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    The Rewards & Challenges of Military Spouses

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    May is Miltary Spouse Appreciation Month! Join Family of a Vet Blog Talk Radio Show host, Debbie Sprague and her guest Laura Newcomer on Tuesday, May 6, 2014 , 6:30-7:30pm CST for an insight into three generations of life as a military spouse. Laura's experience began when she was fourteen and her stepfather joined the Navy, and she began the adventure of a lifetime. As a young woman, she married an active duty Navy man, and they had two daughters during his military career. One of her daughters is married to an active duty Airforce man. Laura will share the rewards and challenges of being a military spouse from her own experiences, and also how things have changed for military spouses over the course of three decades.

    Can't Listen In Live? The show is recorded so you can listen at your convenience. Just return to this link to find the show recording.

    Listeners are invited to call-in with questions & comments.

    Telephone: (323) 657-1470



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    Live, Love, Laugh Presents "Spouses In Ministry" - Lady White

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    During the month of September, the Live, Love, Laugh Show will interview spouses of individuals who work in ministry. The intent of the show is to get an understanding of what ministers' partners go through when their partner is walking with Christ and working in the ministry. 

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    Live, Love, Laugh Presents "Spouses In Ministry" - First G Aaron Leigh-Heard

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    During the month of September, the Live, Love, Laugh Show will interview spouses of individuals who work in ministry. The intent of the show is to get an understanding of what ministers' partners go through when their partner is walking with Christ and working in the ministry. 

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    MMSRS #14 - How should others thank us for being military spouses?

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    Debate time! Some of the military spouses out there feel they should be recognised for their sacrifice. Others say we spouses are the ones who are truly sacrificing - it is our military wives that are doing the sacrificing. The debate is ongoing online, here is your chance to call in and verbalize without having to fight spellcheckers.

    Live call-in show for and by Male Military Husbands - our wives get transfered all the time, sometimes every year, where do we find meaningful employement that can follow her where she goes? We will field ALL callers, who may get caustic in thier frustration, but, we do NOT censor the show - speak your mind! Host Dave Etter will run this for a half hour, and, after the show is over, will edit down a version that is family friendly for podcast download - fair enuff? Ok, guys, bring it on!

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    A Special SNRN Evening Event: Spiritual Spouses

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    February 20, 2014

    Please join us this evening at 8 PM EST for a two hour special, "Spiritual Spouses," on the Star Nations Radio Network.

    Join Denise Iwaniw and her husband, Todd Francisco, Minnie Kansman and her husband, Rein, Yvette Neshi Lokotz and her husband, Paul Lokotz, Sandra Harrick and special guest host, Eddie Mullins!

    The guys will share about their experience and insight of being in a relationship with women who work in the realm of Spirit and Spirituality. The guys talk about how they balance this in their personal and professional lives.

    The Spiritual Spouses Show will be hosted by Eddie Mullins, host of Connecting with the Archangels radio show. Eddie will guide the spiritual conversation as the spouses share with our listening audience. Please join us for this special show, Spiritual Spouses at 8 p.m. EST on Star Nations Radio Network.

    Following the Spiritual Spouses Show, at 9 p.m. EST on Sacred Hoop, the flipside will be discussed by Neshi, Denise, Sandra and Minnie as they share from their point of view their experience in balancing their spiritual business/life with spouses, family, and friends.

    Please view our Disclaimer for our radio programming.


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    Stroke Risk in Straight Spouses

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    This radio show educates, affirms, validates, supports, and empowers straight spouses everywhere. It is hosted by Debbie Thomas-Brown Founder/ President of South Florida Connects, Inc. a Miramar, Florida based outreach and advocacy non-profit organization. Debbie is a Nurse of Jamaican heritage and she is also the Minority Straight Spouse Liaison for the Bonnie Kaye Straight Wives Support Group.  
    Your unfourtunate reality is this: You  are married to someone who was not real with you because they are living a secret gay lifestyle.  Now that you know, you have to strategize your life so that you can recover from this debilitating and shocking reality. Don't let a stroke debilitate you further.
    You have a closeted gay spouse. This show is to help you find your way as you travel through your journey toward recovery. Straight Spouse Awareness is the key to helping you understad this new dynamic of your mixed orientation marriage.
    You are not alone!  
    Visit us at: http://www.sou

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    AWTR Show 448: American Military Spouses Choir

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    Army Wife Talk Radio is the leading internet talk radio show for Army wives, by Army wives. AWTR is hosted by the Army Wife Network Core Team -  www.ArmyWifeNetwork.com. AWTR guests bring exciting, relevant topics and resources to the attention of our military families.

    Main Guest: American Military Spouses Choir

    Resource of the Week: KidsRank.org

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    How a Single Woman or Man can Keep themselves for the God Ordained Spouses

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    The devil, who is trying to deceive us into sin, can be resisted successfully. If he is resisted he will flee from the one resisting him. Jesus was tempted by the devil, resisted him and never sinned. How did the Lord resist the devil victoriously? He did it by giving the devil the word of God and not mentally entertaining his temptations. See Luke 4:1-13. Similarly, a righteous person doesn’t have to yield to the devil’s temptations and sin. He can resist the devil and remain submitted to God. Hence, you do not have to sin. You can be victorious over sexual temptation and all others!

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    Marriage Etiquette- Should Spouses have Friends of the Opposite Sex?!

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    Tune in tonight as we get into Marriage Etiquette- digging deep, crossing boundaries, and finding out how trust worthy are we with our spouse or the opposite sex when it comes to our spouses being friends with the opposite sex. Should you have friends of the opposite sex when you are married or even in a committed monogamous relationship?
    Tune in to find out, and call in with your questions or comments at 718-766-4008. This is going to be a show you definably don't want to miss.

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    Why Some Spouses Don't Wear Their Wedding Ring's??

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    Let's discuss the many reasons that both men and women may not wear their wedding ring and show that they are married. Join the show at 10:00 am. Call (818)301-5834.

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    Cheating Spouses... The Heartbreak!

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    Did your spouse cheat on you? 

    How did you find out? Snooping or Confession?

    How did you handle it? 

    Forgiveness or abandoned the relationship?

    These are real things going on in our day to day lives, Christian or otherwise. It's a very sensitive issue and folks have different ways of handling the issue. The question here is how do you deal with infidelity? 

    This and more we will talk on....join us at 10pm Central USA time by calling in to listen or join the convo on 914 338 0831 or the website www.blogtalkradio.com/mobysugarscroonings and Press Play once we are on air.

    Let's rid our relationships of this evil as we swap tales ????


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