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    The New Elephant in the Room: Spirituality

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    The global business world is evolving at a break-neck pace, creating an environment in which outdated norms and practices are routinely challenged and set aside. One compelling benefit of this evolution has been the creation of more open and welcoming workplaces – in which people from all walks of life can be true to themselves while at work. At the same time, spirituality is one topic that all too often remains taboo while on the job. In this episode of their popular radio show, Daniel and Johnnie lead a frank, engaging discussion on why your spirituality can and should be a visible component of everything you do in life – including going to work. 

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    Spirituality in Business: Empowering Women in Business

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    Join Dr. Cheryl Cottle and guest Christine Miura on Women in Business Radio, on Monday 15, September at 11:00am EST where Dr. Cottle continues her segment on "spirituality and women in business". Miura will share with us, how if you are "authentically aligned with who you really are; knowing and owning your brilliance; and how all of it translates to your business and services."  The core of who you are, your perception of self, your self worth, self-confidence and self esteem are all wraped up into your spirituality. This episode will also look at, how you can create a business environment that supports spirituality and facilitate your business growth and development.

    Christine Miura is the co-founder of Lotus Conversion Marketing: Online Marketing Agency, specializing in business growth, marketing and sales conversion strategies for online and offline markets. "Christine is a business coach, strategic marketer, speaker and author. She graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and Economics. Christine has  over 13 years experience as a marketing and communications expert. Messaging and broadcasting is her speciality. She is an expert in national product launches for manufacturers since 1990 and information products since 2010.


    Host: Dr. Cheryl Cottle

    Email: ccottle@drcottle.com

    Guest: Christine Miura

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    What does Fear have to do with it?

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    Fear can make people into extreme versions of themselves and mostly these extremes are not helpful. We lose perspective and the ability to flex and adapt.

    A great leader pulls the best out of people; he or she forces nothing upon them. There's focus, of course; a clarity about what needs to be achieved and realism about the start point. But there isn't the one-upmanship that is common to fear-based relationships.

    Join Daniel and Johnnie as they explore not only dealing with fear and the leader but just fear itself and how it can destroy a work environment or your very own business.

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    Spirituality and Responding to Adversity in One's Life!

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    Join Dr. Cottle and guest on Monday 16th November, 2015 at 11:00am EST on Women in Business Radio. Dr. Cottle will be engaging in a chat with these women on the topic: Spirituality and Responding to Adversity in One's Life — How One's Spirituality helps in Developing the Resilience to Bounce Back in the Face of Adversity." Her guest will include, Priscilla Marshall, Dr. Zoee Bartholomew and Shelley Jarrett.

    Priscilla Marshall was a past guest with us when we discussed the topic — Spirituality and the Woman How to Spirituality and the Woman: How Do You Bounce Back from Reaching Rock Bottom? She will again join us to talk on this topic. You know Priscilla is a heart-centered woman who is real and honest; a woman who has faced her deepest fears and was able to rise above it all and soar like the Phoenix, because of her spirituality.

    Dr. Zoee Bartholomew holds a Doctor of Education degree and is the owner of ZMB Consulting that focuses on Behavior Education Consultancy; and lives in California.

    Shelley Jarrett is an Image/style Consultant/Media Coach/Magazine Publisher; and she is located in Ontario, Canada. She is the owner of  SJ Image Creations and her publication is SMJ Magazine. 

    Dr. Cottle, your host is an educator-entrepreneur with a deep love and passion for empowering women. She uses her creativity, innovation, originality and ideas generation capabilities to create human-centered and spiritual-centered spaces online and offline to facilitate their education, entrepreneurship, motivation and empowerment to achieve the economic and political independence to rise to their God given potential. 

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  • The Pope in America

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    It’s no secret that Pope Francis has captured the world on his visit to America. Over the last couple of months Johnnie and Daniel discussed what the Harvard Business Review called the 15 Diseases of Leadership according to Pope Francis. Join us again as we discuss in detail what millions of people have experienced with the Popes current world visits.johnni

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    Art of Masterful Delegation-Creating World Class Teams and Leaders

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    Join Johnnie and his inspirational guest and Director of Prison Fellowship, Don Dewey as they explore the true art of delegation and how it is far more than handing off leadership respnsiblities and tasks to others. What does it mean when we say that the wisdom resides with those closest to the customer and how should that shape how leaders in business and life use these priceless insights to develop our teams as well as ourselves. In a world that is realizing turnover in the leadership ranks almost daily, does it even make sense to invest the time in growing your replacement and if so, how do we do that in this non-stop world.

