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    Come listen to us speak with the Legendary rock n roll ghost hunter himself!

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    Join the host Charity Oswald, and co-host Joe Vitale as we welcome Keith Age!

    Keith Age has been called “The Legendary Rock-n-Roll Ghost Hunter”, mostly because he has over 30 years of experience in paranormal research and because he has been a professional musician even longer. He is also the Founder and President of the Louisville Ghost Hunters Society, which was formed in 1996 and has over 4,000 members worldwide.  Beyond hearing Keith Age on hundreds of radio stations internationally, he can also be seen on the Syfy Channel. He is the host and Associate Producer of the Booth Bro., Spooked Tv, highly acclaimed documentary Spooked series which includes Spooked: Ghosts of Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Children of the Grave, and many more. Along with his duties as Associate Producer of Spooked Television Releasing, he can be found at numerous speaking engagements nationally.

    You can find Keith on his fan facebook page:


    The Louisville Ghost Hunters Scoiety:



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    Under the Covers with June - A Spooky Saturday morning with Old Time Radio

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    Join June on this Saturday morning where she will talk about her recent trips and investigations in the Paranormal world and will play an old Mystery Radio Show from the 30's, 40's or 50's.  This morning we will play an old Radio Show called Lord Marley's Ghost.  So, snuggle up under the covers and let June tell you a few little REAL ghost stories too. 

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    Liveparanormal.com Spooked TV Booth Brothers

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    The Booth Brothers of Spooked TV On www.liveparanormal.com History FM Radio

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    Stranger Than Life Guest Keith Age and Christopher Saint Booth

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    Paranormal Boot Camp Events is happy to present "Stranger than Life" a new show on Blog Talk Radio, which will be airing on November 14th from 7pm-9pm. Stranger than Life will enter the minds of the best within the paranormal community. For our first show we would like to welcome Keith Age and Christopher Saint Booth.

    Keith Age "The Legendary Rock-n-Roll Ghost Hunter", with over 30 years of experience in paranormal research and he has been a professional musician even longer. Keith is also the Founder and President of the Louisville Ghost Hunters Society, which was formed in 1996 and has over 4,000 members worldwide. He is the host and Associate Producer of the Booth Brothers "Spooked TV" highly acclaimed documentary Spooked series. Which includes: *Spooked: Ghosts of Waverly Hills Sanatorium *Children of the Grave *The Possessed *The Haunted Boy: The secret diary of the Exorcist Case *Soul Catcher: trail of Fears *Children of the Grave II *The Unseen. He also has been on several networks for his expertise, and other documentaries such as "Creepy Canada and Ghosts of Galena".http:http://www.louisvilleghs.com

    Christopher Saint Booth CEO of Spooked Productions and Twintalk Entertainment, and 11 Award winner. Producer, Director, Composer and Production Designer of films, TV and documentaries for Syfy Channel. Known for films: Dead Still (Syfy) Death Tunnel (Sony Pictures), The Possessed, Spooked, Children Of The Grave (as seen on Syfy), The Exorcist File (Redbox) and DarkPlace (Amazon).http://www.spookedproductions.blogspot.com







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    Interviewing Christopher Saint Booth!

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    Join in and listen as we chit chat with our special guest Christopher Saint Booth.....Author, producer, composer, production designer and director of films, TV and docs for Spooked TV, Syfy, Chiller and more. Films include Death Tunnel, Spooked, Dead Still, The Possessed And Children Of The Grave.

    Regina Stewart will be leading the interview with her co-host Teresa McLean & Rhonda Stone.  Hear his take on how he views the "Exorcism Live" project and get the scoop on his other future endeavors. We are so excited to have Christopher on our show!!!

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    1/2 Hour of Hell (from the RV)

    in Sports

    Lions, Vikings, and Bears, oh my! It's Halloween Weekend, so let the craziness in the NFL begin. Brady & the Pats weren't spooked at all by the 'Phins to remain unbeaten.. Who's going to join them? The Game of the Week features A-Rod & the Pack going into the Mile High city to take on Peyton Manning & the Broncos. #1 D vs #1 O (or one of the best, at least).. Also, Cam & the Panthers look to continue Andrew Luck & the Colts surprisingly shitty season.. The Bengals are in Pittsburgh looking to remain undefeated, but Big Ben is back, and probably has different plans.. Also, much coverage on the Vikes, as they head to Soldier Field looking to take care of biz against a resurgent Bears squad.   

