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    Bob Smithouser of Odyssey Adventure Club presented by Gracefully-Yours

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    Bob Smithouser of Odyssey Adventure Club presented by Gracefully-Yours, America's favorite site for inspirational greeting cards and fine art.

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    Mentoring Monday with Lori Berry of 4WordWomen presented by Gracefully-Yours

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    Mentoring Monday brings back Lori Berry to share a few valuable mentoring and mentee tips from 4wordwomen.org. Director of Operations.

    Lori Berry has a diverse background in business and ministry, as well as extensive experience in non-profit settings.  She is an experienced writer, speaker, teacher, ministry leader, and corporate consultant. Married for a quarter of a century to her supportive husband Rich, Lori resides in Texas and has three children ages 19, 16, and 11. Lori is also a Master of Arts/Pastoral Counseling candidate at Liberty University.

    With a heart for ministry to women, Lori adds value through strategic leadership and coaching and lives out her passion for encouraging and supporting women throughout their different life stages, including marriage, parenting, and career.

    This show is sponsored by Gracefully-yours.com, America's favorite site for inspirational fine art and greeting cards.

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    Madalyn Suits on Mentoring Monday presented by 4wordwomen and Gracefully-yours

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    Madalyn Suits grew up Catholic just outside of St.Louis - with faith as more of a discipline.

    Upon settling in Atlanta, Ga she began attending  a Christian church led by Andy Stanley.

    Suits is a wife, mother of 4, runs her own residential real estate team, builds houses and loves to workout.

    She volunteers in all areas  from reading to children in poor schools, serving meals to the sick (bringing my children) and constantly raising money and supplies for refugees, childrens healthcare of Atlanta, college ministries, missions and more.

    Madalyn feels that actions speak louder than words everytime. However, she is not afraid to say what I believe in to whoever is listening!

    While they might not be at a place to hear her that day - it might trigger something on another day.

    This show is sponsored by Gracefully-yours.com, America's favorite inspirational greeting cards and gifts.



    2014 #1 Group in the KW Rawls Group 

    2014 #1 Luxury Agent in the KW Rawls Group

    15 Year member of the Multi-Million Dollar Sales Club

    Active Member of the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing

    KW Rawls Group includes: Keller Williams Realty First Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Keller Williams Realty Peachtree Road, Keller Williams Realty Smyrna/Vinings, Keller Williams Realty Buckhead, Keller Williams Realty East Cobb, Keller Williams Realty Perimeter North, Dunwoody and Keller Williams Realty Peachtree Battle

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    The Shop With J.Short

    in Sports

    A Block: Intro and Conference Finals


    Conference Finals 

    1. Panthers-Cardinals

    A. Thoughts

    B. Why were Panthers so dominant?

    2. Patriots-Broncos

    A. Thoughts

    B. Where was Patriots offense?

    3. Old School(Peyton) vs. New School(Cam)

    B Block: Hot Topics 

    1. Kathryn Smith, First Female Full-Time Assistant

    A. Exception or Trend

    2. FSU Settles With Erica Kinsman

    A. Drama finally over

    3. Winston Named as Pro Bowl Replacement

    A. Is this the beginning of a Hall of Fame career?

    C Block: More Hot Topics 

    1. Deadspin Reports

    A. Floyd Mayweather/J.Prince

    B. Johnny Bach Jordan Stories

    3. Ryan Broyles Essay on Financial Literacy

    A. Do more players need to follow his example?

    D Block: Discussion and Keepin it 100 

    Discussion: What’s up with the Cavs Drama? 

    A. Initial Reaction of Firing

    B. Is LeBron responsible?

    C. Right Move

    D. How will Lue Do?

    E. Are Cavs done making moves?

    Keepin It 100 


    Send-Off Music 

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    The Shop With J.Short(Super Bowl Special)

    in Sports

    A Block: Intro and Hot Topics


    Hot Topics 

    1. Senior Bowl

    A. Stephen M. Recaps

    2. Pro Bowl

    A. Lowest Ratings Ever

    B. Time to eliminate

    3. Calvin Johnson’s Retirement

    A. Staying Retired?

    B. Hall of Famer?


    B Block: More Hot Topics 

    1. Baylor Sexual Assaults

    A. Cultural Problem?

    2. Blake Griffin Drama

    A. Should Clippers trade him?

    3. Signing Day

    A. Is it worth the hype?

    B. Two signing periods?


    C Block: Super Bowl Preview 

    1. Broncos-Panthers Breakdown

    2. Cam vs. Peyton

    A. Has it become a villain vs. hero storyline?

    3. Who wins and why?

    D Block: Discussion and Keepin It 100 

    Discussion: Is Cam Right about his criticism? 

