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    Speech vs. Language, Activity Ideas, & FAQs for Baby Talk & More

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    Welcome! In this “Brains in Toyland” segment, Dr. T reviews the differences between speech and language and what skills to expect in the first two years of life. She also reviews activities you can do with your kids to help them thrive.

    You can access a handout for this section of the talk at her website through the links below.



    Next Dr. T reviews some research regarding how babies practices words LONG before they ever say them and then answers some FAQs about using “baby talk” otherwise know and “Motherese” to foster the development of communication skills.

    Dr. T also answers questions parent have asked about how touch can influence speech and language development as well.

    As always send questions to info@kidsatoz.com and we’ll try to answer them on the show.

    Thanks for tuning in.

    The KidsAtoZ Team. 

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    Revisionists History, Internet, And Free Speech

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    No one should be imprisoned for writing a book!

    Countries that have laws that limit the scope and substance of World War II and Holocaust research include France, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, and Spain.1 These laws make it a crime for anyone, regardless of their credentials or the factual basis of their views, to question or revise any aspect of the history of World War II or the Holocaust in a manner that goes beyond the some-what arbitrary standards established by the governments of those countries.2
    Although there are no laws in the United States that criminalize Holocaust and World War II history, some of our nation's most prestigious legal minds have backed a proposed law intended to do just that.
    Not to mention this is all HIStory, what about HErstory?

    Why should you, why should any of us, be concerned that certain areas of historical research have been criminalized?
    The problem is, many of those who are complaining the loudest right now about the "chill" on free speech are the very people who laid the groundwork for speech restrictions and muted public de-bate. This includes the college professors and administrators who, throughout the 1990s, championed campus "speech codes" that restricted the expression of views they deemed "insensitive."

    However, to paraphrase the Beatles, in the end, the free speech you get will be equal to the free speech you give.

    From me, the host, brooke:  Yo I am just sharing another perspective cause I love DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES! doesn't mean I endorse or believe, I just love to hear all the sides! I hope you do to!

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    Relationship Talk with Lynne - Unwrapping the Language of your Spouse

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    Lack of communication is a pivotal downfall of any relationship; be it work or friends.  It is especially crucial with couples.  The Bible notes that "Love conquers all " but it never mentioned it being immune to miscommunication. Like the fact that he felt his gift this year of quality time clearly trumped the Tiffany bracelet you talked about.  Is he being inconsiderate or does he simply not hear you?  Are you being unreasonable or are you both speaking different love languages?  Reflections with Lynne tonight will speak to knowing your spouse's language of love.  Call in...let's talk. 

    Reflections with Lynne - Relationship talks!

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    .Sheikh Ali Suleiman Ali’s Endorsing Comments Regarding:

    The Language of Revelation: Classical Arabic Language Instruction and Exercises with Qur’aan Commentary For Beginners & Non-Beginner’s By Siddeeq Jihad.

    I have read this detailed, scholarly work of our brother, Siddeeq Jihad.The book is basically written and structured to help anyone who is interested in learning Classical Arabic. The book is highly instructive and well organized.

    No doubt, the author Siddeeq Jihad  has a great love for Lughatut-tanzeel, the language of revelation. He has dedicated many years studying and teaching Qur’aanic Arabic.

    Allah has enabled him to share the knowledge He has blessed him with.  Siddeeq has had a long jihad  (exertion of diligent effort/time) in learning Qur’aanic Arabic.

    The book is extremely useful! It is an excellent guide for beginners and non-beginners and whoever is interested in learning Lughatut-Tanzeel: The Language of Revelation. This work equips and empowers its readers with a strong foundation to understand Qur’aanic Arabic. It can indeed lead students, male and female toward Arabic proficiency.    I strongly recommend the book for brothers and sisters who are interested in learning Qur’aanic Arabic as well as Modern Standard Arabic.

