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    Buffalo Breakdown: ILB, Bills New Look

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    The New Look Bills, with their Cold Front on defense, and their weapons on offense are giving Bills fans something they haven't had for a decade and a half...hope.  The Bills are making moves that they have seen other teams in the past make, and look to be a bonafide contender when the 2015 season rolls around.

    The Hashtag Crew will focus their 6th Episode of the Buffalo Breakdown on the Inside Linebackers for the Bills.  Will the Bills finalize a deal with Brandon Spikes?  Will they address this need in the 2015 NFL Draft at the 50th pick?  Who will play next to Preston Brown in Rex Ryan's elaborate scheme?  All these questions and more will be answered on Hashtag Sports.

    Since it is April Fools, the Hashtag Crew will surely have something up their sleeve when the episode kicks off.  Be sure to tune in, and submit your comments or questions to their Twitter @htagsports

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    Buffalo Breakdown: Running Backs

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    With the shake up at One Bills Drive with the soon-to-be arrival of LeSean 'Shady' McCoy, the Bills fans are split on the trade.  Some of the fans are happy to get such a productive player in a position of need, while others are upset that the 'Legend' of Kiko Alonso will be in Philadelphia next year.  What does this mean for the Buffalo Bills, their offense, and what Greg Roman has in store for the Bills in 2015? 

    The Hashtag Crew will breakdown numbers, salary, and the philosophy of the Bills for 2015 on the edge of Free Agency. 

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    Previewing the Draft: Major Moves in the Birds Future?

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    On the next episode of Broad Street Breakdown, join host Ryan Waterman, guest host Kyle Lutz, and a special guest as they look ahead at the upcoming NFL Draft. Many hot topics will be discussed, including the burning question in all Eagles' fans minds...."will Marcus Mariota be wearing Midnight Green, next season?"  Ryan will also provide the listeners with a few "teaser" picks from his most recent, and very last NFL Mock Draft, that will be released in its' entirety tomorrow afternoon...exclusively on TalkSportsPhilly.Com. Throughout the show, the phone lines will also be open, as the trio will accept call-ins from listeners. Tune in live at 11 PM EST/8 PM PST for another episode of Broad Street Breakdown, here on BlogTalkRadio!

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    Buffalo Breakdown: Offensive Line, Bills Free Agent Moves

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    Halfway to the finish line for the Buffalo Breakdown, with the QB, RB, DE/OLB and TE in the books, the Hashtag Crew will examine the most talked about position for the Bills: Offensive Line.  With all the moves that the Bills have made in free agency, it was shocking to see that they only addressed one spot (Richie Incognito) and still have question marks that remain.  What will Buffalo do next to open up holes for LeSean McCoy and protect whomever is calling the shots under center?  Hashtag Sports has you covered. 

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    Buffalo Breakdown: Wide Receivers, Bills Depth Chart

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    On the 8th installment of the Buffalo Breakdown, the Hashtag Crew will take a look at the position that is of little debate, but should it be?  The Buffalo Bills have tendered the offer for Chris Hogan, signed Marcus Easley and picked up free agent Percy Harvin, so now what?  Are these the physical imposing players that will fit with Greg Roman's 'Ground and Pound' scheme?  Does Roman look to open up his playbook in 2015?  Where will Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods in regards to formations? 

    All those questions and more will be answered on a new episode of Hashtag Sports. 

    Tweet your comments and questions to @htagsports

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    Buffalo Breakdown: Safety, Bills Speak Out

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    On a brand new episode of Hashtag Sports, the Crew continues with their Buffalo Breakdown 10 Part Series with the Safety Position.  When the questions of the offensive line and the quarterback subside, the next question will be the back end of Dennis Thurman's defense.  Da'Norris Searcy is a Titan, so waht will the Bills do to address this need?  The Crew has their take, but what do the fans think about the safety position? 

    Tweet your comments and questions to @htagsports


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    "Open Mic Night"

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    On the second episode of Broad Street Breakdown, host Ryan Waterman is joined by guest co-host Kyle Lutz for "open mic night." The two hosts will be accepting calls from listeners on a wide variety of topics, ranging from the NHL to the NCAA.  So long as it's sports-related, no topic is off-limits. If time permits, Ryan and Kyle will also discuss the recent play of the Sixers & Flyers...as well as preview the upcoming Phillies season. Join Ryan and Kyle tonight, at 11PM EST/ 8 PM PST.

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    Episode 12 - MCFL Tha Huddle - NFC/AFC Playoff Breakdown

    in Video Games

    BoomBox Hosting

    MSU - AFC Playoff Breakdown

    CUFF - NFC Playoff Breakdown

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    Have the Eagles Executed a Successful Offseason?

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    On the very innaugural episode of Broad Street Breakdown, host Ryan Waterman and some special guests will discuss the interesting moves made by Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles. They will also take a sneak peak towards the end of April's NFL Draft.  Join host Ryan Waterman and his special guests on Wednesday, April 1st at 11 PM EST, as they discuss the transactions made by coach Chip Kelly, what his future in Philadelphia holds, and if the fans of Philadelphia view him as the savior.

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    the blindside ep25: through the never spring breakdown

    in Wrestling

    welcome to the blindside were myself and my co host the god dam sprit cobra sean were we review the good the bad and the what the fuck moments in tv, movies, anime, and pro wrestling  feel free to join us and follow us on youtube, facebook and twitter links down below


    in the episode we ended up going a different rout to were we are reviewing the 2013 movie metallica throught the never

    Trip, a young roadie for Metallica, is sent on an urgent mission during the band's show. But what seems like a simple assignment turns into a surreal adventure. also after the review we will be previewing the pws show spring break down.


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    Summer Films /Star Wars Dawn of Justice breakdown

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