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    Recognizing Spiritual Awakening

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     Guest is White Eagle 
    Jonette with some channeled help from White Eagle will talk about personal spiritual awakening in these new times. How do you recognize a spiritual awakening? How do you manage the changes in your life? How do you find the support you need? How do you evolve more quickly and easily? We'll take listener questions so tune in live.

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    Spiritual Awakening

    in Religion

    Wake up your spiritual self. What is spirit, how do you wake it up? Activate your self within. Learn how to protect yourself in the spirit, Satan is also in the spiritual realm.

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    Spiritual Awakening

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    Learn about your spiritual body. What is spirit? Who does the spiritual kingdom belong to? Did you know that the kingdom of heaven is within you, if you belong to God.

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    Spiritual Awakening

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    Spiritual Awakening

    In this segment H. Yuya Assaan-ANU covers the recent abduction of over 200 school girls in Chibok, Nigeria as well as the concept and motives of true spiritual activism.

    The proliferation of New Age teachings has, arguably, created a collective mindset of narcissistic pursuits for the feelings associated with happiness, abundance, and wholeness while completely disregarding the role that true collective efforts play in the fulfillment of those pursuits.

    What does our spiritual achievements propel our humanity to engage in?

    Does it compel us to do anything other than boast of our own personal aggrandizing?

    These questions are answered and more.

    Also in this episode we give proper energy and homage toe Rubin “Hurricane” Carter; who has recently made his transition into the next stage of life's journey.

    Here we speak about the responsibility of those who have expereinced a spiritual awakening.

    For more information on Spiritual Definition and Inner Peace take a course with teh Sadulu House Spiritual Center here:


    Be sure to pick up your copy of the spiritual book "Grasping the Root of Divine Power" here:


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    Spiritual Awakening with Katy Simmone

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    As the Earth shifted from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, many are experiencing changes in their life, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Some of these may feel disruptive. Learn what this means for you and your life, including your career, social circle, and interests.  Learn to recognize and understand the signs of a spiritual awakening.  Learn how to alleviate and flow through this time of growth and transformation.


    Katy will share her spiritual awakening that started in 2009 and her journey since then. Her awakening has allowed telepathic communication with various light beings, that exist in other dimensions, who have come to inspire and help humanity with the New Age and provide guidance to people’s life’s questions.


    Rev. Katy Simmone is founder of Soul Evolution Center in Boca Raton, Fl.,  http://soulevolutioncenter.com/  and an advanced channeler and psychic reader. Since her spiritual awakening,  she has channeled over 16 interdimensional beings of light and love. She has been guided to chronicle her adventures and shares the beautiful inspirational and technical channeled messages in her website blog and on the Facebook page for Soul Evolution Center.  She is unique in that she does direct voice channel.  In a very light trance state, she channels directly, word for word, guidance from these high level beings to answer people's life's questions.  It is as if they are directly talking to you through her. They act as gracious and compassionate teachers.

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    Dreaming & Awakening with Athena Kolinski

    in Dreams

    Join Kelly as she interviews New DreamWork Coach Athena Kolinski today on The D-Spot! 


    As a certified Taropty practitioner and New DreamWork Coach, Athena Kolinski can guide you to unfold the inner wisdom that is contained within through imagery and dreamwork. Your true self within already knows the highest path for you, but it may be challenging to decipher it in the mix of the mundane world. By using imagery and/or dreamwork, we can create an open commune with your inner wisdom and discover the next turn on your journey.

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    Affirmations & Awakening to Natural Health

    in Health

    Affirmations & Awakening to Natural Health Event!

    Free & Open to the Public!

    Seating is Limited, Register Early Here!!

    Date:  Saturday, December 6, 2014
    Time:  6:00pm-8:00pm
    Place: Innate Healing Arts Center & Goldengate Café
              18700 Woodward Ave. (Between 6 & 7 Mile Rd.)
              Detroit, MI 48203

    Tissheama Pizzimenti, Intuitive Healer, Robert Pizzimenti, Chiropractor & Katina Shaw, Natural Health Coach

    Tissheama will share her journey to Emotional Healing and how she went within to find the answers to Wholeness! Robert will share how he maintains Optimal Prostate Health! Katina will share her journey to Natural Health and how she experienced Healing, with God-given Natural Resources from Mother Earth! Also hear the Author & Natural Health Coach share insights about her New eBook:

    ‘Awakening to Natural Health’
    Available on download for $9.99 @ www.LotusLife8.wix.com/wellnesscoaching

    We will Share Tips on:
    • How Healing begins with Positive Thoughts, Words &
    • BREWS keys to a Healthier Life
    • Optimal Digestive & Colon Health
    • Tips on Weight Loss
    • Optimal Female & Male Health

    Delicious Tea & Vegetarian food will be available to order.

