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    in Self Help

    EPISODE #134:

    In this week’s episode we’re talking about:


    The defense mechanism of sarcasm and how it steals confidence from us
    Why – whether you dish out sarcasm or you are the recipient of it – you need to make some proactive steps to squash the presence of sarcasm in your life
    4 tangible steps to help you eliminate sarcasm and change the nature of dialogues in your life


    I am suggesting that as we go through life, we 'accentuate the positive.' I am asking that we look a little deeper for the good, that we still our voices of insult and sarcasm, that we more generously compliment and endorse virtue and effort.
    -Gordon Hinckley





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    Listener request (Email below)
    Hurtful experiences I have from people in my life who are sarcastic
    It’s a type of insecurity that expresses itself in a very socially accepted way and I believe that there is simply a better, more fulfilling and beautiful way to l

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    Bob Jones of ATP's Ask Bob - The importance of Personality in Aviation Marketing

    in Business

    Everyone enjoys working with people they feel they know.  Bob Jones makes ATP customers feel like “insiders” by letting them in on some of the personality and internal fun at ATP.

    Topics we cover in this conversation:

    How “interesting” trumps “professional”
    How to let customers in on the crazy things that happen in any office.
    How to get great blog ideas – (hint – it’s easier than you think)
    Aviation people ARE into social media, we discuss which ones they interact on the most
    How to get your company involved with blogging and social media, and to coordinate the efforts of a team (or teams, if you count marketing, sales & tech folks) without squashing spontaneity.
    How aviation people tend to be “hot” or “cold” on social media, few are “lukewarm” – How to deal with both extremes and keep communications open.

    Bob Jones has been with ATP for 16 years. He is a Product Marketing Specialist for ATP and Managing Editor of AskBob.aero

    Prior to joining ATP Bob owned a FBO in Livermore CA with 141, 145 and 135 certificates

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    Adele Michal - Untruths that Permeates in Our Society Regarding Sales

    in Entrepreneur

    Adele Michal helps entrepreneurs, small business owners, and service professionals help more people and make more money by teaching them how to sell authentically instead fearing sales.

    Before becoming a sales trainer and coach, Adele earned a Masters in Counseling Psychology and had a private therapy practice. She focuses her work on helping her clients enhance their performance in sales by using simple mind/body practices that create confidence, certainty, and charisma in every situation.

    For your complimentary Make More Sales Discovery Session with Adele go to www.adelemichal.com/discovery. During your time together, Adele will help you discover your greatest challenge with sales and a strategy to resolve it.

    Also, sign up for Adele's free gift: :End Your Money Worries: 3 Simple Steps to Stop Squashing Your Income and Start Making More Money: www.adelemichal.com/gift

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    Dudley Enterprises will Speak on Cyber Bullying

    in Computers

    For more than thirteen years, Dudley Enterprises Computer Sales and Repair has supplied its customers with quality desktops and laptops. We are a business partner, a trusted provider of Business and Residential Computer Service Contracts backed by a solid guarantee.

    Our mission is to listen to our client's specific needs and deliver quality products through continuous operational excellence.  We carry complete product lines such as Dell, HP and Lenovo.

    Please bring pen and pad, as these two Georgia entrepernurs Mr.Tyrone Dudley, and his wife Mrs. Cheryl Dudley,aid parents to squash their household 'Back to School computer budget', as well as, trying to help protect and squashing the fastest growing danger for teens, right behind 'Testing While Driving. Its called, 'Cyber-Bulling'!

    The Dudleys' are now a part of the best hyper-local news site in the country, OurTown Media. Just listen for now and take good notes Parents

    The Tech Duo, will be presenting continuous suggestions, and help correct your computer needs, from time to time. Before you buy five I Phone 16000 , or buy the Windows 4500, parents just listen and help us save ,'One Life'. 

    Simply call 1-646-478-0188 exactly at 6:00 pm(est), August 6, 2015. You can call from any phone. It will only be 30 minutes, and will able to hear anytime from the host site.


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    Corporal Robinson on Yakuza Kick Radio!!!!

    in Sports

    Death match O.G. Corporal Robinson is Jay Cat's guest tonight!


    -how did Corporal become interested in wrestling? -days attending wrestling at the Louisville gardens -thoughts on wrestling school -how did the Marine Corps help prepare him for a career in wrestling? -meeting Ian Rotten -first appearing in King of the Death matches -thoughts on the place of death match tournaments within death match wrestling -Memories of the CZW-IWAMidSouth angle --Thoughts on the infamous CZW H8 Club squashing of Chris Hero/B-Boy -thoughts on working for PWU --memories of working Samoa Joe -thoughts on Carnage Cup and working with dangerous gimmicks -what does Corp. think of working 'styles clash' matches? -Memories of JC Bailey -Thoughts on the JCW fallout -memories of Trent Acid, Brain Damage, Rollin' Hard -What are Corp's Dream Matches/Opponents? -This year's King Of The Death tournament --his ongoing feud with John Wayne Murdoch -Favorite opponents. -What matches would be on a Corporal Robinson 'Best Of'? -Thoughts on the Nick Gage Invitational tournament.


    -Quick review of some new Hip-Hop album releases -Jay Cat's training is going to the next level -"Weird" Al concert review. -This weekend's Ronda Rousey fight. -Jay Cat's had enough of Caitlyn Jenner! -Hulk Hogan is a racist!?!?!

