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  • 01:01

    Psychic Pets (Pet Spooktacular Intro)

    in Pets

    In our original Pets and the Paranormal episode, we discussed what appears to be a sixth a sense in animals.  In this episode, we further explore the topic of the unique ability of animals to seemingly sense certain events such as weather catastrophes, and even deaths.  We will also explore situations where humans have exploited animals, using them in trickery to convince others of some unique powers or abilities that the animal does not possess.  So be sure to join us, Saturday, October 4th at 5pm Central time for our introductory episode of Pet Spooktacular month.  You won't want to miss it!

  • 01:04

    Halloween Spooktacular!!

    in Internet

    Halloween Spooktacular!! Fabio talks about how Scary Keywords are, and where to get them how to choose keywords & what are negitive keywords. When Ryan asks a bunch of question cause he knows nothing about Keywords :)

    Dave has some big new for the SEO community!!

  • 02:00

    Halloween Spooktacular

    in Music

    Join Amy Beth for the second annual  Halloween Spooktacular! We delve into the archives playing as many of your seasonal requests as we can cram into our crypt.

    Play along with our unofficial, unscientific listener polls on favorite Halloween costumes, treats, and movies. 

    Tweet before/during show @abwrites  Call in during show 347-857-4505 

  • 02:02

    PSHRadio Halloween Spooktacular

    in Paranormal

    Join Sam as she is joined by a few paranormal teams she has get to know very well and friends as they talk everything paranormal. Also Sam will be discussing how the day "Halloween" all started from the very first day.

    So please join us at this spooky time to enter the paranormal world to try and not spook you as she also discusses the Ghost Hunts she went along to on the 24th and 25th October with Haunted Events UK and UK-Haunted we would also like your views on Halloween if you enjoy it or you just watch it for the horror movies which is on the TV so please don't forget to follow us on Twitter @PSHRadio and also Subscribe to our youtube channel which is Paranormal Spirit Hunters Radio.

    If you have any questions for the guests please feel free to tweet us or contact us on the chat room

  • 00:27

    PheMOMenal Life- Spooktacular Tips for Halloween

    in Moms and Family

    In this episode Coach Paula will talk about Halloween safety tips, party fun and how to have a spooktacular evening that is safe and fun for all your little gremlins. You won't want to miss this fun and entertaining episode!

  • 02:01

    Our 5th Annual Halloween Spooktacular

    in Poetry

    We are so proud to announce that this show will mark our FIFTH Annual Halloween Spooktacular! There will be no callers, no blog chat, no promos, no chat at all. This show is our Halloween Treat to you, our listeners!

    Sit back. Light some candles or even better yet, a Jack-o-Lantern. Turn off the lights and listen to two hours of poetry and stories that are designed to give you the TOTAL Halloween Experience with no interruptions. It will even make the perfect background for all your Halloween Festivites too!

    Presented in this show are 48 poems and stories by the following authors: Coralie Rowe, Cousin Vampire, D.S. Scott, Deb Harman, Dona Fox, Edgar Allan Poe, Josh Miller, K. Nicole Kiger, Karen Elizabeth Waters, Kay Irvin, Lanaia Lee, Lemmy Rushmore, Lori R. Lopez, Mary Genevieve Fortier, Morgan Sylvia, Patrick James Ryan, Prem Anand R, S.B.Lacroix, Viktor Aurelius, W.C. Morrow, W.B. Yeates, and William Cook. Thank you for being guests on our show throughout the years!


    Please visit my website to download these mp3s individually after the show has aired: http://viktoraurelius.com/whispers-from-the-voice/

  • 01:07

    Halloween Spooktacular! With Psychic Medium Liza Casa & Exorcist Bob Larson

    in Current Events

    Halloween Spooktacular! With Psychic Medium Liza Casa & Exorcist Bob Larson

  • 02:01

    Spooktacular Halloween and Boobies Extravaganza

    in Comedy

    That's right kids! It's time once again for an IWS Radio Halloween Extravaganza!! Matt and Jay will celebrate all the scary things that make Halloween so great and so awful. Then they will rank Halloween treats and give advice on what you should hand out. Maybe they'll talk about their favoirte scary movies and what makes a good Halloween film.

    Also, Halloween means parties! What are the coolest costumes for 2014? Need some original ideas? Matt and Jay are all over that stuff! They'll help you plan the ultimate trick or treating celebration and give you a few do's and dont's to follow.

    The IWS Players will be along to do a dramatic reading of Edith Wharton's "All Souls." Joshua will sit down with Count Dracula for a deep, hard-hitting interview. We'll also hear from other IWS correspondents as they celebrate and analyze Halloween like no other show on internet radio.

    All that and YOUR CALLS! Join us for all the spooky and creepy fun. Or are you afraid???

  • 00:21

    Chatting with Carol on a Spooktacular Day

    in Entertainment

    helooooween glad you are here can't wait for the show today we are going to have a loto f fun so tune in and let's have a great start to the howloween weeend. My favorite holiday as a kid growing up I love dto dres up and knowck on doors for candy. Still love to eat candy lol so today we have a great line up of guest. We want you to feel a part of it and so participate and enjoy the show with us,

  • 01:31

    Vertically Striped Radio 185 - Halloween Spooktacular 2

    in Podcasting

    The world has Jerry Fairish to either thank or blame for this episode of VSR. It's our second annual Halloween Spooktacular with spookiness and creepiness to beat the band. We also sit down with Mr. Fairish and have a talk that centers on Halloween, but also veers randomly into Las Vegas tourism talk. Download and enjoy this new holiday tradition, won't you?

  • 01:02

    The Haunted Hunters Spooktacular Halloween Show

    in Paranormal

    This week we will be talking about Halloween legends and folklore with a little bit of comedy and fun as usual.  This will not be a live show.

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