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    Transformation as a Tool for Black Sustainability

    in Current Events

    How do we get past the psychology of victimhood and instead work together to buiid the type of communities that yeild true power and can command respect?  Our guest tonight will be community activist the civil rights advocate Shawn McDonald.

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    The Seasons of Life: It's Spring

    in Christianity

    Spring is my favorite season! But this season I have a runny eye and nose...and I don't even have allergies! The change in season and my new and coming symptoms has led me to this month's series. The Seasons of life! Just like natural seasons change from Winter to Fall, our spiritual seasons change. It gives us time to grow and be made new. Season transitions give us time to start over, be delivered, be refreshed! Tonight, we discuss the newness of Spring! Talk with you then! 

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    A Millennial’s Perspective on Social Capital and Sustainability

    in Self Help

    Megan Keller is the Marketing Coordinator for a large dental group in Grand Rapids, MI. In conjunction, she is obtaining her Masters of Management with concentrations in Sustainability and Marketing at Aquinas College. Megan’s career goals are to help and guide companies to best incorporate sustainable resources within their company goals. She is passionate about helping people and businesses create a better world through utilization of quality sustainable resources and capital. Megan is a golfer, and enjoys the beach, and football. She can be contacted at meganlkeller18@gmail.com

    Divya Parekh is an internationally-known business relationship and leadership coach, mentor, and speaker (www.divyaparekh.com/speaking).  Divya heads The DP Coaching Group, which helps entrepreneurs, leaders, achievers, coaching you to uncover your hidden motivators that allow you to achieve your personal, professional, and financial goals with laser focus and unstoppable confidence. She is also co-author of an #1 Amazon best-seller The Voyage to Your Vision and author of books on topics like Emotional Intelligence, Critical-Thinking, Leadership, and Influence.

    Do the technology habits of millennials help or hinder their effectiveness in developing interpersonal relationships? Research shows that millennials have grown up with technology in every aspect of their lives. Technology has influenced how they receive and process information, work and social engagement.

    Listeners will learn about:

    The social capital’s relationship with sustainability
    The impact of technology in building social capital
    The impact of social capital on generational communication
    Future implications of creating social capital using technology 


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    Spring Cleaning The Green Way

    in Self Help

    Spring is here and now it is time to clean our homes from top to bottom but does the thought of using some of the cleaning products to get the job done worry you?  Do you or anyone in your home sensitive to harsh chemicals? If yes, join me and Ahnivah Rapport as she provides tips for us to Spring Clean the Green Way.

    Ahnivah Rapaport is a Certified Green Cleaning Technician with the Green Cleaning Institute in Rolla, Missouri. The Green Cleaning Institute is one of three green cleaning training programs in the nation certified by the ISSA, the world's leading trade association for the cleaning industry. For more info, visit http://gcicertified.com. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Urban and Environmental Planning, Ahnivah is passionate about sustainable, eco-friendly living and helping families reduce their carbon footprint. A Southern transplant (via Georgia and Virginia) now living in Philadelphia, Ahnivah loves meeting new people, going on long walks outside with her husband and growing boys, and serving others through her entrepreneurial pursuits.

    Want a FREE audio book? Go to Audible.com and you can get one. Listen to today’s podcast to find out which book I recommend for you. 


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    Spring Blessings!

    in Spirituality

    Happy Spring everyone! Time to spring forward and feel the new as we shed the old winter time and what new blessings are coming into your life that you are allowing.  There are various rituals for Spring and tonight we will celebrate and discuss call I n's welcome 646-72712585 ww.Venus in velvet.com 

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    The Simple Joy of Spring Cleaning Introduction

    in Moms and Family

    Spring cleaning doesn't have to be a chore. I know you think that's just crazy talk but you can make spring cleaning easier when you do it the Simple Joy way! In this 5 part series, Jean Ann Duckworth explains the importance of spring cleaning. She then offers you 4 steps to take the stress out of the process:

    Make a Tour;
    Make a Plan;
    Make a Trip;
    Make Someone Else Do It!

    Simplify your cleaning this spring when you learn to do it the Simple Joy way!


  • PMP: Anything Goes - Spring Fling

    in Spirituality

    In a rare episode, the hosts are without a guest. That means they get to ramble on about whatever they want. Spring, sex, recycling. Just about anything could happen in this episode.

    RevKess and Kalisara will talk about some of their upcoming projects, plans for the summer, and so much more. They may even open the phone lines up for you, the listener, to call with questions. So, join us... you never know what you're going to get when anything goes.

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    in Paranormal

    It comes once a year, but it does have much love in it! This is the  SPRING  EQUINOX 2016. With all it's favoring towards male listeners, but not leaving out the ladies! Men will be overwhelmned to see the Blessings for Money, the Blessings for Success, the Blessings for Virliity-Sexual Happiness and the Blessings for Overall Health brought out by this Equinox time. You will have a 4 Card Reading given to every man in attendance and the Blessings given to all.

    This promises to be an eventual night , so be there at 7pm CST. You may call-in at: 646-716-9149. You don't want to miss it!

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    Hello Spring! How to get you feet READY for SPRING!

    in Entertainment

    The topic of the day will be: How to get your feet ready for Spring with Home Remedies or Professional help? What tool should you use, the good the bad and the ugly of foot care instruments. Does Listerine and Apple cider vingar really work Or is there a more natural way to care for my feet We will cover the next 2 Benefits of taking a Hot Tub Baths. GIVEAWAYS: Mother's Day Gift Set with option to UpGrade. Tune In you don't wanna miss the show its gonna be AWESOME!

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    Stepping Into Spring

    in Spirituality

    Let's welcome the awakening of the earth and awaken our spirit. Spring cleaning is not just about the home, it's also about the body and spirit. Tonight's show is all about cleansing the mind, body and spirit as well as your sacred healing space. Clean your social media, your clutter, your diet, your mind. Prepare fror something new and rebirth yourself. 

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    Spring Cleaning Tips & Checklist

    in Business

    In this episode Home Renovation Radio Blog hosted by First Restoration Services discusses what you can do in your home to get ready for the spring and summer months. We have some tips like using coffee grounds in your fridge to enhance the smell/odor. Which you can also find on our website in our 20 Secret Household Cleaners blog.

    We also discuss a large checklist for you to follow for your spring cleaning, both deep cleaning and basic cleaning items, such as;

    Washing trash can
    organize your pantry
    rotate your mattress to get mattress wear evenly
    time to put the heavy beading away and bring out the lighter bedding for spring
    your painted walls
    cleaning & updating your book shelves
    area rug cleaning
    dust light bulbs & ceiling fans & lights
    wash blinds
    switch direction of your ceiling fan
    clean your curtains

    Listen now and share with your friends as you prepare for spring!