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    ESP, OBE's and More with Intuitive Spiritualist Torrie C & AstralBooBaby (ABB)

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    Join HMI Radio on this Solar Day, have your questions ready and your mind open for discussions on ESP, OBE (Out Of Body Experience) and much more with Intuitive Spiritualist Torrie C and AstralBooBaby (ABB)!

    To learn more about ABB, here's ABB's Brief Bio:

    ABB a.k.a. Astralboobaby is a self-identified messenger, catalyst, multi-media artist, producer, writer, blogger and Christ-anchor. He was born with what many of the spiritual community would call a ‘veil’ or ‘caul’, which has aided in one who has a ‘gift of sight’ as the elders of the spiritual community has often deemed those who are born under such circumstances. ABB acknowledges to having a level of sight and sensitivity that permits him an ability to naturally decode, perceive and sense beyond the typical five senses. He would often express his unique perception and connection through His art and with anyone who would show an interest in such subject matters. As a child, ABB continuously demonstrated a level of awareness and knowing beyond his biological age. As a pre-teen, his family members, friends and associates were often shocked and surprised when he would innocently speak of events and situations that he had not witnessed nor was privy to.

    ABB, extra-sensory perception and inherent connection to the greater reality in and around us, would inevitably grow to the point of him having spontaneous out of body experiences (OBE’s) and astral projection, as far back as he could remember. In the fall of 2009, ABB was moved by spirit to begin publicly sharing his personal experiences and revelations by way of Youtube. By blending theatrics (from his former musical theater experiences and training), artistic expression, original art, music and powerful revelatory messages, ABB begin producing uniquely made videos that struck a chord with people of all walks of life.  

    Read more at: http://www.astralboobaby.net/

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    Take 2 Radio welcomes as a Special Host, Dr. Mary Barrett.  Shows will be on Fridays at 8pm eastern time!

    On Friday, June 26th at 8pm eastern Dr. Mary Barrett will be speaking with Spiritualist Mark about growing up gay and what it's like to be gay in 2015. Then the will take call ins for those of you that have a question to ask one of them.

    ONLY ONE QUESTION PER CALL IN PLEASE. phone number 1-718-506-1540 press 1 to talk to Dr. Mary Barrett or Spiritualist Mark. Thank you and let's have fun! 

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    An Interview with Tarot Reader and Spiritualist, Emmy Moon

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    Psychic Tarot Reader and Spiritualist Emmy Moon will be joining me on Friday at 9 pm CET/3pm EST. We'll be talking about tarot, readings, divination tools, and many other topics!

    Emmy Moon is a love and romance expert who has been reading tarot for the past 10 years.

    You can find out more about her at her website:


    Her Facebook page:


    Or you can email her at:


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    Terror Fi Radio-Jerry Dean-Demonologist/spiritualist

    in Paranormal

    Join Paranormal Outlaw, Melissa, Tasha & Michelle as they talk paranormal.Tonight's guest is Jerry Dean a friend of Tasha also a Demonologist will be joining us.  He is the host of Real Talk Paranoraml Radio. He also is a pyschic medium and reads aoras and spiritualist You can follow us on facebook at Terror Fi Radio and you can follow the network at URN Radio Network.  You can follow us on twitter at URN Radio.

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    LIVE READINGS with Roger Frank, Spiritualist Medium and Author

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    Spiritualist Minister, Psychic Medium, and Reiki Master, Reverend Roger Frank can help you heal yourself, your life, and ease your grief. Book in the Syracuse/Utica NY area or do phone readings & distant healing. The Angel Light Spiritual Center & NYLight Services offers many learning and healing services on an appointment only basis. https://www.nylightangelcenter.com/  

    3 minutes per person. Lisa Atkinson at SpiritLisa.com  Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LisaAtkinsonPsychic 

    https://twitter.com/lisaatkinson http://www.pinterest.com/spiritlisa/


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    The Lisa Bousson Show with Spiritualist Diane Clancy

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    Psychic Medium Lisa Bousson with guest, Spiritualist Medium Diane Clancy. Diane will share with us her experiences with Spiritualism throughout the generations of her family and how she uses her knowledge now to help others understand this belief system.