  • Under the Covers with June - A Spooky Saturday morning

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    Join June as she discusses things going on in the paranormal world of AGHOST, events at Spooked in Seattle, events on the U.S.S. Turner Joy and after all that, she is going to play an old time radio Mystery Show from the 1940s called The Old Ones are Hard to Kill.  She will also play some EVPs from past investigations and talk about their trip to St. Augustine Florida, Iceland, London and Scotland. So many amazing things going on. Also June and Scott's Appearance on New Day Northwest, a talk show on King 5 (which will be on Thursday).

  • The Witching Hour on Into the Night with Stone

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    Tonight on the Witching hour we talk about the shows that are out there.  How hard would it be to prove the supernatural.  Would science do a better job at proving or probing that dimension?  Could they or would they?  After all if we could understand the bump in the night then Stephen King would be out of a job.  Let’s see how spooked we could get in 30 min.  Join me tonight as we go Into the Night on the Witching Hour!  

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    Beyond The Veil With Christopher Saint Booth - September 20,2015

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    Incubi Incarnate Broadcast Network presents the PREMIERE of Beyond The Veil with your host Lisa Lamrock joined by special co-host Holly Mullins of The Freak Show and VERY special guest Christopher Saint Booth of Spooked TV, SyFy and guest of the Mineral Wells ParaCon 2015!

    Be sure to tune in and join the interactive chat room on our website at www.incubiincarnate.com/btvlistenlive!

    Christopher Saint Booth born in Yorkshire, England started his career at an early age. Influenced by The Beatles, singing and strumming at the age of four. Atlantic crossing brought them to Canada where at the age of thirteen he was writing and performing at the local establishments. In 1978 he was invited to combine forces with, Juno award winner, Sweeney Todd. (London Records) Worldwide touring commenced immediately as their new gold album paved his way to sunny California. Upon arriving in Los Angeles, greeted with a publishing deal (RCA Music) he began writing vocalizations and musical scores for film, cable and television. Christopher, a successful film and music Director, Producer, Production Designer and Composer has written, edited, animated, directed and scored some of Billboard's Top Ten releases including, Film Features, TV shows, Music Videos and worldwide releases. Producer and Director of films and documentaries for Syfy, Chiller, NBC Universal, Spooked TV Productions, At&t, Vimeo, Apple iTunes, Netflix, Roku and more worldwide. CEO of Spooked Television and Twintalk Entertainment. Films include Dead Still (Syfy), Death Tunnel (Sony Pictures), The Possessed, Spooked, Children Of The Grave (Syfy Channel/NBC Universal), The Exorcist File-Haunted Boy (Redbox), Children Of The Grave 2, Soul Catcher and DarkPlace. 

    Don't forget to follow Beyond The Veil on Twitter @BTVIIBN and to get your tickets for the Mineral Wells ParaCon 2015 before they sell out at www.MWP2015.com!

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    Ghost Gurlz - Overnight Investigation at Spooked in Seattle

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    Join Ghost Gurlz as we talk about our last investigation at Spooked in Seattle Headquarters in Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA. We'll talk about past investigations there also and play some interesting EVPs that we found! 

    If you have any questions or want to see pictures, please log on to FaceBook and search for Ghost Gurlz and join our page. We'd love to hear from you!

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to send an e-mail to aghostradionetwork@gmail.com, thanks!

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    Under the Covers with June - Spooky Saturday mornings

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    Welcome and jump under the covers with me as we listen to an old tyme radio show, this time it is going to be the Ellery Queen Old Radio Show - Dead Man's Cavern.  I'll also talk about upcoming events with the Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle Tacoma or anything fun that is happening with Spooked in Seattle.  I will also play some EVP's from past investigations and you can make a guess what they say or sound like.

    So let's have a fun and spooky Saturday morning!

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