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    The Success Factor w/Ken & Kalcey Gordon

    in Lifestyle

    Join Destiny Empowerment Radio's Power Couple Hosts for their amazing Show "The Success Factor w/Kendrick & Kalcey Gordon" every Monday night from 8:00pm - 9:00pm CST.

    The Success Factor is based on attracting, achieving and maintaining success in a family setting, whether in business, finance, relationship or spirituality. The aim is to reach those who feel there is more to life than what their current situation has afforded them. This show is not only for the Married Couple but also singles and those who are trying to figure out this thing called Success in Life without losing their true identity.

    Follow Kendrick and Kalcey on Social Media at:

    Twitter: www.twitter.com/ Kalcey Gordon @Kalcey

    Instagram: Kalcey_Gordon  

    www.twitter.com/Kendrick Gordon @KendrickG97



    www.facebook.com/bosslaydeeglobal(Kalcey Gordon)

    www.facebook.com/KendrickDGordon (K.D. Gordon)

    Instagram: @bigpapa1978  (Kendrick Gordon)

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    The 7 Secret Steps to Authentic Success

    in Self Help

    Dr Hercules Kollias combines his intuition, direct experience of authentic living and intellectual learning to help others realize their full potential, both personal and professional, through his unique style.

    His insights are derived from a professional background in Medicine, Science, Psychology, and Psychotherapy, and are fortified with a practical, commonsense mastery of spiritual principles.

    The purpose of his work is to increase clarity of values, encourage authenticity, and facilitate the unique contribution of individuals and businesses to the greater community through systems and leveraged business models that allow entrepreneurs to fulfill their purpose.

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    So...How is it going? Checking in on your Spiritual growth process

    in Spirituality

    So, have you wondered if all of the things you are experiencing with your new found spirituality is really translating into you becoming closer to your authentic self?  If so, this is the show for you.  This show is about walking the talk!  We set our intentions for the upcoming year at the Spring Equinox, and now the blue Clique will be discussing how all of our spiritual work is showing up in our earthly lives.  We would love to hear from you.  Please call in and share your experience as well.  Call in number is 347-215-8639.  Email us at blueclique@gmail.com

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    Mark My Words! With Certified Life and Business Coach, Mark Schall

    in Self Help

    (1 hr) 

    Emotional and Spiritual Identity Theft.  Interview with Coach Jim Phillips, author of “Key to Life: Living in Full Self-Expression"

    We are all victims of identity theft. However, our identity hasn’t been stolen by someone else; we have each denied it in ourselves. We live in “Self denial” of who we truly are.

    Join me on Feb 16th as I interview Certified Life Coach, Jim Phillips, CPC.  Through his coaching, and his new book “The Key To Life: Living in Full Self Expression”, Jim invites you to take a journey of “Self recovery” into a deep level of knowing and trust.  It is from this level of knowing and trust that you can live in full expression and experience of Self, your very reason for being here at this time and place.

    Jim’s coaching helps you "recover" your identity and ideally live from this place of knowing.  You don’t want to miss what he has to say in my interview with him about living in full Self-expression.


    Mark My Words! airs the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month at 9PM ET.  Find out more about “Mark My Words!” at www.markmywordsradio.com.

    Mark Schall is a Certified Life and Business Coach and the host of Mark My Words!  You can find out more about Mark at www.markschall.com

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    Rebecca L. Norrington

    in Goals

    Rebecca L. Norrington is first and foremost a student of the Universe and ITs Laws. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, along with decades of education and training on topics from Spirituality to Human Behavior. Her professional journey includes several vocations: Radio Personality, Author, Speaker, Spiritual Teacher, and Fitness Instructor. In August 2011, Rebecca premiered RealitySpirituality, an online radio show that shares revolutionary tools and strategies that enable you to maintain and sustain a personal vibration of internal peace and contentment, regardless of your external circumstances. Rebecca has a clear vision of hosting RealitySpirituality on the OWN network. RealitySpirituality can be heard LIVE every Saturday & Sunday at 7:00 AM (PST) www.realityspirituality.com
    In June 2013, Rebecca was one of 17 authors who contributed to publishing "If I Knew Then What I Know Now: Our Quest for a Quality Life" found on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Rebecca authored Chapter 3 which focused on (1) Defining a Quality Life, (2) What's Important, (3) Life is a Gift and (3) Forgiveness.
    www.rebeccanorrington.com www.realityspirituality.com Twitter: rlnorrington FaceBook: RealitySpirituality Blog: rlnblog.com Email: info@rebeccanorrington.com

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    Science and Sprirituality, an Interview with Hazel Courtney!

    in Spirituality

    If you have every wanted to get proof of spriitual principles with scientific evidence, make sure to get a copy of my special guest Hazel Courteney's book Countdown to Coherence! It is filled with her account of a spritual journey that had her travel around the world to speak with scores of scientists who are making amazing discoveries.
    I recorded this interview for our Transformation 2012 telesummit and wanted to share it on the show and as a podcast here in our archives. This is one you will want to hold on to and listen to over and over again.
    This show is 90 minutes and there are no commercial breaks! Enjoy!
    See you live next week!! Mari!

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    Special Edition Spirit Talk with Yoga Witch Michael Brazell

    in Spirituality

    Join me for a special edition of Spirit talk.  Tonight I'll be discussing the psychic process, how to engage your psychic self, psychic development, protection work, and ways to connect to loved ones that have crossed over.
    I'll be doing mini readings as part of this show!  

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    in Spirituality

    Join me as we talk about the seven energy transmittors/receptors that shape our lives. What are they? Where are they? And how can we use them to heal?

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    Life's Terms, My Attitude

    in Lifestyle

    Come join us as we discuss life issues and how to find your own personal success and happiness in life.  Everyone has a key to success in life, and the trick is learning how to use it.  We will address all types of issues such as addiction, grief and loss, abandonment, resentments and forgiveness, stress and anxiety, sprirituality, and many many more topics.  We will take a look ata belief systems that are tucked away in the subconscious mind and how to change them as a recipe for success.  LET'S GET HAPPY TOGETHER!!!

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    The Happy Hour

    in Self Help

    Patty and Marni connect for Happy Hour and share their week's triumphs over life's perceived obstacles on their travels to success. Fun, witty, and insightful describes these two that everyone will be able to relate to. So, join Patty and Marni for Happy Hour!

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    in Self Help

    Today's guest is Joan Peck, an author, speaker, and entrepreneur, who published her first book in 2009, "The Seven Major Chakras - Keeping it Simple."  Joan loves the body's seven major energy centers and loves to help simplify the lives of others by helping them to understand and appreciate the specific attributes of each chakra so that they can have an easy flow of energy that will ultimately bring them joy, peace and success.  Her second book, "A Simple Approach to Living a Successful Life, helps others to learn through the chakras, how they can reach success each day of their life. 
    Today you will learn about your seven major energy centers.  You will understand how each center functions in your body and how these centers when balanced and open will bring you the joy, peace and fulfillment that you are seeking.  For more information about Joan Peck and her books www.bejeweled7.com