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    The Importance of Spirituality in Business: How important is it?

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    Join Dr. Cheryl Cottle and guest Donya Zimmerman on Women in Business Radio on Monday 18 August 2014 at 11:00am EST, where they will be discussing: The Importance of Spirituality in Business. Dr. Cottle believes that for us to have balance, we must have spirituality in our life regardless of what we are doing. How important is it to have spirituality in one's life? How do we know that we are spiritual? Join Dr. Cottle and Donya Zimmerman as they explore this issue. Similar to Dr. Cottle, Donya Zimmerman also believes that spirituality has to be the core of who we are, so that we can find balance.

    Dr. Cheryl Cottle is the Chief Executive Officer at Cottle's Professional Consulting, and the founder of Women in Business  - - an online and off-line group.

    Donya Zimmerman is the principle owner of Family & Community Mediation and Business Consulting. It provides mediation services and business consulting services to individuals, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and mid-sized businesses. Her services are organized into four areas: mediation, business information, minority owned business certification completion, and workshops/training seminars for potential business owners. Donya's business is located in Baltimore, Maryland. Donya is also a contributing writer with the Maryland Daily Examiner Newspaper.

    Host: Dr. Cheryl Cottle
    Email: ccottle@drcottle.com
    Guest: Donya Zimmerman
    Email: dzimmerman36@gmail.com

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    REPLAY: The 15 Diseases of Leadership, According to Pope Francis #11

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    The disease of indifference to others. This is where each leader thinks only of himself or herself, and loses the sincerity and warmth of [genuine] human relationships. This can happen in many ways: When the most knowledgeable person does not put that knowledge at the service of less knowledgeable colleagues, when you learn something and then keep it to yourself rather than sharing it in a helpful way with others; when out of jealousy or deceit you take joy in seeing others fall instead of helping them up and encouraging them. Join Johnnie and his guest co-host Robert Stephens, the famous founder of Geek Squad, renowned entrepreneur and inspirational leader, as they tackle the dialogue of selfish leadership and how it can tear apart even the greatest organizations.

    For more information on this article written by Gary Hamel: https://hbr.org/2015/04/the-15-diseases-of-leadership-according-to-pope-francis

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    REPLAY: Why are women important to our global evolution?

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    Join Daniel and Johnnie for a radical dialogue about the comment the Dali Lama made saying that “A Western woman would be the savior of our world”? 

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    Spirituality and Wellness

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    Spirituality and Wellness with non religious spiritual guidance from a real Shaman, you know me, Max and wellness tips from a licensed wellness professional & coach which would be Michaella. 

    We will be taking calls and you never know who is going to show up on the porch.

    As always we will bring you the insights of our favorite talking mouse with The Maxy The Porch Mouse Minute.

    As a Shaman Max does not use any religion or dogmatic sytem. 


    It’s a methodology of life that allows you to receive guidance from anywhere. It’s an evolution of understanding the psychological, spiritual and philosophical expressions all around us.

    There is no structure or rules other than to understand why something just seems to “speak” to you as well as to understand why we do what we do.

    There is no book that comes with Psychospirilosophy-.

    This is not a systematic or dogmatic system that we teach.

    This is an anti religion way of life; built on shaping a view- not giving new rules to live by.

    While there are teachings that our teachers use that are written by them, it is not required reading.  You are encouraged to take notes and find your own way of expressing the concepts we teach.

    There is absolute truth, however it has infinite expressions.

    Michaella will be touching upon the current Healthcare Industry and how in reality it is THE BUSINESS OF SICK CARE.

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    Are we putting too much pressure on women to "succeed"

    in Women

    Join Johnnie and his inspiring and insightful special guest, Jean Nitchals as they discuss if the impact of our society's definition of success: money, status, titles is sending the wrong signals to women in the world today. How might diversity "quotas" be holding us back from tapping into the potential of women?  Are we able to be confident in our own vulnerabilities to allow women to feel safe reevaluating their personal career decisions and ambitions?  Could this gender neutral topic be one we can all benefit from and have a more mindful approach to work/life balance? Due to the overwhelming number of listeners that joined the last time Jean joined the show we graciously welcome her back! Her experience working in a fortune 50 environment as a finance wizard, long track record of as a proven change expert, entrepreneur and business owner, master in creative problem solving and  international duathlete will certainly make for a rich and healthy conversation.