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    Psychic Readings! Spiritual and Paranormal conversations with Don!

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    I realized when I was 10 years old I could hear spirits talking to me. I found out by talking back I could hold conversations. I quickly learned their information and advice was accurate. This was the beginning of several spiritual guides coming to me.My mother would hear my conversations and could not believe I was talking about such things in detail such as spirits, ghosts, good and evil, heaven and past life knowledge.In my twenties I realized I was a medium. I started doing reading for close friends and coworkers. Once again the information coming from spirits around those I read for gave me accurate information. I also notice the emotions of spirit affected me during readings and then emotions of the living also started It was them I realized I was an empath. It became something I realized I needed to control. In my mid twenties I had my first channeling experience. This is where the spirit that is me steps aside and lets another spirit to take over in order to have a conversation directly with those gathered. It lead to my channeling for group each Saturday night. People would gather (that I did not know) at a friends house and we would do the session for about 2 hours. It took a long time to get used to channeling since it is demanding on the physical body.In all my page is educational, informative and healing. I am a spiritual teacher with a lot of knowledge about spirit and more. I have been told my purpose in life is to help those find their spirit within as well as educate that spirit does exist. To discuss the various types of spirits...good, negative or evil. To do investigations to help those in need. To do reading to help those hear from loved ones and find answers. When you remove our physical bodies we are in fact all light and energy.


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    Let's talk spiritual and paranormal

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    Welcome everyone and listen in for great guests and some team memebers talking about the paranormal and some personal experiances as well...who knows who might drop in inbetween my rambling !!!!

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    Uncut Paranormal - Indian Paranormal Team

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    Uncut Paranormal chat with Akshai and Sarbajeet from Indian Paranormal Team.



    We at IPT strive to bring forth the mysteries of the paranormal world with the help of spirituality and scientific methods. Our members love to interact with people and help them solve all their problems related to paranormality. 

    Our friends and associates worldwide help us gain knowledge and uncover the mysteries of the other world. We believe that they have vast knowledge as souls and this knowledge can be helpful to humans. We also know that out of the many spirits and energies there are a few bad ones who cause havoc in human lives. We aim to help the people affected by them and also give solutions to better health.

    We wish to give a all round solution to all the problems and pledge to learn more so that we can help and reach a larger mass.

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    Paranormal Frequencies: Into the void

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    We're at it again, time travel.  Jon goes in depth on the science behind traveling.  David answers some common questions for the paranormal field,  Hear tales from Joplin from the time Clyde and Bonnie commited thier crimes. This and much more tonight!!

  • The Paranormal Roundtable with Jenny Kenny Cindie & Chuck

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    Welcome to the Paranormal 101 Rountable - a weekly podcast in which investigators discuss different topics in the field

  • paranormal talk and round table

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    Join us and let's talk some paranormal and many other things that we as a human race are having a hard time understanding !!

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    David Harvey~Paranormal Researcher/Archaeologist & Historian

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    David Harvey is an independent paranormal researcher with extensive experience on residential cases and historic sites. David is the former historian and researcher for The Pasadena Paranormal Research Society, and the co-producer, co-host, and music director for Altered States Paranormal Radio Podcast http://aspararadio.wordpress.com/. David is also a member of The Paranormal Consultation Network:
     http://paranormalconsultationnetwork.wordpress.com/ David gives numerous lectures and radio interviews on the topic of the Paranormal and was the instructor in Fall 2012 for  “Things Shouldn't Go Bump in the Night: Paranormal Investigations in Museums and Historic Sites” for Museum Classes Online (http://museumclasses.org/). David has over 30 years experience in the museum and cultural preservation fields. He has been a museum blacksmith, an archaeologist, and historian. His long current career as a professional museum, art, artifact, architecture, monuments, and sculpture conservator and museum consultant with projects ranging from private collectors to major museums, city / state/ federal agencies, and a close encounter with the first artifacts that were raised from the RMS Titanic. David has been interviewed by NPR, “All Things Considered” and his historical research  was featured on a national PBS Show.

  • Whitney Horn of Whispers in the Dark Paranormal Society

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    Join us this Sunday evening at 8 pm EST as we speak with Whitney Horn, co-founder of Whispers in the Dark Paranormal Society based around Wichita, Kansas.  We're very excited to have Whitney on the show as we discuss her interest in the paranromal and the latest going on with Whispers in the Dark Paranormal Society.  Going to be an awesome show!

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    Paranormal Frequencies: Adrian Scalf

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    Join us tonight as we talk it up with Adrian Scalf, founder of River Valley Paranormal Research Investigations.  RVPRI is a TAPS family member that was formed in 2006.  We met Adrian at a local paranormal conference and we wanted him to share his experiences with you!

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    Paranormal Frequencies: Witches

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    Cultures around the world have their history with witches and witchcraft.  But how relavant are they today?  What were some of the traits stemming from these cultures?  Tons of questions and we'll hope to answer... well.. some of them.  This and our top 10!!

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    Paranormal Frequencies: Vampires

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    From Vlad Dracula to Twilight, Vampires have dominated popular culture in movies, during Halloween, and even lifestyle.  Where did these bloodsuckers originate?  Do they really exist?  If so, where are they?  They may be closer than you think.  Tune in to find out more, plus catch our top 10 list!