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    When You Don't have Nothing to Say

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    Today we will talk about the comments made by rapper slim thug, Oprah's Ipad contribution and teens, tattoos and the future. All this and much more on the new SPEECHLESS!

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    SPIRITUALLY SPEAKING: Scientists Speechless At What They Find Beneath Egypt!

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    For many generations, it has been questioned and debated. Many long hours and much time has been spent pouring over the evidence, yet with no clear answers and no hard proof.


    However, today, more evidence keeps piling up that proves the ancients did have technology far beyond what we can even begin to imagine. 

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    So Much to Talk About Leaves Me Speechless!

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    It's a fact that the last two months of last year and the first month of this year have been a real piece of work.  Everything from the disheartening to the disillussioning right up to (or down to?) the disenchanting has transpired to cap off the outgoing year and jump-start the new one. Your host, "The Voice", is going to offer some observations and opinions on a myriad of topics, admittedly culled from the print press. Of course that may be way too much for a 30 minute show but then again, given some of the events taking place in society-at-large, 30 hours might not be enough.

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    Speechless before God?

    in Christianity

    Is prayer a struggle for you?

    What should we pray for?

    Thank God for your brothers and sisters in Christ (2 Thessalonians 1:3)
    Bring before God all sorts of prayers and requests (Ephesians 6:18)


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    AMCPress 347 "News that will Leave You Speechless"

    in Current Events

    We are satirical news source which provides  uncensored views on numerous news topics from around the world. We ransack political figures and butcher them to size, keeping a sharp eye on current news and events.  


    AMCPress & Co is the brainchild of Redhood and Alison.  Johnnie is our resident  Techie Wizard in charge. Redhood is our resident international news satirist, Alison is the feeder of jokes and frank opinions along with other callers who inform the satire that is AMCPress & Co. We also have Blackhood who is a friend of Rehood's. Blackhood' brings topics to the table that relates evolution. AMCPresss & Co is also apart of the Uncensored Radio Network on Blog Talk Radio.


    ** Some Media  (sound effects, news clips and other sounds. etc) is protected by Fair Use.  Beginning theme song is composed by Redhood and is owned by AMCPress &Co Digital Entertainment. All rights Reserved.  No copyright infringement intended**

    Find all of our links at http://itsmyurls.com/amcpress.

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    Lost Waves of Time

    in Health

    Jill Mattson is THE expert about ancient musical knowledge and Sound Healing.  

    She is returning to the show because she has two big projects that she wants to share:  

    Her book Lost Waves of Time has gone to the editor and now she can share her vast knowledge that integrates ancient mysteries with conventional wisdom that  will allow us to heal ourselves with music and sound.

    Jill will be revealing a new CD that incorporates the Atlantian Healing Codes. Be among the first people on the planet to hear this once buried healing technique.

    Last time Jill was on the show, she left us speechless as she revealed treasures she unearthed concerning the hidden political aspect of manipulation and crowd control using frequencies, scales and harmonics. 

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    Sebastian Mikael live MRTR

    in Pop Culture

    Celebrating Over 150 Episodes!

    Hosts: Jamel, Derrick Dwayne and Flash Gotti

    #MyRealTalkRadio interviews Singer/Songwriter: SEBASTIAN MIKAEL.

    Sincere lyrics and acoustic pop beats make Sebastian Mikael the up and coming singer-songwriter this year. His new single “Beautiful Life” is captivating audiences.

    While many artists spend a lifetime chasing “international status,” 24-year-old classically trained singer-songwriter-musician Sebastian Mikael is already starting his career where others can only hope to finish. Born in Sweden to a Swedish father and Ethiopian mother, Sebastian Mikael—formerly known as De-Lor (which is French for “of gold”)—was raised in a diverse household that was enriched by music. While no one in his family ever made music professionally, Sebastian Mikael inherited his passion for music from his father and the sounds he grew up listening to inspired him to find out what was going on behind the music. With just a handful of years experience as a musician, Sebastian Mikael is already skilled at meshing elements of rock, R&B, pop and electronic music into one cohesive package, held together by his unique acoustic guitar playing. “I feel like my music truly has something to say,” he says. “When people hear my music, I want them to relate. The way my music makes me feel inside is usually the same way people feel when they hear it.”

    "SPEECHLESS" available on iTunes NOW!


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    Keith and Lesha Gardner Ministries

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    The Feet of Mountain Climbers Keith and Lesha Gardner Ministries

    My wife Lesha and I started this ministry to encourage and motivate people who are going through struggles, tests, and storms. While Lesha and I were going through the most challenging times of our lives, we saw the most favor of God.  We have seen God like we have never seen him before. No matter what you are going through, don't give up. Sometimes things seem to happen to you, but they really happen for you .This means all things are working together for your good according to Romans 8:28. This is to help you grow stronger in your faith and trust in God and strengthen your relationship with him. Many people can't believe our marriage survived all the gut-wrenching tragedies that have occurred in our lives since 2003. They are amazed at our rock solid marriage, strong commitment to each other, our undying and unconditional love, our unwavering faith in God, our strength, and positive attitude.  Well, those people don't realize the awesome power of God.  Through all of these unimaginable events, we have witnessed countless miracles that have left people speechless and left us stronger.  Because of these struggles and storms, our faith in God is unshakeable. The storms started July 11, 2007 when two aneurysms burst in Lesha's brain and she had a massive stroke. She was only 35-years-old.  When I arrived at the hospital, I was greeted by the chaplain.  He and the doctors were preparing me for my wife's death. God had other plans. 


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    "What's Your Story" with Sharolyn Payton

    in Relationships

    Join us on Monday, March 16, 2015 at 7pm for What's Your Story - "Breakdown to Breakthrough" You don't want to miss this episode.

    My special guest will be Ms. Lisa Bennett, or "Lisa B" to her fans. Lisa will be sharing her amazing story of breakdown to breakthrough. Lisa's brilliance, wit and charm will leave you speechless and completely unguarded as she reveals the beautiful paradox, which is her life.

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    Chess master Chip

    in Sports

    Mind of Mansion Podcast Depth Perspective: Episode 97: Matt Kelley @fantasy_mansion is joined by Scott Smith @ScottSmith610 to discuss big prediction misses. 

    Josh Gordon's marijuana plant tattoo was a dead giveaway.

    Trading for Sam Bradford was a necessary move for coach/GM Chip Kelly who recently raised the stakes by consolidating power.

    Jordan Matthews is a massive upgrade over Danny Amendola, Chris Givens and Brandon Gibson.

    Even a big LSU fan can miss on an Odell Beckham.

    Odell Beckham and Mike Evans have the same catch radius. 

    Conceptualizing the Catch Radius metric. 

    Roy Helu to Oakland leaves one speechless. 

    Advanced metrics, prospect evaluations, and fantasy football information were provided by PlayerProfiler.com.