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    Spiritual Emergency to Awakening: When Personal Transformation Becomes a Crisis

    in Spirituality

    Spiritual growth doesn’t come with a ‘how to” manual, and the path is so different for everyone. How do you cope when the way isn’t clear, or old pain or self-sabotage threatens your well-being? What happens when a crises hits? When the ‘old you’ falls apart? Join Jonette and Spiritual Coach Betina Ekman from Denmark, as they help you navigate the difficult times that often come with rapid growth.  Betina tells an amazing story of being 'flat on the floor for days’ in physical and spiritual crises. She felt like a ticking bomb, not knowing what was happening.  She needed to find the truth about herself — she wanted to go HOME. In desperation she chose to let her ego die. She cried out for God. Helper beings came to her rescue, taking her through a many-day process of transformation and healing. How can you reach out for spirit guides and angels? How can you understand and trust your process? How can you know/trust that you will be sane again? Betina and Jonette will join in a heart-stirring and insightful conversation that can help you deal with the crashes that sometimes happen when we consciously choose to evolve.

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    Harvey Kraft - Spiritual Archeologist, Buddha from Babylon

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    The author, speaker and transformational leader had been a student of Buddhism for forty-five years. He is a spiritual archeologist adept at interpreting ancient mythic language. He wrote The Buddha from Babylon after 15 years of extensive research fulfilling his personal quest to unearth the meaning of Buddhist wisdom.

    According to new research, before he attained enlightenment, the historical Buddha may have been a seer-stargazer and the philosopher-king of Babylon. In a compelling, alternative biography of the Buddha, author Harvey Kraft asserts in The Buddha from Babylon that in the sixth century B.C.E. Siddhartha Gautama embarked for India after a Persian general seized the throne on the heels of an assassination of the Emperor and the purge of Babylon’s religious order.
    The book then follows Siddhartha to India where he achieves Enlightenment and unveils Buddhism’s grand cosmic vision of Existence — a deep revelation that echoes today’s quantum cosmology, espouses pacifism and compassion, and predicts a future of harmony for humanity.

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    Are you ready for a Spiritual Awakening??

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    In this episode I discuss the many awesome things that have happened since my last show! What happened to Amethyst Bookstore? Are people ready for a Spiritual Awakening? Are we paying attention to the subliminal messaging in the things that are children watch on television? How can we use crystals to help open up are Chakras and much more!! As you can see I'm everywhere!! Join me!

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    Awakening Consciousness with Author & Spiritual Teacher, Molly McCord

    in Self Help

    Get the OFF TO WORK CD by Sister Jenna.  Like America Meditating on FB & Tweet if you're happy Twitter.

    Molly McCord, M.A., is a bestselling author and modern spiritual teacher with no religious affiliations. Her debut memoir, The Art of Trapeze: One Woman's Journey of Soaring, Surrendering, and Awakening, hit #1 in 2 Amazon categories within 3 days. She is published in The Thought That Changed My Life Forever alongside such luminaries as Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and Dr. Bernie Siegel.

    The Art of Trapeze is Book One in McCord’s The Awakening Consciousness Series. Also in the series are her books, The Modern Heroine's Journey of Consciousness and The Unlimited Sparks of a Bonfire. Molly's other current published books include Conscious Messages: Spiritual Wisdom and Inspirations For Awakening and Conscious Thoughts: Powerful Affirmations To Connect With Your Soul's Language.

    Molly's popular website, www.ConsciousCoolChic.com was nominated by Intent.com for Best Spirituality Website in 2011. She hosts a weekly blog talk radio show where she shares spiritual messages and astrological insights and is a practicing intuitive astrologer and the official contributing astrologer every month to Happiness + Wellbeing magazine. Visit her website at www.consciouscoolchic.com

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