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    Mikaya Heart is a shamanic practitioner, a spiritual mentor

    in Spirituality

    Mikaya Heart is a shamanic practitioner, a spiritual mentor, an
    award-winning author, and an ordained Minister of Holistic Healing. On
    Sunday at 8pm PDT, she will be talking on the art of manifestation: how
    to choose what we get and get what we choose. This involves allowing the
    energy of our desire to flow freely through our bodies. Not always easy! 

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    Mikaya Heart! Shamanic Practitioner & Spiritual mentor!

    in Spirituality

    Mikaya Heart is an award-winning author, and a shamanic worker who helps
    people to operate from a place of trust instead of fear. Today she talks
    about her own personal journey from anger to joy, and how she got to a
    place in her life where she is in a place of trust that all is well and
    that "something" is always taking care of her. The experiences that led
    her to this awareness are extraordinary. 


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    Mikaya Heart! Shamanic Practitioner & Spiritual mentor!

    in Spirituality

    Mikaya Heart interviews Dayana Jon, medium for the intergalactic group named AMAG. Dayana is a fascinating individual: she is an intuitive consultant and mentor as well as an ordained Senior Minister of Holistic Health, Laughter Yoga Teacher, and Matrix Energetics Certified Practitioner. 


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    Mikaya Heart! Shamanic Practitioner & Spiritual mentor!

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    Mikaya Heart is an award winning author, a shamanic practitioner and a
    spiritual mentor, coaching people in the art of being fully alive. This
    Sunday I am interviewing Ervie McMaster, who channels and does psychic
    readings, using the Tarot and other tools. We will be talking about his
    personal spiritual journey, what it means to be awakened, how he came to
    be channeling, and how he works with Tarot cards. 

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    Mikaya Heart! Shamanic Practitioner & Spiritual mentor!

    in Spirituality

    Mikaya Heart, coach in the art of being fully alive, will be talking
    with Dana Cummins this Sunday. Dana is a healer, a metaphsyician, and
    founder of Mountain Spirit Co-op in Prescott, Arizona. She is also a
    follower of Lazaris, an entity that is channeled by Jach Pursel, and
    gives regular talks all over the US and abroad. We will discuss how
    Lazaris helped Dana to turn her life around -- and may be able to help
    you to do the same thing.

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    Award winning Author, Spiritual mentor, Healer & Shamanic teacher! Mikaya Heart!

    in Spirituality

    I am an award-winning author, a spiritual mentor, a
    shamanic practitioner, and an ordained Minister of Holistic Healing. On
    Sunday at 8pm PT I am interviewing Scott McMaster, a personal coach who
    connects daily with spirit and has been studying the art of
    manifestation for many years. He finds his joy and passion by
    encouraging others to be in love with themselves, and showing them how
    to accomplish that. I'm looking forward to a great conversation! 


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    Award winning author, Shamanic Practitioner, spiritual mentor Mikaya Heart!

    in Spirituality

    Mikaya Heart is an award winning author, a shamanic practitioner, a
    spiritual mentor and an ordained Minister of Holistic Healing. On Sunday
    at 8pm PST she will be interviewing a guest: Yeshe Rabbit. Look forward
    to a fascinating conversation!

    Yeshe Rabbit is a holy woman, priestess, intuitive, artist, mystic, and
    friend to humanity. She has been reading tarot and offering teachings
    and consultations for 13 years to clients worldwide. She is best-known
    for her gentle humor, compassionate presence, down-to-Earth manner, and
    practical advice. She has studied many different spiritual paths, and
    feels most intimately woven into Goddess traditions and Tibetan dharma

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    Spiritual Healer Zak!

