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    Reluctance to Donor Egg, Sperm, or Embryo in Your Family

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    Overcoming Reluctance to Donor Egg, Sperm, or Embryo in Your Extended Family. This was a topic suggested by our audience. There are few, if any, resources available to help infertility patients navigate who to tell about using third party reproduction. Our guest is Bette Galen, a licensed clinical social worker specializing in infertiliy who has worked at Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey for 8 years and has a private practice in Montclair, NJ. donor egg, egg donation, donor sperm, sperm donation, donor embryo, embryo donation, embryo adoption, infertility treatment, fertility treatment, third party reproduction,
    Blog summary of the show and highlights can be found here:   Blog summary of the show   Highlights   More Creating a Family resources on donor egg, sperm, and embryos can be found here.  

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    Kansas Sperm Donor Ordered to Pay Child Support

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    Kirk Stange talks about the recent Kansas case where a sperm donor is ordered to pay child support.  This is based on article on www.stangelawfirm.com titled: Kansas Court Ruling: Sperm donor ordered to pay child support.

    With offices in St. Louis, St. Charles, Jefferson County, Franklin County in Missouri and St. Clair County and Madison County in Illinois, you can contact Stange Law Firm and their St. Louis Family Law Attorneys online or at 314-963-4700.

    Disclaimer: The information provided is general in nature, and may not apply to a specific factual or legal circumstance.  An attorney and client relationship should not be implied. Nothing in this episode is intended to substitute for the advice of an attorney.  Therefore, if you require legal advice, please consult with a competent attorney licensed to practice in your jurisdiction.
    The choice of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements.  Neither the Supreme Court of Missouri/Illinois nor The Missouri/Illinois Bar reviews or approves certifying organizations or specialist designations. We invite you to contact us and welcome your calls, letters and electronic mail. Contacting us does not create an attorney-client relationship.

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    Genetics 101 for Egg and Sperm Donation

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    What do you need to know about the genetics of a potential egg donor or sperm donor? What type of genetic testing is available both pre and post conception? Host Dawn Davenport will talk with Dr. Harvey Stern, Director of Genetics and the Fetal Diagnostic Center at Genetics & IVF Institute, and Medical Director of Fairfax Cryobank and of GIVF’s Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) program. He also supervises genetic screening for GIVF’s egg donors and for Fairfax Cryobank’s sperm donors.

    Dr. Lee Silver, a molecular biology professor at Princeton; author of over 200 research articles on genetics and computational modeling, as well as two of the leading academic genetic textbooks; and he is the founder and Chief Science Advisor at Genepeeks. 

    Stephanie Andriole, who is a gentics counselor at Comprehensive Genetics with a masters in Human Genetics where she advised both prenatal and preconception patients.

    Blog summary of the show and highlights can be found here:
    Blog summary of the show
    More Creating a Family resources on egg and sperm donation can be found here.

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    Sperm Donor Fathers 74 Children

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    Former sprem donor "Ben" has been selling his sperm for most of his time in law school. He says he was paid up to $900 per month.  He is now engaged to be married and is trying to meet the 70 plus children he has convieved.  Could you marry a man that use to be a sperm donor, especially if he wanted to meet all of his children? If you were a child convieved this way would you want to meet a man that didnt concieve you out of love but because he wanted to make easy money?

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    Panel of Donor Conceived Adults

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    More children are being conceived with donor egg, sperm, and embryo through third party reproduction and IVF. We can learn from the generation that went before who were conceived through donors in the past. What was their experience growing up? Did their parents tell them of their donor conception. Does their donor conception affect how they feel about their family? Join our panel of four adult who were conceived with the help of a donor.

    Blog summary of the show and highlights can be found here:
    Blog summary of the show
    More Creating a Family resources on telling your children about their conception can be found here.

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    How are Kids Conceived via Sperm/Egg/Embryo Donation Doing?

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    Concern has been expressed on how children conceived via third party reproduction, including sperm donation, egg donation, surrogacy, and embryo donation are faring. Is attachment as strong in these families. What is the nature of the parent child relationships? Host Dawn Davenport interviews renowned researcher Dr. Susan Golombok, Director of the Centre for Family Research, University of Cambridge and Dr. Martha Rueter, Associate Professor of Family Social Science at University of Minnesota. 

