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    Breaking Our Separation Habits

    in Spirituality

    Jordan Gray channels Joshua, a non-corporeal being, who is the source of “The Seventh Major Understanding.” This metaphysical and spiritual philosophy helps us accept our human nature while living in oneness, our spiritual nature. We need to release the habits that separate our human and spiritual nature. This is our path into an age of peace, love, and abundance for all. The Seventh Major Understanding is a tool or resource to help us grow beyond limiting beliefs of Eastern and Western spiritual doctrine to experience oneness. This is a message of awakening. It bridges the paradox of being eternal and infinite while experiencing a dimension of obvious physical separation.

    Jordan is a native Oregonian; he grew up in the beautiful Willamette Valley. His home is in the evening shadow of the coastal mountain range where I enjoy the splendor of nature. As a child, he lived on a farm with his grandparents and this is when his love of animals and nature grew deep roots. His grandmother modeled the lifelong student attitude as she shared her love of astronomy, botany, literature, and more. She passed her natural curiosity about everything on to him.

    I have been a student of the Seventh Major Understanding for more than 30 years from the moment when I began channeling Joshua. The message of awakening is profound in the knowledge that we create our own reality, and the mechanics of this go beyond the law of attraction. Furthermore, the Seventh Major Understanding provides an insightful view of this eternal moment of now, multiple dimensions and our place here in the cosmos.

    “Throughout this adventure of life, I continue my diligent quest for spiritual insight. I am an eternal student, and I gladly share what I’m learning.”

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    The Divorce Doula-Divorcing with Grace

    in Self Help

    Lynn Kaplan brings a myriad of life experiences to her role as Family Mediator and Divorce Doula. Originally from Los Angeles, California, Lynn always enjoyed challenging boundaries. She steeped herself in art and animals, nature – threads she has woven throughout her life. Her travels took her through art school, to a kibbutz in Israel and finally to Toronto. Here she developed a deep commitment to working with young people and their families, and helping them to discover their spiritual and emotional potential.
    Lynn founded an arts-based Jewish Heritage Program; establishing and facilitating the Toronto branch of the Mother’s Circle, which provides support to interfaith families; and serving as an ongoing foster parent for Jewish Family and Child Services. She is also mother to a grown daughter and a young son.

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    America: Seperation of Church & State

    in Politics

    In this exclusive True Chat Radio episode we will be joined by Mr. J.  It should prove to be an excleent discussion on the speration of church and state.  We will focus on whether this is truely a reality or a twisted standard thats not truely followed.   Remember all of our episodes are now at 7:00 PM EST.

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    The Red Light Special

    in Music

    Join me tonight as I open the lines for us to discuss the challenges of speration & divorce. What are the possible causes and how can we keep our unions together. What and how does this have impact on our children's life if there are children involved.

    This is just the beginning of the dialog that does need to be discussed if we are to conquer the challenge. I will be joined by Howelegant and Toi from the "Howelegant & Toi Talks" Show.

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    Matt Dahl Radio: Put it in the Books

    in Sports

    Sure we missed ya last night but here we are for a special Wednesday night.. I mean really, who does anything on a Wednesday anyway?  Well we are covered and have the latest for you in all of the NFL news going down this past week, and we even have some games to talk about! OK it's just preseason but it's football time.  Over in baseball summer is winding down and we're starting to see some speration throughout baseball/  And well, the Mets seem done, the Yanks still can't beat the Red Sox, and the Phillies are, well, the Phillies.  Also a big weekend coming up, and that is SummerSlam taking place for the WWE with the headliner being CM Punk vs. John Cena.  And we also have the latest in summer movies with 30 Minutes or Less coming out this weekend, Jersey Shore and Entourage. Don't miss a very special Wednesday night of Matt Dahl Radio.

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