    in Spirituality

    We are about to embark on a journey of self-discovery, one that will clear the mind of stagnant thoughts and elevate you into a different realization, of pure divine enlightenment. Becoming in tune with your higher self will allow you to make realizations that you haven’t truly lived your authentic self-much in this lifetime. The question that always resides within many is about WORTH, VALUE, EMPOWERMENT, TRUST and FAITH. Why are we so quick to stay in a state of PAIN, when glory is around the corner? Why do we dwell in the house of dis-empowerment, when we are empowered beings? Why is it that we have a hard time seeing the bigger picture and sticking to the journey, when an obstacle arises? There is no pain or sadness in the eyes of the universe, pain only resides in the mind and heart of the ego. When is enough, enough for you? When are you going to make those changes to create a life that you have always desired? Together will bring you great clarity in many aspects of your life. Zak will guide you through meditations, clearings, heavenly transmissions, also how to connect with your ego pain body and work with the pain to find peace within every situation guided by your higher self. She will take a few calls if time permits and bring you personalized healings and messages. Zak is a spiritual soul healer and heavens messenger. She's a divine channeler to light brings that assist individuals with clearing blocks from their life, release negative energies from the mind, body and spirit, bring clarity to their path and allow for the mind to rewire themselves for greatness to rebirth from the inside out.


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    Your Spiritual Journey Begins Here

    in Spirituality

    Your Spiritual Journey Begins Here

    We are here on this planet to receive from the Eternal gifts that we can share with each other. Each of us is blessed in that way with unique qualities that make us who we are.

    As you wake up to your true purpose on this Earth you will find yourself drawn to sites like this where people just like you are sharing what they have learned over the years.

    That's what this podcast is about. My 40+ years of searching have brought me here, where I can share what I have learned and perhaps inspire you to do the same.

    We're all in this together, this Earth experience. The God of All Creation wants us to wake up now and see ourselves for who we truly are - His/Her Divine Offspring. 

    If you are reading this and feel attracted to this message then you are awakening as well. You are part of the Great Wake-Up Call that is going on worldwide right now. So dig in and see how you feel about this material. Then be prepared to fall in love with your self and your life purpose as well.

    In this episode I describe who I think you are as part of the audience and who I am as the deliverer of these materials. Then I offer samples of poetry and music in this episode to illustrate what I mean by this Cosmic Journey we are all on. 

    I hope you enjoy what is presented here and I wish you all the best on Your Spiritual Journey.
    Dr Moe

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    Journey into Soul Healing with the Angels (Eddie Mullins)

    in Spirituality

    NEW SHOW/PODCAST - Journey into Soul Healing with the Angels (Eddie Mullins)

    Thursday November 19th 1:00 p.m. pst/ 4:00 p.m. est 

    Today's Show: the Awakening Light Warrior Archangel Jophiel, a soul healing journey with the Archangel and much more...

    Walking within the pathway of the illuminating SOUL with the Angels. Angel communication techniques, experience wisdom of the soul with angelic & soul healing, LIVE healing calls with the Angels and much more. Join the magic with the Angels to awakening your soul healing pathway.

    Join Angel Way Walker, Angelic-Egyptian-Shaman, Soul Healing Channel- Eddie Mullins for a journey of the illuminating sacred soul! 

    Eddie's Site  VIEW

    The Navigation Process VIEW

    Angelic Shamanic Healing VIEW

    Angel Soul Sessions VIEW

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    Essential Soul Guidance for Your Spiritual Journey

    in Spirituality

    On tonight’s episode Dr. Master Zhi Gang Sha teaches us essential soul guidance for one’s spiritual journey.

    Master Zhi Gang Sha is a soul revolutionary Tao healer who brings the power of soul to humanity. Soul can heal. Soul can transform all life.

    With an M.D. in conventional modern medicine and early mastery of traditional Chinese medicine, Master Sha has long been a renowned Tao healer. He is also a grandmaster of all of the major ancient Chinese disciplines, including tai chi, qi gong, kung fu, the I Ching and feng shui. Through four-thousand-year-old lineages, he holds powerful ancient wisdom and secrets of healing, rejuvenation, longevity and the spiritual journey. Above all, he is a special chosen divine servant, vehicle and channel who brings us the treasures of divine soul power.

    To learn more about Dr. Master Sha, check out his website at www.drsha.com