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    Toastmasters Radio Show Speech

    in Self Help

    A speech on a Radio Show by Tippy Talk

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    The SOTU speech, GITMO releases plus the arrest of US sailors

    in Politics

    Guest:  Frank Burke, businessman, author and columnist, joins me for a discussion of President Obama's speech and the detention of US sailors by Iran.........why hasn't the Obama administration expressed outrage over the video and how these sailors were treated?...........the next GOP debate and the feud between Cruz and Trump.........more terrorists released from GITMO.....and a few other stories from the front pages....

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    "PC KILLING US? No. Hate speech is though.

    in Politics

    The comedian Louis C.K. said in his controversial monologue on SNL, “I have mild racism.  It’s benign. It’s not aggressive.”

    He goes on to say, “Here’s another example of mild racism.  Say I’m at a hospital and the doctor comes in to treat me and the doctor is from China or India I’ll think, ‘Well good, good.  More of that.’  It’s very mild racism.”

    I was at the Playland a few days ago with my 5yo son.  Another boy came up to my son who was playing with the video game screen hanging on the wall.  The boy demanded that my son move because the boy wanted a turn.  My son said “no”.  The boy then decided to reach for my son’s face, grip his cheek and claw down his face making it bleed.  My son came to me telling me and pointing  at the boy.

    Now let me just say that I am reasonable person, a kind person, an understanding person.  I would never hurt a child.  But, I had to calm and restrain my urge to strangle the little creep that just hurt my boy.

    I felt a feeling that I am a little ashamed of – to hurt another person.  We all do from time to time, but as all reasonable people do, we restrain those feelings and behave peacefully.

    What exactly is our definition of “peaceful behavior”?  Usually it is at least what the law says it is.  Often is also what social standards say it is in the community that we live in. All too frequently it is what Hollywood shows us as “cool”. 

    As we observe and consider the sport-like process that is our presidential campaigning, we have to ask ourselves what damage is caused by leaders that practice and condone hate speech? What happens when they defend it as simply “saying what we’re all thinking”.  What happens when hate speech is considered the antidote to w.....

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    DC cant move? - ACA losing BILLIONS! - Freedom of speech not for students!

    in Politics

    Hr1  A light dusting of snow brings Washington DC to it's knees. Over 100 accidents in the first day! It's going to be a rough weekend.

    Jimmy Kimmel goes man on the street asking people their thoughts on MLK, Jr., endorsing Trump for president.

    UnitedHealth reconsidering participation in Obamacare due to excessive losses. What are they going to do now? Private companies don't survive without profit.

    US Air Force to allow service members to carry weapons.

    Obama destroyed after US Navy boats transporting top ISIS terror leader captured by Iran. Huge coverup... and ridiculous cooperation with Iran. Shameful.

    Hr2   Jesse Watters asks people to explain the difference between Democrats and Republicans.

    Jane Fonda and a few other actors drive the Dump Trump campaign. Anyone else think this may just be the campaign that seals the deal for his presidency?

    Arizona State offered a course called “The Problem with Whiteness" and Portland Community College took it one step further by declaring April 2016 to be “Whiteness History Month.” And that's not a good thing. It's meant to shame whites.

    What happened to that clear line of respect between teachers and students? trusting teachers with our kids, not have to worry about them having sex with our teens!  

    Hr3  Freedom of speech does not apply100% on a school campus. It's basically it's own island. The principal has an enormous amount of latitude in deciding how to apply rules and laws.

    Marco Rubio stands up for atheists and Christians saying... no one forces you to believe in God & no one will stop me from talking about God either. Protecting the 1st Amendment.

    Writer and political activist Michael Hausam of HausRules talks Sarah Palin's endorsement of Donald Trump, conservatism, and weak GOP leadership.

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    Civil Chat with Lee Throw Back Thursday Show Obama's SOTU Speech

    in Politics Progressive

    Civil Chat with Lee looks at what's trending on this Throw Back Thursday in the political and social arenas. 

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    Freedom of Speech what is the problem in America

    in Entertainment

    I have a problem with society with having an opinon on other peoples ways of living when they may not have any understanding  of the person or of thier life styles. I along with Marc Lee my co host along with Dean Geronimo will be talking about this and much more on The Voice of The People. This is real talk!! straight and to the point 

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    "Cam's Corner" - Speech Therapy and a New Delivery of Service

    in Health

    Meet Emily and Rachel, they are speech therapists and will explain what they do and the new way they have found to deliver services. 


