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    The Sprouting Ground

    in Youth

    The Sprouting Ground is the place where Sprouts deal with what it takes to build a foundation that helps them grow. Join us each Saturday at 5:00 pm as we break it down and put it back together.

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    The Sprouting Ground

    in Youth

    The Sprouting Ground is the place where Sprouts deal with what it takes to build a foundation that helps them grow. Join us each Saturday at 5:00 pm as we break it down and put it back together.

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    Louisa Treger, Michael Crummey, Priya Parmar & Henry Faulkner

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    Virginia Woolf appears in two of the novels we're talking about on tonight's Literary New England Radio Show, with one chosen by Oprah's O Magazine as a "mesmerizing" winter must-read. Another title on this episode has been likened to Annie Proulx's most magnificent "The Shipping News." Join us for conversations and book giveaways as we feature:

    Louisa Treger  on The Lodger: A Novel
    Michael Crummey by Sweetland
    Priya Parmar on Vanessa and Her Sister
    Henry Faulkner on Sprouting Wings

    If you can't listen live, be sure to download the episode as an iTunes podcast or stream from the Literary New England Radio Show archives.

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    Wheatgrass and Sprouts Growing on Your Tabletop?

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    Topic:  Growing Microgreens, sprouts and wheatgrass on your tabletop

    High quality living food year round
    High dose of nutrients in sprouts
    Dense nutrition in wheatgrass
    New addition of microgreens to our meals
    Growing nutrition on your tabletop

    Guest:  Parker Garlitz

    Co-founder of Living Whole Foods, Inc
    Certified Organic Shop
    Offering wheatgrass kits, juicers, herb garden kits, sprouting kits, microgreens growing kits, vegan milk making kits, tofu making kits and much more.

    Can you get a full range of nutrients from whole living food?  What are microgreens?  Why is it important to eat food just after it sprouts?  Do I need a full dish of produce every meal or can I eat less volume and get higher nutient values?  What is 'living food'?  Isn't everything living food in the grocery store or farmers market?

    For more information visit:  www.wheatgrasskits.com  www.herbkits.com  www.growingmicrogreens.com

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    Leanne Ely: How to Go Paleo Without Going Crazy!

    in Health

    Leanne Ely — author of Part Time Paleo — visits the show to discuss how to go paleo without going crazy.

    Here's what we covered:

    3:23 - How Hashimoto’s and a life out of control led Leanne to the Paleo Diet.

    7:30 - Feeling guilty for not doing what paleo people do. When CrossFit, pemmican, and toed shoes just don’t fit.

    9:15 - “Embrace the parts that work for you and change it up for the parts that don’t.”

    9:45 - “I’ve found that saying ‘you can never eat this again’ is akin to double-dog daring someone to eat it. It makes the forbidden look tempting and leaves it constantly on your mind. Dreams of sourdough loaves dancing in your head … been there, done that.”

    10:10 - The Part-Time Paleo Rules: How to find your inner nutritional guru while navigating what works for you and what doesn’t.

    13:00 - How is sourdough bread different or better than standard grain-based bread?

    14:00 - How to navigate dinner invitations when you know the food won’t be paleo.

    17:17 - An incredible 5-minute workout that saves time and can be done anywhere!

    20:14 - Recommended YouTube channels with FREE Tabata training videos.

    21:00 - 3 must-have essentials for the Part-Time Paleo kitchen.

    26:20 - Sprouting: An easy, inexpensive way to get more veggies in your diet. Plus, how to grown them at home!

    Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness.

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    The Resilient Brain with Carol Wachniak & "Seed Milk"

    in Psychology

    Noon Saturdays, "The Resilient Brain," host Kathy Kitts

    Join us today to hear from Carol Wachniak, expert in Seed Milk which has helped people regain health in incredible ways.  Carol was literally on her deathbed when she first  heard about seed milk, which is made of carefully chosen seeds.  These seeds are then watered so the seeds can start growing.  It is this initial growth (before sprouting) that carries a specific bioenergetic wavelength so valuable to our health!  It brought Carol from the brink of death and within 2 months, she was traveling again!  Tune in to follow her fascinating story.