    A. Culture or Race?

    B. Does he need to tone it down?

    C. What happens if he wins?

    Keepin It 100 



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    Teaching from GOD, By Courtney Amundson

    in Spirituality

    Teachings from God, Greeting Your Soul and Revealing the Divine Within by Courtney Amundson

     The essence of Teachings from God is to uncover our true nature, the divine within, that once discovered will launch every person on a path of empowerment.  The teachings help seekers to find, discover, remember the limitless aspects of human capacity so that we can attain more freedom in our daily living.  Free from limiting beliefs that hold us back from our potential. Free to create outcomes that we dared not imagine previously. Free to live unencumbered, for those who dare to lift the veil.

    Courtney Amundson Biography:  Courtney Amundson began her path as a seeker at a young age, progressing to the point that these teachings began to flow through her, effortlessly and with complete love and joy, starting at age 16. In the beginning, the wisdom was received for her own evolution and understanding, but after a short time she was guided to share it with as many people as possible through Teachings from God. Since then, she has worked single-mindedly on getting these teachings out to the public, not only through the work of the book, but expanding into sharing her insights through publishing articles and speaking.

    Teachings from God, Greeting Your Soul and Revealing the Divine Within, priced at $19.99 for trade paperback, is available at Amazon.com. It is also available on Kindle for $9.99.

    Aeson find this book to be very useful and also that it covers thing in a easy to read format taking you from the basic idea of awaking your soul seeing what your divine purposes is, how thing work and also what you are able to do with your growth, plus it help understand your place with in the work of this plane. This is a great first book for the seeker.

    Five coffee cups

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    The Underground Chop Shop

    in Lifestyle

    8 (est.) pm is the time and The Underground Chop Shop is the place! You don't want to miss this show because it will be through the roof! Join me and my guest...the one...the only...Keyondra Lockett, as she stops by to chop it up with ya boy!

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    The Shop With J.Short

    in Sports

    A Block: Intro and NFC Divisional Round


    1. Panthers-Seahawks

    A. Troll Game

    B. Alarming that they let up in second half?

    2. Packers-Cardinals

    A. Was it a catch?

    B. Happy for Fitzgerald/Palmer

    B Block: AFC Divisional Round 

    1. Broncos-Steelers

    A. Manning most overrated great QB of all-time?

    2. Patriots-Chiefs

    A. Is this Alex Smith’s peak?

    C Block: Hot Topics

    1. Chip Kelly to 49ers

    A. Will it work?

    2. Rams to LA

    A. Was it about time?

    3. Whitlock Article: Are black athletes/entertainers coddled too much

    D Block: More Hot Topics

    1. Ditka Flexin for the Gram

    2. Matt Barnes

    A. Are his threats getting old?

    3. Is it time to start the Steph Curry best player in the world discussion?

    E Block: NFL Conference Finals

    1. AFC Conference Finals

    A. Patriots-Broncos

    2. NFC Conference Finals

    A. Panthers-Cardinals

    F Block: Should coaches be culpable for player’s behavior? 

    A. Lawrence Phillips

    Keepin It 100 with J 



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    Special Report - Why the Occult & Metaphysical Community Should Steer Clear.

    in Spirituality

     Welcome to the Psychic coffee shop, Special Report hosted by Aeson Knight and Sophera Light, set down with David Wood, to talk about discriminatory nature of Etsy,

    Aeson Knight is a master psychic of more than 22 years. He is a certified clairvoyant who host an international clientele from average house wives to government officials.

    Sophera Light, is an empath, a clairvoyant and have done some channeling work as well. I am also a tarot reader, Reiki Master, Pow-wow practitioner which all have assisted me in my spiritual journey.

    David Wood has worn many hats in my day and the latest is a crown.   He is mainstream & pagan recording artist and musician.  I have also been a practicing Witch since 1987 with a dream of one day making the big time and secretly owning a little magic shop to sell all my oils and recipes.  Nowadays you don't have to have a building to make that dream come true, though it would be nice.

    Most conjure oils are created to anoint candles for your purpose, anoint money to bring it back to you, scent the room to change the energy, so on and so forth.  All of His oils are very divinely scented and exquisite, yet contain the correct ingredients to energetically bring about your desire.

    We will invite other guest to talk about their experiences on etsy and also what they are doing now.

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    Episode 3208 - The Inheritance is yours right now - Joseph Cohen / Sister Evelyn

    in Spirituality

    Episode 3208 - The Inheritance is yours right now

    Pastor Joseph Cohen www.newhopeinthelord.com

    Recorded 2-2-2016 on Omega Man Radio omegamanradio.com

    Special Guest: Sister Evelyn

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    The Capacity to Love: What's Yours?

    in Christianity

    God is love! We know love through God! But some of us have a warped sense of love because we were not all shown the God kind of love. For some of us love equals abuse. For others love means abandonment. Still for others love means hurt and pain. When we experience the kind of 'love' that is mentioned above, we are left empty, confused, afraid, and in a state of declaring "love does not, will not, cannot live here". Our love capacity is empty or none existent. This is not God's will for your life. He wants you healed, delieved, and full of HIS Love! Tonight we will talk about God's love and our capacity to love the way God intended! Study Ephesians 3:17-19. Talk with you then!