    Blog summary of the show and highlights can be found here:
    Blog summary of the show
    More Creating a Family resources on third party reproduction can be found here.

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    Improving IVF Outcomes with Chinese Medicine with Dr. Lee Hullender Rubin

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    Chinese Medicine has become a well-known support for fertlity, even as fertility technology has advanced with procedures like IVF, ICSI and egg donation.  Today we'll learn how ancient medicine can support new technology.

    For well over a decade, Dr. Lee Hullender Rubin has been helping women and men build their families.  As a doctor of acupuncture and oriental medicine specializing in fertility treatment, she uses acupuncture, Chinese herbs, diet and lifestyle counseling, and some basic supplements to support her patients to achieve their family building goals, depending the needs and preferences of the patients.

    She works alongside fertility doctors during high tech fertility treatments or provides natural fertility treatments. Dr. Hullender Rubin is also a researcher, so she casts are critical eye on how treatments help, and which treatments provide the greatest benefit to her fertility patients.

    As our guest today on Sperm Meets Egg, she will present to us the research and statistics on:

    Rates of infertlity
    Rates of IVF success
    What can cause IVF to fail
    Research on efficacy of acupuncture with IVF
    Risks and benefits of acupuncture

    Please tune in! Learn more about Dr. Lee Hullender Rubin and her clinic, Portland Acupuncture Studio, here.

    Dr. Rubin's twitter feed

    Portland Acupuncture Studio's facebook page

    To learn more about your host, Bridgit Danner, and her online functional medicine practice for women, please visit BridgitDanner.com.

    Look out for our next episode in two weeks on coping with grief, nosy relatives over the holidays!

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    Yuck....Gross....Is that really sperm? NO! It's ENDO SPERM that is preventing

    in Weight Loss

    Water is great for weight loss and Endo Sperm is not.  Let Travis teach you another weight loss SECRET today.  Get your motivation, get focused, and lets do this!  

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    How to Talk with Kids about Donor Egg, Sperm, and Embryo

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    How in the world do you explain something so complex as conception from donor egg, sperm or embryo to a child. When should you tell? How much detail is necessary? What words can you use?  Our guest to talk about the nitty gritty of telling is Patricia Mendell, therapist in NYC specializing in infertility and founding member of The American Fertility Association  and Currently Co-Chair of its Board of Directors. She is a member of the Mental Health Professionals Group of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. egg donation, sperm donation, embryo donation, embryo adoption, talking with children about conception, talking with children about sex and human reproduction

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    06-04-14 Feature Show: Katherine van Wormer Presents: Sperm Donor Families

    in Family

    The Featured show is Katherine van Wormer presents: "Sperm Donor Families and Surrogate Mother Families"

    The Squire Bin Forever shares the early years of his 394 year old life in "A Moment of My Time."

    Dr. D. presents information about those rascal feelings and values in "Families are Forever."

    E. Plurisis Plenty presents a commerical message for America's favor retailer: "More"

    Music by Tommy Edwards and the Southern All America band.

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    Dealing with Events & Holidays when You're Experiencing Infertility

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    The holidays are upon us, and it can bring up many tough decisions and ackward conversations when you're trying to conceive.  Mary Goyer has some helpful advice to turn a potentially diastrous season into something, dare we imagine it, actually beautiful and beneficial to our health.  

    These tools can be used at the holdiays or really any time in your fertlity journey.  They are important life skills for enlightened women!

    Some things we'll cover on the show:

    Letting go of perfect 
    Letting go of 'have to'
    Connecting with your partner
    Making new rituals
    Learning how to say no gracefully
    Looking inward for your best decision, and fast!
    Creating a special theme word for the season
    Dealing with miscarraige grief and processing

    Mary Goyer MS can be found at aufertility.com.  

    Your host Bridgit Danner can be found at bridgitdanner.com.  She has both a fertlity and a gratitude free gift at her site.  

    Please note that all future episodes will be hosted at the podcast 'Women's Wellness Radio."  Kindly find us there for weekly shows on all things women's health.  Just put 'Women's Wellness Radio" in your podcast search bar and subscribe!


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