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    Curious Times - Spiritualist Medium Ray Bokor

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    Join us for 2 hours at 10 PM Eastern.
    Ray was born in 1960, in Saltburn by the Sea, and has always known that he possessed the ability to perceive spirits. But it wasn’t until the last decade that he decided to explore and develop this ability further.
    Ray is a spiritualist medium, a person who can channel messages from the spirit world to those looking for proof that our souls are eternal. He uses the title spiritualist because he believes in the seven principles of the church and most of all in principle five, personal responsibility. Ray receives messages in a number of ways. He’s a clairvoyant and clairsentient, perceiving spirits visually and on an emotional level.
    Ray has given individual readings to hundreds of people, who have remarked upon his accuracy. He’s carried out psychic evenings and stage demonstrations in numerous venues throughout the North East of England. Recently Ray has been involved in ghost hunts and paranormal investigations in a variety of locations such as Preston Park Hall and Darlington Civic Theatre.  He is the resident medium for the world famous Schooner Hotel in Alnmouth (reputedly Great Britain’s most haunted hotel) and for the Clarendon Hotel in Redcar, another famous haunted location.
    To learn more about Ray and the services he provides please visit his website: www.healingrays.co.uk

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    However the experience of participating and facilitating this tool of Spirit is as old as time it self. Reverend Merriam is going to share her experience as a Spiritualist and her particpation this past weekend at a Seance.  Having observed one or two of these phenonmenal events in my youth, I suggest this share of information will be worth the hour. 

    As always, 1pm on Wednesday dial 646-478-5120 or online:http://tobtr.com/s/7896859

    Namast'e Reverend Sharon

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    The Love Channel Show

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    TPN Radio Presents The Love Channel Show with Rev. Pamela Cummins.

    Pamela specializes in love and relationships, personal growth, life direction, and dream interpretation. She has been blessed with the psychic abilities of clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance.  Pamela is a channel for loving angels, guides, and ancestors of both her clients and her own. Her clients call her the “Musical Psychic” because she often gives messages through song lyrics. She is available for readings, psychic development and singles coaching. Pamela is an ordained interfaith spiritualist minister, advanced clinical hypnotherapist, certified energy healer, body/mind counselor, teacher, author, and former massage therapist and match maker.

    The Love Channel Show is about relationships. Romantic, friends, family, business, animals, in other words – any kind of relationship! Since LOVE is everything, we also talk about spirituality, self-growth, healing, psychic and intuition topics. Listen and take a journey deeper into love!


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    Raising Vibrations Presents Eternal Walker Tarot Reader, Psychic and Intuitive

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    On today's show we have a special guest Eternal Walker. Eternal is a Tarot Card Reader, Psychic and intuitive.Eternal has accepted that his talents and abilities lie in helping others. He has been blessed with the ability of words, intuition and psychic talents to help others see and experience this journey. Eternal writes poetry, interprets Tarot and helps with being able to contact spirit guides and protectors with the help of the cards. He has helped many different individuals all over the United States with his insight and his gentle, effective, self-acknowledgement based method.Eternal has been reading and interpreting Tarot over 16 years and has chosen not to ignore the calling placed upon his life to help others. He has an uncanny ability to help others see outlets they may not have ever chosen.

    Eternal will be a featured guest at the Psychic Fair held at New Vision Spiritualist Center in Orlando, Florida this Saturday September 5, 2015 at 1700 Edgewater Drive, Orlando, Florida 32804. If you can't make the fair to meet him personally you may contact him through his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Eternal-Walker-Tarot-Reader-Psychic-and-Intuitive/170129206366299?sk=

    So sit back relax and do call in and ask your questions. Don't forget to check out  Reverend Raven's website :http://www.thereverendraven.com and be sure to like our Facebook pages: https://www.facebook.com/raisingvibrationsradio and  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Reverend-Raven/986964157983526?fref=ts .Also be sure to check out our website : http://www.raisingvibrationsradio.com  Thank you for all your support and we love you all. {{{{Hugs}}} <3

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    The Lisa Bousson Show: Guest, Sharon Siubis, Mediumship-Evidence and Training

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    Sharon Siubis has trained and worked as a Spiritualist Minister, Speaker, Medium, and Healer for over 16 years. Holding a degree in Education, Sharon uses her background and understanding of teaching technique in her classes, seminars and now in the ongoing Education program of Intuitive and Mediumistic Development through the Inner Spiritual Center, which she is co-found and co-director. Along with her private readings/sittings. 

    Currently working, teaching and demonstratingin New Jersey, as well as differnet areas of the United States as well as Switzerland, Sharon is also part of the teaching faculty of Fellowships of the Spirit in Cassadaga, NY.