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    Congress Must Delay Netanyahu's Speech

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    Congress Must Delay Netanyahu's Speech

    Breaking with longstanding protocol, GOP Speaker of the House John Boehner recently invited Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to address a joint session of Congress without proper consultation with the White House or his Democratic colleagues.

    There's no issue with Israel's leader addressing America's legislators. In fact, we welcome it. But the timing here--weeks before Israeli elections, and as Congress is debating legislation (aggressively backed by Netanyahu) that could impact our sensitive negotiations with Iran--couldn't be worse, and we need your help in making that clear.

    Every Member of Congress has a responsibility to let Speaker Boehner know that this invitation is inappropriate, and that the speech must be delayed.


    J Street Portland


    "...As in many cases in the past, Netanyahu’s attempts to confront Obama on the president’s home court boomeranged. Once again Netanyahu ended up on the losing side. Having no meetings with any senior administration officials, with an agenda that has turned temporarily irrelevant, and in a situation where his trip could cause more damage than good, perhaps Netanyahu would do better to stay at home and focus on his election campaign."


    Netanyahu's Congress stunt: The straw that broke Obama's back - Diplomacy and Defense

    As long as Obama is in the White House, he has no intention of meeting Netanyahu. If reelected, the Israeli PM may find himself abandoned and...


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    Bhyy - The Power of Speech (Replay)

    in Culture

    Shalom Fam welcome back. Tonight's show is a replay of an older show entitled: The Power of Speech. Join us 347-633-9606. Sign-Up for the Bhyy Newsletter @ blessed_handmaidens@yahoo.com

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    Testing Delay

    in Technology

    Testing Delay

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    Toastmasters Radio Show Speech

    in Self Help

    A speech on a Radio Show by Tippy Talk

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    #277 Skills a Toddler MUST Use BEFORE Words Emerge.Show 3.Overview Skills 6-11

    in Parents

    Join pediatric speech-language pathologist Laura Mize, M.S., CCC-SLP as she provides a list of the next 6 skills toddlers acquire before they begin to use words to talk. This list may also be a launching point for a conversation with your child's therapist. If you've all been hyperfocused helping a child learn to say new words with no regard for the all of the things that must come first, you may not be addressing the root cause of your child's delay. Again, listen to the show if you'd like more information!

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    The SOTU speech, GITMO releases plus the arrest of US sailors

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    Guest:  Frank Burke, businessman, author and columnist, joins me for a discussion of President Obama's speech and the detention of US sailors by Iran.........why hasn't the Obama administration expressed outrage over the video and how these sailors were treated?...........the next GOP debate and the feud between Cruz and Trump.........more terrorists released from GITMO.....and a few other stories from the front pages....

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    "PC KILLING US? No. Hate speech is though.

    in Politics

    The comedian Louis C.K. said in his controversial monologue on SNL, “I have mild racism.  It’s benign. It’s not aggressive.”

    He goes on to say, “Here’s another example of mild racism.  Say I’m at a hospital and the doctor comes in to treat me and the doctor is from China or India I’ll think, ‘Well good, good.  More of that.’  It’s very mild racism.”

    I was at the Playland a few days ago with my 5yo son.  Another boy came up to my son who was playing with the video game screen hanging on the wall.  The boy demanded that my son move because the boy wanted a turn.  My son said “no”.  The boy then decided to reach for my son’s face, grip his cheek and claw down his face making it bleed.  My son came to me telling me and pointing  at the boy.

    Now let me just say that I am reasonable person, a kind person, an understanding person.  I would never hurt a child.  But, I had to calm and restrain my urge to strangle the little creep that just hurt my boy.

    I felt a feeling that I am a little ashamed of – to hurt another person.  We all do from time to time, but as all reasonable people do, we restrain those feelings and behave peacefully.

    What exactly is our definition of “peaceful behavior”?  Usually it is at least what the law says it is.  Often is also what social standards say it is in the community that we live in. All too frequently it is what Hollywood shows us as “cool”. 

    As we observe and consider the sport-like process that is our presidential campaigning, we have to ask ourselves what damage is caused by leaders that practice and condone hate speech? What happens when they defend it as simply “saying what we’re all thinking”.  What happens when hate speech is considered the antidote to w.....

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    DC cant move? - ACA losing BILLIONS! - Freedom of speech not for students!

    in Politics

    Hr1  A light dusting of snow brings Washington DC to it's knees. Over 100 accidents in the first day! It's going to be a rough weekend.

    Jimmy Kimmel goes man on the street asking people their thoughts on MLK, Jr., endorsing Trump for president.

    UnitedHealth reconsidering participation in Obamacare due to excessive losses. What are they going to do now? Private companies don't survive without profit.

    US Air Force to allow service members to carry weapons.

    Obama destroyed after US Navy boats transporting top ISIS terror leader captured by Iran. Huge coverup... and ridiculous cooperation with Iran. Shameful.

    Hr2   Jesse Watters asks people to explain the difference between Democrats and Republicans.

    Jane Fonda and a few other actors drive the Dump Trump campaign. Anyone else think this may just be the campaign that seals the deal for his presidency?

    Arizona State offered a course called “The Problem with Whiteness" and Portland Community College took it one step further by declaring April 2016 to be “Whiteness History Month.” And that's not a good thing. It's meant to shame whites.

    What happened to that clear line of respect between teachers and students? trusting teachers with our kids, not have to worry about them having sex with our teens!  

    Hr3  Freedom of speech does not apply100% on a school campus. It's basically it's own island. The principal has an enormous amount of latitude in deciding how to apply rules and laws.

    Marco Rubio stands up for atheists and Christians saying... no one forces you to believe in God & no one will stop me from talking about God either. Protecting the 1st Amendment.

    Writer and political activist Michael Hausam of HausRules talks Sarah Palin's endorsement of Donald Trump, conservatism, and weak GOP leadership.

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    Civil Chat with Lee Throw Back Thursday Show Obama's SOTU Speech

    in Politics Progressive

    Civil Chat with Lee looks at what's trending on this Throw Back Thursday in the political and social arenas. 

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    Freedom of Speech what is the problem in America

    in Entertainment

    I have a problem with society with having an opinon on other peoples ways of living when they may not have any understanding  of the person or of thier life styles. I along with Marc Lee my co host along with Dean Geronimo will be talking about this and much more on The Voice of The People. This is real talk!! straight and to the point 

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    "Cam's Corner" - Speech Therapy and a New Delivery of Service

    in Health

    Meet Emily and Rachel, they are speech therapists and will explain what they do and the new way they have found to deliver services. 


    This show is about stroke and brain injury and is for anyone interested in stroke with bits and pieces thrown in for inspiration, ways to be healthy, less stressed and more.  I want to be here to share and to lift up other stroke survivors or warriors.  I want to help you find out there are others going through what you have gone though.  Maybe not the same journey but a survivor none the less.  To give positive information, inspire and embrace what you have and continue moving forward.