    This show is about stroke and brain injury and is for anyone interested in stroke with bits and pieces thrown in for inspiration, ways to be healthy, less stressed and more.  I want to be here to share and to lift up other stroke survivors or warriors.  I want to help you find out there are others going through what you have gone though.  Maybe not the same journey but a survivor none the less.  To give positive information, inspire and embrace what you have and continue moving forward.

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    Science = God Obama Speech - China tanks

    in Politics

    Hr1  God & science are not mutually exclusive. Dallas Museum of Earth History and Institute for Creation Research are equipping Christians to share creation via science.

    Baltimore man on the street, Corey Prez Duncan, joins in to covering current events, Obama's speech, and the latest on the Baltimore trials.

    Were Pres. Obama's tears at his press conference sincere? Too little too late? What do you think?

    Hr2  Wayne Allyn Root is actively Tweeting about China's stock market meltdown. Tomorrow may be frightening day for Wall Street.

    If I lived in TX, I'd be voting for Rick Green for Texa Supreme Court. He loves the Constitution! Help his campaign! You'll be glad you did. We need good Constitutionalists in our courts!

    If you're a Christian, don't tell me God told you to vote for a liar who believes in abortion (murder).

    Why is it the Muslim religion gets protections not afforded Christians? Shouldn't religious freedom apply to all of us?

    Does air pollution drive crime rates up? One study says YES! Your tax dollars at work.

    What a REAL hero looks like... Chinese soldier catches woman falling from 11 stories! True selflessness.

    Inspectors refuse to prosecute VA officials who defrauded us of over $400k.

    Hr3   Michael Hausam talks ATF ridiculousness. Licensed to sell guns to Mexican drug cartel? Re: gun control... You can buy anything online... including wives. But you can't buy guns (just try it!) And Obama's (crocodile) tears.

    And Michael solves the gun control issue in 4 minutes...

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    1DimitriRadio Why did #Obama talk about #Trump in State-of-the-Union speech?

    in News

    12 to 12:25pm 

    Did you notice all the noise Donald Trump was making at the State of the Union speech last night? Including when the Republican governor from South Carolina responded to the president’s message? I’ll play a cacophony of inside-the-Beltway audio clips from yesterday for you.

    12:25 to 1:15pm

    Former Congressman Bob Ney and I have a ball as we dish the dirt about the president’s speech and all those shameless politicians who vied to be seen on TV with President Obama. Bob spills the beans about the dirty little secrets of congress that are hidden from the TV cameras. What fun!

    1:15 to 1:55pm

    Mark Krikorian, head of the Center for Immigration Studies (and always an AWESOME radio guest expert), tells you what the mainstream media won’t about how the United Nations - yes, the U.N. - picks which Middle East refugees can immigrate to America. 

    1:55 to 2pm

    DimitriGraffiti™ Callers can say anything legal, but must NOT interact with the host.

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    1DimitriRadio #Trump Iowa speech explained #Cruz #Canada #Birther prob!

    in News

    Something different today. I dissect the Donald Trump speech in Iowa and explain the masterful way he is communicating with Republican voters. Sen Ted Cruz has a big birther problem, thanks to The Donald. Seriously.

    Also, good political analysis by Democrat Chris Regan mostly about the Hillary Clinton/Bernie Sanders race.

    DimitriGraffiti™ in the final minutes of the live show. Say anything legal but do NOT interact with the host.

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    HEALTH MEDIA NOW-Rachel Betzen, M.A.-Speech Therapy for Children

    in Health

    Please join us this Wednesday, December 2, 2015 at 4:00 p.m. PST or 7:00 p.m. EST live with host Denise Messenger.  Her special guest is Rachel Betzen, M.A.  We will be discussing speech therapy for children.  In 2005 Rachel started her private practice around speech-language therapy and reading programs. Just as she was ready to quit her part-time job and work for herself full-time, she and her husband were in a car accident. Soon after, she began to develop many neurological symptoms, including chronic pain, and she lost the ability to walk for eight months. Shortly after that, another doctor diagnosed her with Lyme disease. She struggled through the illness to continue working with the children in her private practice.  She provided speech and language therapy within the context of literacy and direct multi-sensory reading programs for the school-age children. Rachel’s therapy and reading programs are individualized to each student. They all receive immediate and distinctive feedback. Also, therapy is done within what Rachel calls each student’s “Zone of Proximal Development.” This means that each child’s therapy was right at their level.   Join us for more details!  You asked for it and we deliver!     





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