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    Weaving and Spinning Expert Liz Gipson

    in Knitting

    Weaving and Spinning Expert Liz Gipson joins Marly to talk about this fascinating aspect of the fiber industry. 

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    Low Sodium Show-Spinning to the Bank!

    in Sports

    Join Mark Wheeler as we delve into spinnerbaits. We will break them down into there parts, what to look for and how to fish the bait for some big ole pigs! Join us tonight at 8pm!

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    Spinning Wednesday 347-945-5229

    in Current Events

    Sticks and I will be talking with Dr. Matt Matson about getting and staying healthy in 2015.  There are too many people getting dignnosted with illnesses that are treatable. So listen in and change your future.

    David Boaz will be with us to discuss his new book  The Libertarian Mind. 

    And America is going crazy the World is nuts and I am madder that I can say

    Voice your View 347-947-5229

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    Spinning tracks And guest caller Born Unique

    in Radio

    Special guest Born Unique and spinning tracks 

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    Alchemy: Spinning Spiritual Straw into Gold!

    in Self Help

    As the beloved fable Rumpelstiltskin says, "Once upon a time in a distant land, a miller boasted to his king that his daughter could spin straw into gold. Intrigued, the king locked her up in a roomful of straw and told her, 'If you can spin this straw into gold by morning, you shall be my queen. If not, you shall die.'"  We are told that "the poor girl was at her wit’s end. She could barely spin wool, let alone straw, let alone into gold."

    What do we do when we are at our wit's end? When we feel overcome by exasperation and suffer from intense stress caused by external circumstances that show up as other people, life situations etc.?  We can either rise up and be, as Michael Beckwith says, "spiritually aerodynamic" or remain paralyzed in the suffering.  As he points out, it takes wind for the plane to ascend.  What's the wind you are currently experiencing?  Join us today as Michelle Dwyer and Jill LeBeau, co-hosts of The New Enlightened View, reconnect you with your inner alchemist so that you can respond to your challenges by spinning the "straw" into gold!

    Michelle Dwyer, Holistic Health Coach & Certified Nutrition Consultant
    Jill LeBeau, MFT, Spiritual Psychotherapist and Co-author of Feng Shui Your Mind

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    Dj Suspence spinning at Dodge City

    in Entertainment

    Dj Suspence and Kevin KevvyKev will be spinning at Dodge City Bar & Club located at 917 U st Washington DC  20001 during Memorial Dayweekend on Sunday May 25, 2014 for DC Pride. Doors open at 11pm and end at 3am.

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    Spinning with Pablo!

    in Fitness

    Emmy award winning journalist, cookbook author and nutritional coach Janet Zappala inspires her listeners to live healthier, more balanced lives through through diet, exercise, and many other areas of life. Each week, Janet interviews guests ranging from health practitioners to authors and also shares one of her custom recipes for a traditional dish prepared in a lighter, healthier way.  This week Janet is joined by Pablo Toribio famed Spinning® instructor, competitive cyclist, champion motocross racer, and expert fitness trainer. Pablo has been operating his bike tour business and cycling training business Pablo Fitness for many years. Pablo enjoys working with others who want to better themselves both physically and mentally. He is going to bring us up to date on the latest in spinning classes and talk about why it is such a fabulous exercise regimen.

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    Spinning Up The Holidays with DJ Jazznosis on JOTU & GEMS

    in Music



    DJ Jazznosis is the brainchild behind T'izm Sound, where his music production and remixing ventures have taken place under. His numerous accomplishments include opening for GZA of Wu-Tang Clan in 2008 and featuring in the “Live at Best Buy” performance series in 2011 as well as accompanied performances with numerous bands. 


    hip hop, rock, soul, jazz, funk, disco, house, drum & bass, dubstep, trip hop, reggae, salsa, Brazilian, Afrobeat


    • LiquidDNB.com Featured Mix: Abstrakt Konfuzion, 12/2011
    • Neo Soul Café Featured DJ Of The Month, 8/2011
    • Podcast Blast Magazine, Issue 4, 9/2011
    • Fusicology DJ Top 5 Of The Week, 11/8/2010
    • Fusicology Featured Podcast Of The Week: Tribute 2 Black: The Best Of Amy Winehouse

    Past clientele: 
    Pancakes & Booze Art Show/BJ Murray/Valvo, Inc./Illinois Hotel & Lodging Association/C2 Consulting/House Of Blues/CD Peacock/Grinnell College/Inner Beauty Fashion Affair/Black Dawn Entertainment/ Allure Creative Conceptions Inc./The Pros, Inc.



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    Indie Cafe & Red Velvet Media ; Eilon Paz, Dust & Grooves !

    in Entertainment


    Dust & Grooves: Adventures in Record Collecting is an inside look into the world of vinyl record collectors in the most intimate of environments—their record rooms. It all started out several years ago as nothing more than a way for photographer Eilon Paz to make use of his idle hours. Adrift in Brooklyn after emigrating from Israel, Eilon—a record collector on the side—thought it might be fun to start taking photos of people whose record collections were both larger and weirder than his own.

    Adopting this as his personal project, he began traveling the world, from Australia to Cuba and Argentina to Ghana, in pursuit of intriguing and memorable subjects. Unearthing the very soul of the vinyl community, the assembly of portraits he created quickly turned into the Dust & Grooves website.

    In the summer of 2012, Eilon launched a Kickstarter campaign that funded his road trip to shoot collectors throughout the American heartland, and since then, the project has been embraced by many friends and supporters who have volunteered to work with Eilon along the way. This year, Dust & Grooves expands even further, complementing the website’s cloud with a physical book that profiles over 130 vinyl collectors with photographic essays and in-depth interviews.

    Dust & Grooves has engaged and connected the underground community of record collectors. As well as becoming a go-to place for vinyl lovers, it maintains the integrity and history of vinyl, as well as the musical heritage that goes along with every record in these collections. As technology moves forward and many music formats go digital, Eilon’s endeavor helps keep the rich, warm, analog life of vinyl spinning.



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    Spinning Wheels Are For Yarn, Not Business

    in Entrepreneur

    Visit The Coach & Mentor Group and download '5 Ways To Boost Your Business Now!"

    "I’m spinning my wheels"... Common words from the mouths of the self-employed when it comes to developing a core message to describe their business and the consumers they serve.  Listen in and find out how you can stop spinning and start getting traction.

    Monday Morning Movation™ was created to encourage business owners through motivation and inspiration by delivering a postive message to get your week started off right.  Each week we focus on a different topic that will help you achieve the level of success you desire.  Each topic provides a positive message with specific action steps in a straight-forward manner that is easy to understand and apply.  Print your Action Worksheet before the show.

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