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    Spending Bill Update in the Senate, What's Trending?

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    What's trending? Segment devoted to trillion dollar spending bill passin in the House. What about the Senate? 

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    Government Spending Irregularities Shaping America's Political Landscape

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    Join our Guest Quinlan Texas Mayor Donny Brock , host and panelists Activist Cindy Todd, Constitutional scholar Kelly Mordecai, with Dan Gray former columnist of the Washington Times. Call in and you stay on the line. You too can Join our Round Table Discussion.

    Bards Logic welcomes Quinlan Texas Mayor Donny Brock to discuss government spending irregularites.

    He an outspoken, yet well spoken, defender of all those who cannot or will not defend themselves.As a Mayor, he has openly and diligently attacked the sale and use of meth-amphetamines, theft, and other crimes against persons and property that have plagued many of our nations cities. Administrative controls, written policy, both financial and governmental responsibilities and governmental transparencies are already being put in place. He is striving to reinstate legal transparency, governmental responsibility, and integrity into the community that has been unavailable for quite some time. While I am responsible for the safety and leadership of anywhere between 1,900 and 8,000 civilians on any given time of the day. The attention of his focus is not to just fix the immediate problems or grievances that he may be faced with at any particular moment, but to ensure that each and every concern, complaint or issue is addressed by City Hall, the Administrative Staff or the applicable Municipal Department in a timely manner that ensures compliance with all applicable federal, state, county and local laws.

    Bards Logic is the Grassroots, We the People Show.

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    Cromnibus Spending

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    Darrell Castle discusses the new 1.1 trillion dollar spending bill passed by the House and the Senate, aka “Cromnibus”.

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    Do you know where you are spending your money? If you are married or share financial responsibilities do you and your partner know what happening in regards to spending? Irene Neale - Cash Flow Consultant can be reached at (707) 337-9013 OR log onto www.HowToMasterMoney.com

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    Coalition to Reduce Spending

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    Jonathan Bydlak and Rebekah Johansen of Coalition to Reduce Spending join Michael to talk about their organization.  The Coalition attacks spending like Grover Norquist's Group, Americans for Tax Reform, attacks taxes.  The group offers candidates a pledge which promises not to increase spending without an offset elsewhere. Senator Ted Cruz, South Carolina’s Mark Sanford, Georgia’s Doug Collins and Paul Broun, and Ohio’s Steve Chabot have signed the pledge.

    The group discusses spending trends, how wars impact spending, as well as mechanisms to keep spending in check.  They also talk about the Budget Control Act (BCA) caps and Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) cuts.  Bydlak and Johansen applaud members who are beginning to turn to these as avenues to curtail spending and programs ripe for cutting.

    The Coalition advocates for a holistic approach to spending rather than a partisan approach where the left refuses to examine entitlements while the right views the defense budget as sacrosanct.  However, it seems many new conservative house members are more open to the idea of putting Pentagon programs on the chopping block when these projects fail to deliver objectives or become white elephants.  

    Coalition to Reduce Spending advocates an approach that would keep the government spending within its means.  They realize that the government spends money.  They just encourage the government to take a flexible approach that allows it so spend money, but just asks that an increase in a budget for one program or project be met with an offset from another program or project.  Visit Coalition to Reduce Spending to learn more.

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    Getting back on track from spending too darn much!

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    You mean well. This year, you'll do better, you told yourself. You planned as much as you can to make sure you ABSOLUTELY DO NOT spend too much again. Not this year. 

    But for some reason, there's that impromptu party, the last minute dinner, and/or those last minute gifts and now...you've done it again: overspend. Dangit!

    Tonight, on my radio show at 6:00pm HST, we'll talk about how we can get back on track with our spending, so that we don't feel the hit too hard in January from the holiday overspending.

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    The PRF Table: Prioritize your holiday spending

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    Last year we around this time we had many shows and discussion about spending and giving during the holidays.  Our focus then, as it is this year is about how not only to prioritizing your spending during the holidays, but those other areas of your life beyond the holidays.  What do you need now?  What should you give now? How is what you do now going to affect your 2014?  What will you need later?  Don't we all prioritize based on what's important to us?

    Hosts: Rev. N. Dunlap, Jr. and Rev. Warren Feaster and Adia Sanders

    Please "LIKE" us and join the discussion on Facebook at Possessions.Resources.Finances

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    Teaching Clients Purposeful Spending: Ellen Rogin Interviews Melissa Tosetti

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    What if your clients could achieve their retirement savings goals while simultaneously enjoying the journey? Saving doesn't have to be a cheerless chore. With purposeful spending, it's possible to achieve a balance whereby goals are being met, and taking those dream vacations is still possible.

    Listen as Ellen Rogin talks with Melissa Tosetti, author of "Living the Savvy Life," about the key tenets of purposeful spending. Few things make as big of a difference in clients' lives as sound cash flow planning, and few advisors go deep enough.

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    Budget Spending

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    Holiday is a unique season to appreciate people you love but it can also be costly. During the holiday, consumers' spending rises as people go beyond their budget of buying gifts for their family, friends, and loved ones. Learn on the show the meaningful gifts to buy for people that will not break your budget. Also ways to avoid credit card debt, and fight over money to save your home. 

    Guest on the show: Judith McGee, award winning financial adviser, Ceo of McGee Wealth Management; http://www.McGeeWm.com

    Time: 5pm-5:30pm ET. Live on WOLB 1010AM; Online on blogtalkradio.com/gfem-radio; phone: 347-989-1700. Follow and twit us http://www.twitter.com/gfemradio

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    Obama And Koch Brother Spending: It's The Real Thing

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    Mitt Romney did the Elmos a favor in the worst way possible. Who quits because they could have won? Was he ever really considering running?

    Obama suggest that we spend more now that our deficits are so ... um .... low and America is doing ... um .... better. He has waited his WHOLE presidency to tax and spend like his fellow liberal brethren and he has but two years left and LOTS of catching up to do.

    The Smurfs say Koch spending plans are only going to fire up their base. Does anyone believe them? Didn't Prince Harry already make the Koch brothers his whipping boys last year. How did that work out? So much for retooling their message.

    Finally, The Keystone XL Pipeline passes the Senate in bipartisan fashion. Expect quick House passage of the Senate changes and a prompt veto from you know who.

    All this and more on this episode of Jump Right In With Splash.

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    Spending Some Time With You, My Loyal Listeners

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    This week, 

    I don't know what will happen. lol. I'll talk for a little while. Spending sometime with you, my listeners. 

    Oh yeah, and it's my birthday. lol

    We're "On-Air" this Sunday. 

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