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    Stephen's Sports Blog

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    TODAY ON THE SHOW: Stephen discusses the latest with the NBA Playoffs, and what exactly is wrong with his predictions? And are the New York Jets a quarterback away from a Super Bowl?? You can call into the show at (646) 716-8715 or you can tweet the show @writingfanatic2 or @305SportsNLife. Stephen's Sports Blog is Monday-Friday at 3:00 PM EST here only on MSL Radio.

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    Stephen's Sports Blog

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    MSL CEO/Founder and host of "The Andrew Powell Show" Andrew Powell and newly hired MSL writer/radio personality Eric Robinson joins the show with Stephen tonight for the second episode of Stephen's Sports Blog! Tonight on the show, the guys cover the New York Giants offseason moves and have their own NFL Mock Draft. The Atlanta Hawks have clinched the #1 seed in the East! And the Los Angeles Kings caused havoc in the Tri-State area with a complete sweep. You can call into the show at (646) 716-8715 and you can tweet the show @writingfanatic2.

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    Stephen's Sports Blog w/ Casey Walloch

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    NEW EPISODE: Stephen's Sports Blog: Recap NBA Finals Game 1, FOLKS there is a Wade Watch update !!!! The crew will let you know the situation on this matter, also the Chicago Blackhawks win game 1 what doe that mean for Tampa ?? the benches cleared at Marlins-Cubs game, what will the MLB do ??? UNC Sanctions handed down. AND MORE!!!!!!!  Stephen's Sports Blog is LIVE Monday-Friday 2-2:30 PM EST. You can tweet the show HERE @305SportsNLife or you can tweet to @writingfanatic2 and/or @CaseyWalloch. The call-in # is (646) 716-8715, TUNE IN!!!!!! #MSLradio  

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    Stephen's Sports Blog

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    tune in for the best Sports talk this side of MSL!!!!!

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    Stephen's Sports Blog

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    Today on the show Steve talks about 3 buzzer beaters in two nights:Bryce Harper and Paul Pierce both wear number 34 won their respective games on the final play against an Atlanta team. 16 K's from Micheal Pineda of the Yankees, Pats releasing Kyle Arrington after losing Brandon Browner and Darelle Revis.Former Duke guard Rasheed Sulaimon tansfers to the University of Maryland, Tim Beckham allegedly forced players at Illinois to play despite being hurt. Pete Rose makes his debut on Fox Sports 1 today ! You can tweet the show @305SportsNLife or @writingfanatic2.

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    Sports Gal Pal vs Blog Talk Radio

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    What happens when a brand new podcaster gets invited to draft in a fantasy league for the first time? I don't know you should ask Matt Chatham from Football by Football podcast, he was the rookie here. Nope I've played fantasy football for years and participating in a draft with players of this high caliber is already paying dividens on my personal fantasy boards. 


    John Hansen, Fantasy Guru
    Matt Chatham, Football by Football
    Gary Davenport The Fantasy Sharks
    Dennis Farrell The Fantasy Sideline Show
    Jeff Ratcliffe PFF Radio 
    Joel Henard The Fantasy Insiders podcast 
    PodVader Next Fan Up 
    Ramona Rice The Sports Gal Pal 
    Ashley Williams Her Fantasy Football 
    Mark Morales-Smith ScoutFantasy.com (home of FF Toolbox)

    A big thanks to ScoutFantasy.com for hosting the league! 


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    Eyes Wide Open: Democratic Blog Talk

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    Tune in to Eyes Wide Open: Democratic Blog Talk on BlogTalk USA (and visit DemBlogNews) for current events in the news and politics as well as updates and analysis on both sides of the political isle as we journey along the campaign trail to Election 2016! Jacob Limon, Texas Director for Bernie Sanders' Presidential Campaign, will stop by to give us a #FeeltheBern Report! We will also be joined by Karen Jacobs, candidate for Texas state House of Representatives, district 33.  Karen will tell us about the event she attended today at Mountain View College in Dallas, Texas where Hillary Clinton was speaking.  We will also discuss Karen's decision to run for the Texas House of Representatives and her decision to run! Don't miss tonight's Eyes Wide Open: Democratic Blog Talk!

    Follow Karen "Jacobs For Texas" on Facebook and Twitter!

    Email Jacob at JacobLimon@BernieSanders.com

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    Philadelphia Sports Teams

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    Philadelphia sports fans know a thing or two about being disappointed in their teams. However, this season seems to be a different story as Philly teams are having problems winning or simply performing well. I will be talking to bloggers and fans to ask why they think this is.

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    Stephens Sports Blog w/Casey Walloch

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    NEW EPISODE:Today on the show 

    -NBA Finals Game 5 recap

    -Milissa Beaton comes on to talk NFL (Chip Kelly (is he up to something?) 

    -Dez Bryant 

    -Justin Houston

    -Which rookie will make a bigger impact? Todd Gurely in St Louis or Melvin Gordon in San Diego? Devante Parker in Miami or Phillip Dorsett in Houston? 

    All that AND MORE!!!! You can tweet the show @305SportsNLife @writingfanatic2 or @CaseyWalloch. Call-In to the show at 646-716-8715. TUNE IN to Stephens Sports Blog on MSLradio every week Monday-Friday at 2:00 P.M EST

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    The Reel sports show

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     The Reel Sports Show is a hip reality sports show designed to give a voice and a face back to the fans.  We design our show to give a straight forward look at today's sports topic with a strong comedy twist to our conversations.  Along with have skits that are the best in the industry to give a shout visual look at a situation more than just words.  Sports in tha HOOD aim to be the number one sports show.  
            We have the best analyst this side of the "NILE" giving you the best of the best Frzz Mr. Innovator, 

    Rick mr. Know It 

    D. O. the man Mr. statistics, This team brings a wide range of views to the table and over 60 years of sports knowledge and experience both on and off the fields.  Great oto listen to and watch.  more than that Fun to be a part of.... 
            Sports in tha HOOD will start airing in your local areas in 2010.  We will visit your local barber shops, hair salons, sports lounges, churches, office break rooms, poker games,  practice facilities, from little league to high school to college to pro's no matter what NeighborHOOD you live in, if your talking sports,