. 

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    Parsing The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan's Interview by Alex Jones Part2

    in Self Help

    The Flag of Islam reads under Justice/The Star: "The Stars are witness bearers. Every believer in Allah(God) is like the Stars of the heavens above us. The believers bears witness to his Creator, that He is God, the Supreme Being over all. And since we belong to the Creator of Heaven and Earth we are justified by the Creator as being His people." ~The Honorable Elijah Muhammad~ Welcome to TheGodSquad Radio Broadcast. This will be Part 2. Parsing of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan interview by Alex Jones is all about the science in what was said and what we need to be doing. Plus we will deal with all of the naysayers as well. Those of speaking against the man of  God we invite you as well to call in. We are taught to argue in the best manners with justice.

    Tell a friend to help us in Our great Mission to resurrect the dead by the thousands.

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    Mountain Gypsies on LiveParanormal.com

    in Paranormal

    Mountain Gypsies on LiveParanormal.com

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    Tell Them with Pastor Monica St Hill-Morton

    in Religion

    Tell Them with Pastor Monica St Hill-Morton

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    Tune in every day to hear Dr. Len Brancewicz of The Nutrition Shoppe
    discuss today's hottest health topics and news from a complimentary
    perspective.  From colds to cancer and everything in between, Dr. Len
    can offer honest advice that makes sense.

    As a Registered Pharmacist (RPh), Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN),
    Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (NMD), and a homeopath, Dr. Len has over
    35 years experience in helping to keep you and your family healthy and
    Call the show today to ask about your most pressing health concerns!

    Visit us on the web at www.TheNutritionShoppe.net or call toll free at
    866-461-4536866-461-4536 FREE to set up a personalized consultation, shop products, or
    ask questions!
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    medications, pharmacist, naturopath,

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    The Time and What Must Be Done Part #19.. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

    in Culture

    ~ASA~ Family , please tune in to hear parts 17 and 18 of The Time and What Must Be Done series by The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.. CALL IN #347.857.4514  also via www.blogtalkradio.com/hereafterisnow   Please visit the website for archived programs, the Compilation CD etc.. www.hereafterisnow.com    PLEASE GO TO WWW.NOI.ORG TO VIEW THE BROADCAST OF THE TIME AND WHAT MUST BE DONE SERIES !

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    Imbolc: Cleansing & Renewal with St. Brighid

    in Spirituality

    Join your hosts, Grant and Melissa Virtue, as they take you through the Fire Season of Imbolc and its importance today. They will not only discuss this ancient celebration, but its connection with the Goddess Brighid also known as St. Brighid. You will walk away with an understanding of how you can invoke the importance of this festival in your life and your connection to St. Brighid.

    You can call in live or join the live chat room.

    Melissa will be offering a gift to audience members.

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    You are One Acquisition Away from a Multi-Vendor Environment

    in Technology

    Despite exploding popularity, there is only so much room for technology providers in the telehealth and collaboration markets, according to Dan Klanderman, Senior Solutions Architect for Iron Bow Technologies. He predicts continued consolidation through acquisitions and even market exits in 2016.

    To avoid being stuck with an obsolete technology, Klanderman suggests investing in collaboration technology from a long-term perspective. “Interoperability is key,” he said, and advises avoiding working with technology providers that create siloes or offer technology that doesn’t work well with other technology.

    “Some providers actually design technology as a walled garden,” he shared. “I recommend avoiding that and finding technology that is interoperable with what you already have with a manufacturer that is committed to interoperability.”

    Klanderman says that because hospitals, researchers and others in the industry must be able to reach out seamlessly to patients and each other, interoperability is key to growing with the market. He also pointed out that, like in the tech world, acquisitions and mergers are common in the healthcare industry. “You are just one acquisition away from becoming a multi-vendor environment,” he explained.

    As a result, his motto for 2016 is to invest in a collaboration solution that can flex and grow with you.

    Hear the entire podcast with Klanderman here.