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    Trust Your Journey through Stress

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    “In times of stress, the best thing we can do for each other is to listen with our ears and our hearts and to be assured that our questions are just as important as our answers.”  ~Fred Rogers

    Stress. You can't really see it, you can't actually touch it but boy can you feel it. Stress randomly creeps into each of our lives and learning how to handle it is priceless. 

    Join certified life coaches Sherry Pierce and Beth Brownlee Thursday, March 26th (US), at Noon ET on Trust Your Journey Radio when they discuss Trust Your Journey through Stress! Feel free to call into the show at 347-945-5813 and join in the discussion or stream live via the internet using the link below. Blessings and they look forward to hearing from you!


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    FIT Friday: Spiritual Secrets for a Healthy Heart

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    This week we have been talking about the importance of forgivess - how unforgiveness, when not attended to, destroys lives as well as the importance of forgiving others in order to improve your emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. We conclude the week with our FITness Friday interview with special guest Dr. Kara Davis, board certified physician and author of Spiritual Secrets for a Healthy Heart. 

    Heart Disease Awareness month may be over but it's still a topic that should be continued. During the broadcast Linda and Dr. Kara will discuss:

    The risk factors of heart disease

    Connection between mental health and heart disease

    Spiritual wellbeing and heart disease

    Join the conversation.

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    Tonight: A Spiritual Journey with Alan Watts

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    Special unfiltered, uninterrupted epsiode tonight with talks by the great Alan Watts.

    - A Spiritual Journey As The Self

    -How Could This Happen To Me?

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    Trust Your Journey--Loving You!

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    “Loving yourself has nothing to do with being selfish, self-centered or self-engrossed. It means that you accept yourself for what you are. Loving yourself means that you accept responsibility for your own development, growth and happiness.” ~ Iyanla Vanzant

    This topic may sound a little out there to you--or not! Loving yourself is such important part of your journey through life. No reason to let that self talk tell you anything but what a gift you are to this world. 

    Join certified life coaches Sherry Pierce and Beth Brownlee Thursday, March 4th (US), at Noon ET on Trust Your Journey Radio when they discuss Trust Your Journey--Loving You! Feel free to call into the show at 347-945-5813 and join in the discussion or stream live via the internet using the link below. Blessings and they look forward to hearing from you!


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    Journey in Rhythm

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    Paying Libations to the Ancestors. "We are all Children of Legend"

    This is a journey of how some use the zodiac as a compass or map to navigate them selves through life over time. Is there a correlation?


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    A Green Journey With PRINCESS DENISE WRIGHT, Spiritual Mother/Teacher, & Host

    in Motivation

    Join MADAM COACH on her Soul Sister, GO Sister show  Tuesday, March 17, at 5:30 pm CST, Her guest will be PRINCESS DENISE WRIGHT, Spiritual Mother & Teacher, Mentor, Radio Host Personality, Community Organizer, Ordained Minister, and President of the "Matters of the Heart"  Radio Ministry/Non Profit Organization.

    PRINCESS DENISE, "Matters of the Heart" radio ministry was birth through many personal trials, and tribulations, and bad relationships issues of the heart. Her divine purpose of "Matters of the Heart" & Point Ministry is to Empower, Encourage, and Educate others through powerful media and communications by providing enrichment and practical teaching resources that enhance one's personal, professional development, and spiritual principles to which support overcoming obstacles. This year she will celebrate 11 years of broadcasting on Praise 1590 AM WRXB &96.5 FM each Saturday from 1:00 pm - 1:30 pm.

    Furthermore, PRINCESS DENISE is the Spiritual Mother, who by "divine appointment" informed that I too had a 'divine calling' on my life as a, Radio Host December 2012. I am honored to introduce this amazing woman, my Spiritual Mentor & Mother, PRINCESS DENISE. Please join us this Tuesday to listen to the live show. 

    But, if you miss the live show the segment the podcast will be posted on my FB page: facebook.com/madamlifecoach.

    Please show your support 'playing it forward' by clicking 'LIKE' button on my FB page.


  • Master Elaine My Soul Healing Miracle Journey of Forgiveness to Purify the Heart

    in Spirituality

    Master Elaine is a powerful healer, teacher and soul communicator. A Divine Channel and Reader of the Akashic Records, she is one of only 30 Worldwide Representatives of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. She is also honored to be one of Master Sha’s editors.

    Master Elaine’s intensive studies with Master Sha since 2005 have prepared her to be a powerful servant for humanity in these challenging times. With divine inspiration and a compassionate heart, she helps others to identify and understand their life challenges and empowers them with soul secrets, wisdom, knowledge, and practical techniques to transform all aspects of life, including health, relationships, finances, and more. Master Elaine offers soul readings for life and spiritual guidance, soul healing blessings, including Crown Chakra Blessings, Divine Karma Cleansing, Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer training and more via workshops, retreats and personal consultations.


    Visit my blog: http://forgivenesstopurifytheheart.blogspot.com/

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    Journey in Rhythm - Episode 2

    in Radio

    !!! Listener dial-in number: (602) 753-1598 Radio Blog 03/21/2015 - "Journey-In-Rhythm" Tour 2: What's your status regarding your zodiac sign and jurisdiction in relation to natures alliance with the universe? What chart are you using to map or guide you on your life path? I don't know do you, add on (Symbolism) guest Magnetic...
    Visit http://journeyinrhythm.net


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    Our Journey Towards Freedom

    in Christianity

    When we choose to live our lives in full devotion to God, giving him all we have, our hearts and minds completely focused on Him we will be met with great resistance, hostility and harrassment from Satan. As we make that journey and get ever so closer to the finish line I have seen personally the lives of many derailed by seductive allurements that say life is better over here or the grass is greener over there, many who wish if they had it to do all over again they might have taken a different route, instead of the sin that so easily entangles. At some point in our lives many Christians have given in to the flesh, feeding it with ographic magazines, videos, affairs. And I to , have a few regrets of choices I have made to enjoy pleasures for a season and gone off course. But I am so pleased to say we have a risen Savior that brings deliverance, freedom and restoration for all in need of His healing touch. And if your finding your self stuck in a rut and having difficulty battling your flesh, just know your not alone, cause the more you want to devote your life to the Lord, the more Satan wants to throw you off the tracks an render you ineffective for God and his purposes for your life as you make your journey towards wholeness and Freedom.

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    The Dolphins Dance, a 5-Step Journey in Conscious Awareness with Micheline Nader

    in Spirituality

    Micheline Nader is a healthcare entrepreneur with extensive expertise in hospital administration, long-term care and healthcare management who shares her spiritual journey in her book. Learn how to tap into divine consciousness and manifest all of your potential. In the Dolphin's Dance, MIcheline shares her five stage process for rediscovering lost parts of your self 

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