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    Using real estate buyers as spys

    in Business

    Most things are not as they seem and for your real estate agent to engage another realtor's seller into clever banter about how much less they will take for their home and what their urgency is, that is just a no no in real estate.
    The best ways in which to do this and to find those answers to the more "prevalent" real estate questions is to have a real estate buyer ask the seller, if they happen to be encountered. This is the number 1 reason we have our sellers absent when buyers are viewing their homes with other realtors. What real estate agents card is in your pocket?

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    Sex Myths, The Hot/Crazy Matrix, and Hot Topics

    in Radio

    Discussing the biggest myths associated with sex, whether there is merit to the amount of crazy and hotness that you can put into a wife, and our Nth Degree topics of the week: Ebola, Russian Spys, and Hard Knocks...

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    STRAIGHT no chaser

    in Blogs

    STOP THE MADNESS !!!!!!!!!





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    Women of Bond: Intelligent, Attractive, and Deadly...

    in Movies

    In the second installment of our "James Bond" themed broadcast, we'll be discussing the "Women of Bond" who's appearance in the films, embodied the essence of being a "Triple Treat". In this episode, it's not enough to just be beautiful, she'll have to be strong enough to command her respect; and deadly enough to take it!

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    When will the US get tired of buying allies?

    in News

    Every day we read of shortages here in America and our budget is in deep trouble.  

    Why?  Well folks look into our Treasury pay outs.  We have just agreed to give  8 or 10 billion bucks to Ukraine, we give over $3 billion a year to Israel plus new tech stuff they most likely stole from us in the first place.  And to top that $3 billion to Egypt which to me is really outrageous.

    Now I know there is more than that going to these "Democracys" for no damn reason other than wanting to be the big shot of the world.  These bastards have spys here and have helped the Republican Party ruin our economy to the tune of at least a trillion a year.  

    We have to get ourselves together and take the fight to the ballot box.  We have to question the validity of our nominated public officials from our town right on up to our US Congress and the president him or herself.  Because if we just vote for them just because they say they are on our side we need to ask and watch them.  And call them what they are when they lie because it is our homes and lives I am talkin about.



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    The Unknown Zone

    in Paranormal


    This week Judith Sellins and Dave Turco of THE UNKNOWN ZONE explore the controversial topic of government disinformaion.  Now the the whole world knows that the NSA spys on everyone, what else is the US govenrmnet up to, let alone all other world governments?  Does the government purposely mislead the public, put out false stories to futher their agendas, have special reporters they feed information to withing major news outlets such as the New York Times, CBS News, talk radio and the like?  The answers are obvious however what might not be so obvious is the depth and breadth of the disinformation.  It's not just to get popular support for wars, it's EVERYTHING the government wants in terms of streeing the nation is particular social, political, and economic directions.

    Government disinformation is nothing new, it has been used throught history but with modern technology it has reached and art form and the internet is it's playground.  Learn what major events were simply disinformation as well as how to detect it and sadly, why it works so well.   Knowledge is power.

    News you won't hear in the main stream media!

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    govt.google.facebook...spook ops!!!!

    in Politics

    Your not alone.private.safe..ever..electronic inhumanity..danger.!!!

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    The Daily Missive - Program #133

    in Politics Conservative

    Program #133  has as its 'Talking Points' :
    * Ted Cruz pissing off the (2) Nigerian-Americans for saying that they were hired by Obama to run the ObamaCare website. Pretty funny if you ask me.
    * Indian tribe marries Black Bear and Kosher Pickle...oops, I mean Jason Pickel. In Oklahoma even though it's illegal...not on the Reservation though. There it's legal and who knows what else is legal.
    * White admits it was behind the rumor that "a GOP leader told The Prince of Peace...
    * The Black Messiah spys on 35 world leaders...they are NOT happy with "the black man with a chip on his shoulder"! 
    * The Prince wants everyone, especially those Republicans to get moving on his immigration reform policy...he needs them signed up as Democrats in time for the 2014 elections!
    If there's one thing Jon doesn't care for, it's driving US traditional values and culture down the tubes.
    The Left Wing in the country is doing just that spearheaded by having Obama in the White House. The most radical far-Left president that the country has seen since Roosevelt! Known as the Black Messiah and winner of the Noble Peace Prize, He has lead the world to stability and peace!
    Or at least that's what the Socialist Left wants you to believe.
    Jon doesn't mince words in his opinions and commentaries. Sometimes he gets a bit carried away - but Jon is smart enough to realize that it's an uphill battle keeping the freedoms of the country alive and untrampled upon.
    Join Jon each day at 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Eastern, for his Daily Missive or is it rant?!
    Somebody has to do it - so it might as well be Jon Doe!

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    It's a Cloak and Dagger world

    in Fun

    This week Ken and Beth are discussing recent developments in the cases of Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden, two individuals who released classified government information to the media. There's lots of meat on the bones of this topic. You will want to join in. I just know it! Call in to speak to the hosts at 347-215-9971 or join in the online chat room. See link below for more information. 9:30PM PDT Today!  

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    Trunews July 3, 2013

    in News

    Law Professor and historian, Ron Rychlak, co-author of the newly released title, ‘Disinformation: Former Spy Chief Reveals Secret Strategy for Undermining Freedom, Attacking Religion, and Promoting Terrorism,” talks about his experience writing the book in tandem with ex-Soviet Lt. Gen Ion Mihai Pacepa and how all the signs of communist uprising are beginning to manifest in the U.S.

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    Lulabee Tells How She Escaped From The Feds!

    in Current Events

    1ST Lulabee tells how she Escaped from the Feds!
    Lulabee witnessed and clapped as she watched  as Gov. Pat Quinn signed a series of bills Saturday he said will help ex-offenders get jobs, stay out of prison and become productive members of society. The Chicago Democrat said the measures also will give judges and prosecutors more options for sentencing non-violent criminals. He noted more than half of Illinois inmates return to prison within three years of their release, many because they go back to committing crimes to provide for themselves or their families.
    Join LULABEE and her Co-Host #MrMarkSaidIt! as they break down hot topics and advocate on behalf of more than 160,000 Federal Prison Inmates serving unwanted vacations at one of the Nations Extended Stay Locations near you.
    From politics to bullish and everything in between, you'll be pen talking on the show where you dont have to be indicted to be invited to sit back relax and enjoy the show.
    We will also talk of some other issues and current affairs. Like how thw DEA spys on us and the FBI is up to more dirty tricks as usual.

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