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    #28 Author Raine Leigh: Squirting

    in Lifestyle

    This week  Banana Hammock and I are joined by Raine Leigh author of Squirting: It’s Easier Than You Think: A Holistic Guide to Female Pleasure. Squirting is the phenomenon known as female ejactulation. Some scientists believe it is just urine and not a seperate entity. Join us for the debate and call in with your questions, comments and concerns!


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    Squirting 101- A Holistic Introduction to Female Pleasure

    in Romance

    Join us as we get into a juicy, wet, and erotic topic of the hour. Tonight we’ll be joined by author Rain Leigh, of Squirting It’s Easier Than You Think! A Holistic Guide to Female Pleasure. And she is going to share with us just how easy she thinks it is, and why every woman can squirt and should learn how to squirt. This is going to be one yummy and sensual show you’re not going to want to miss.

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    Good Sex, Squirting, Down Low Brothers, Penis Sizes & More!

    in Radio

    #TALKWITHTONIGEE & #FRIENDS Where any and all topics are discussed! Tune in every Saturday at 9pm est on www.blogtalkradio.com/talkwithtonigee
    This upcoming Saturday, we will be discussing 1)What makes sex good? 2)Squirting..Have you ever? 3)Penis Preferences:Thick, Skinny, Long or Short 4)Brothers On The Down Low 5)Do you like your partners KITTY clean (bald) or mean (hairy)? 6)To douche or Not to douche?....Tune in this Saturday with TALK WITH TONI GEE &FRIENDS

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    Squirting 101

    in Lifestyle

    Squirting, or Female Ejaculation can be the most insane form of orgasm that we would argue ALL WOMEN CAN HAVE! But there is so much arguement about it, and so many inconclusive views on it, that is sure isn't something ALL WOMEN DO!
    That's INSANE! 
    So tonight, we are going to help you with that. Raiden, The Outlaw, AND TomTV are all masters at causing sqirting. So tonight, we will spread the knowledge! There is no reason all women should not be able to experience this form of enjoyment, and even less reason as partners should not be able to give this joy to all women!
    THE SUNDAY BANG!!! Raiden, TomTV, TheOutlaw, and their panels bring you real, uncensored, honest, and funny sex and relationship advice. No topic is taboo, and at some point, I'm sure everything will be covered. Feel free to call in at (347) 994-1340. You can even email us questions, right here on the Real Talk Network!
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    Talley Cafe' Live Facebook Radio:11pm EST Shh Grown Folx Talkin :914 803-4445

    in Blogs

    Adult Topics:  (Be Ready, tonight is gonna be bananas!!!!)
    1. What's really on someone's mind the moments before, during, and after sex? (be honest)
    2. If in a marriage, or a long-term committed relationship, do you think it's OK to ask for oral sex? If so, "how"
    3. A)"Female Squirting" Is it a Real Strong orgasm? or just Pee? B) Are all women capable of having one?

    Let's talk about it!  As always, buckle up this will be crazy fun, and we ALWAYS run out of time  So jump in quick.

    Call in (914) 803-4445 

    12/23/2015 at 11:00:00 PM EST

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    Splash Waterfalls: How To Get Her To Squirt

    in Entertainment

    Some mysteries in life can't be solved.  But, Morning Sex Radio has been hearing that women aren't able to unlock their secret fountain.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we're talking about squirting.  What does it take to squirt or get your woman to squirt?  Is it because of me or is it my spouse?  Don't worry because Shai Lush and Pretty Mycki are getting to the bottom of it!  Find out on this weeks episode of MSR how to make your (or her) love come ALL the way down.  Also, we're gonna be chopping it up with Queens artist King Jigg.  We want to know if he's ever made a woman squirt, find out what new music he's working on, and what's coming up for him in the future.  

    Tune in Saturday from 10am-noon by logging on to www.blogtalkradio.com/morningsex.  Catch us or Instagram and Facebook sending out the link for the live broadcast and call in to let us know what you think.

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    in Relationships

    Let's face it fam. No one is being fully HONEST with themselves & their mate(s) when it comes to Sex in the Bedroom. Women are faking ORGASMS & men are lying about their sexual prowess. This equals to a lot of people going a lifetime suffering from either mediocre or horrible sex.

    Have you heard of the SACRED SHOWER or the ORGASMIC TSUNAMI? Have you as a woman experienced a SQUIRTING ORGASM? Why are some men grossed out by this? All in all a woman that can SQUIRT is a beautiful thing.

    Join Me & my co-hosts Mia Miata of Goddess Talk Live, best selling author Jasmine P. Rain & Lesley Taverier of Love Talk With Lesley for another EPIC discussion about this JUICY topic.

    Sexpert Blogger Glamazon Tyomi of www.GlamErotica101.com will be doing her 'Sex Position of the Week' segment.

    Real talk for Real adults. Cum put some CHAMPAGNE in your CAMPAIGN!!!

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    Squirting and Male/Female Inner Orgasms

    in Entertainment

    Squirting and Male/Female Inner Orgasms...Are we Ready to Embrace the Passion of it all???Can any woman Squirt? Does a man know how to surrender to an Inner Orgasm? Does he even know it exists??? Call in and SPEAK YOU MIND

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    Danno's Pillow Talk: The Kids are Alright

    in Wrestling

    Are you a young person or couple possibly considering having children?

    Are you an expectant parent hopeful your new child will enjoy proffessional wrestling like you?

    Listen in to hear a child's point of view of professional wrestling. Enjoy as the conversation decends into smelly farts, butt sniffing and milk squirting through the nose.


    All of the important questions are tackled such as:

    Who is WWE's biggest butt sniffer?

    Who has the biggest feet? 

    Which female wrestler smells worst?



    Normal service will hopefully be resumed.

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    The Female Phenomenon...Squirting

    in Lifestyle

    Join us as we dig deep into the art of squirting as well as the anatomy of this sexual phenomenon.

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    Swingers 101. Oh yeah, Squirting too! Moisture!

    in Radio

    Tonight we are going deep into the World Of Swingers with one of their very own, Holly Ella Ward. We are very excited to have her answer sooooo many questions we have about that Lifestyle choice. Also we talk about Squirting or Female Ejaculation. It seems to be a rather Popular thing these days. So join us at 7pm Central.