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    NY Spotlight On Success

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    Happy Halloween Everyone!!! Join us tonight for some lively conversation. We have no guest tonight so call in and let find out what's on your mind. We'll review our Halloween event & let's you know what's next for us. NY Spotlight On Success Combining the Talents of Diana Navarro and Joe Corbalis to bring the "Spotlight" on You! Inspire, Educate and Inform While Combining Business and Pleasure with a Purpose!


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    The Spotlight Studio Presents New Jack 90's

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    Join host, Sam C Smooth for The Spotlight Studio, this Saturday morning at 10am EST, exclusively on Blogtalkradio.com. This week, we feature the music of the 90's. All of the best R&B hits will be featured. Make sure you join us!!!!

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    The Spotlight Studio Presents The 80's Throwdown

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    What more 80s? Join host Sam C Smooth for The Spotlight Studio this Saturday morning at 10am EST, exclusively on Blogtalkradio.com. It's The 80's Throwdown. It's a great mix of your 80's music!!!!!

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    Power of Coaching in the 21st Century.

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    Why don’t you Introduce yourself to our listeners.

    What made you start in your field?

    How do you define the coaching you do?

    What sets you apart?

    What are the benefits of having a coach?

    What is the most fulfilling thing about what you do?

    What is your perspective on success?

    Do you have routines in your life?

    What is your favourite book?

    What words of wisdom would you tell someone who wants to have a coach?

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    The Success Principles with Janet Switzer

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    Based on her bestselling book with Jack Canfield, The Success Principles, Janet Switzer will discuss the coauthor's nearly 40 years’ worth of studying the world’s highest income earners and most profound achievers,in all fields from entrepreneurship to medicine to sports to the field of education, the arts, philanthropic endeavors… but also 'everyday' people who simply decided to pursue something they were passionate about. What emerged from this study were 64 principles that achievers use every day to move themselves forward on their success path. The book has now been updated and revised in a 10th Anniversary Edition to reveal what modern-day success icons do to achieve at the highest level.

    Janet Switzer is a 25-year veteran of generating revenue for small businesses, including many of the world’s top celebrity entrepreneurs.  In addition to coauthoring The Success Principles with Jack Canfield, she’s the #1 bestselling author of Instant Income: Strategies That Bring in the Cash for Small Businesses, Innovative Employees and Occasional Entrepreneurs from McGraw-Hill Publishers.  Her books, newsletters and training courses are used by businesspeople in more than 80 countries—spanning dozens of diverse industries and virtually every business category. 

    Learn more at: http://bit.ly/1wJsRW4

    Visit www.KateBeeders.com and get your BRAND NEW COMPLIMENTARY MINI VIDEO SERIES: "Stop Procrastinating: Start Mastering the 3 Keys to Unlimited Business Success Now” 

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    NY Spotlight On Success & the Paranormal

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    Hi Everyone
    NY Spotlight with your Hosts Diana & Joe will be discussing our dealing with the Paranormal. We will preview our upcoming project that includes an Event, A documentary and More!
    A little bit about the people we know in the NYC Arts/Entertainment/Music scene as well. 
    This week show includes the past week's news and notes, New event info and how to make great connections. Join us and some special guests for conversation that matters.
    Inspire, Educate or Inform and the "Spotlight" will be on You!

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    The Spotlight Studio Presents Halloween Hits

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    Join Sam C Smooth for the Halloween edition of The Spotlight Studio. It'll be a howling good time. The fun begins this Saturday at 10:30am EST, live and exclusively on Blogtalkradio.com!!!

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    Year in Review: How challenges yeilded opportunities to results

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    It has been challenging year yielding great success.

    Will be sharing stories of amazing people I have met in my journey of networking

    Events attended that were inspiring and memorable

    Success being Director Public Speakers Association in Toronto/ Mississauga


    Panam/ Parapan 2014 Ambassador and volunteer experience

    What I learned from some of my failures

    Using skills and strengths and making thing happen!

    Lessons learning from having great coaching and mentors

    Giving back Mentoring others.sharing a Junior Achievement of Ontario and becoming an actor!


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    Welcome to Success Hackers Reality Show!

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    Ever wished you could be more successful, but didn’t know where to look for the inspiration and guidance you need to get more out of life with less effort?

    In a new podcast produced and presented by the co-founders of Social Media Club Chicago, Barbara Rozgonyi and Jeff Willinger, you'll get expert advice on how to get more out of your day, your work and your life so you can be happier, more productive and more successful. 

    Barbara Rozgonyi on LinkedIn @wiredPRworks on Twitter ~  A digital marketing thought leader, entrepreneur, speaker/trainer and business coach, Barbara is noted as a top 50 content marketing influencer on Twitter and a top 50 Marketing/PR blogger at http://wiredPRworks.com. She is the PR author in "Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars." Entrepreneur Press 2015

    Jeff Willinger on LinkedIn @JWillie on Twitter ~ Jeff is continually named one of the top SharePoint influencers to watch. An early adopter of enterprise 2.0 technologies, social media content and marketing, e-commerce; community building, change management, and engagement, Jeff shares his insights around collaboration, knowledge management, social computing, intranets and portals, governance, user adoption, and training at many industry events around the world.

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    NY Spotlight on Success: Spotlight on Maria Giorgo

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    Hi Everyone
    We are happy and excited by all that's happening for us. We are truely Blessed. There is a lot to share!!!  This week a friend, our TV special producer and more Maria Giorgo. Singer, Skincare Products(Custom organic skincare made from scratch.) Maria is also the Founder of CD Magick - A transformation exclusively for crossdressers and those who love them.
    Maria will also talk about her call in experience with last week's guest Terra the PsycInspire, Educate or Inform and the "Spotlight" will be on You!

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    NY Spotlight on Success on Success: NJ Ghost Organization

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    Hi everyone! Join us for some great Conversation, Information and Fun. Share in our adventures as we live life out loud! This week we'll share a little more and recap the past week.  Our TV variety show is set and we'll share the details and plans. Also talk about our next event.
    NY Spotlight On Success and The Paranormal Event With a Professional Expert Panel Coming August 23rd at Chelsea Manor in NYC  
    Be the 1st to hear more details of our September Fashion Week event with our collegue Amelia Meloni PR.   Join us and this week's special guest Karen Timper she is the Founder of NJ Ghost Organization, Former US Navy Corpsman, and Author.           http://www.freewebs.com/thecrow1/ 
    She will share insights, stories and more. Inspire, Educate or Inform and "Spotlight" will be on You!

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