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    Sprigeo Founder with Olweus National Trainer Jane Riese

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    Jane Riese is the Director of Training for the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program in the United States and is a research associate with Clemson University’s Institute on Family and Neighborhood Life. The 15-minute interview will focus on her work with schools and the use of The Olweus Bullying Prevention program. If you have a question for Ms. Riese send it in an email to team@sprigeo.com.

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    Middle School Principal Paul Herrick on School Culture

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    Join Sprigeo Founder Joe Bruzzese for 15 minutes with Paul Herrick of DeForest Middle School in Wisconsin. While focusing on disproportionate discipline rates of special education, minority, and low socio-economic status students, Paul's passion manifested itself as the development of the culture model called "SOLAR", or "Solution Oriented Learning, Accountability, and Restoration".  Serving as the district administrator for PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) in DeForest, Paul has pushed the boundaries of SOLAR to develop exciting new support systems for students, staff, and families. 
    Paul will discuss answers to the following questions:
    Can you explain to listeners what the SOLAR model is? On your website, you talk about building a "Culture of CHARACTER".  What does this mean, and why is it important? You've obviously got experience implementing SOLAR at a school level with positive results.  Can parents use and apply the philosophies of SOLAR?

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    Dr. Edward Dragan - This month's author and parenting expert

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    Join author Dr. Edward Dragan on this month's Sprigeo exclusive interview. Dr. Dragan will share answers to the following three questions during a brief 15-minute live interview:
    1. What are some signs parents should look for to determine if their child is being bullied in school and how can parents effectively communicate with their children to find out what’s happening?
    2. What can you tell parents about how to effectively communicate with the school to help end the bullying of their child?
    3. Your new book, The Bully Action Guide: How to Help Your Child and Get Your School to Listen, was recently released. Can you tell us why you wrote this book and how it will help end bullying?

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    Dr. Marilyn Campbell of Australia discusses cyberbullying

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    Dr. Marilyn Campbell of Queensland, Australia will join Sprigeo Founder, Joe Bruzzese to discuss the topic of cyberbullying. As an expert in the field of education and technology, Dr. Campbell will share her perspective on an issue that has become an international challenge. The 15-minute interview will focus on the following three questions. If you have a question for Dr. Campbell send it in an email to team@sprigeo.com
    What is cyberbullying? Is it harmful? What can we do about prevention and intervention

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    Dr. Kimberly Mason advises parents on cyberbullying

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    Dr. Kimberly Mason is an assistant professor and practicum and internship coordinator in the Counselor Education Program at the University of New Orleans. She earned her M.Ed. in Mental Health Counseling and Ph.D. in Counselor Education, minor child/adolescent counseling emphasis in School Counseling, from the University of New Orleans.
    Join Sprigeo Founder, Joe Bruzzese and Dr. Mason as they discuss the following 3 questions during their 15-minute live interview:
    What makes face-to-face bullying different from cyberbullying? Why are they using social platforms to be cruel? What can youth and parents do if they are involved in cyberbullying?

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    Bullying 101 for parents with Dr. Michael R. Carpenter

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    Share 15 minutes with Michael R. Carpenter PhD, a violence, drug, and student assistance program consultant who lives in metropolitan Atlanta (Georgia). During the 15-minute interview with Sprigeo Founder, Joe Bruzzese you will hear answers to the following questions:

    According to research, where is the rate of bullying and victimization greater? Are boys/girls bullying more? Are boys/girls being bullied more?

    What wisdom could you give parents to teach their children? Any simple lesson?

    Should parents ask for children to stand up to the student bullying them? In other words should we try to empower the victim?

    Are there different types of students who bully or are being bullied?

