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    Spiritual Awakening Series - Part 1

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    Are you on a Spiritual Path of Awakening and Developing Your Life?

    Nanice has been teaching Real-Life Spirituality and Successful Living for over 20 years, and now is your opportunity to learn directly from Nanice. Twice a month Nanice will share her deep wisdom and profound guidance.

    What is your life asking from you?
    What areas of your life require further awakening?
    Where are you still asleep in your life?

    This is a powerful opportunity for personal transformation.
    Are you ready to live your life in a whole new awakened way?

    How might your life change once you...

    Embrace Unconditional love and acceptance
    Heal Emotional Issues
    Raise your Vibration
    Learn to attract more of what you desire in life
    Release negative energetic patterns
    Re-train your thinking
    Understand Manifestation on a whole new level
    Empower yourself and others
    Develop deeper Communication skills
    Embrace Forgiveness
    Increase Confidence
    Discover your Purpose
    Learn how to help others grow - even if they "don't get it"
    Discover your intrinsic Worthiness
    Attract Abundance
    and so much more...

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    International Spiritual Awakening & Revival & H.O.N. Movement Begins Today!

    in Self Help

    If you are tired of lawlessness?If you are tired of religiousity? If you are tired of false religion, false teachings, and false church/synagogues, then we created these groups for you. You will learn abou the International Spiritual Awakening & Revival & Heal Our Nations (H.O.N.) Movement.  We will be using the principle of bring heaven dwon to earth. Since the natural world is controlled by the spiritual invisible world, we have to make changes in both realm. This group is open to believers, or followers of Jesus/Yeshua who want to revive their mind, body, soul, and spirit. This group is open to unbelievers who want to experience a personal spiritual awakening and no longer want to commit sin or serve Satan. Everyone will have a renewal, revival, and/or awakening of your mind, body, soul, & spirit, which will cause a transformation in you & it will have a ripple effect that will affect your family, community, and nation. Everyone will learn the principles of W.R.A.P.P.I.N.G.TM, fasting, and taking action to help to conquer Satan and his demons/devils. You can take action by joining the Heal Our Nations Movement, which is the second part of I.S.A.A.R.

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    Spiritual awakening

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    CareGiverStory.com is proud to interview as our special guest — Reverend Lea Chapin

    In the Fall of 2003, Reverend  Chapin began to receive divinely inspired messages from Jesus Christ. These teachings are known as the true essence of Christ’s teachings.

    For the past forty years there has been a movement known as the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Enlightenment. This movement is literally the energy of the Christ consciousness that people have been seeking. The Twelve Master Teachings of Christ is a handbook and instructional guide to help those who have chosen to become living examples of the Christ teachings.

    There have been many avatars, prophets and messengers of the universal teachings of God. However, the most recent avatar was Christ. In our modern day society, people are craving for higher spiritual meaning and higher purpose in their lives. Particularly during these troubled times, humanity is suffering and is spiritually bankrupt. Those who are in need of spiritual guidance will benefit from this book. 

    For more information contact: Lea Chapin <leachapin@verizon.net>


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    Recognizing Spiritual Awakening

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     Guest is White Eagle 
    Jonette with some channeled help from White Eagle will talk about personal spiritual awakening in these new times. How do you recognize a spiritual awakening? How do you manage the changes in your life? How do you find the support you need? How do you evolve more quickly and easily? We'll take listener questions so tune in live.

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    Spiritual Awakening

    in Radio

    Yahshua said I was only sent for the lost sheep of the House of Israel. There's a people that have been scattered amongst the diaspora, wandering and strangers in a foreign land who has embraced foreign gods that our forefathers knew not of. However, in this cycle, theirs a spiritual awakening taking place. Many are waking up and returning back to the original order and pattern of things. Tune in as Nebi'Yah Syvonia McCoy bring forth a powerful message about the spiritual shift that's taking place all around tge globe.

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    Spiritual Awakening

    in Religion

    Wake up your spiritual self. What is spirit, how do you wake it up? Activate your self within. Learn how to protect yourself in the spirit, Satan is also in the spiritual realm.

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    Spiritual Awakening

    in Religion

    Learn about your spiritual body. What is spirit? Who does the spiritual kingdom belong to? Did you know that the kingdom of heaven is within you, if you belong to God.

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    Spiritual Awakening

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    Spiritual Awakening

    In this segment H. Yuya Assaan-ANU covers the recent abduction of over 200 school girls in Chibok, Nigeria as well as the concept and motives of true spiritual activism.

    The proliferation of New Age teachings has, arguably, created a collective mindset of narcissistic pursuits for the feelings associated with happiness, abundance, and wholeness while completely disregarding the role that true collective efforts play in the fulfillment of those pursuits.

    What does our spiritual achievements propel our humanity to engage in?

    Does it compel us to do anything other than boast of our own personal aggrandizing?

    These questions are answered and more.

    Also in this episode we give proper energy and homage toe Rubin “Hurricane” Carter; who has recently made his transition into the next stage of life's journey.

    Here we speak about the responsibility of those who have expereinced a spiritual awakening.

    For more information on Spiritual Definition and Inner Peace take a course with teh Sadulu House Spiritual Center here:


    Be sure to pick up your copy of the spiritual book "Grasping the Root of Divine Power" here:


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    Spiritual Awakening with Katy Simmone

    in Spirituality

    As the Earth shifted from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, many are experiencing changes in their life, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Some of these may feel disruptive. Learn what this means for you and your life, including your career, social circle, and interests.  Learn to recognize and understand the signs of a spiritual awakening.  Learn how to alleviate and flow through this time of growth and transformation.


    Katy will share her spiritual awakening that started in 2009 and her journey since then. Her awakening has allowed telepathic communication with various light beings, that exist in other dimensions, who have come to inspire and help humanity with the New Age and provide guidance to people’s life’s questions.


    Rev. Katy Simmone is founder of Soul Evolution Center in Boca Raton, Fl.,  http://soulevolutioncenter.com/  and an advanced channeler and psychic reader. Since her spiritual awakening,  she has channeled over 16 interdimensional beings of light and love. She has been guided to chronicle her adventures and shares the beautiful inspirational and technical channeled messages in her website blog and on the Facebook page for Soul Evolution Center.  She is unique in that she does direct voice channel.  In a very light trance state, she channels directly, word for word, guidance from these high level beings to answer people's life's questions.  It is as if they are directly talking to you through her. They act as gracious and compassionate teachers.

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    Dreaming & Awakening with Athena Kolinski

    in Dreams

    Join Kelly as she interviews New DreamWork Coach Athena Kolinski today on The D-Spot! 


    As a certified Taropty practitioner and New DreamWork Coach, Athena Kolinski can guide you to unfold the inner wisdom that is contained within through imagery and dreamwork. Your true self within already knows the highest path for you, but it may be challenging to decipher it in the mix of the mundane world. By using imagery and/or dreamwork, we can create an open commune with your inner wisdom and discover the next turn on your journey.

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    Brand New Spiritual Awakening 252015

    in Religion

    The Chief International Ambassador Dr Vernard Johnson Trains The World Wide Web How To ive God a Billion Praise!

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