    Carol will also tell us her story of how she has a BIG plan to build and open a school and other buildings on the Island of Fiji!!  How did she receive over 100 acres in Fiji from the Fijian Chief of the Royal Family?  What else is planned for the school and compound?  To be sure, Carol will be using the skills she acquired homeschooling her 8 children to begin school in Fiji.  What knowledge and skills Carol brings to the table

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    Equinox Stargate Global Meditation

    in Self Help

    September brings the Harvest Moon and the Libra Equinox. This is the time of the year to gather the fruits of labor sprouting from seeds planted the past 6 months since the March Equinox and Cardinal Grand Cross. The ‘weighing scales’ of the Libra Equinox restores balance within and without. It is the sign of relationships and harmony. The Sun in Libra motivates us to build bridges and create a balanced exchange with others.

    As the old world fades away, a new world comes to flower. Focus on the light during the Libra Equinox Stargate to birth alive your divine destiny. Join other Starseeds and Lightworkers in a United Field of Intention to seed and create our new 5D earth!

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    Food Preservation & Preparedness

    in Self Help

    The possibility of the commercial system shutting down means that food storage is essential. Methods of preservation of organic, non-GMO, nutritious high quality foods are important. Other essentials of preparedness include seeds for sprouting and gardening, fuel for heat and energy, and tools to build and repair one’s shelter and grow food.

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    Job Seeker, Do Your Part, Go Get a Job, The Economy is Booming

    in Self Help

    Every sign of a good economy is sprouting up all around for all to see. If you are not feeling it, it's you. Being stuck is a rut is what's happening for most job seekers. You've given up on getting hired. The motions possibly is still in your head but the actually activity to get hired has to be there daily. Mental desires and physical desires are not one in the same. You do want to think it, plan it make it happen. Thinking it is mental, and unless you apply your thoughts, turn them into activities you stagnate. Worse, than stagnate, you begin to fall behind. The economy is booming. This is not my thought, but fact in the stock markets. The DOW, 30 wealthiest companies, surpassed 17,000K last week. If you want to see America do even better, go and get yourself a job. The jobs are out there for all who wish to work. You can expect there will be wage increases. Those who already hold jobs are mostly likely to see increases in wages. Then those who come running after hearing about wage increases, will likely be starting at an entry level salary. You won't be rewarded for waiting until you have an incentive, more money. Some companies struggled, during the recession, others folded. Others managed to excell. This holds true with job seekers. Don't expect to be rewarded based on what others did during the time of the recession. Look at it this way. If companies had operated the way many job seekers have during this recession, we likely would have gone into a depression. We made some good choices America in our efforts, charity, and voting and we reaping our rewards. The best thing that can happen between now and November's election is for every job seeker register today and vote and to be working and have been evaluated and looking toward getting a raise before Christmas and to vote on Noverber 4th so that we can keep America's economy prospering.

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    Success Freaks #147 – Worrisome Weed Whacking

    in Motivation

    You’ve been busy working on Leveling Up Your Life and Growing a Garden any Farmers Market Maven would be proud to call their own.

    Then one morning you notice weeds have crept in, sprouting up all over your hard work.  One problem after another blooms, getting in the way of the garden you’ve meticulously planned out.  In an effort to create some level of stability and effect some major damage control, you grab your handy-dandy Weed Whacker and commence to cutting down the riff raff.

    Unfortunately, you also manage to chop quite a bit of the good stuff you were trying to protect - What’s Up With That!?

    After the dust has settled, you realize the weeds might have been there for a reason - What have you done!?  You’ve jumped the gun...screwed the pooch...basically got in your own damned way by worrying about what’s happening around you instead of Keeping Calm and Carrying On.

    Tune in to this week’s Success Freaks and learn the importance of taking a breath or two in the face of adversity.  Before throwing out both baby and bathwater, make sure you are not missing the opportunities hidden amongst the opposition.  Mordant & McFall remind you to relax, take that breath, and not “...take yourself so damned seriously.”  After all, “Your biggest adventure lies in the direction of the very things you’re afraid of.”

    Episode Segments:

    Worrisome Weed Whacking
    Why Do Problems Come?
    Take a Breath
    Level Up! You Can’t Live in Fear of the Bad or Different Stuff

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