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    It's Never About The Food…Take Control of Your Weight and Life Now

    in Weight Loss

    Have a cookie you’ll feel better as you join me, Sharon Sayler, host of Life Interrupted Radio as I welcome Jill Fischer CEO of Mind Reset Hypnotherapy to the show. On this episode of Life Interrupted Radio Jill and I share:

    How to change your thinking about food, 

    How to stop soothing and squashing our emotions with food 

    How to breakthrough what’s stopping you from taking control of your weight.

    Jill's Life Interrupted Breakthrough Moment came in 2005. It was at that time “in trying to make everything okay” that she saw how she was enabling destructive behavior from others and soothing her hurt feelings and raw emotions with food. 

    In a light bulb moment she recognized that the “current” limits of her life were directly correlated to the limits of her thinking – and most importantly, that she could create new thinking. Now, she helps others reset their thinking and behaviors.

    Join us to take that first step now because no matter where you are, you don’t have to stay stuck. I know Jill’s story will inspire you that you have a brighter future waiting for you.  It’s time to reset your mind!

    Learn more about Jill Fischer and her free weight loss program called "A Week of Weight Loss” at www.AWeekofWeightLoss.com and visit www.LifeInterruptedRadio.com for more.

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    in Entertainment

    HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM THE GRID 10 TEAM AND THE GUILLOTINE TEAM. We're gonna start 2015 out the right way! For this topic here, We're gonna address the shift of the possible cultural landscape that we made be witnessing going into 2015. Between the focus being on Racial tension, success of J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, D-Angelo and Christian rapper Lecrae, Azalia Banks getting more mention based off her tweets going at Iggy and professing pro blackness There seems to be a shift amongst the horizon.IS CONSCIOUSNESS coming back into society and within the culture? Is it a wrap for "Trap and microwave rappers?

    We're also gonna address YG and DJ Mustard's beef, LL Cool J and Canibus squashing their beef, Bobby Smurda getting caught up and what we want to see happen in 2015 so lets get it!

    We also got new tracks from Dough Dadon, Killer Mike, Nipsey Hussle, A Unreleased gem from Mac and a Unreleased track Rakim did which was produced by Dr Dre which never got released amongst others so lets bring this year in with a bang!


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    Squashing and a man who mugged a lady for her shoes

    in Culture

    Squashing - a fetish where men pay big ladies to sit on them in sexy outfits. also a lady was mugged for her shoes by a shoe fetish a maniac

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    Patriot Power Hour w/ Lucifer Bernanke

    in Current Events

    America has never been perfect, but in a dark world filled with pain and misery she served as a beacon of freedom and liberty as no other nation before her. Yet in the 21st Century an insidious rot permeates the once great republic. Traitors have sold the country out to the international MegaCorporations and MegaBanks, each a tendril of the small cabal of international Banksters (Link to this page: http://www.dethronethebanksters.com/who-are-the-banksters-the-finale/) who call the shots from the shadows. Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Royals and others have forged a New World Order and are hell-bent on enslaving humanity and squashing the little guy. They’re doing a pretty damn good job of it.  

    The organic human response to this dark plan comes in the form of the Patriot Power Hour w/ Lucifer Bernanke. Host Ben “Lucifer Bernanke” Cochran is employed as a Risk Analyst and holds a Master’s in Finance from Purdue University; he’s well versed in the Banksters’ science of financial terrorism, and wants to help others understand the threat so they can fight back while preparing themselves and their families for the worst.

    Tune in to the Patriot Power Hour w/ Lucifer Bernanke each Thursday at 6 PM ET/3 PT on Freedomizer Radio and help expose and fight against the 0.000000001% who really control the world.   

    Have feedback or want to be a scheduled guest? Send a note to dethronethebanksters@gmail.com  

    Down w/ Bankster Scum!

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    Interview with founder of Nearly Naked Nourishment, Jenn Courtney

    in Entrepreneur

    Jenn has gone from paralegal to phenomenal leader of a health coaching business focused on finding your best health, while squashing body image woes. She's a woman to watch!

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    WHo to turn to when LIFE IS CRUSHING YOU-Night Whispers - Mid-Week Message

    in Christianity

    Hello there, I am Rev. Pastor Victor Robert Farrell and I am a Scriptuvor!

    In a world of confusion and growing darkness, Night Whispers reveals red handed,  the God of the Holy Bible.

    Night Whispers: Straight talking light for the dark places of your world.

    Every Day | 9pm EST.

    VR today is delving into the forgotten language of the modern church, the ancient tongue of the Psalms. Surely evidence of the Spirit filled life is the speaking together from the Psalms? In this  lost language is both a revelation of some of the unhappiness in the earthly home of Jesus and some of the pressures upon him from which we ourselves can also find the  expression of our own broken hearts.

    If your past is crushing you tonight  if your present is squashing you, if your future is frightening you, then this message is for you for Christ is fully associated with the all the sufferings of His church. This is a meditation on Psalm 69 and the title of VR’s message is this:- 

    “The Duet of the squeezing of the Lily”, or even, “The sad home life of Jesus,” or better still “The Long Crushing of The Christ”

    References : Psalm 69