    Sheikh Ali S. Ali, Director of the Canton Masjid in Michigan

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    The New Essenes: Language and Habitat - Page 8

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    We trust this message finds you enjoying the season! In the spirit of celebration for the transition to come. We have been quite busy preparing many gifts for you – actually, for all of us. We are pleased to share several exciting announcements: first, a brand-new New Essenes ebook, a writing that has come into its own voice, and second, for those of you who live in the Austin/Central Texas area, a live New Essenes workshop on January 13th, and third, a very real way to “Elevate the Soul.”? So, yes, the New Essenes ebook has shed a skin, and come into a new resonance. As much as some of its pages are familiar, it offers a new organization – a new way to look at “IT,” the Living Word that is more perceptible, more loving, more logical. Its transformation is our transformation. Its newfound lightness is our new found lightness, its clarity (or the lack of it) is also ours, as we are the Living Word, whether we know it or not.??Yes, finding our voice is of the Essene/Essence, a theme which will be the basis of our inquiry on this coming Sunday. How delicious is it truly to hear the Voice telling me what to do, to actually do it, and to have my results? When I am a daughter of the Voice – rather than a doubter of it – I feel like I belong. I am home sweet OM, in my heart, within my habitat! I mean what I say and say what I mean.  We will start at noon EST / 11 AM CST / 9 AM PST this Sunday and explore “Language and Habitat”  page 8 of the New Essenes eBook (please make sure you have downloaded the latest version).

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    Be Brave - Barb's Signature Speech

    in Women

    Today we'll run a recap of Barb's signature speech, Be Brave. This is her most popular speech for groups and organizations! (This recording took place at the Business Honoring Spirituality in Lakewood, Colorado)

    Diva Hugs,

    The Trash Talk Show Team



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    The secrets of captivating speech writers.

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    How do you write a speech that makes an impact and leaves a lasting impression? This morning we are discussing effective devices that will help you to make your speech more interesting and memorable. For many the process of speech writing seems tedious and others don't know where to start. We're going to try to make it easier for you. If you don't present speeches, this will still be helpful to you because it will make you more conscious of what you way and why you say it. We should be more aware of our words and the impact they have on others. Tune in and even call in. We'd love to hear from you. 

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    Interrogating Attitudes Towards Language in Jamaica

    in Education

    In the first episode of the JC2701 Radio, students Johnathan, Pamela and Marissa, discuss how language attitudes took shape in Jamaica and the kinds of ways these attitudes are expressed. The panelists also compare and contrast the attitudes towards one aspect of the culture in another society. 

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    EMS Language | Professional vs. Communication

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    This week we discuss the language of EMS. Using profesional communication as a standard vs communicating amoungst each other with common EMS slang. Is there a place for EMS slang or should we do away with it and focus on a standard of communication that leaves no room for error?

    We also plan on talking about EMS Facebook pages and the culture of negativity as well as answer a few questions sent in by listeners.

    Join us for another live episode and give your opinion via toll free call in or n the chat room.

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    The Language of Dreams

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    Dreams, just how important are they? Very. Dreams are your subconscious mind telling you either: what is going on way down inside of you needs your attention, or they may be telling you of what is to be. Either way there are many books, speakers and groups that share their opinions on them. But the cosmos have a funny way of talking to us, and what one book, one person says that your dream means “this”, well, you may have your own way of interpreting what is being shown to you depending on what the symbols mean to you.  The Universe talks to us so that we as individuals may understand what is being said.  Please join us on Mon. Dec. 1st, @ 7-8 p.m. eastern (347) 838-9736 As our panel of experts, StarzJames & StarzDragonSpirit, discuss this important language, this is an interactive show, so please feel free to call in to share your experiences and thoughts on this intriguing topic.

    Mini readings in chatroom only




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    Setting the Record Straight on Medicare and Speech-Generating Device Technology

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    Join us as we discuss the recent developments behind Medicare’s coverage of speech-generating devices for people with aphasia and language and cognitive disorders who need help communicating. We'll be joined by Kevin Self, Marketing Communications Manager at Lingraphica, who will walk us through the recent history of Medicare regarding SGDs, Lingraphica's #SaveSGDTech campaign, and what you can do to save SGD technology.

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