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    Tips and Tricks for keeping kids safe online

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    Middle school and High school parents:
    Join Sprigeo Founder, Joe Bruzzese and Stephen Balkam, Founder and CEO of the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI), an international, nonprofit organization headquartered in Washington, DC.  FOSI’s mission is to make the online world safer for kids and their families.  FOSI convenes the top thinkers and practitioners in government, industry and the nonprofit sectors to collaborate and innovate and to create a “culture of responsibility” in the online world. A prolific tweeter and regular blogger for Huffington Post, Stephen is a known leader in developing best practices and promoting proper rules, tools and education in schools to keep kids safe online. Stephen has appeared on nationally syndicated TV and radio programs such as MSNBC, CNN, NPR and the BBC and has been quoted by the Associated Press and in leading newspapers such as the Washington Post and New York Times. Learn more about FOSI at www.fosi.org and follow Stephen on Twitter at @StephenBalkam.
    Joe and Stephen will discuss the following questions during their 15-minute live call:
    What are some of the best tips and tricks that parents can use to keep their kids safe online? What programs or tools should parents know about? What role should parents play in regulating and correcting online behavior, vs. the role of schools or government? How can parents keep their kids from getting into trouble online when the kids often know so much more about the technology than the parents?

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    Trudy Ludwig, author of Confessions of a Former Bully

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    Join author Trudy Ludwig on this month's Sprigeo Parent Toolbox exclusive interview. Trudy will share answers to the following three big questions during a brief 15-minute live interview. 1. You’ve written numerous children’s books on bullying. Can you elaborate on how, as an author, you feel books can help kids deal with bullying?   2. What do you think works and doesn’t work when it comes to addressing aggression in schools?   3. You’re a parent of two teens. What advice can you give to other parents when it comes to addressing peer cruelty and making healthy friendship choices?

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    Changing your school culture with David Perrodin

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    David Perrodin is the Director of Student Services for the DeForest Area School District in DeForest, Wisconsin where he oversees special education, counseling and nursing services for the district’s 3500 students.

    If you have a question for Mr. Perrodin please send it in an email to team@sprigeo.com. The 15-minute interview with Mr. Perrodin will focus on the following three questions:

    How does one person rapidly mobilize school and community resources for large-scale proactive school culture and discipline professional development?

    Do you perceive that educators experience a blissful unawareness of bullying mandates and unintentional mass noncompliance of required school bullying reporting to the public?

    If the intent is to define and defeat bullying, then how should schools collect and analyze discipline and bullying data?

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    Helping bystanders become allies at your school

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    Aaron Tarnutzer currently serves the community of McFarland, Wisconsin, as the Associate Principal of Indian Mound Middle School.
    Facing increasing numbers of discipline referrals, especially among special education, minority, and low socio-economic status students, Aaron played a key role in developing a unique approach to promoting a positive school culture and student social and emotional development called "SOLAR", or "Solution Oriented Learning, Accountability, and Restoration." After earning a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership from Cardinal Stritch University.
    Aaron also serves as the the district administrator for PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) in McFarland and is a Non-violent Crisis Intervention Trainer.
    Interview questions:
    Research shows that # of incidents of bullying tend to peak during middle school. As an Associate Principal of a middle school, why do you think this is true? You use the discipline model called SOLAR (solution oriented learning accountability, and restoration). Can you give us some examples of how apply this model to incidents of bullying behavior? It seems there is an often silent majority of youth who are bystanders to incidents where they know someone is doing something that is not right. How do you help these youth become allies?

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    Bullying Expert, Nancy Willard, trends in schools today

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    Nancy's extensive background and current connection to research and experts in the field of bullying and school safety uniquely qualifies her to talk about current trends among kids today
    During this 15-minute live interview Nancy will also share her thoughts on the impact of Lady Gaga's new Born This Way Foundation and the potential that organizations like this have for changing the culture of how kids treat each other.
    Nancy Willard, M.S., J.D. is the director of the Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use. She has degrees in special education and law, taught “at risk” children, practiced computer law, and was an educational technology consultant before focusing her professional attention on issues of youth risk online and management of student Internet use.

    Nancy is author of: Cyber Savvy: Embracing Digital Safety and Civility (2011, Corwin Press), Cyberbullying and Cyberthreats: Responding to the Challenge of Online Social Cruelty, Threats, and Distress (2007, Research Press), Cyber-Safe Kids, Cyber-Savvy Teens, Helping Young People Use the Internet Safety and Responsibly (2007, Jossey Bass). She has also created two online courses that are presented by Knowledge Delivery Systems, Cyber Savvy: Promoting Students’ Safe and Civil Internet Practice and Empowering Students Against Digital Aggression, Abuse, and Exploitation. Her web site is http://embracingdigitalyouth.org.